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Hey! I'm posting this on behalf of everyone who does radio, for all you new kids who might not know exactly how it works.

Every day in the late evening, researchers go through every post (that's comms AND personal LJs) to gather links to be posted in an IC radio broadcast. You saw your first example of that last night with the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] actingltcrumpet. At the moment, the radio schedule is kind of wonky due to people being on vacation/characters leaving/etc., but someone will ALWAYS cover it.

Our broadcasters are kind of snarky, as a general rule, but this is one of those cases where we all know that ICA=ICC.

Threads are usually in by 11 EST, though we do try to grab posts that go up after that.




We're looking forward to a great summer term, and the radio makes it possible for everyone to keep up, both IC and OOC. And as stated above, I (and most of the radio staff, as I'm so very not in charge here) am almost always happy to take questions.

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