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Lacey had no idea why she'd gotten pulled in to do this or where in the world Jack Sparrow was that she'd gotten tapped for the job, but she'd decided to take it as a compliment, because awww, clearly the squirrels missed her!

And so, around midday, a broadcast went out over the usual WTFH frequencies, including the PA system (and Lacey wasn't asking how Jack had managed that).

"Um, hi, everybody! Lacey Burrows here, with this little sheet of paper the squirrels handed me."

After they'd hustled her into the radio booth, but shh.

"Congratulations to this semester's radio broadcast personalities, as selected by you, the people of Fandom:

Lucas Lee
Captain Jack Sparrow
Vice-Principal Deadpool
Luke Castellan and Leo Valdez
Shunsui Kyoraku and Kukaku Shiba
Captain Hook

Well done, all of you, and good luck with the squirrels! And your boss, wherever he is . . ."

Luckily, before she could provide any more commentary on that particular question, some enterprising little rodent shut the microphone off.
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Evening, Fandom! Are there any more of you back yet tonight? It feels a little like shouting into a wind. On the prairie.

. . . none of you are prairie squirrels, huh? Figures.

Well, all is still quiet over in the school building, except for Principal Washburn, who was having fun with filing in preparation for the new semester, and when I say 'fun,' I mean take it with a grain of salt the size of something sticking out of the Rocky Bits.

Unless you actually do have fun with that, Principal Washburn, in which case I'm not judging.

And the only thing going in the dorms today was . . . um . . . Bruce in the common room observing an eggnog-drunk, passed-out gremlin. Boy, you kids resort to some strange hobbies when you have no classes! Maladicta and the owl with her wanted to know what Bruce did to the gremlin -- which is nothing besides observe it -- and thought it would be funny to hide the gremlin in the cupboards for someone to find, but Bruce wouldn't have anything to do with that. At first. Quinn caught up with Maladicta about how break was going, and told her she came back early because home was boring, and talked to Bruce about the strange things gremlins may or may not get up to, and whether Santa might be a gremlin.

. . . oh, I think I just felt a little of my childhood shrieking in horror.

Bruce's anthropological study in drunk gremlins confused Cara, who debated drunken gremlin behavior and the definitions of a tragic past with him.

Drunk gremlins spur some interesting conversations. How about that? Something educational over break after all.

Ender was at Fixer-Uppers talking to Karla on the phone about the break and what's going on at home. Quinn was back -- as mentioned earlier -- at work at the Arms, taking advantage of Christmas tree candy canes, and Claudia was at Book Haven reading some less than favorable material about capitalism and . . . what's wrong with Boxing Day? Other than how Americans don't celebrate it. I don't get that. I was at Luke's making sure my plants were thriving, which I'm pleased to report they were, and Jaina was at the Perk catching up on news from home.

Just in case you thought we were completely devoid of non-drunken-gremlin Fandom weirdness this week, nope, Sherlock is no longer a cat, and -- heh -- turned human again in front of John. This was, by all squirrelly reports, an amazingly calm and levelheaded incident.


Aaaaaaaaand Jake's back after Christmas at home, and back on duty at Caritas.

Other than that? You all have been quiet. That's all from me tonight, so -- this is Lacey Burrows for WTFH, signing off. Good night, Fandom!
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Evening, Fandom! If you're there. It's been pretty quiet today, hasn't it? But oooh, pretty -- look at the lights!

It's so festive. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Hi, everyone! Lacey Burrows here, and I made it all the way to the station on my own and didn't get lost this week. How about that, huh?


Oh, stop it. That does not sound that pathetic.

. . . does it?

Don't ask, Lacey. Just don't. )
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Lacey: Thanks for the escort.

Tahiri: Don't mention it. Force knows you'd be a lost cause trying to get here on your own.

Lacey: Well, it is a little spooky out there . . .

Tahiri: A little spooky like Kessel is only a minor problem if you're claustrophobic . . .

Lacey: I have no idea what that means.

Tahiri: Oh, I think the point spoke for itself pretty well.

Lacey: Right. Anyway. Hi, Fandom -- and I do hope most of my regular listening audience is still out there. Lacey Burrows here, along with --

Tahiri: Tahiri Veila, and I hope you don't expect me to do all the talking just because I came along.

Well, this'll be fun. )
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Hi, Fandom! Happy Monday! Well, I hope it's a happy Monday for you, unless you're a Roughriders fan. If you're an Als fan . . . don't talk to me.


