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"This is Greg Sanders, and I am broadcasting from my safety tent here in the radio station. That's right, you heard me. SAFETY TENT. I JUST got back from vacation, guys, and what do I find? Zillions of people. Zillions. And all of you have vocal chords and think that is AWESOME and like to exercise them and SERIOUSLY DUDES JUST STOP. WE KNOW YOU CAN TALK. QUIT DOING IT.


If anyone would like to join me in the safety tent, that's too bad.

Unless you're my hot blonde alien girlfriend. Isabel, you can come. You don't talk all the time.

Radio is long tonight. And drunken. )

An' I'm aaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllll done! Night-night Fandom! I'm sleepin' in my tent! Izzy you an' your kitty can come join me but NO ONE ELSE. 'Cept the squirrelses. If they have more boozeses."

[And now she dead from code. Squirrels with booze courtesy of my wonderful fellow recappers [livejournal.com profile] kypriothschoice, [livejournal.com profile] socksofcool, [livejournal.com profile] fates_jaye and [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines.]
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"Hey there, guys, it's Greg Sanders and I am really tired. So I'm going to make this quick and dirty. Yeah, you heard me.


So, in Science! there was a final, and Ms. Frizzle got a present from Pippi. Awww. Dance also had a final and Pippi once again did the gift thing. Philosophy of Values had their final, there was glittery snow, and Dr. Wilson gave Blair a gift.

Applied Science had their final, and Ethics kids either tossed their kids off the roof or didn't, and then they discussed it. And Myth into History was all tomby and haunty and 'splodey.

Dr. Reid and Principal Washburn had office hours, and there was a box outside Mr. Phale's office.

Miss Cold and Mean opened the library, and talked to Ms. Readman and Angela about egg children.


...it's a weird day, people. It starts with Gwynn talking to her armed egg baby and then I guess John Connor is going to marry her, or something.

So, Walter made omelettes today and Nadia and Pippi talked to him about the Hunting final.

Willow and English Peter were cute, and Mac helped Cally fold. Fun date. Door and her pigeon visited Cally, too.

Zero did the gifting thing, and gave prezzies to Pippi and Chad. Broots, the prettiest girl ever, and Weiss all stopped by to see Parker.

Summer and Shawn talked about their holiday plans, and the prettiest girl ever had the StuCo coffee thingy. She, being a genius, told Jude about cast covers for swimming, and then she heard about Dean giving Sam a puppy, and Alec was surprised at her about Christmas-ness.

Lana was dirty with Jim, and Marty and Angela were cute.

Okay, so guess what? PETE DIED. BUT HE'S OKAY? Yeah. I don't know. Joxer SHOT HIM IN THE HEAD. And why? Why did they do this? BECAUSE JOXER TOUCHED PETE'S PIECE.


So anyway, Joxer and Pete - YOU HEARD ME, PETE WHO IS ALIVE DOUBLE-EWE TEE EFF - totally got hauled away to the principal's office.

And guess what? They were expelled.

So Pete, who had an ARROW COMING OUT OF HIS HEAD, said bye to Schrodinger, Weiss, and Walter. Joxer said bye to Chad, Pippi, Lana, and Billy before he headed off to his tearful goodbye with Kaylee.

Then he went and sang with a god. I don't know.


Professor Poppins had a little visitor today, and the girls at the Sin poke at a letter to Jarod. Ms. Poppins' visitor visited Empire Records, too.

Mr. Phale was hanging in the snowy park today, and he was visited by both Ms. Poppins and her friend, the Doctor.

The prettiest girl in the world went to the Perk and while she was there she talked to Angela, Ms. Poppins and her friend, Sakurazaki, and Jarod.

In All and Sundries, Mary and her friend visited and the former tried to buy some kind of cube thingy. They also stopped by Sparky Repairs, and both the church and Photo Hut were without visitors.

