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This be [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines bringin' ye the latest 'n greatest of life here at Fandom High. Hold on a tick. Ash! Be gettin' away from the microphone! It be not Thursday, ye daft idiot!

*sounds of scuffling*

*and banging*

*and possibly some whimpering*

There ye go. Now sit in the corner 'n eat yer Cap'n Crunch.


Readin', Writin', Rithamatic
Professor Drusilla be runnin' detention today. She be havin' the miscreants tell what be bringin' 'em to detention, then be forcin' 'em to watch a Powerpoint presentation. I be assured that this be a truly evil form of punishment.

Too bad ye be not allowed t'talk in Professor Drusilla's detention. Thar be quite a few students who be repeatin' the detention experience next week. Cally be blamin' herself fer it.

Professor Tick be facin' off against his new arch-nemesis, Exam Papers. It be not goin' well fer the Professor. Round One be goin' to the tests. And Round Two. Round Three be finally goin' to The Tick, with help from Major K!. I be told the exclamation point be mandatory.

Chaucer now be a new teacher at the school. Be sure t'sign up for Creative Writing and Introduction to Western Literature.

Lane be winnin' the honor of dressin' The Tick's sidekick, and Zombie Chic be the next project fer the lucky students in Fashion Class.

Jonathan be in the clinic t'assist with any mind-type problem, and Lily Evans be thar fer any physical-type ailments.

Professor Jackson be realizin' he's a dumbass. He then be decidin' that serenadin' his fair wench wit' poetry be a fine idea. Her roommates be havin' other opinions.

We be havin' a new menace to life in the dorms goin' by the forbiddin' name of Mr. Canute Mimir Fluffypants. He be snatchin' personal possessions out o' folks' rooms, and they be none too pleased about it. Fortunately, he be amenable to bribes. He especially enjoyed the flip book and the Little Bunny Foo Foo rendition. And before ye ask, yes, we be havin' that song on CD and would be more than happy to be sellin' it to the general student population.

Oh, and Rory? I be lovin' yer readin' material.

Kawalsky's recoverin' from whatever it was the Colorado crowd got up to last night. Lane be takin' her cat, Poor Bastard Steven Tyler, for a walk.

Callisto 'n Belthazor be workin' up a sweat workin' up a sweat in the gym, and thar be roughly half the school in Room 239/240 watchin' Lady in the Tramp.

Archie be missin' the tang of the salt air. I be understandin' the feelin'. Fortunately, he be havin' a girl to comfort him. I be not havin' that.

Anya be plottin' revenge after O'Neill be standin' her up last night, and Number 6 be gettin' some not so great news from home.

Chaucer be back in town, buyin' shirts at the Emporium, goin' fer a spaceship ride, and having people over (includin' Beethoven. I love this town.)

Professors Cregg 'n Jackson be talkin' about Janet, Ash, 'n God over coffee at the Perk, and Frank 'n Sebastian be catchin' up on gossip at Pandora' Box.

Aziraphale be back, and be talkin' to the Doctor about painful memories, and to Professor Maclay about Maia's coma.

And Professor Cregg be forgivin' Jack Harkness fer the whole Speech class debacle.

Finally, we be hearin' that Ash be over apologizin' to Professor Cregg fer his behavior. We's be wonderin' if he were hit by a truck or somethin', but apparently that came later. Here, Ash. Have some more Cap'n Crunch.

That be all from the Crow's Nest. Keep an eye out fer the Rover, and have a good night!

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