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Uh, hey. This is Jak. Arthur didn't show up today, so this is me. On radio.

Guess we need to get with the notes.

Not a lot of stuff going on. Savannah's packing up to go. Hinata shows up to talk about how weird it is. Yeah. I didn't see any of mine off.


It's weird. Savannah and Karla are being 'dorky' with each other. Sam says he can help her find a reason to stay. Somewhere else, Lois is also packing up. Jaina tells her she can't leave. I don't think it works like that.

Liz is also going. Leda says the place will be empty. Seems kind of obvious to me. Dinah's packing up, but... she'll be back. Leda knocks. Karla and Dinah talk what weapons to take. Just make sure you bring a gun. Jaime shows up to say goodbye, and Dinah wants to know if he wants some souvenirs.


Tells Sam she's excited to go. Gwen is taking off, too. Gwynn's... making a list. I guess.

In town, Tim Desmond finds Angua shoving a doggy door into her door. John Winchester is leaving to go hunting. Not dogs. At some other place. K-Mart walks Savannah to the causeway, like a vel-- val-- walking service.

Marcus is fixing a hole in the fence at the junkyard. Kyle swings by to let him know about the progress on some supplies. Dimitri had a broken air conditioner at Atlas Gym, which was enough for Rose to complain until she heard about the paperwork.

Chuck's working at the Perk. Dean comes by to offer him a TA spot in his sex class. ... Ew.

Then a bunch of people like Arya, Price, Damon, Mary, Chloe and Harper showed up.

And we're done. With the broadcast. And with all the people taking off. Anyone still left on the island right now is probably staying, so get used to it.

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Arthur: Good evening, Fandom. This is Arthur Pendragon, bringing you the news for WTFH one last time before graduation. But let's dive in and leave any goodbyes to the end of it, eh?

Jak: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let's get to the point. Hey, I'm Jak, and there were yearbooks being strewn around today. And back in the offices, Zoe got disturbed by Endora from the school board.

Today was Queen's Day, folks. You'd better have worn something orange. Or, ICly: THE NEWS OF THE DAY. )
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Arthur: Good evening, Fandom, and welcome to another WTFH radio broadcast. I am Arhur Pendragon...

Jak: And I'm Jak. And this is all the crap you got up to today.

Arthur: Without the swearing, next time.

Jak: Go--

*irritatingly loud radio jingle*

Jak: ... yourself.

Arthur: I don't think that's anatomically possible... Moving on to the notes.

Birthday Party Radio )
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Arthur: Good afternoon, Fandom, and welcome to tonight's WTFH news broadcast! I am Arthur Pendragon...

Jak: And I'm Jak. We're here to tell you what you've been up to. So listen in.

Arthur: Nice execution.

Jak: Thanks.

News of the Day! )
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Uh. Hi. This is Jak.

Arthur's not here today, so you've got me.


I'm just going to get this over with.

*microphone feedbacks oddly*

--Let me just--


--uh, anyone?


... there. Okay. News. In terse. )
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Arthur: Good evening, Fandom. This is your WTFH broadcast. I am Arthur Pendragon...

Jak: And I'm Jak. This is all the stuff you guys got up to today. Cheers.

Arthur: We'll be back after this important message.

*advert plays*

Arthur: All right, we're back. Sorry about that. The squirrels have been chittering something about likeness rights. Anyway, let's progress onwards into the school news, shall we?

Here's Your Radio, Radio )
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Arthur: Good evening, Fandom. My apologies for my quick departure last week, I had a few things to deal with...

Jak: Yeah, I'm sure you had things. I'm Jak, and this guy's Arthur. We read the news.

Arthur: Very eloquent, Jak. Fine. This is Friday, and this is the news. Can I get a jingle? )
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Arthur: Good evening, people of Fandom. I'm Arthur Pendragon, and this is Ja--

Jak: Jak. This is Jak.

Arthur: Catching up now, are we? Excellent. No time to waste tonight, I'm sure we've all got a few places we need to be, so let us carry on with the news.

Jak: ... uh huh.

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Arthur: Good evening, and welcome to this latest broadcast of WTFH news. I'm Arthur Pendragon...

Jak: ... ... ... Why are you looking at me like that?

Arthur: You're supposed to say 'and I'm Jak'.

Jak: Uh... I'm Jak.

Arthur: Excellent timing there. Really, class work. *scrapes throat* This is WTFH, and this is what you've all done today.

Loud! Obnoxious! Jingle! Here! )
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Good evening, Fandom. My co-host appears to be absent tonight; something about the-- what, Olympics, is it? That. Which means it's just you all and myself, Arthur Pendragon, reading the news for WTFH radio. This is what you all did today.

*shuffling of notes*

It's Just Radio Radio )
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Arthur: Fandom, good evening. On the eve of Three Minute Dates, we'd like to bring you the news of the day, up to and including the clubs. I hope you've all enjoyed the fair...

Jak: He wants to know whether all you guys signed up for the frat and if not, why.

Arthur: I most certainly wasn't asking that. You know, when I told you to get less terse last week, I meant while you were reading the notes.

Jak: Yeah, whatever. Give me the stack.

Club News Radio. )
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Arthur: Good evening, Fandom, and my deepest apologies to the squirrels and you all. I was delayed--

Jak: Nobody cares.

Arthur: I happen to. So please forgive me. We'll move on now to the notes...


Oh, look. You've got a review.

Jak: ... A what?

Arthur: 'The new guy is okay, but his voice is a little slow--'

Jak: Hey! Give me that.

*more rustling*

Arthur: While my co-host is distracted... Time for the news. )
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Jak: I thought we did this two weeks ago.

Arthur: And the kind people have elected us to do so again from now on. *clears throat* Who are currently listening. Good evening, Fandom. I am Arthur Pendragon--

Jak: And I'm Jak. Can we get a move on?

Arthur: Don't mind my co-host. He's yet to grasp the intricacies of the discipline. Tonight, we bring you WTFH news from all corners of the island.

*cue opening jingle*The Radio of Returns. )
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Arthur: Good evening, Fandom. It is another round of auditions this term around, and I hope you'll grant me the privilege of reading for you again. The squirrels have told me that since this is my senior year, they've decided on getting me an apprentice.


Well, it was that, or one of them wanted more walnuts, but he can tend to his own needs if that is the case. I am not going to give one of you preferential treatment over the others, squirrel.


Silence. ...You know, there are some missing in your number--

*creeak*In Which Someone Should Be Pitied. Or Both. )

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