Fandom Radio, July 9

Sunday, July 9th, 2006 09:26 pm
[personal profile] fates_jaye
JAYE: Hi, it's me again. Sober this time. And I have a guest with me. Yes, again.

JAROD: Good evening, Fandom. I'm also sober, but I guess that isn't such an event. Why is that such an event, Jaye? Do you need counseling? Because I could give you a name...

JAYE: I don't need counseling. Shhhh to the entire listening audience. We report stuff now, right? Stuff that is not me drinking or not drinking?

JAROD: *whispers* I still have that number, if you need it after the broadcast. *clears throat* Right, of course. So, what's first on the list? You know what you're doing, I'm just here for...actually, why am I here?

JAYE: ...Because.

cut like a cut thing. not dirty )

JAYE: Say good night to Fandom, Jarod.

JAROD: Good night to Fandom!

JAYE: Much thanks to my wonderful cohost tonight, and good night. Be quieter next time.

[Co-written with the omg so awesome [ profile] jarodpretends. You get cookies!]

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