In the Devil's Nest, Mr. Phale took a Solstice gift to Mazikeen, and Dr. Wilson and Mr. Phale both gave something to Lucy. What is wrong with you people? Meanwhile, Cally sold Lucy some moonshine, and Pip and Pippi danced.

In Caritas, we had Dr. Venture, Bel, Sister Rosette and Parker all hanging out.

The clinic was quiet during both shifts, and Dr. Pevensie had her hours.

And that's it! Night, guys. Hope no one else gets SHOT IN THE HEAD."
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"Ho, ho, ho, Fandom! Merry almost-Christmas-kinda! I am quite full of cheer and also bacon at the moment.


Applied Science built cars out of index cars, and Science! displayed our science fair stuff! Philosophy of Values had a review session and turned in their essays, and Ethics had eggbabies. Weirdos. I wonder if that means that they had them, like they have them now, or if they gave birth to them. Myth Into History learned how Xena saved Christmas - whatever - and Dance worked on their finals yay!

Principal Washburn, Dr. Reid and Mr. Sam and Dean's Daddy all had office hours and the office was open. In the library, Cally looked for books and Joxer talked to the most beautiful girl in the world about...her egg baby.

Um. Honey? Please, please tell me that what I speculated about giving birth to the baby eggs was just me being a dumbass.

...so anyway newspaper types met, and Conner and English Peter, Pippi and Billy and Jake all ate in the cafeteria.


So anyway, Nadia got the other side of some story from Bel. I have no idea what story is meant, so I'm going to say that it's the story about Goldilocks and the three bears, and Bel told her about how the poor broken chairs felt. Anyways, Cally wanted to hear the story too, and Parker apparently didn't like the story or something because she was a big Miss Crankpants. Shock.

Elsewhere, Aeryn introduced her boyfriend to her egg child, which sounds relatively untraumatizing so that's good. And Sam and egg child visited Jack who was sad. Aww, poor Jack. And the most gorgeous girl in the world wrapped gifts.

And finally, Nadia was on the roof with her guitar and apparently wasn't the happiest camper, so naturally Pip came along shortly to yell at her.


Aziraphale was hanging in the park, and he met Mercer. Lucy told him all about Blair, who came to welcome him back. The Doctor helped him catch up, Dr. Wilson joined him, natch, Billy ran by and Leo came by as well.

Marie visited Empire Records, and the twins opened Sparky Repairs. Venture Industries was open, and the prettiest girl ever went to All and Sundries. Bridge and English Peter visited Stuff for Sale to find Hanukkah goodies, and Clark tried to get egg nogg at the Devil's Nest - which, in light of the recent children being adopted, seems a little sick - and then hung out with Lucy.

The clinic was quiet for the first shift, and then Dr. Pevensie had her hours.

And that's it, people! Night and don't forget to kiss your egg children goodnight!"
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"Hey, hey, hey Fandom, everyone recovered from their trolliness? I mean, aside from those of you who are stuck in a perpetual state of trollishness. Not much to be done about you.


Okay, so Ethics talked about wrath, which I initially read as 'wreath,' and personally, I think that more classes should talk about Christmas decorations. We could be culturally diverse and stuff and it would be made of awesome. Oh, and D'anna asked if Krycek had been in mortal peril lately. I'm pretty sure yeah, 'cause TROLLS, YO.

Applied Science had a weird sub who kept sticking her hands under her arms, okay, and in Science!, we made cake! Yay cake, yay. Dance? Still Sugar Plum Fairies. War Theory discussed what they learned on that planet they visited.

Philosophy of Values discussed aesthetic versus pragmatic and whoa that sounds complicated. But it's all good 'cause Blair wanted chocolate and dude, so would I. In Myth into History they talked about people the I can't pronounce, and also there was a disembodied head.

In the random news, the office was open, Rory opened the library and talked to Weiss stopped in.