Yeah, so what if I don't know that much about football? I can still cheer!


. . . yes, I at least know which team to cheer for, thank you very much. Even if I don't necessarily know what they're doing.

Luckily, the rest of this broadcast is not CFL-related. )
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Hiiiiiiiiii, everyone! Lacey Burrows here with you on WTFH, happy Monday, and I hope we're all feeling more or less back to n -- usual. Not . . . 'cause . . . y'know, Fandom . . . never mind.


Quiet kind of day. )
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. . . and you guys couldn't have kidnapped someone else for the night? I mean, really, just for once there could've --


Did I mention I've only got a couple of hours left before I lose my shot at getting a three-star rating on this Cafe World catering job?

*squirrel laughter that is nothing if not distinctly mocking*

Oh, fine. But just for that I'm getting this over with quick. )
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Helloooooooooooooooooo, Fandom, and good evening! How are you all tonight? Yes, it's Tuesday, yes, this is Lacey Burrows, yes, these squirrels are really enjoying some team bonding -- bonding -- here in the booth tonight, and it's just a great week, isn't it?

. . . yes.

Oh, yeah, it's gonna be that kind of week. )
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Hi, Fandom, and happy day after Halloween! Boy, it looks like it was an eventful one for some of you, wasn't it?

*squirrel snickering*

. . . I don't want to talk about it, no. So let's see those notes, shall we? Yes. And indeed we shall. )
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Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here, and are we all ready for Halloween yet? I know, I know, it all goes really fast from here -- first Halloween, and before you know it, it's time for the all-Yule Log, all-the-time channel. I love that channel. I have it on my iPod.

Anyway, here's the news in Fandom for the day!

Perhaps the cut tag will help stave off the rapid advent of the end of the year. Or not. )
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Evening, Fandom! How are you, ladies, gentlemen, Fandomites of all persuasions whatever you may or may not usually be?

*annoyed chittering*

I am trying to be inclusive here, if you don't mind.

Do they? The world may never know. )
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Hi, Fandom! Is this thing on?


Yes, I know the little light is on, thank you, it was a joke, I --

*mocking squirrel noises and a chorus of squirrelly raspberries*

Okay, enough, the weather forecast did not call for showers! Ew. Um, gosh, is anyone even out there? Can you guys hear me out in Vail? Well, look, I have a stack of notes here and a small furry crowd looking at me with beady, expectant little eyes, so I'm just going to read these, okay?

Well, okay then, Lacey. )
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Evening, Fandom! How's it feel to be visitor-free again? I'd ask for a show of hands but, funny thing, I can't see you! Wacky, isn't it? *forced giggle*

*tiny squirrel raspberry noises*

Boy, you are a tough crowd. Or should I say a tough nut to crack?

*tiny squirrel jeering*

What do you mean, don't quit my day job? )
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Good evening, Fandom, and welcome to another Monday! Lacey Burrows, here to help you try and start it off on a cheerful note!

Because that was what everyone wanted, Lacey. Really. )
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Evening, Fandom, and happy fish-free Monday! This is Lacey Burrows, and it's that time again!

No, not that time. Not that one either. THAT one. Yeah, that's it. )

[[This was never in the wrong comm. You are delusional. >.>]]
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Goooooooooooood evening, Fandom! This is Lacey Burrows on WTFH and gosh, what can I say? Thank you all for voting for me again. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that --


*thunk of a mic getting knocked over*

Okay, okay, everyone's a critic, sheesh. Fine, I'll get on with it.

This mercifully much-abbreviated intro brought to you courtesy of rodents who care. )
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Good evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here on WTFH, and welcome to the first night of the new semester. First day of new classes, first day of classes for new students . . . it all makes me want to go out and buy school supplies even though I haven't needed to do that in . . .

Well, never mind that. Because it's longer than she'll admit to. )
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Hi, Fandom! It's Thursday evening again, and this is Lacey Burrows here on WTFH, along with a few really subdued squirrels. It is a quiet break week. Sort of the calm before the new semester storm.

Tonight the W in WTFH may stand for 'Wibble.' )

[OOC: I can't lie, I cried writing parts of this.]
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Hi, everybody! Lacey Burrows here on another Thursday night and how about that, huh, everybody? Almost the end of another week! Almost the end of the last week of the term. Are you excited?

