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Hi, everyone! This is Evan Sabahnur, with a break-week-Tuesday radio broadcast. There aren't many notes, since I guess most people aren't on the island right now. I should be packing, myself. I'm leaving for the rest of the week, too. It's what all of the cool kids are doing, right?

There weren't any notes for the school, since everyone's on break, but in the Dorms Theo had some post-skateboarding lunch in his room, and I was playing with my puppy in my room when Yeul stopped by and invited me to her world for the rest of break.

Town was pretty quiet, too, with Hanna working her last Demon Marcus shift, Gert was dealing with a weird phone-in caller at Luke's, Kenzi was rearranging bottles at Caritas, and at the Devil's Nest, Professor Priest was trying to ignore Tiny's... um... dancing, I guess. Though the squirrels used way more interesting language describing what he was doing, and I'm never going to be able to scrub those words from my brain. Thanks, squirrels.

Anyhow, that's all of the notes, and I still have packing to do. Have a good break week, Fandom!
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Hey, Fandom! It's me again, Evan, with all of the gossip the squirrels thought was worth writing down and making me read on the air. I'm going to jump right into it today. It is finals week, and I've got studying to do. Um. Not for the finals. Mostly just because I like studying.

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Good morning, everyone. Those bouncy castles are really hard to sleep in, aren't they? This is Evan for your Tuesday morning radio, and if I fall asleep now it'll be face-first in my coffee, so I better read fast and try to grab another nap before class.

We'll start with School like usual, where Practical Philosophy class talked about silence, which seems kind of counterproductive. Charming Your Way met in a club and they had to charm someone into buying them a drink, or having one bought for them. Professor Rogers had a difficult time picking one, but American History watched a movie about the Second World War. And Cultural Appreciation learned about campfire foods, which is a useful thing to learn this time of year.

At the Campground, Flick and Loki could have used what that class had to teach over at the main campfire yesterday! Loki brought the traditional s'mores, and talked about ruining the bouncy castles. I normally can't condone doing something like that, especially not to school property, but right now I'm so tired I could probably turn a blind eye.

And in Town, Hanna was back on the island and back to working at Demon Marcus. Natalie was playing piano at The Boards after clearing the place of gremlins. Jim came by looking for her, and she got him to sit down beside her while she played him a song. What does it mean when the note is written in glitter pen? None of these other ones are. Maybe the squirrel's pencil broke.

At Caritas, Kenzi was taking stock of the most exotic liquor in the bar. Mira stopped by and they talked about the bouncy castles, who Kenzi is sharing hers with, and then about bounty hunting and how to get by on Nar Shaddaa. Am I saying that right? I'm sorry if I butchered that pronunciation. I'm still tired and words are a little garbly. And it was a quiet night at the Devil's Nest, probably because of the giant owl with the bloodcurdling hoot that Professor Priest was avoiding at the bar.

Now, that is all for the notes, so I'm going to go and try to sneak that nap in before class. Have a good week, Fandom!
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... Heeey. Wait, last week you guys told me I was only going to do this until your usual Tuesday guy came back!


What do you mean, I'm the Tuesday guy, now? Why didn't anybody tell me that?


... Oh. Yeah, uh... I guess you are kind of telling me now. But that wasn't entirely what I--

*Rustling paper and more chittering*

Well... I guess since I'm already here, I might as well, yeah. Uh. Hi again, Fandom Island. I'm Evan Sabahnur, and apparently I'm also sometimes prone to being herded to the radio station in the morning by a pack of inebriated squirrels. Um... I swear I'm not just messing with you new people out there. This island is weird enough, it really doesn't need my help. I mean, case in point, I'm sitting in a radio booth with a stack of notes about all the things people were doing around the island yesterday. Even I can tell you, that's pretty weird. But I'm going to read them anyhow, because if I don't, they'll never let me go, and I have a class to get to today that I'm not going to miss for anything, thanks.

Halp Kidnapped By Squirrels Again Radio )

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