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Dean: Good evening, Fandom from the brothers Winchester. Yep, both of them. Great isn't it?

Sam: Very, very great. Not that New York isn't a lovely place, but it's a lot better to be here.

Dean: Damn straight. No road trips without me. That's a new family rule.

Sam: What if I want to go somewhere with Dawn? Or Peter? Or Dad? ...Okay, that last one probably won't happen, but what about the first two?

Dean: I'll bring Meg along. Or Alec if he's back. It can be a double thing.

Sam: You're going to be like this for a while, aren't you?

Dean: Like what?

Sam: Like you don't want to let me out of your sight. I get that though, I really do.

Dean: Bad things happen when I let you out of my sight. So, yeah.

Sam: That's not always true. We should be celebrating, you know, like everyone else.

Dean: We will. As soon as the squirrels let us go. Apparently they're a little peeved that we weren't available last night.

Sam: Sorry squirrels, I was a little busy being trapped in the past with your pirate leader. Of all the people to end up with Dad and I...

Dean: Hey, at least you had a ready supply of rum that way.

Sam: It was Prohibition, Dean. Not even Vkandis would know what was actually in that alcohol.

Dean: Beggers can't be choosers.

Sam: Oh, I can be very choosy when I want to be, trust me.

Shockingly, there's a bit more brotherly banter than usual. )

Sam: I will say one thing about the angels: at least they didn't make the clinic overflow.

Dean: Guess that makes a nice change in one way.

Sam: I really am ready now for the change in which nothing bad happens at all.

Dean: Yeah. Some peace and quiet would be really nice.

Sam: Do you think we'll find some temporary peace and quiet at Caritas?

Dean: If we don't, we'll at least have free booze.

Sam: I guess that's all I can ask for right now. Do you want to say good night to everyone listening?

Dean: Night everyone. Welcome home those who've been gone.

Sam: Yes, welcome home everyone.


London, 1899: Doom brought a message to Alexander Hartdegen, and everyone entered the stasis pods.
London, Today: Vala, Zoe and Bond showed up to wake everyone up from stasis.
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Zoe headed for the radio station for the second time this week, but when her broadcast started, she sounded happier than she had in days.

"Good afternoon, Fandom. This is Principal Washburn with some excellent news. Thanks to all of the brave people who went up against the statues today, the angels have been trapped, and are no longer a threat to anyone. The teams who went looking for information have been handwavily called and told that it's safe to come home, and a team will be going out this evening to the stasis chambers, to bring everyone who went missing home.

"As always, I'm very proud of everyone, for sticking together, for helping each other, and for once again proving that there's nothing that can hurt the people of this town without being brought down and destroyed. You should all be very proud of yourselves as well."

[Away team folks, you can be back in town as of this afternoon - yay portals! Please keep playing in your finale threads if you need to.]
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Don't adjust your dial, Fandomites, it is indeed Saturday and this is indeed Dick Casablancas with WTFH Fandom radio. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking coming out here while creepy ass angels are attacking to give you news. You people owe me.

It's the Ides of March. Don't stab me )

That's it? Man, we better get people back soon or I'm out of a job. Oh...and also because they're awesome and I'd like to see them again. That too. Alright, I'm going to run back to the dorms as fast as I can. Night!

OOC Notes on the shenanigans outside of Fandom

The Past: Cairo 1923 | Chicago 1933 | London 1936 | New York 1930 | Paris 1899

Away Teams: Crane Asylum | Museum of Natural History | Westchester | Timbuktu | Castle DOOM
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Hey Fandom? Look behind you. Unless there's a statue of an angel in front of you. Then have somebody else look behind you. All clear? Okay, then. This is Xander with the news. Willow couldn't be here tonight because she's stucking in nineteen frakkin' twenty-three. But she says hi.

[squeaky noises]

Yeah, you guys too. She mentioned you specifically.

[squeaky sniffly noises]

Aww, man, don't do that. We're gonna get her back. We're gonna get 'em all back. Here, have a kleenex. ...Okay, have like, a tenth of a kleenex. Look, I'm gonna read about how we even hold classes during a state of emergency - you know she'll be all lovably deranged over that when she gets home.

No really, look behind you. )

Be careful, people. Look out for each other. Me and the squirrels are heading back to MCA - somebody leave a light on for me, okay?


Yeah, you can come too.

In the land of the OOC, the one-eyed man is ...not reading these links.

