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Johnny was awake, so he assumed everyone else was, too.

Johnny hadn't decided to verify that theory by checking a clock.

"Heeeeeeey there, babies, we have the results of your mighty fine demonstration of democracy today! Congratulations to your new radio talent:

Seely Booth, Dick Casablancas, Jim Halpert & Pam Beesly, Cher Horowitz, Jamie Madrox, Dean & Sam Winchester, and Turtle Wexler & Jeff Murdock.

You can pick up your paychecks--"

There was loud squirrel-ly chittering.

"Sorry. Report to the booth on your assigned day. Bring rum."

There was more chittering.

"No, I'm not saying that. Ow! Or that either. Ow! Jack, whoever you are, send the squirrels some kind of tribute. I'm not being held responsible by the FCC for whatever profanity these guys report about you."

[OOC: Congratulations, all!]

Fields of Gold (acoustic) - Sting
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Sobriety totally optional!

Why yes, it is the time of year for radio tryouts again. Do you have a character with a unique point of view? An absolute love of coding? A masochistic yen to find out just how much work an average radio broadcast is? A need to mod squirrels?

...I don't actually want to know the answer to that last one.

If you are interested, sign up your character here in ye olde signing up broadcast thread. We'll do tryouts over the next few weeks beginning next Tuesday (September 4th) and the seven most popular broadcasters (or broadcasting teams, if you'd prefer to work in a pair) will be on the air confusing Fandom for the next semester, whee!

This is open to students, teachers, administrators, townies, talking turtles...anyone with a voice and a dream!

We are also looking for some researchers--with the cast list tipping into the 200s, our wee little linkers' fingers are getting tired.

So if you are awesome at cut & paste, are around regularly past 9 PM EST, and want to be involved without doing a broadcast, drop a line in ye olde researcher thread (old researchers, too, please).


Extraordinary - Mandy Moore

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