Lacey's not that excited, she's just trying too hard to sound like it. )
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Evening, Fandom! Isn't it a nice evening, too?

. . . well, relatively. Compared to last Thursday. Oh, come on. What's a little Celine Dion compared to last week?

*chorus of squirrels humming "It's All Coming Back To Me Now"*

Don't answer that. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com

Lacey: Okay, okay, ow! We're in . . . oh, gosh, did you hear that?

Katchoo: Heard it. Heard a lot of it. They're just shadows. Don't let it get to you. The mutant roaches, on the other hand . . .

Lacey: Ugh. Oh, we're on. Uh, hi, Fandom? Lacey Burrows here, with my former cohost --

Katchoo: -- and temporary bodyguard, apparently. Hopefully if you're hearing this, you're somewhere safe. 'cause lemme tell ya, right now it ain't out there, and oh, God . . .

One broadcast, behind the cut at the price of one click. Offer void where prohibited. )

Fandom Radio, July 29

Thursday, July 29th, 2010 11:17 pm
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Hi, everybody! Lacey Burrows here, and --


No, where I was last week is completely irrelevant to this --

*smug chittering*

It's not current enough for modern news standards, okay? Now be quiet and give me the notes.

How cheerful the squirrels were about complying is entirely your guess. )

Fandom Radio, July 8

Thursday, July 8th, 2010 11:20 pm
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Hi, everyone, and happy Thursday? *annoyed chittering* It's called a standard greeting, okay? I'm not changing it just because a few squirrels with an overly-inflated sense of importance think it's boring. Lacey Burrows here, with the news for you on this Thursday night, and we're almost to the end of the first week of the new term! How do you like them apples? )

Fandom Radio, July 1

Thursday, July 1st, 2010 11:09 pm
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Hi everybody, happy Thursday, and happy July! July already. Wow. I'd ask where the time went, but in Fandom, do you really want to know the answer? Oh, gosh, I crack me up, right, guys?

*dispassionate acorn-crunching noises*

. . . right.

Oh, that Lacey Burrows. So hilarious. In her own mind. )
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Hi, everybody! Lacey Burrows here, and this is kind of exciting, huh? I get to wish you a happy weekend and not sound like I'm jumping the gun. Not only that, I get to wish you a happy break week. Aww. I never get to do that.

Clearly this is a very special occasion. )

Fandom Radio, June 17

Thursday, June 17th, 2010 10:59 pm
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Evening, everyone! Lacey Burrows here with you on yet another Thursday evening in Fandom. Did you miss me? Not you, squirrels. I know you're only going to give me a sarcastic answer.

Because that's the sort of constant that keeps the world turning on its axis. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Hi, everyone! Lacey Burrows back with you on WTFH on this Thursday night, and did you miss me?

*awkward silence punctuated by occasional sounds of acorn-nibbling*

. . . well, gosh, no need to be so enthusiastic about it, guys. I mean, really. Rein it in.

. . . no, really, did you?

*more awkward acorn-nibbling*

Oh, all right then. )

Fandom Radio, June 3

Friday, June 4th, 2010 12:30 am
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows with you here on WTFH, now on what looks like my regular night for the summer. It's been a while since I did Thursdays . . . wow, memories. Of course, back then I had a cohost, but -- oh, gosh. Anyway. You know, this intro banter thing is a lot shorter without her griping at me to shut up and get to it?

Let's LJ-cut to the chase anyway. )

Fandom Radio, May 10

Monday, May 10th, 2010 11:48 pm
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Good evening, Fandom! *pause*

. . . wow, it's just not the same without my cranky counterpart here. Anyway, happy Monday night, everyone, and this is Lacey Burrows here with you tonight on WTFH radio, along with my helpful little squirrel colleagues. How about you say hi to everyone, guys? And girls. And . . . possibly other.

*chorus of chittering*

Your radio squirrels, folks. Anyway, like I said, I'm Lacey and I'll be bringing you the news tonight for those of you who want to know everything, or close to it, that went on today on our charming little island and by the way, let me just take a moment to extend my own warm personal welcome to those of you who are new to Fandom. It's great to have you here, and we hope you'll feel at home, and --


Ow. Oh, come on, guys, what's wrong with that? Just rolling out the red carpet, so to speak.

*disapproving chitters*

. . . no? Oh, fine then. Put those acorns down.

