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-- okay, okay, sheesh, you don't need to be so pushy about it. I'll do it, see? You couldn't have just asked?

Hi, everyone, this is Tahiri, and I guess I'll be helping bring you the news this semester. So let's see.

It was Sunday, so there wasn't much going on at the school except Face having a display of useful information for the new kids -- and new teachers too, I guess -- at the library, though some squirrel wanted to make sure you knew he had a shirt again.


Some of them seem to be sad about this.

Speaking of the new kids, Lucille was in the second floor common room, where not being familiar with the kitchen appliances in this time period was holding up her plans to make tea. That is, until Thorin showed up and helped her with the stove, which I'd say definitely earned him the tea he got afterward even if he didn't start off making a great impression of his politeness. They talked about where they're both from, and you're probably going to hear a lot of news like that for the next little while. Jalian came in to check up on Lucille too, and see if she was settling in okay.

Moving on to what was happening in town, Anders had some issues with a weird-smelling, hopping shipment of supplies at the Magic Box, so he locked it in the storage room. Judging from the noise, it was probably trying to get out again. Either that or it didn't realize there was a door in the way. Over at Demon Marcus, Sparkle had a sale on winter clothes, in case people weren't prepared for this kind of weather. Lucille came in looking for a coat, and Sparkle helped her out by loaning her one while she went to the bank to do a currency exchange. Eggsy was looking for a coat too, because it's the right time of year for it, but somehow this turned into talking about porn with Sparkle. And I'm really not asking.

And it looks like that's it. Good luck with your first week of classes, everyone!

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