Okay, so Molly and Ray did some dancing and I think I just died of cute, River slept like a sleeping thing, and Pippi was renovating. Willow and Zuko talked about poor Marie and apparently Willow had magic books or something. I wonder if that's euphemistic. Probably not, but it's funnier if I pretend it is, right? But then I'm not Seely, so I should probably shut up now.

Blair stopped by to see Sakurazaki, Jamie and Charlene sent Christmas cards, Billy checked his voicemail, Jim and Lana were dirty - whoooooooooooooooo! - Naomi got mail, Walter cuddled with Nadia, Jude IM'd, and Ranma was visited by Sakurazaki.

In the third floor common room this afternoon, Weiss made brownies. They were probably normal brownies. Probably. Nadia caught up with him and with Chad, who is not a morning person. According to my notes, Cally put the moves on Weiss or something and was random at Chad, while her girlfriend Mac talked trolls with Weiss and made coffee for Chad, who was grunty at Billy. And Dawn, that adventurer, risked salmonella. Atta girl!

Poor Bridge camped himself out in the second floor common room tonight. He and Jude compared injuries, he and English Peter talked about trolls, and Cameron and Door were both bounce-tastic. Not dirty.

Door and English Peter discussed the GREATEST CABIN EVER, THAT OF THE STUCKBUGS FAIR AND MIGHTY. Ahem. Anders then talked to her about the funness of trolls, before he was sent on a guilt trip by his bestest pal, Bridge. And finally, Stark stopped in and Billy whined.

In other news, Conner was naked in the hallway.

Not touching that, people. In every sense.


Jude and Sakurazaki shopped at Sparky Repairs, and Jane needed the cash register for All and Sundries to be fixed, and Jamie had a silent war with his cell phone in Empire Records.

In the park, Bel confided in Dr. Wilson, who heard about all the other Doctors from the Doctor. Like, he told you about a hospital? Didn't you used to work in one, Dr. Wilson? I'm confused. I mean, you gave Pippi injury advice. Doctors do that. But then again, Lucifer found Dr. Wilson on his bench and I'm pretty sure something about that violates the Hippocratic Oath. Somehow.

Conner was insulted at Dr. Venture's, Jude and Sakurazaki were awkward in Pizza Planet, Bel headed into Blood Gulch Arms, there was a cube incident at All and Sundries, Leo put up Christmas decorations, Clark's mom arrived, the Devil's Nest was quiet, Seely risked life and limb on another date with Parker, and Bel settled in to drink at Caritas.

Finally, in the clinic, Professor Cale and Clark's mom were there in the morning, and Dr. Pevensie held her hours in the evening before Dr. Goodchild had a quiet shift.

And that's it, guys! Niiiiiiiiiiight!"
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"Hey guys, it's Greg Sanders and I'm back and up and in action this week after a cold! I know, that's like, the most exciting thing ever for you guys to hear. You all missed me.


Okay, so just to kick things off, the appliances were singing today. I wish that kind of thing would happen more. Singing appliances. I mean, my hair dryer sang a little ditty to me this morning, and it was kind of nice.

Um. I mean, I don't have a hair dryer. That's a chick thing.

Um, so anyway, Dance...danced...to the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies. And Applied Science made puff mobiles, and Ethics talked about what's Vader's problem. I think it's the all-black thing. It's throwing off his eqilibrium. Or something.

Anyway, War Theory headed out to visit another planet, Philosophy of Values had a test, Science! built marshmallow shooters, and Myth Into History learned about creative first aid. Gangrene - fun for the whole family!

And in terms of office hours, The Doctor-slash-Cher, Dr. Wilson, Aziraphale, Dr. Reid and Lorne had them, and the office itself was open.

In the library, Willow and Rory talked about coloring books - they strike me as very 'in the lines' girls - Angela and Rory talked about Thanksgiving, and River stopped in, too.

And the newsy types met, yay, and in the cafeteria, Chad told Mac about how his interesting ensemble today was part of a bet.


So this morning, Lana, Jim and Conner went running together, yay!

