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Wow, there is a lot of alcohol here. A whooooole lot. Not that I'm complaining because I'm taking at least half of this home with me. But still. Loads of booze. And one crying squirrel. Okay, cool. That's a thing now.


That's all there is. I'm taking these bottles and I'm drinking until I have to teach your sorry *AIRHORN*. Enjoy your last day of freedom, kiddos.
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Wow, this whole limbo week is really hitting, isn't it? Or maybe people just don't like Saturdays. Is that it? Do you kids just really like being social on Saturdays and ignoring your computers?

Well fine. I can handle it. We have one note. Just the one. Jono listened to music and planned his syllabus---oooooh *AIRHORN*. I knew I forgot to do something.

Gotta fun and buy some *AIRHORN* stickers of gold stars and pretend I'm a professional. Bye!
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Hey, another slow day for me. I'm starting to think you guys are doing this on purpose. Is it because I'm over-exposed or because Saturday is a day of rest and getting errands done? I'm hoping it's the latter, to be honest.


Give me the notes and get back to your laundry. Thank you. So, Jono was looking at scripts at Groovy Tunes like he's living that Hollywood dream of staring in shitty blockbusters and wearing green CGI costumes. At Caritas, Mike was doodling before Danish Anthony Hopkins stopped by. We also had Peter out in the Preserve meditating or some zen *AIRHORN* when Kanan stopped by to get in a fight and then invite him for tea. Awww, it's like a meet cute!

But that's all we've got. Maybe I should do laundry too. Or I could just borrow Vanessa's underwear for another day... Hmm. Choices, choices.
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Holy *AIRHORN* I have things to read! Type! Look, this is difficult to do in a text based medium. Just go with it.

*confused chittering*

Man I wish I took squirrel when I was a young Canadian boy in the Moose Scouts. Real thing. Trust me on it. Any who! We have some *AIRHORN* to talk about. Someone did something in the dorms! Dante was all broody and morose about shit at the shooting range. That we provide for teens. Kaaaaaay.

Over in town, Jono chilled over at his hippie music store. Aaaaand there was some kind of Expo in the park where people were apparently selling things. Beats by Dre sold--wait, Jaylah? That's moderately disappointing. Anyway, they sold mix tapes. And I'm so mad that I didn't buy any. Someone named Hondo showed up and was creepy before being offered something angry and shouty. I'm down with that. Karolina was excited to meet another alien and also got offered shouty music. Because aliens, man. They love shouting.

Gourmet Bites offered food created by low-rent, Danish Anthony Hopkins. Cassidy was lured into this trap to talk about how abductions via island are old hat. Kira was happy to have a normal--heh--weekend and to look at the food. Peter was there to sell stuff from Covent Garden Flowers and apparently get hit on by some guy named Horst. Okay then. Hondo had a totally above board stall that was fencing stolen goods. I assume. I mean. C'mon. Kanan stopped by for space coffee or jet fuel. Which might be the same thing. I haven't checked Wookiepedia yet. Obi-Wan also stopped by, but mostly to be surprised Hondo was alive. Maybe he's just missing a hand. We don't know. The notes are vague. Ahsoka was the same as Obi-Wan only way more judgey and I like this kid already. Good head on her shoulders.

There was a picnic area to hang out in there. Karolina and Jim talked about weird portals as part of their catching up. Tamsin was around to get the news from the 30's. From someone named Stew. Yeah, that seems normal. Aaaaaand finally, we had Kanan and Obi-Wan shared Hondo stories. This Hondo guy seems like we all should have met him

But that's all! I have a brunch to pretend I'm gonna make. See you suckers later.
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So, the sun was screaming. That's... that's a new one. Thinkin' that maybe the costume needs headphones to not listen to that *AIRHORN*. I'm not even going to fight that word. I'm too tired from the screaming sun.

Anyway, let's see what we've got.



Seein' what we've got.


Okay, seriously? This is it? One lone note? Wow. That sun is driving everyone away, isn't it? Okay, so Pinkie got back and was all thrilled we beat up John de Lancie. And we'd do it again. I have a rocket launcher on order for such an occasion.

But that's all. Go hide from the multiply, non-screaming suns like I plan on doing.
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Wow, not much going on here yesterday. I hope you all enjoyed your nice weekend relaxation then. Because this mother*AIRHORN* caught himself a Magikarp. Oh, I love fads. They're so fresh and new.

Okay, okay. Notes. Let's see... we have a grumpy Gus Jalian at Stark's shop. Bucky and his spoilers at Wonka's avoiding singing candy. Yeah, that seems about the normal level of *AIRHORN* up here. Over at the Rocky Bits, Cap was fully dressed as he did some rappelling. That's. Oddly specific. And completely ruins my fantasies. Stark's lame ass was also there to talk about buildings and stuff. Yawn.

Okay, me and Vanessa are gonna make a play for a city. I need a Muk to name Trump.
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Okay, still a *AIRHORN* pony. Okay, that wasn't even a swear. I said *AIRHORN*. Why are you censoring *AIRHORN*. I'm already censored by this *AIRHORN* thing.

