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Reno: Yo, Fandom! Not only does it seem to be Saturday, and I happen to be in the radio station, but I seem to have a different co-host than usual too, yo. Squirrels are a freakin' unforgivin' lot when they want you to do a broadcast, I'll tell you. They'll leap in on your social life and then bring her along for the ride, yo.

Rikku: Ooooh, this is nifty! And I totally wanted to come. I've never been abducted by squirrels before. And I only did radio once before, when I was an insane fairy-thing.

News'n'SortaBooze? )

[Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] the_merriest for her help with radio tonight!]
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I wasn't stealing it! I was borrowing it!

*muffled noises*

Ow! OW! Hey! That hurts!

*more muffled noises, including a few bangs, thumps, and thwacks*

Okay, okay, fine! I'll do it! Uh, is this the microphone? How do you turn it on? Oooooooh. Got it!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii out there, Fandom! This is Rikku and I was in here looking for treasure, and these squirrels said it's theirs and I think that's mean. So they're are mad at me now and they say I have to read the news. *pause* You're serious? Read the news?

If I do, do I get any treasure?

*muffled noises again*


Hey, Radio isn't treasure ... )

*a few thuds, and then, blissfully, SILENCE*

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