Fandom Radio- July 5

Monday, July 5th, 2010 09:13 pm
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Adrian: Hello, Fandom. Look at me being completely normal this week.

Dimitri: That’s Adrian Ivashkov, back from his week living as a rodent for those who missed the news. Are you feeling more kindly toward the squirrels after becoming one of their kin?

Adrian: I will pay you exorbitant amounts of money to dirty? )
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Adrian: After last week, I come in here and find that I'll be happy if the squirrels don't sing anything. I don't know how my standards fell this low.

Dimitri: High. Expecting them to get past singing requires a good deal of hope.

Adrian: ...As much as I try, I can't click the cut tag fast enough )
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Adrian: It appears that the squirrels are carrying flags.


Adrian: American flags. There, I clarified.

Dimitri: Is there a reason yes, yes there is )
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Adrian: Right, so the squirrels stocked this place up with rum. I don't suppose they have any aspirin to go along with it?


Adrian: Since they haven't materialized, I'm guessing that's a no. Fine.

Dimitri: If your head is troubling you, we can always mind trick them into submission... )
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Adrian: Today's been a good day. One with not a lot of notes. That should make it easier to get through quickly.

Dimitri: I can appreciate this ending rapidly.

Adrian: Wow, this might be the first and only time we've been in agreement.

clearly )
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Adrian: I guess this is the part where we start off by saying something tacky like 'you like us, you really like us?'

Dimitri: Or you could start by reading the papers.

Adrian: I could, but then I don't get to tease you about your textual problems. )

Fandom Radio | May 13

Thursday, May 13th, 2010 09:36 pm
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Adrian: Good evening, Fandom, I'm sure you've missed me since the last time you heard me giving the day's news. But you don't get me alone. No, for that you have to ask nicely.

Dimitri: I'm sure they'd prefer ... )
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*sounds of meowing*

Adrian: Will you be quiet? You've been doing that all day.

Dimitri: Perhaps if you didn't insist on strangling the creature with a leash... )

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