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Arthur: Good evening. This is Arthur Pendragon. My usual on-air partner was unable to join me, as he is currently out on the hunt for some of these creatures. Instead, I'll be joined by...

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Arthur: For the love of all that is holy, Merlin--


Arthur: And you will stay out of this.

Merlin: They understand love, Arthur! You wouldn't know it if it bit you on your ass.

Arthur: For the last time, you are not in love, you are under a spell. Which is the only way that small-breasted harpy-- Wait, is this on?

Merlin: Don't listen to him, Karla! We'll be together once again!

Arthur: Merlin, shut up, for God's sake. You're only going to regret this in the morning. Bespelled Wizard Radio. Or is it? )
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Merlin: Id it dtill bleeding?

Francine: Some kind of {unintelligible but Katchoo might recognize it as something Francine had to have picked up from her} perverted joke? No, I think... oh. Here, have another tissue.

Merlin: Thang you.

Francine: Oh my GOD, they're recording us! Look, I love animals but that's just creep--

**loud chittering, and the sounds of a bushy tail thwacking against a microphone**

Francine: I don't care how cute you are, it's creepy! ...Oh. It's only been running for ten seconds.

Merlin: Ohthanggod. Shouldn' doo be boddering Kadchoo?

Francine: Bless you.

Merlin: ...I dind sneeze.

Francine: Oh, it sounded like... oh hey, that's why people always say that.
Crouching Badger Face, Hidden Ears! )
Merlin: ...can dey leabe now?

Francine: Please?

{Clunks of equipment being gathered up and doors opening and closing}

Francine: Oh, thank God.

{In the distance, the faint chittery sound of Na na na NAH na na na, na na na NAH na nahhhh}

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