Fine. You just *AIRHORN* whatever you want and make me sound like I'm swearing when I'm not. That's just fine by me. I only have a few notes anyway. So nyah.

Anyway, we had Ahsoka at the library because she had thumbs. Congrats on having thumbs, kid. Wish I did. In town, Dante was *AIRHORN*--c'mon--Dante was mad about the wacky animals and decided to fight them. While being a pony. I hope there was a lot of kicking. There was some looking for things that represent other things going on. Stark, Anthony Hopkins, and that flower guy all looked for generosity. Cassandra, Roscoe, and Cecil looked for pocket protectors or something with honesty. I mean, look at those names. Musical Theater, FN-whateverthe*AIRHORN*, Hardison, and Didi settled on a blanket for kindness. Anders, Merrill, Karla, and that one ghost guy Bob went with a magical pony book. By a pony. I really hate ponies now. My awesome self, Kenzi, and Ada went with a banana for laughter after being confused by youth culture. And finally, we had Captain America, Frank the kid who gives me alcohol, Jack, and Jalian getting military medal for loyalty. Hey, I have some of those. I mean. I stole most of them for funsies, but I have them.

But that's all. Here's hoping to waking up bipedal tomorrow, folks.
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VanessaLake: Oh my God! Ow! Stop pulling my hair! I’m sorry I tried to take your rum! I just really need a lot of drinks right now!

WadeHal: Hey, you're here too. Awesome. So, we're currently in a room filled with booze and squirrels. I'm telling you all this so you people listening can get us the *BEEP* out of here. ...did you just bleep me? What the *BEEP*?

Lake: What the *BEEP*? I can’t say *BEEP*? What about *EXTREMELY PROTRACTED BEEP*?

Hal: ...I think I love you for that last one. Why the *BEEP* are the rodents shoving paper at us?

Lake: Why the *BEEP* is any of this happening in the first *BEEP*ing place? Maybe they want us to build them nests...wait no the paper is gossip notes. Okay? What am I supposed to do with this?


Lake: I don’t speak *BEEP*ing rodent.

Hal: Hey look, this one's about us! So, according to these guys myself and Lake here woke up together and there was screaming. That's... pretty accurate, actually. Kudos to the drunk rats. Some guy named Tony woke up to a phone call from some chick named Tamsin and then they met up by the docks. That sounds like the beginning of a mob movie. I'll allow it. This Steve guy also showed up in the apartment and they had to figure out if this was a one night stand or what. Sounds almost as awkward as waking up to someone screaming a lot.

Lake: Okay, you’d scream too if you woke up next to you.

Hal: It's a skin condition. I think. Whatever. Kitty tried to sneak out of bed with a john I'll assume. Because Kitty is toootally a stripper name. Jono--sounds fake, but okay--Jono woke up on fire and had to try using sign language to talk to Hannibal. Also sounds fake. Did we end up in some weird soap opera? Because I'm getting distinct soap opera vibes here.

Lake: Your name is Hal.

Hal: ...and yours is Lake. Lake Lively. God, I hope your middle name is also with an L.

Lake: It wasn’t on my driver’s license so I guess we’ll never know.

Hal: Maybe Lynn… Anyway, more of these notes say that Isabela woke up and promptly decided to stay the *BEEP* in bed. A good choice if you ask me. Frank responded to all the confusion going on by getting drunk. I think I like that kid. He's got his head on straight. Dante--c'mon, what the *BEEP*?---Dave, I'm calling him Dave. Dave woke up to enjoy the *BEEP*ed up view of the stars. Anders, which I'll assume is a last name, was there and not happy to be woken up. Probably without screaming. Anafiel also showed up and I'm calling *BEEP*ing shenanigans on all this bull*BEEP*. *BEEP*. I mean seriously now. *BEEP*. So this 'Anafiel' and some random nameless chick also woke up together. Startin' to think this place is just sick and wants people to suffer. Like a Fantastic Four movie. Wait, what the *BEEP* was that?

Lake: I'm supposed to read these notes about what happened in town, I guess? Okay. At the Perk, someone the notes say is Jaina found out that coffee does not reverse amnesia, and Fred still knew he liked coffee, if not his "weird costume"--hey, I've got some of those at my apartment. Fred, maybe you live there too? But he decided 'Jaina' was 'Angie,' so who knows which is correct. Eliot walked his dog—this is news?--and ran into Kanan, who he gave three options to guess his name before naming Kanan Chris. But the notes say his name is—oh. Ohhhh, did the squirrels give us all names? That's so...I can't believe I just *BEEP*in' said that sentence. But it explains why everyone’s name is ridiculous. And then the dog scared someone the squirrels are calling Kaylin. And Peridot uh, tried to gnaw her "limb enhancers" (is that a euphemism?) off with her teeth. Okay, even if it's a euphemism that sounds disturbing. Maybe don't...maybe don't do that.

Hal: So, conclusion? This place is *BEEP*ed up.

Lake: What *BEEP*in’ clued you in? The squirrels or the amnesia?

Hal: I like to think it was my keen investigative skills.