Nadia was reading on the roof, which sounds very cold and unpleasant but hey, I just got over the plague. Anyway, Chad showed up to talk about books and languages, as you do.

Aww, sad. Blair and River broke up. But more amusingly, Jamie stopped by to see English Peter and they talked about Seely and Willow kissing and all. Walter and Pippi talked about the thing that they talked about last night. You know, the thing. That one thing. With the stuff.

Teddy and Ranma apologized to each other, the twins talked to Ranma about the pageant, Sakurazaki was kind of awkward with Ranma, and a giant Mexican bunny told Ranma to sleep.

Weiss headed home, Draco played with his computer, Willow snuggled with English Peter, and...um.

Um. Okay, I didn't really need to know that Cally has a vibrator. Or that it was singing, and please, please, dear God, don't let that be a euphemism. Please.

Um. I...am so uncomfortable right now. MOVING ON.

Chad helped Teddy over-organize his comics collection, and Billy's phone and stereo sang to him. And finally, I took my beautiful girlfriend cupcakes, and Aeryn and Rory had a deep, in-depth conversation about the cuteness of pandas.

And continuing with the reading thing, Dawn was bored in the common room, and was quickly joined by Dean, Bridge, Alanna, Peter who's my roommate, Conner and Alec. I wonder if they all read. Think they sat around and read aloud? Ooh! Maybe someone did needlework!

Ooh. This just in. Jamie and English Peter were all, 'Dude, we should prank Seely,' and tried to do things to his toilet seat, but they ended up stuck to it and all my discomfort is gone, hahahahhahahahaahhahahaahhahaa.


The twins opened up Sparky Repairs, Sister Rosette and Chrono left the church for the day, and Dawn visited with Giles and they talked about the mini-apocalypse!

River talked to Jane about her boy woe at All and Sundries, and there was Clay Aiken. I don't know. The Photo Hut remains to be hiring, Hitsuzen was open, and Alanna interviewed Aly for the paper.

In the Devil's Nest, Aiden decided to visit the new place. Giles stopped by, and Dr. Wilson waited until Aziraphale showed up, who then apologized to Mr. Lucy (I don't want to actually say his name, 'kay? If I do, lightning will strike me down and wreak havoc with my hair), who in turn met Yuuko.

Phoebe was distracted while she opened Caritas, and then Dr. Venture taunted her. Whoo! Was there a rumble? I ask, of course, because Bel was there.

And finally, Dr. Troy filled up Dr. Venture's prescriptions in the morning at the clinic, and it was quiet at night.

And that's all, Fandom! Keep cool, stay kosher, and try not to picture anything I talked about too hard or your brain will melt out your ears!"
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"Happy Thanksgiving, Fandom! In celebration of the day, I'm wearing buckles on my shoes. Granted, they're belt buckles, but it's the thought that counts, right?

Anyways, I'm dealing with a serious tryptophan whammy here, so I'll make this quick.

Cut 'cause it's not that quick not dirty )

And that is it. I am tired, so I'm going back to my room and crashing.

Um. Unless there's pie. I could have pie before I sleep, I guess. Night guys!"
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"Heeeeeya Fandom, this is Greg and I'm here broadcasting live and with awesome hair. Today you guys actually did stuff! It's exciting!


War Theory talked about a field trip you guys are going on, and it's not to Vegas which kind of sucks because that was really fun. Also there was murder, except not really, and also there was fetishness. Anyway, Dance played DDR, and dude, I am so, so good at that thing. Everyone would be jealous of my mad skillz. That was with a 'Z,' guys. Philosophy of Values talked about 'need versus greed,' and I'm not really sure what that means. I mean, I personally think I need an Alfa Romero, but that's me. On that note, Christmas is coming up and you all now know something on my list.

In Science!, we talked about the layers of the earth, and Applied Science made radios out of coconuts. That sounds like a really good superpower, oh em gee. Ethics talked about the seven deadly sins, none of which are a problem for me, and Myth into History studied China. Like the country or like what you eat off of? Either one is interesting, I guess. My grandma has an obsession with China. Not the one from Norway, the other one.