The Past: Paris 1899 | Cairo 1923 | New York 1930 | Chicago 1933 | London 1936

Away Teams: Alpha: American Museum of Natural History, NYC | Bravo: Crane Asylum, Chicago | Charlie: Westchester | Delta: Timbuktu | Echo: London/Latveria
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Hey Fandom, assuming any of you are still here to listen. I feel like I should be running away right about now, but I'm hoping the squirrels will protect me. Like fuzzy good luck charms. Angel stuff is at the end, kids, go get a drink while I talk about the other boring stuff you did today.

For now, rum will also help! )

Fandom Radio, March 12

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 10:43 pm
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Hi have I mentioned I kind of hate this town? People are getting sent into the past? What the hell. I mean it. Seriously. What. the. hell.

Now watch me speed through this because I'd really love to be in my room with the door locked thanks.


And since this is the end of my notes, I need to be heading back out. Which I'm not looking forward to because I've seen horror movies. I'm so the girl who dies at the beginning. And these shoes? Have you seen these shoes? They're a twisted ankle waiting to happen.

I'm going to try to find my squirrel escort who skittered off. Wish me luck.


I am not being overdramatic!

[Paris, 1899- wherein Ino arrives and Deadpool, Romeo and Jeff are all meeting up. A brothel was involved in at leastone of those meetings.
Cairo, 1923- Willow makes friends with a local, and Mel stops in at the bar where I think Robin's like a regular now.
New York, 1930- Sam and John Winchester are split up and reunited, Lana finds Sam, and Troy and Lana meet the opposing ends of the age gap.
Chicago, 1933- Sora learns that not all Chicagoans are friendly, and Turtle makes nice with a copper.
London, 1936- Cimorene and Roy arrive to meet some people, and Aly finds Roy and Seely, while dispensing some pickpocketing advice.]
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As soon as she'd finished reading the letters she'd received, Zoe headed straight for the radio station, ignoring the squeaking and chittering of the squirrels as she sat down and turned everything on.

"Good afternoon, this is Principal Washburn. Don't change the station - I need everyone to listen to this. As some of you have noticed, there's been an unexplainable increase in missing persons over the last few days. I want you all to know that a little while ago, I received some letters - from cities all across the globe, dated throughout the early 1900's.

"Something on the island is sending people into the past. From these letters, I don't know what it is, and I don't know how it's working. But the one thing all the letters have in common is that they mention angel statues. They all say that the statues were there when they were taken.

"I want to encourage everyone to exercise caution when going through town. If you spot any of the statues, please stay away from them." Zoe knew full well that request wouldn't work on everyone, but it was worth the shot anyway. "Once we've figured out more about what's going on, I'll let everyone know. But for now, please stay calm and stay safe. Know that those who are missing are all right, and we will figure out a way to get them back. Thank you."

[Aaaand it's now common knowledge that the angels are involved. Go forth and do what Fandom residents do best! One of these days, by god, people will listen to Zoe.]
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Reno: You know it's gonna be an interestin' broadcast when the squirrels tell you you gotta sit down before startin' to read, yo. I'm almost afraid to look at these notes. They gonna make me start singin' again? I'm not up for another round of Modern Major General, here.

Jenny: There will be no singing. If the singing starts, I am out of here. You hear me? No. Singing.

Reno: It's a deal, yo. We got these notes here, the ones the squirrels are wavin' their little arm-things over. And we're gonna read 'em. And we ain't gonna sing. And if I do end up singin', someone is gonna get hurt. I mean it.

Jenny: Ahem. Hello and welcome to Booze and News with Reno and Jenny. Now with one hundred percent less singing if someone knows what's good for them.

Reno: Don't even matter who the someone is, yo. Just let it be known, singin' from here on in is gonna mean a world of pain for someone. Whoever's closest. Whatever.

The News! )

Jenny: We're done. Say good night, Reno!

Reno: Good night, Reno!

[Shiny OOC Notes from the paaaast, for your viewing pleasure!

London, 1936 - Aly gets an "Oh, Er!" from Bertie as she rolls across the pavement.
Chicago, 1933 - Sora has never hard of Chicago, and Turtle meets Bugsy Malone.
New York, 1930 - Lana arrives, and meets a Mrs. Parker that is not the Parker we know and love.
Cairo, 1923 - Barney likes the local ladies, and finds the Robin that isn't green at a local bar.
Paris, 1899 - Jeff has arrived, terrified. Romeo barters a donut for his freedom, and mistakes Toulouse for Tybalt. Deadpool gets a package from the fuuuuture! And also meets up with Jeff.]
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Are you certain we can't wait another few minutes?


Really? A matter of life and death? I never knew radio was that important! I suppose Turtle's been right on that one as well. Er...

...are you sure we can't wait? It'd be a bit odd to do this without her--



Lonely Radio )

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