Let's just get to the reporting then, shall we? )

Fandom Radio, May 4

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 11:17 pm
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here, and, uh . . . I seem to be dong this alone tonight. I tried to call Katchoo to see where she was and she told me to -- oh, fill in the blanks.

Not dirty, because it's just Lacey. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Hi there, Fandom! Happy break week. Is everybody enjoying the leadup to graduation? All that downtime before the big day.

Katchoo: *unintelligible but vitriolic mumbling*

Lacey: Oh, I'm sorry, what was that, Katchoo? I didn't quite catch that. Speak up a little?

Katchoo: *FEEDBACK*

Lacey: Well, don't hold back, tell us how you really f-- on second thought, oh, look! Helpful squirrels with notes. Wow! *nervous giggle* They must really want us to read?

Katchoo: Aw, gee, Ya don't say. )

Fandom Radio, April 20

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 12:45 am
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here.

Katchoo: Because one of us has to be perky and it sure as hell ain't gonna be me.

Lacey: Well, that would be unreasonable, wouldn't it? Aw, did you miss us, Tuesday night?

Katchoo: Yeah, I'm sure it was just weeping bitter tears over missing us last week.

Lacey: Always have to be sarcastic, don't you?

Katchoo: I like to be consistent.

Consistently cranky, anyway. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Evening, Fandom! I know, I know, it's Saturday. Surprise! This is Lacey Burrows on WTFH.

Katchoo: Along with me, natch.

Lacey: Back to being difficult, I see.

Katchoo: Yup. But difficult on a Saturday night.

For a change. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Mitchell: Ow! Was it really necessary to drag me all the way through a portal?


Mitchell: You're damn lucky I'm a night person!

Deadpool: Haaa. I get it. That was cute.

Mitchell: There's nothing cute about this. They threatened to bite me in the shin!

Deadpool: Are you afraid of squirrels? Weeeak.

Mitchell: Have you ever been assaulted by a plague of squirrels heading for your nether regions?!

Illyria: Yes. I beat them off with my sword.



And it all goes downhill from here. )

Fandom Radio, April 6

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010 11:29 pm
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here with you on a quiet Tuesday n --


Lacey: . . . never mind. Anyway, hi, Fandom. How are you all tonight? Besides quiet. Um . . . wow, Katchoo, do you need help there?

Katchoo: Yeah. Fire up the stove and get me the biggest pot you have.

*scandalized chittering*

Lacey: Oh, ew. No.

Katchoo: Fine, killjoy. Let's just see those notes, then. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Evening, Fandom! I can actually see you tonight!

Katchoo: . . . while I know what you're trying to say, that was pretty sad.

Lacey: Aw, but you knew what I meant. That's the important part, right? Since we're all thinking clearly tonight and not seeing strange creatures?

Katchoo: Yeah. Yeah, let's go with that. Sure. Why the hell not?

Why the hell not indeed? )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
*scuffling feet, slamming door*

Lacey: -- wow, it's foggy out there . . . ack! Who is that? *chittering* Squirrels? *thunk* Ow.

*more door slamming, more feet*

Katchoo: -- frikkin' stupid fog, stupid . . . HOLY *FEEDBACK* MONKEYPONY.

Lacey: Whaaaaaaaat? Katchoo, is that -- GAH!


Lacey: Oh my gosh it's a lizard with a balloon, it's a lizard with a balloon, scales and helium and teeth and floaty and . . . Katchoo?

Katchoo: . . . I hate everything.

Lacey: Including me?

Katchoo: Oh, shuddup and read, will ya?

At least it's not zombie fog? )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here, along with my cohost who just barely showed up. Way to be on time, Crankypants.

Katchoo: Bite me, Lacey, I had a friend's birthday party to go to.

Lacey: You have friends?

Katchoo: OH, GO #*@)(#!()*!@#@ YOURSELF. )

Fandom Radio, March 9

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 12:51 am
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Evening, Fandom -- hope we're all back to normal!

Katchoo: For those of you who ever were, anyway. . . . Lacey, it's Fandom.

Lacey: Oh, well, thanks for that lesson in How Not To Be Tactful, Miss Manners.

Katchoo: Oh, go *feedback*--lf.

Not on the air, though, plzkthx. )

Fandom Radio, March 2

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 11:23 pm
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here, the Canadian half of your Tuesday night broadcast team, hoping I'll make it through the show without my American counterpart killing me --

Katchoo: Because I care so frikkin' much about hockey? You're only worrying about that now, you dingbat?