Lake: Sure. Let’s go with that. Can we go now? I think we can go now.
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Do you think I should get some blue in my costume? I could just steal Captain America's and pretend I care about this country. Even though tomorrow will just be Canada Day 2.0 for me. Hopefully with less blowing off of fingers while handling fireworks.

*nervous chittering*

I didn't bring any here.

*more nervous chittering*

No, that's just a grenade. Stop being a big baby about this. Hey---stop running away! Oh well, at least they left the notes so I can get this done and get back to day drinkin' like the classy teacher I am.

Okay, so over at Stark's place Jalian was putting electronics in the shower and Stark was wondering about that choice before they got talkin' about portals. And probably not the game. Jono was having trouble with his stereo that didn't involve a shower before Gratuity--which sounds like a stripper name, not even gonna lie about that--showed up to make friends with the radio.

Yeah. Not gonna question that one either.

Last up, Jono and Hannibal were all quiet like while trying to reconstruct Jono's face. Eh, just wait until Fox remembers you exist. Because Disney's killin' you guys ooo~ff. It's so petty when studios get into pissing matches, isn't it?

A moment of silence for the X-Men, please. Oh, and the Fantastic Four. Especially for that shitty movie they just had. I mean, Jesus *BEEP*ing Christ was it bad. Where was I? Right. Moment of silence.

Okay, now time to go hunt down some beer.
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So, we're still in space. That's a thing that's still going on, huh?


No, I know you don't control it. I mean, if you did, that'd be something. A bunch of squirrels in charge of our lives. Sorta creepy, if you think about it. I'll stick with Fox, thanks. Alright, lets get this party started. We have Obi-Wan was supposedly meditating in his weird shack in the woods. Kids, don't go to the shack in the woods. Kanan stopped by to catch up on the Force. That's a capital 'f' there, folks. That's how you know it's important. Ahsoka also stopped by--what did I just say about not going to the creepy shack in the woods?--to talk about the Jedi. They returned, I think. Good movie. Eliot found out that Parker was a ferret and Hardison was a teddy bear. That's... okay. Remind me to avoid that.

At Groovy Tunes, Jono was being official when Steven showed up to find new music. Cecil stared into the void while at the park. Sounds like someone has student loans! Ammiright?


Fine, don't give me a high-five. I don't care. Anyway, Cecil met Kanan who offered to let him move in. Which is pretty forward, but hey. Maybe it was love at first sight.

That's all we've got. Get back to what you were doing, folks!
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Another week, another weird *BEEP* location. Though they're way less okay with a little casual murder here which isn't as fun as the last place. Also, I feel like listening to some Four Non Blondes while we're here.


Get on my level, squirrels.

Okay, okay. We have some *BEEP*--that's PG-13 swearing. You're just being pedantic now--anyway, things happened in the dorms with Ringo the non-Beatle upgrading her drone to test the legality of the device. Nearly took Lucille's head off which let me tell you, did not go well. Mayday also stopped by to see what the *BEEP* was going on before talking about working at a soup kitchen. Ugh. So wholesome.

And then we end up in town where Jono was dealing with a stereo problem when when Dante showed up to talk trash about Pearl Jam. You know what? I'll allow that. *BEEP* Pearl Jam. Lucille survived her near decapitation to check out modern music.

But that's all. I have a magic sword to try and steal for the funsies.
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Okay, here I am taking a break from killing all the crazy space Australians with narry a single Wolverine in the bunch and you give me five things to read. I honestly don't know how I feel about that.

I could be shooting space things right now and instead I'm doing this.


They have guns that shoot lasers. Lasers. I'm going back to raid one of those vending machines. It's gonna be sweet.

Okay, first up we have Lucille and Hannibal being atmospheric and dark at each other while apparently having a music lesson. I hope they had all the aesthetic necessary for Bryan Fuller and Guillermo del Toro, man. Everyone's favorite X-Men who, let's be honest, we probably could have had in the movie if not for the fact that brass balls took up all our CGI budget--Jono was writing his own music at Groovy Tunes. Oh god, I hope it's the kind you see at an open mic night at a coffee shop. Dante stopped by to check on him after the attempted wedding with the absolute worst attackers ever. I mean. Go big or go home, guys. Maybe Apocalypse. He's pretty big right now. Also, Oscar Isaac. I wouldn't turn that man down. Jalian showed off her customer service skills with headlocks at Stark's place. And finally, Mike hosted a Ladies Night at Caritas. For all four ladies on the island.

But that's all. Is it too soon to make Crocodile Hunter jokes about the planet?

*angry chittering*

Yikes. Fine, I'll just go with some musical jokes instead. This has been Deadpool telling you to spay and neuter your pets.
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Wow, yesterday was boring, wasn't it? No, no. Don't answer that. I know. It's summer and it's nice out. Who wants to be writing when they could be complaining about the heat and getting a sunburn? Ammirite?


Just agree with it. Okay, let's go... Dante and Ringo tk off to Limbo City and I'm pretty sure I've played that video game. Is it the one with the shitty dad and all the racism? Yeah, that sounds about right. Elsewhere, Constantine took our local X-Men to Madripoor for a bachelor party full of venereal diseases and semi-legal prostitution. I assume. I mean. Madripoor. I've seen enough Dateline specials on the place. And killed people there.

