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Leonard: What the hell are you feeding these wildlife? Little bastards dragged me from my comfy chair right when I was watchin' derby reruns.

*a door slamming*

Mindy: Okay, get off me, get off me! This is awful. I've been Taken and it's by rodents and I do not know how many of you have rabies and this is terrible and-- cute doctor? What are you doing here?

Leonard: There was nothing in the Starfleet briefing about being kidnapped by tiny woodland creatures.

*papers rustling*

Mindy: What is this? What's the situation? Why are you handing me this?

Leonard: I think they want us to read 'em.

Mindy: Well, what is it? *pause* Oh! This is like a radio gossip channel. I've always wanted my own talk show. We can call it Morning With Mindy.

Leonard: And McCoy!

Mindy: Oh, did you want to be in the title too? I thought you'd be more like my Andy Richter.

Leonard: What? No, I don't! I don't even want to be on the show--

*glass clinking*

Leonard: What is this, rum? ...All right, let's get this over with. I'll stick around for the refreshments.

This got lengthy. )

McCoy: Well, this has been a real joy but at least there was rum as a consolation prize.

Mindy: Yup. Later, jerk. I'm going back to bed.

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