Lacey: . . . well, yeah.

Katchoo: Some people. No sense of self-preservation.

Lacey: Oh, you're one to talk.

Takes one to know one, after all. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Evening, Fandom!

*canned chirping-crickets sound effect*

Oh, funny, guys. Really funny. Anyway, this is Lacey Burrows, coming to you all by myself tonight because my cohost is in Wales, and just about everybody else is in the Bahamas, so . . . is anyone even listening?

Don't answer that.

Lacey's just fine with the state of affairs. Really. JUST FINE. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Hi, Fandom! Happy Tuesday, happy week before spring break, and I hope everyone had a happy Valentine's Day.

Katchoo: I sure as hell did. Did you?

Lacey: . . . everyone but you, I meant. *sigh*

Katchoo: I live to disappoint you, Lacey, what can I say?

Lacey: Nothing at all?

Hahaha. As if. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Evening, Fandom! This is Lacey Burrows, and it smells fifty percent less appetizing in here tonight.

Katchoo: Always knew you thought more highly of me than you were letting on.

Lacey: Consider it a one-time-only event.

Katchoo: Any more'n that would just be disturbing, anyway.

Awww. That was almost kind of affectionate. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here, and welcome to WTF . . . why do you smell like an ashtray in a Godiva store?

Katchoo: Shut up.

Lacey: Oh, gosh, are you itchy? You know, maybe an oatmeal bath will help with that.

Katchoo: Great, then I'll smell like --

Lacey: -- a cookie in an ashtray. Ugh. Never mind. Anyway! Hi, everybody! Here's what's been going on today on the island. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: No, no, no, no pie. You get that out of here! Get it out now!

Katchoo: Aww, geez, Lacey. What've you got against a poor innocent lemon meringue, huh?

Lacey: Get it out get it out get it --

Katchoo: Aw, for crying out . . . *SIGH* You heard her. Just leave it outside the door or somethin', will ya? *exasperated chittering* Yeah. Sorry. Hey, people. 's Katina Choovanski here, and the wussy ball of whimper over there is Lacey Burrows. She's usually a lot perkier but ever since the weekend she's got this pie phobia. It's pretty funny. HEY, LACEY, YOU WANNA SLICE OF STRAWBERRY RHUBARB?

Lacey: *FEEDBACK!!!!!!*

Katchoo: . . . that was impressive. Go, Lacey. )

[OOC: Oh my god. I spent an hour trying to figure out why my HTML was borked before I posted. One stupid missing quotation mark.]
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Evening, Fandom! Happy Tuesday, and thanks so much for voting to put us back on the air! This is Lacey Burrows.

Katchoo: And - oh yeah. Katina Choovanski.

Lacey: Boy, you're awfully cheerful for someone who just stopped being a bunny.

Katchoo: And I will cheerfully hurt you if I have to.

But not tonight. Sorry. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Lacey: Evening, Fandom.

Katchoo: Wow, Lacey, I think you're missing your exclamation point there. For all of you guys who can't see it, because she still thinks you can see the look on her face, she isn't sickeningly cheerful about smiling when she says that tonight. She usually is.

Lacey: Don't talk to me about it, person who looks awfully tanned.

Katchoo: Three days in Curacao. Suck it, Lacey. Guess I'll steal your intro tonight. That's Lacey Burrows, and . . . fine, this is Katina Choovanski, and it's Tuesday night, so you get us on your radio. Don'tcha feel so frikkin' lucky?

Lacey: Don't talk to me about luck.

Katchoo: . . . right.

And now, your WTFH dose of mutual verbal abuse. It's a loving thing, really. )
[identity profile] laceycantlie.livejournal.com
Evening, Fandom! Lacey Burrows here. Wow, who let me on the air without a copilot, huh? Well, it's not my fault someone's off enjoying herself on a tropical island somewhere. But at least you've still got me! That's great, right?

*awkward acorn-nibbling and rum-sloshing sounds*

Don't get all excited at once, now.

No, really, they're just taking a moment to figure out how best to express their excitement, Lacey. Really. )

And that, Fandom, is all the news we have for you tonight. Wow, that was kind of lonely. Hopefully things will be busier next week. Anyway, Lacey Burrows signing off, and hoping you all have a great night. Hope to see you in New York City tomorrow!

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