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*door slamming*

Uh... hey guys? This is Maddie, and I guess I've just had my first squirrel kidnapping. Which is really weird on a few levels. Anyway, I guess stuff happened, so hopefully once I get this done they'll let me out of here.


I hope that means yes. Anyway, there was nothing at school, and in the dorms, Jessica was having some roof brooding time. And... okay, that's it for dorms. And in town, Buffy brought leftover Christmas cookies to the Devil's Nest.

...That's it? You really dragged me out here for that?

*chittering* *door opening*

Oh my god. Here's hoping your day is much less weird than mine is starting out, Fandom.
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*sound of door closing*

Okay, okay, god, what's wrong with you guys? You dragged me out of bed, I'm here, you can stop pushing.


Also I don't speak squirrel. Oh, and this is Maddie, by the way. ...It was a weird night, so if I'm a little off...

i had a thing to check off the list, okay? )

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