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Faithful: "For the last time, good evening Fandom!"

Aly: "Because by next week, our friend will be back home. Are you looking forward to it?"

Faithful: "Yes, absolutely. No more crazy students or events, no more people willing to give me large amounts of good food, and no more television. Of course I'm looking forward to going home."

Aly: "Good to know you're looking forward to your leaving just as much as I am."

Faithful: "Oh yes. So what happened on this island today?"

Aly: "There was a party on a cruise ship."

Faithful: "Why wasn't I invited?"

Aly: "Because you aren't a teacher."

Faithful: "Harumph!"

Aly: "But there was probably some other stuff going on. Let's check the notes."

I've got nothing, you? )
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Faithful: "Never get turned into a statue."

Aly: "Never had it on the agenda."

Faithful: "Good. My tail is still numb."

Aly: "Of all the things I DIDN'T expect to hear tonight...that was at the top of the agenda."

Faithful: "I never want to see seafood again."

Aly: "Okay, now you're just breaking my brain."

Faithful: "My work here is done. Wanna actually do our job?"

Aly: "How long do you think we could avoid it before the squirrels threw us out?"

Faithful: "Wanna try? I'm betting five minutes. Then the nuts start flying."

They don't actually try. It's a Good Thing. )
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Aly: "Good evening, Fandom! Say hello, Faithful. He's shy today. He lost a fight with a book earlier."

Faithful: "That's what I want you to think."

Aly: "Practicing the fine art of misinformation?"

Faithful: "Yup. It's very useful."

Aly: "So I've heard. Not that I'd ever do such a thing."

Faithful: "Of course not."

Aly: "Exactly. So news? I have stacks of notes which means either something exciting happened or they were all very boring."

Faithful: "I vote the later. I'm also passing a new law: no news about waking up, walking, or eating, unless you turn into a turtle while doing so."

Aly: "Which...happened a few weeks ago if I'm not mistaken. Good thing you didn't eat a student that weekend."

For there is much news )

Faithful: "I'm not saying anything because we are done!"

Aly: "I'm saying to watch out for these shadows that are making people disappear. And other than that a light-filled night."

Faithful: "Meow. Night everyone!"
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Faithful: Good morning Fandom!

Aly: "Only if Fandom's in Europe, is it morning."

Faithful: "I just woke up, so it's morning for me"

Aly: "So it's always morning for you?"

Faithful: "Yup! I live in a happy place. Unlike you all who have to go to classes on Monday."

Those cats sure do talk a lot )

Faithful: "Thank you thank you thank you. Now, if you excuse me, I have some business to take care of. Here squirrely squirrely. Here squirrely squirrely. I have a juicy nut for you..."

Aly: "Night, Fandom!"
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Aly: "Good evening, Fandom. This is Aly coming to you on this first Monday following Homecoming. Hopefully all of you had fun? Not too much fun, but fun."

Faithful: "Judging from my lovely perch above all your heads? That's ... actually what happened. Except in black and white."

Aly: "Aww, were you stuck in a tree all week, Faithful? Is that why you weren't around."

Faithful: "I was not stuck in a tree! I was there on purpose!"

Aly: "A talking cat, and you couldn't call for help. Poor thing."

Faithful: "Which part of...you know what? Forget. As stubborn as your mother." Low muttering could be heard, the words unintelligble.

Aly: *snickering* "Should I scratch your ears? Or just go onto the news?"

Faithful: "News."

And so there was news )

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Faithful: "Another Monday, another broadcast. Please tell me you people did something interesting today?"

Aly: "The news is you're going to sing for us tonight."

Faithful: "Only if you provide back up vocals."

Aly: "When I'm asked so nicely how could I not?"

Faithful: "Wonderful. Tonight's performance will end in song. Want to start on the actual news or are we just going to chatter all day?"

Singing cats up ahead! )
Very suddenly, the radio stopped broadcasting. Had it been? There would have been a chuckling cat on air. And then the sound of a very light thwap.
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Aly: "Good evening, Fandom from Aly, the brains of this outfit."

Faithful: "That's what she thinks. Good evening Fandom! This is Faithful, the real brains here."

Aly: "All that fish you've eaten has finally sharpened your thought processes, my feline friend?"

Faithful: A long purr. "I've been getting a lot of practice, since no one else around here bothers to think."

Aly: "I don't have the slightest idea what you could possibly be referring to." A pause. "And since that's the case, shall we jump directly into the day's news?"

So a spy and a cat walk into the radio room... )
Faithful: Snort. "Fandom High: Weirdness is our motto. Did we miss anything?"

Aly: "Student Council elections are on Wednesday. Everyone be sure to vote for the man, woman, or sentient being of your preference."

Faithful: "And Seniors? Vote for Alanna. Even though there's only two other people running against her. Still. Vote. See? I can do the whole loyal pet thing."

Aly: "For that? I'll give you shrimp. Good night Fandom!"

Faithful: "Good night Fandom! Stay sober!"
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*Loud meowing is heard is heard through the microphone, along with scratching and muttering*

Faithful: "I need opposable thumbs."

Aly: "Very difficult being a cat, isn't it?"

Faithful: "Very difficult. Would you like to be a lovely human and open up that door for me so that I can begin trying to cheer-up our favorite red-head?"

Aly: "Will you continue to refer to me as a lovely human?"

Faithful: "That depends. Which answer will get you to open the door?"

Aly: "I'm a lovely and sweet girl, of course." *sound of door opening*

Faithful: "You are a lovely and sweet girl." *the sound of paper rustling could be heard and very quite muttering* "Very lovely and sweet girl with opposable thumbs? Want to help me out tonight? And hey, the radio is on already. Don't have to figure out how to work it."

Aly: *shuffling through the note* "This is everything everyone's done all day? I'm there."

So a cat and spy walk into a bar... )

Faithful: *snort and a dry laugh* And that's all for us. Stay crazy Fandom! And remember, bribe your local talking cat and don't be emo!

Aly: "Good night, all. Listen to the cat! Sometimes."

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