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CONNER: Hey there, Fandom! Conner with an E-R McKnight here with you on a Sunday evening, and I'm hijacking the airwaves to bring you something new, different, and hopefully totally mindblowing. So first, I 'd like to introduce you to my gorgeous new co-host, Maureen Johnson.

MAUREEN: Hello, Fandom! I've been here for two weeks and had no idea there was a radio station. Luckily, I've made the acquaintance of Conner with an E-R and found my way here. We're going to have fun tonight!

CONNER: Are we really?

MAUREEN: You know it, cutie.

CONNER: Oooh. Just keep talking. Anyway, hopefully we can spice up your lives tonight with a little performance we like to call . . . what are we calling it?

MAUREEN: We're going to take them... over the moon.

CONNER: Maybe we should wait until the end of the broadcast for that?

MAUREEN: It's a state of mind, Conner. We couldn't physically take them over the moon.

CONNER: Ohhhhhhh. Gotcha. Anyway, here we go.

Only Thing To Do . . . )

MAUREEN: Oh wow! We really did go over the moon!

CONNER: Whoa. That was fast.

MAUREEN: I told you, Conner with an E-R, it's all about opening your mind to new experiences. And this was definitely a fun and new experience for me.

CONNER: *long pause* Right. Um. Right back at you, Maureen. So, uh, that's all from us tonight, Fandom. Have fun going over the moon, no matter whose body you're in right now!

[OOC: Much love to [livejournal.com profile] dramaqmaureen for anchoring tonight! I'm just the co-host.]

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