Mr. Sam and Dean's Daddy, Dr. Reid, Mr. Aziraphale, and Dr. Wilson all had office hours, which is fascinating, really.

Little Miss Mean and Cold opened the library, and talked to Ms. Readman. Then she had her little newspaper meeting, and on an unrelated note, there was also self defense club.


Aeryn and John were dirty this morning, and Lana and Conner went for a run. Marty and Angela snuggled, awwwww, and Molly told Ray about a spider in her room. Be careful, Molly! Spiders are scary. Ranma was visited by a crow, who is apparently Sakurazaki. Oh, hey, it's because Cally did it to her. Oops.

Bridge was visited by a really upset Rory, awww. I wonder what happened. Also, Seely walked Parker back to her room and they made out. Or kissed, whatever. And then Eric stopped by.

In the salle, English Peter helped Charlene with the working out thing.

In the third floor common room, Dawn thought there was an apocalypse. So Lavender, Schrodinger, Joxer, Evie and Carmela all showed up to offer their support in various ways. Joxer, for instance, showed his support by getting doughnuts.


Jamieplayed Go Fish in Caritas, and Cally showed off in the park - but don't worry, she's not a demon, though she does flail and throw fire around and pay attention to ducks.

Giles's shop was closed for an apocalypse, and Dawn freaked out. Poor Dawn. It's okay! He's probably just a drama queen. Meanwhile, there were posters for Teal Dear, and the twins made their own fun at work. Sister Rosette read in the church, and there were more Squishy flavors at All and Sundries. And Parker and Seely had a date, whee!

Okay, in Caritas, Teal Dear set up for their show, and Parker got at Nadia about how she GOT HIGH ON THE ROOF last week. Ahem. Also, Lana and Bel talked about Thanksgiving, and Phoebe encouraged Lana before talking to Bel about Cally.

Billy was there, and Anders told Teddy about the Baltimore fiasco. Chad talked to Teddy after the performance. My beautiful girlfriend talked to Seely about That Bitch Who Impersonated Her, and Parker told my beautiful girlfriend about her date with Seely.

Sakurazaki and Teddy did the groupie thing, and Dr. Wilson talked to a paper duck for awhile. I...don't have words. Doc, are you okay? Nadia sidled up to the bar with Walter, and Parker talked to Anders about Bel. Ranma and Sakurazaki took it to the lounge, and Chad talked to Evie about the show.

Finally, in the clinic in the morning, there were nurses, and in the evening, there was Luke, who was visited by Rory. Maybe he made her cry, which was why she went to see Bridge. Oh, dude. I bet he insulted her hair. Go Luke, go! It's boring hair!

Um. Anyway. Night, Fandom!"
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"Heeeeeeeeeey there, Fandomy type people. It's Greg and I'm sleepy so we're making this quick.


Okay, so Myth Into History visited a virtual Temple of Daharekekekek or something and Stonehenge, and in Science! we had a sub. Philosophy of Values discussed revenge and forgiveness and pies and cooperation and doughnuts and confrontations. Ethics talked about immortality, and if I could live forever, I would sleep and eat cake and maybe do experiments all day! Dance merengued, and seriously, I want that to be about pie so badly, and War Theory discussed modern war theory.

And cookies.

Mr. Aziraphale and Doctors Wilson and Reid had office hours, and the office was open.

In the library, and Ms. Readman and Bridge and John and Luke stopped by to visit She Who is Whiny.

As for clubs, Self Defense and Newspaper both met. Oh, and in the cafeteria, Chad ate all on his lonesome while wearing bunny ears.