Over at Stark's place, Jalian had to do work because the disembodied voice told her to. I feel you, bro. Peridot showed up looking for a job and was told to check back n Monday. And finally, Mayday was being taunted by ice cream. I also feel that one.

But that's all there is! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go take shameless advantage of an open bar. Another upside of have superpowers, being able to drink way past the liver killing limit. Yeaaaaah boy!
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Oh my god, you guys are still doing this? That's just adorable. Sad, but adorable. Mostly sad.


Yeah, I know it hasn't been that long. I just stand by my statement. Just give me those notes so I can get this over with and go steal some food from that buffet going on. This place is great with all the free food. I wonder how they even pay for it. Weird.

Read more... )
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And I'm back! You lil' *BEEP*ers can't get rid of me. I'm everywhere these days. Well, not really everywhere. That's all Civil War right now. Have you been to the grocery store lately? Oh wait no, we're in space still. Nix that question.

*confused chittering*

Shhh, just agree and go along with it. Okay, notes. Not many of these things. It's almost like we all enjoyed the nice day away from a computer. Huh. In the dorm--which is super *BEEP*ing creepy to report on, you know--we had Roscoe fail at making eggs, but found pizza in the fridge. I feel you, buddy. Cooking is for other people. People who I pay. Sometimes. Dante showed up for pizza and to hit on the kid and I really hope no one has made the Dante's Inferno gay porn joke until now. Because I'm calling dibs. Lucille and Dante avoided each other in an energetic fashion according to the notes. I hope there were some sick ninja moves. She introduced herself to Roscoe instead to talk about where they come from. Which seems like a heavy topic for eating pizza. RIngo and Lucille discussed what Lucille does every day. Which... sure. That's not stalkery at all. Slightly less stalkery, Ringo and Roscoe talked about skating like it's still the era of roller disco or that dark time in the nineties with rollerblades.

Moving onto town, we had Kitty--hey, they could afford her? Nice!--was at the Perk when Eliot showed up to give her more coffee.

Well okay then. That's all we've got. I'm going to check out space and hope this island gets it's *BEEP* together soon. Wait, that's a PG-13 word. C'mon, i'm allowed to say *BEEP*. You *BEEEEP*. Oh, I'm coming for you, little squirrel.

*Chittering* *CRASH*
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Okay, so this is where the magic happens. And by the magic, I mean the work put into recapping all you lil' *BEEP*ers. I'm being beeped? Seriously? C'mon, you can say *BEEP* at least once in a PG-13 movie. That second *BEEP* would have to be cut off, though.


Yeah, that's not gonna get old or anything. Give me those notes so I can go back home and hide my shame because something stole my awesome suit and is going to be paying me back for it. Or replacing it. Possibly in a fancier fashion. Ooo, ooo, make Stark do it so we can watch Marvel cry.


Isn't it weird how I can understand you?


Yeah, pretty weird. Okay, let's get into the dorms--nice use of bolding. Dante was in his room, angsting over some guy named Anders' phone. I hope they can overcome this minor inconvenience to their love and reunite to some romantic 80's love ballad. Thorin was on the roof, also angsting. Christ, kids. At least wait until you hit twenty before realizing how screwed you are. Lucille showed up to make small talk with him. I hope it was some Downton Abbey style awkward small talk.

And most of the action was in town today with Tamsin--yeah, that's a name--had a Eurovision party. Which is the most European thing possible. Or hipster. One of 'em. Cara stopped by and got the whole kit and crazy, glitter covered kaboodle explained to her. Jessica--wait, we have more than one of the arachnid people here? Seriously? How have we not been sued yet? Anyway, Jessica was swinging around that planet we're hanging out by. I'd go, but I feel like I'd have to make a lot of tough moral choices that would reflect on me in the long term. And I can never decide who to romance. When she got back, she found out that her clothing was gone. Welcome to the club. Also looking for clothing, Jaina.

Over at the gym we had a half naked Steve running around--why the *BEEP* didn't you guys get pictures? We can sell those!


You underestimate the thirst of fans out there, my little rodent friends.

Ahsoka showed up at the gym to work out and instead ogled him. She better have gotten pictures since some people here just failed at it.

*sad chittering*

No, you know what you did wrong. You know. At the Gig, Dani had a horse blanket to wear because sure, just make the horses be naked instead. Pervert. At Groovy Tunes--the *BEEP* is this place? Scooby Doo?--actual old man Whithers, Jono was half naked there before Bob showed up to offer him some magical ones. Wow. Bob the wizard. Nice one.

But that's all we've got. So. Shoo. Move onto the next post. Shoo.
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Deadpool: I'm pretty sure that pile of notes is unethical. I'm no expert on ethics, mind. Seeing as how sometimes I wonder about punching the people who make kid's shows.

Jono: Well, have you seen the rubbish they try to pass off as children's entertainment, these days? They probably need a good punching now and again.

Deadpool: See, this is why I like you. You understand all the rage against the establishment.

Jono: The establishment hasn't exactly given me much reason to be terribly fond of them, mate. Repeatedly.

Deadpool: Burn this mother down?

