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Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 02:51 am
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Hey all you cool cats and crazy kittens! It's Lorne! The host with the most! The Crooner of Caritas! The Pylean with the Plan!

What's my plan? Drinks all around, baby. Or at least around me.

Tino! Top off my sea breeze and earn my everlasting devotion!

We Don't Need No Education!
Hey! Teacher! Leave those kids alone!

Classes! Woooo! I can't believe the things you kittens have to do just to get a passing grade. Let's jump in shall we?

Over in Paleontology. Dr. Tommy "Feel-Me-Touch-Me-Hear-me" Oliver forces all the kids to play with their bones, while in the Danger Shop the MacDaddy makes his students jump into making some traps for gremlins. Hey Mac! You're a couple of days late and a mullet short!

Meanwhile my girl, the lean and mean Claudia Jean, is giving a lecture to her students on sending and receiving and pictures of power. Me? I'm big on the receiving a nice naked picture of- What's that Tino? FCC Regulations? Bah!

"Dream a little Dream of Me" spends his class periods talking about Homer and communicating with animals. *sighs* Really Dreamboat, you could have saved the time and had the kids watch the Simpsons and Dr. Doolittle.

Meanwhile the two refugees from Vegas have their classes. Ms. "Sidle-your way-down-to-Caritas-anytime" has her classes learn about Jail cells and passing gas, while the Bug Man had his classes talk about gender violence and then later the students mutilated and talked with their Twinkies.

*Long whistle* Kinky!

Cammie-Cam-Cam, Geoff-bo-beff-banana-fana-fo-beff and Dan the Man talk alot about the boring things that happened a long time ago to people who are so dead I can't care. And while "Doctor Feelgood" and "Joking Josh" do their own little tribute to Martin Luther King, Tactics of War discuss... well... War. Hunh! Good God, y'all! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing! SAY IT AG-

*coughs* 'Scuza...

Meanwhile the lovely Calendar Girl shows her classes some movies and leaves the regular psychology students stuff to read. Tough break kids. Speaking of breaks? Mac the Knife is looking for new ways to hurt his students. You really want to hurt them Mac? Just bring them down to Caritas when the Doctor is in the mood to sing Jackson Browne!

Bwah! I kill me!

Over at the Library, Angelika-Food-Cake was spreading more emo around than humanly possible. Honestly kid, there's a place for these kind of things.

It's called the park.


Thank you! Thank you! I'm here all night!

Principal Smitty talked about his love for pudding, pie and how you must obey your teachers or die in his morning announcements. He then went for a swim and had his office redecorated and then ate some pie. Really Smitty... You call this work?

Meanwhile Zordon had his office hours interrupted by John-boy... the big suck up. Honestly Johnny, if you wanted to get inside a guy's tube there's better ways of going about it.

"Sidle down the road" and "Geoff-Bo-Beff" held their office hours and were visited by the Bell-boy with the giant... eyebrows.

Suzy-Q the new queen of emo-consultation opened and met her new colleagues in the teacher's lounge while Kiki-Torch and Blondie babe hang out in the Assistant's lounge.

Dorm Sweet Dorm!
Just in case you didn't see all the little posters plastered everywhere? It's time to vote for your student representatives. Be a good citizen. Vote Versace. Mwah!

And while the little Kiki-torch delivers the goods, the entire dorm is attacked by little bitty Rover babies. Lilly! Rover! Mazel Tov!

Meanwhile Angelika-cake Xanda-Man are drawing each other, ABC is open for business and Pip shows Paige a little self-defense. So *that's* what you kids are calling it these days.


Over in town Spike's Pub finally gets some business... Keep it up boys! Maybe tomorrow you'll get two customers! BWAH!

And even though he had his little tushie run all over town by my best gal Versace, Jarod Jerry still found time to open Caritas, get hit on by two blonde women and still have time to talk about my best galVersace. What a swell lad!

Over at Emo Park, Chiana gossips about boys and talks about the safe walk. Daniel Boone and "Ben the two of us need look no more" stop by Aziraphale's. Ivanova hangs with Fat boy and mush-mouth. And over at Wonka's Sweet Shoppe, Tonka Truck gets all kinds of action from Maya Angelou, Handy Man and Ivanova.

And finally a warning to all! The good townspeople appear to be under attack by a water balloon wielding maniac! Don't let good couture get soggy! Protect yourselves with a poncho!

Getting to know you...
Big day in the personal lives of everyone... *snore*

Miho-Bandito writes about her new hobbies. Bah!
Leeful-Gleeful and Kara-it-all-away have breakfast? Puh-leze.
Phoebe-beeb-o-rama took visitors. Awww... Poor kid.
Sally and Andy get all schmoopy-woopy. Like that's news?!
Air Ran's Son doesn't want to be gossiped about? That doesn't make sense!

And... Well all right! Finally something interesting!

Some guy named Sam gets dirty sex on Marty Blank's lap!

*hushed panicked voices*

Pfft? Socks? Laptop? Honey, I know a euphemism when I see one.

This is Lorne signing off and giving all you cats and kittens one more kiss before I go! Mwah!

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