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Hey Fandom, this is Richie Tozier letting you know what you did today, and why it was dumb.
Hooray rum! )

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Friday, April 4th, 2008 01:47 am
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Hey there Fandom! This is Rich Tozier, coming at you with his very first sober Radio! Let's get excited. *squirrel chittering* Yes, more rum for you. *excited chittering!* Um. Barbossa, I really apologize if you come in here and the place is full of passed out squirrels.

Oh, there's news? )
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This is a very hungover Rich Tozier, bringing you the news for yesterday. *squirrels chitter* Don't hate. I needed my booze. AND I have girl scout cookies. But none for squirrels, since they said they'd protect me from angels and didn't.

Not like you did anything cool anyway )
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Hey Fandom, assuming any of you are still here to listen. I feel like I should be running away right about now, but I'm hoping the squirrels will protect me. Like fuzzy good luck charms. Angel stuff is at the end, kids, go get a drink while I talk about the other boring stuff you did today.

For now, rum will also help! )
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Hey there Fans, I am glad to see, that you - all back part from a break and free from, (we hope,) illnesses. H'm. It was supernatural. Someone feels supernatural?

Um )
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Good evening Fandom--hell, you're almost all away and I hate you, because while you get to hang out with foreign hotties and drink tequila, I'm here. With squirrels. Who blame me that we're not at some cool location right now. On the other hand, I'm much bigger than them and can therefore hide their booze if they don't start getting nicer.

News! )
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Happy Wednesday, Fandom. Don't act like you're not excited.

Sometimes, you do stuff. It's news. )
And seriously, kids, don't eat DOOMCAKES. Or anything that doesn't know its flavor. Or anything that is pronounced in all capitals. Just because it hurts me, because when you do something dumb, I smack myself in the face. It's a nervous tic, I can't help it. So stop!

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Friday, February 15th, 2008 02:33 am
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Gooooood evening Fandom! This is your sad and pathetic host, Rich Tozier, coming at you live from a pile of rum and squirrels. Not dirty! It's helping me get through the pain of being lonely.

Wheeeee! )

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Friday, February 8th, 2008 12:26 am
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Hey there Fandom! This is Rich Tozier, reporting on this day, which I recently learned was Thursday. I'm blaming it on squirrels, which is now my new default excuse.

News! )
Well, that appears to be all of the news I have for you tonight. Just make sure to avoid giant hornets and girls with guns. Goodnight!
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Hey Fandom, this is Rich Tozier, bringinging you the news on the last night of January. One down, 11 more to go.
Oh, and me and the squirrels watched 'Confused and on an Island' tonight. Everytime we were confused, we took a shot. I've never watched it before, so yes. I may have drank my own weight in rum.

Newstime! )
Alright, everyone, this appears to be all the news I have for you today. Remember, you only have 14 days till Valentine's Day. So start desperately looking for dates now. Also remember that squirrels take bribes in rum, and all other bribes are decided on a per-case basis.

I'll see you next week. Until then, don't do anything stupider than usual.
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Hellooo Fandom! This is an appreciative Rich Tozier, bringing you the news and mocking for today, with some help from my new best friends, the squirrels with rum.

And just to reassure anyone who may have misinterpreted yesterday's class topic, don't worry-- things can only be 'too soon' when they happen in my life.

Newstime! )

*papers shuffling* Well, I think that's all the news the squirrels have for me. *swish* And it's also almost all of the rum they had for me. So, I think this brings the broadcast to a close. Happy birthday to Dean, and if anyone sees a loose Jello Dragon, just remember that I called dibs on the red ones. Or any alcohol ones, also. Oh, and I hope your pets stop going crazy. Kitten hats are definitely not the next big thing.

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Hello Fandom! This is the one and only Rich Tozier, formerly DJ extrordinare, currently not at all a bitter drunk teacher. This is a totally valid coping mechanism, kids. Especially when hungry-looking rodents are staring at you.

Consider this an apology to anyone I insulted over the squirrels. They exist, they're creepy, and I'm kind of disturbed by this.

So, on to the news. )

And, well, that's all the news these formerly-imaginary-animals have given me for tonight, so this is me, signing off. Best of luck with sleeping off your hangovers, and here's hoping we make it through the weekend relatively intact.

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