Burn, Baby, Burn. )
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Jono: … And while everybody else is sleeping off the post-graduation hangovers, I'm in the radio station, diligently... scraping paint. There is no way that this was all from us.

Deadpool: I might have gotten bored yesterday and shot at it some more. My bad.

Jono: … Fair enough. Though it leaves me disappointed that I didn't come in here with a litre of paint to throw about.

Deadpool: What's a litre? Speak english!

Jono: I speak better English than you. I refuse to speak American. … And aren't you Canadian, mate?

Deadpool: I am? Curse these Canadian roots! Urge to apologize... rising...

Jono: I rest my case. In any case, we've got notes?

Deadpool: Notes it is!

Graduation! )
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Jono: … Lord, it looks like the paintballers hit this place, too. Was anything spared?

Deadpool: It was war, Starsmore. War.

Jono: And war is hell. But at least I got a good chuckle out of it when someone wandered into the Boards.

Deadpool: You know, I still have plenty of ammo left...

Paintball Radio! )
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Deadpool: You squirrels sure as hell better have Easter eggs hidden somewhere. Or candy. So help me.

Jono: … Easter candy. You know, I've never actually...

Deadpool: Those Cadbury eggs are like sugary crack. You should try one. Or twenty.

Jono: I think I might have to. Any other recommendations?

Deadpool: Just raid the store tomorrow. It will aaaaall be on sale.

Jono: Beware, island. I think we're all about to find out what happens when I reach a sugar high.


Jono: … Yes, probably slightly more enthusiastic moping. Have we got notes? Is... this one page our notes?

Deadpool: Wow, things only happened in town yesterday. Over at the Gig, Dany was learning to sew. Maybe a dress for the horses. I could see it.

And over at the Devil's Nest, Bo was dealing with a bunny behind the counter. Euphemism?

Jono: Could be. Fandom, and all. Today is that day for rabbits, after all.

Deadpool: But it's Easter! Easter is wholesome!

Jono: Wholesome like that wholesome, wholesome chocolate we were just discussing?

Deadpool: Sorry, did you say something? I couldn't hear you over the diabetes I was giving myself.

Jono: Mmm, wholesome diabetes. In any case, Scott hadn't cried himself into enough bottles by that point in the evening to try to communicate with the rabbit, so he contented himself with discussing strategy. They're all wrong, Scott. All of them. And then Guy and Bo passed the time, with slightly less focus on the rabbit, by talking about how they went about getting a kid, last weekend. Apparently, there were 'back door' jokes. Ah, euphemism.

Deadpool: Diiiiirty. And that's how we celebrate our holidays here, folks. With back door jokes and bunnies.

Jono: Because Fandom Island is wholesome.

Deadpool: All we need now is Lassie. Maybe if we kidnapped a collie...

Jono: … I imagine they have puppies at Everything But The Monkey, mate.

Deadpool: Yeah, but that's not Lassie. Lassie was grown up.

Jono: A shelter on the mainland, then? We can rescue the iconic rescue dog.

Deadpool: I'll think about it.

Jono: Well, you do that then, mate. The rest of you out there, have yourselves a wholesome, wholesome Easter.
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Deadpool: And this is where I tell people what they did yesterday. It’s a magical, booze filled place.

Brooker: I distrust these squirrels.

Jono: We all do, mate. Is this bring your teen to work day? I missed that memo.

Brooker: I am not a teen. I’m an Askani warrior.

Deadpool: But he’s so adorable with the angst!

Jono: An angsty teen. Trust me, I know one when I see one.

Brooker: I am not an angsty teen!

Deadpool: He’s very sensitive.

Brooker: Why haven’t you killed this one yet?

Deadpool: Because that would be rude. And you’re so angsty, I could make a CW show about you.

So many kids. )
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Jono: Oh, this is cute. It's like the little stack of radio notes that could.

Deadpool: I think that is a Disney movie.

Jono: Probably a direct-to-video sequel to that one about the toaster.

Deadpool: *sniff* I loved that little toaster. It was plucky.

Jono: Really? I was rather fond of the vacuum cleaner, myself.

Deadpool: Shocking! So, over in the dorms, Tara and Worthington made happy noises about the colleges they got into. As did The Goddamn Bruce Wayne, but he was busy making plans. And stuff. Oh, and Luke was busy with some interior design now that he is roommateless.

Jono: Good lord. He's discovered feng shui. Things were about as quiet in town yesterday, with Topher playing with circuit boards at Stark Idustries. And so if anybody in town experienced some sort of electrical surge or something, now you know why. If anyone had stopped by The Boards, they'd have seen me striking the Petey Sci-Fi sets. And trying to figure out what the hell to do with the place for the summer. What would you do if you had several months between theatre seasons, and free run of an empty theatre, Deadpool?

Deadpool: Not spell it theatre for one. But then I would do a one man show about my manpain. Possibly with comedic sketches.

Jono: That you can hear how I spell it will never cease to amaze me, mate.

Deadpool: Gals at laptops, I’m tellin’ ya. That’s all we are.

Jono: Sometimes, I seriously wonder. Things were quiet at the Gig as well, where Dani was making use of some extra saddle soap to do some spring cleaning. And it would seem that Bo caught the Petey Sci-Fi fever, because she was humming Petey music during her shift at The Devil's Nest. Infectious, innit?

Deadpool: You know, using the word ‘infectious’ around Bo just makes me laugh.

Jono: Particularly when discussing the aftermath of a show that insists that you 'give yourself over to absolute pleasure?'

Deadpool: Now you’re just making it dirty.

Jono: Really, it doesn't need all that much help from me.

Deadpool: Well, that’s all you folks did yesterday. I feel the need to get brunch. Possibly a fancy one.

Jono: And I need my coffee. Try not to get into too much trouble, Fandom. Or at least save it for next Saturday, so that Deadpool and I can make fun of you about it on the air.
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Deadpool: Heeeey, I almost missed this place.

Jono: So help me, I almost missed you.

Deadpool:’re not gonna hug me, right?

Jono: I don't think I'm ready for that sort of commitment, really.

Deadpool: Just repress those emotions like a man. Maybe after this, we can sublimate through throwing eggs at Scott’s house.

Jono: … I'm in.

This broadcast has been brought to you by bad choices, the colour green, the numbers three and seventeen, and by listeners like you. )
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Jono: Dear lord. It looks like a normal Sunday. You know you live on Fandom Island when this sort of thing is the odd happenstance.

Deadpool: Aaaaand you’ved doomed us all. Thanks.

Jono: Oh, come on. It isn't as though the odds aren't already stacked against us.

Deadpool: Yeah, but you can’t just say it. That’s tempting fate.

Jono: And what if you don't particularly believe in fate, exactly?

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Deadpool: Aww, it’s Sunday already?

Jono: I know. Seems like it was Saturday just yesterday.

Deadpool: I blame Sesame Street. Teaching me what order all the days go in.

Jono: Are you certain it wasn't Rebecca Black, mate?

Deadpool: ...Why must you bring up my horrible past of pop stardom?

Jono: I spent yesterday surrounded by unicorns. I need to balance out the sunshine and bubblegum somehow.

Deadpool: ...sounds a lil’ fruity there, man. Lil’ fruity.

Jono: Rebecca Black.

Deadpool Razzle dazzle.

Jono: You'll have to take that one up with Jubilee, mate. I'm going to be here reading notes.

Deadpool: Now get your news on, kid.

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Deadpool: Wow, I wasn’t expecting you to be a chick.

Jono: I wasn't expecting me to be one, either. So, consider us both surprised by this revelation, mate.

Deadpool: Aren’t you just adorable?

Jono: If you get it into your head to pinch my cheeks, I'll bite your bloody fingers off.

Deadpool: You are just sassy.

Jono: Well, when you've got it, use it. Isn't that what they say?

Sassy Radio! )
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Deadpool: Hey, I’m not someone else this time! Points for today!

Jono: … I don't know. There was something therapeutic about completely losing my brain to mouth filter last weekend.

Deadpool: And I did have some fabulous abs...

Jono: You also shoved Janice onto the stage without rehearsing first. Though I can't imagine she needed it, since I pretty much gave her top marks... And gum.

Deadpool: Damn right you did!

Jono: And not even because I thought you would skin me alive if I didn't. Shall we get started, then?

Deadpool: You say the sweetest things, Starsmore.

Short radio is short! )
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And now, here’s your host. Who watches if all for you: Joel McHale...

Joel McHale: This isn’t Friday. Or even Wednesday. Or even Thursday nights at 8/7 central. Watch it.

Jono Cowell: Actually, this appears to be Sunday morning. I believe there's something in my contract about being up before noon and surrounded by pestilence on a Sunday morning.

Joel: Simon Cowell! What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be crushing the hopes and dreams of everyone around you!

Simon: As a matter of fact, I should be. Would you like me to start with you, Joel, or should I focus my efforts on telling all of those other programs to just give it up now and not bother quitting their day jobs?

Joel: Why else would you be on the Soup? Unless you’re here to advertise for you new show that is Seacrest Free. I’d really have liked to have been warned about that, he’s trying to burrow into a little nest in my dressing room now.

Simon: At least he'll be happy there. I can't help but notice that the press around here appears to somehow be related to him...


It's Reality Show Clip Time! )

Joel: Simon, it’s been...not a pleasure to have you here.

Simon: And it hasn't been even remotely a pleasure being here, either. There truly is nothing good on television these days, is there? Mind rot.

Joel: Thursdays on NBC, 8/7 Central!

Simon: Or you could tune into American Idol on Wednesdays on Fox. At least one of the hosts of that one appears to know what he's doing. Auditions there continue this week. There are apt to be some particularly precious performances, starting in Savannah and then moving along to Pittsburgh on Thursday. Please, preliminary judges, just make my job easier and eliminate them all.

Seacrest Out

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Deadpool: Heeeeey. You’re not that little ferrety kid I did radio with this weekend.

Jono: … Well, no. I have a bit more of a brain-to-mouth filter, for a start.

Deadpool: Because you have a mouth now. How’s that workin’ for you? It good? I bet it’s good.

Jono: Trust me, while I'm locked in a radio booth with you and surrounded by bottles of rum, it's good.

Mouthy Radio! )
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Awww, squirrels. Why you gotta drag me in here again? You missed me? Is that it?


Fine, be that way. I don't need your love! I don't need anyone! Except for these notes. And that rum. Maybe my swords...

In which Topher beats Britta on being the worst. )</>
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Well, well, well. How the hell did all of you squirrels even do this? I mean, it doesn't make all that much sense that you care more about the radio than your own personal safety.


Oh, you're just dedicated journalists. I can support that as long as you don't end up working for TMZ if we survive aaaaaall this.

Let's do this then )
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Warren: This again? I mean, it serves me right, trying to fly before the broadcast, but really, squirrels?

Deadpool: It’s because you’re so festive.

Warren: Oh. So the wings are like a big 'kidnap me, squirrels!' beacon, now?

Deadpool: Pretty much.

Warren: The sooner this dye fades out, the better. Sheesh.

Welcome Picnic Radio! )
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Deadpool: Hey, you’re not a ginger!

Warren: …. Not last time I checked, no.

Deadpool: ...what the hell is wrong with your wings? This is a new thing? Oh god, was Apocalypse involved? Did he finally come out of the closet and make you the gayest horseman of the most fabulous apocalypse ever?

Warren: … No, I got drunk.

Deadpool: That so isn’t as fun as my theory.

A Mouthy Merc and a Gay Macaw Step Into a Radio Station... )
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Reno: Yo, Fandom! Welcome to another ‘day after the worst shit ever’ kinda Sunday on the island! The birds are... kinda scared to come out, sure. But the sky is doin’ better, and if I’m here too long and I miss out on all that fancy Disney crap, I’m gonna be irked, yo. I already had to pry my co-host off the ground, here.

Deadpool: I’m surprised the squirrels managed to get any of these notes, to be honest.

Reno: Yeah? I’d be surprised if they didn’t have some kinda special riot gear for collectin’ their dirt on this kinda thing. Little helmets. Flak jackets...

Deadpool: I’m pretty sure I tried to eat one...

Reno: Gets stuck in your teeth, man. Stick with deer next time.

Mmmm. Delicious mutated meat. )
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Oh god, we've been in a horrible limbo until now! Filled with Russians and politics and vodka!

Actually, the vodka wasn't so bad. But, you know, withdrawal. No one likes that crap. Just ask people on Twitter and Facebook.

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Reno: Well, we ain’t ponies, we ain’t other people as far as I can tell, there ain’t been no robot spiders runnin’ about, and the ladies on the mainland are still wearin’ way too much clothing, yo. This is officially the weirdest Sunday we’ve had for the summer broadcasts, yet.

Deadpool: I liked being a pony.

Reno: I learned the hard way that unicorn horns ain’t for roastin’ marshmallows with.

Deadpool: ...awwww. Was it in the microwave? Because that’s not healthy, you know.

Reno: …. Well, that explains so much, yo.

WTFH In No Way Endorses Sticking One's Head Into A Microwave. )
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Deadpool: I’m a goddamn pony, people!

Reno: Hey, now. We are goddamn ponies, people. Had to bribe the squirrels today to work all the buttons on the soundboard, because we ain’t got no friggin’ thumbs, yo.

Deadpool: Look at my tail! It’s so fluffy and adorable!

Reno: … I got a horn.

Deadpool: Maybe you could gore some stuff. Or roast a marshmallow?

Reno: Or both! If I can get a fire started, anyhow.

Deadpool: Okay, onto the news that we can read thanks to to the nice squirrels setting them up all orderly like. A round of applause for them, folks!

Too soon? Too soon.

Reno: I dunno. Listen close an’ we might hear the haunting music of a thousand coconut-shells bein’ smacked together. Let’s get to it?

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Deadpool: Oh, the day after the newbies arrive! It’s like a hangover!

Reno: Speak for yourself, yo. I ain’t never been hung over from bottled water, an’ I ain’t about to start now.

Deadpool: Well, maybe you’re not drinking the right kind of water. Ever thought of that? Hmmmmm?

Reno: … Huh. Serves me right for ever changin’ my ways, yo.

Deadpool: Word.

Reno: Yo, Fandom Island! New people! Ponies! I’m Reno, an’ this guy here with me is Deadpool, and we’ll be your Sunday morning gossip. Uh. Snoops. Guys on the radio. … You know. You’re stuck with us.

Deadpool: Just think of us as the neighborhood watch who talks about your business in public and possibly adds random details for the hell of it.

Reno: Don’t worry. The random details are way more interestin’ than most of the shit that goes on around here.

Welcome, newbies! )
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Reno: Yo, Fandom! Welcome to another fun-filled Sunday mornin’ broadcast with your two teachers in red! Sanity: optional. An’ kinda overrated, yo.

Deadpool: Hey now, I’m just aware on a different plane. It’s perfectly rational!

Reno: Oh, that’s what they’re callin’ it now?

Deadpool: Plus, I’m freakin’ everywhere these days. Post-modern antihero and all that jazz.

Reno: I always pick up so much useful vocabulary when we do these radio shows together, man. Is there some kinda convenient word for “assload of notes fobbed off on us by drunk rodents?”

Radio! Now with VOCABULARY. )
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Reno: Man. There were giant bugs. Did you see ‘em? Giant friggin’ spiders out there. Just like home, yo!

Deadpool: Yes, yes. We all saw the bugs. But now we’re safe in Atlanta, Georgia.

Reno: I like Georgia. The view’s nice.

Deadpool: You mean the topless ladies?

Reno: They got real aesthetic value, yo.

Deadpool: It’s artsy! I’m sure we’ll end up on some epic vases with them if we stick around.

This radio broadcast is art. ART. )
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Who has two thumbs and is here for radio?


Yes, I know you fine folks can't see me. But I'd assume you knew people had two thumbs usually. And that it's me talkin'. If not... maybe we need to get you some extra tutoring. Or a brain.

Short radio is short )
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Poromon: I don’t know if we should be in here, Janice!

Paddington: Excuse me, pardon me, but I was told that there would be marmalade here. Or, rather, I was offered something in a tall bottle, but it smelled a little odd, and so I requested marmalade instead. *pause* Hello!

Jan: Eeee! Bear! You’re mine now.

Poromon: Run while you caaaaan...

Paddington: Run? Why should I be doing tha-- Oh dear.

Jan: Miiiiiiine.

A Little Girl, A Pink Bird-Ball, and a Bear in a Duffel Coat Walk Into The Radio Station... )
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Reno: Yo, Fandom! It’s another beautiful day in the soggiest big city I ever saw, an’ here I am, inside, drinkin’ rum and enjoyin’ the skyline, yo. Pretty, ain’t it?

Deadpool: You only say that because you’re secretly Japanese and love that crap.

Reno: Last I checked, I wasn’t. But it does kinda remind me of home sweet home anyhow, yo. Mmm, smog.

Deadpool: It’s a secret Japanese.

Reno: See, where we come from, we call that ‘Wutai.’

Deadpool: Secret. Japanese.

I think I’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese. I really think so. )
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Reno: Okay, I’m up. I’m awake. I’m here. You can untie the bottle of rum from the stick now an’ stop wavin’ it in front of my face, squirrels. I get the point, yo.

Deadpool: Awww, they caught you too! Sneaky little bastards.

Reno: We sure they’re squirrels? They’re kinda like little extra fuzzy rats when they get like this, ain’t they?

Deadpool: No, no. Rats will eat you. Squirrels are civilized about kidnapping you for their nefarious goals.

Reno: By playin’... what’s the Earth equivalent of a Chocobo with Gysahl greens? Horse and carrot? Horse an’ friggin’ carrot. With rum. *Sloshy* Congrats, rodents. It works.

Deadpool: They’re evolving. Pretty soon it’ll be Planet of the Squirrels.

Reno: So long as there’s rum, I, for one, am plannin’ on welcoming our new squirrely overlords. Also, my girlfriend’s got a cat. So I’m more or less safe, I think.

This was an awesome idea. Not a bad one. )
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It's picnic day, this is madness! Madness, I say!


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Cable: Good morning, everyone. I hope you're all prepared for graduation tonight... I'm coming armed...

Deadpool: You’re always armed.

Cable: I thought I’d bring by some more guns... set off the normal set.

Deadpool: Dress guns then?

Cable: If that’s what you want to call it....

Deadpool: Black tie Uzis!

Cable: Or Kalashnikovs... hm.

Graduation radio is graduated )
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It's almost Easter time and we all know what that means, folks. Right? Hassenpfeffer! What? It's delicious. Don't you judge me, squirrel. I don't judge your drinking habits or twitchy little tail, do I?

Damn right.

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Wade: Where are the cherry bombs? You guys promised me cherry bombs if I followed you to this creepy building.


Wade: ...Why would I want apple juice? Gross.

Reno: Ew... Got you too, huh? They told me there was pizza. But they’re liars and they smell dumb.

Wade: Duh. They’re squirrels. Here, you read these. They promised me the bombs if I read.

Reno: They gotts bombs? Cool! *Note shuffling sounds* And I know most’a these words, even, too!


Reno: Nope. Took too long. I don’t wanna have pizza no more, not if there are bombs.

Wade: Ha ha, you have to give us both cherry bombs now.

A Recipe For Disaster? YES. )
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I have a turtle shell and I ain't afraid to use it, folks! Oh yeah!

...oh, you just have notes. Well, talk about bringing a piece of paper to a turtle shell fight. Jeeze, guys.

Just be glad I didn't link images here )
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Deadpool: I just don’t escape this place, do I? Hello, my little squirrel friends who bring me gossip! Hello readers!

Arthur: My God, Deadpool, if this is the way you ‘cast’ a radio... Good morning, Fandom! It’s good to see you all again. Please don’t encourage the squirrels.

Deadpool: Silver Fox! Wait... she’s dead.

Arthur: The squirrels haven’t quite grown that large yet, as far as I can tell.

Deadpool: Just go with it, Future Kingy.

Arthur: Suppose it’ll be best not to question it. Again.

Oh, snap. Reunion Radio! )

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