In the fifth floor common room, Bel was playing on his laptop which sounds like it could be dirty what with porn and all, and then he and Anders made Vegas plans and that definitely sounds dirty. Bel talked to Pippi about how they learned to cheat the house, which sounds mean, and Anders and Pippi tried to decide on what to bet upon. I think you should bet that we'll see someone puking! That happens a lot in Vegas. The last time I was there, there was a guy puking right outside my hotel! We drove up and bam! Vomit. Bel and Billy talked about Vegas, too, and Dean got invited to hang with Bel and Anders.

In the fifth floor common room, Billy was listening to books on tape, and in the lobby, there was a rumble between the trolls and the bunnies, and the bunnies WON. WHEE!

And finally, Angela and Nadia both stopped in to see Marty while he was packing for Vegas. Oh. Damn. I need to, um, do that. Tomorrow!



Cedric met up with my favorite leggy blonde in the Perk, who...proceeded to shock Dawn. Honey? Like, good shocking? I'm all worried now.

Okay, dude, Dawn got holy water from the church. She was that shocking? Isabel? My darling, my sweetness, my dearest love, don't scare the Dawn. Unless it was really funny. Um, anyways, All and Sundries had a free squishy day, Barbossa had his radio thing, Schrodinger talked to a bird - whatever - and Mr. Giles upset Dawn via Latin. It's just not a good day for Dawn.

Mrs. Calendar was out and about, and Sakurazaki and Sakura both visited Sparky Repairs.

In Caritas, Schrodinger told Phoebe about his creator, Clark talked to Phoebe about zombies being in loooooooooooooooove, and Bel talked to Phoebe about the field trip. Also, Angela interviewed Seely for the paper. Dude, dude, dude, did you get anything down about his hair? He has good hair.

Also, Dr. Pevensie gave Peter some rings or something, and Dean Tick and Mr. Creepy Guy who is also my boss both headed out of town.

Not together. Ew. It's not like they both wear all black and masks.

The clinic was quiet for both shifts, and I'm out! Night, Fandom!"
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"Howdy, folks, it's a most Gregtastic night here in Fandom, and I'm here to bring you the highs, the lows, the ups, the downs, the shiny, the less-shiny-but-still-nice, and all the things in between.


The office, she was open. The office could be a he, I guess, but that loses that pretentious, French thing I was going for.


'Kay, so this morning, River apparently decided no more ice cream for Berthold, which is sad for poor Berthold. And Jude made pancakes! He and Door enjoy talking to animals, and Door met Joxer and Sakurazaki, and then she was all, 'Oh hey, Conner, you're all blond.' And then Sakurazaki worried at Jude so he made her a heart pancake and dude, I am so stealing that move. Though maybe I shouldn't say that on the radio. Um. Isabel, if you're listening, I was just kidding! So if I ever do that, it's totally an original idea of mine!

So anyways, um, Ranma nabbed Jude on his lonesome, and Sakurazaki admired Conner's hair. Then Joxer made Jude dance and talked dating with Sakurazaki and annoyed Conner. And poor Teddy hadn't eaten real food this week, so while he was noshing, he bonded with Sakurazaki heard all about Joxer and his sidekick and apologized to Ranma. And then the twins showed up to do a pancake dance. As one does.

In other news, Tyler headed out, and dude, I hope you come back because we lack Stickbug completeness without you. Did you hear me, Tyler Durden? YOU COMPLETE US.


Anyway, Ranma told Jude all about how he loves Sakurazaki, and oh em gee drama! In less dramatic news, Cally read, as did Rory, though the latter did it from on top of her desk and who the hell reads like that? Weirdo. So, continuing with THE DRAMA, Jude told Sakurazaki what Ranma told him! And then Edward was whoa hyper at his brother which isn't DRAMATIC but I can dig. Angela brought Marty a stuffed penguin, and my roomie was really distracted. Dude, you should be so glad I'm not going to be back in the room until you're sleeping, since I'd probably decide we should go squirrel fishing or something. And then to top off the OH EM GEE DRAMA, Chad found Ranma asleep on the floor, aw.

This evening, Bel was watching that show with the guys and the scary thingies in the fifth floor common room, and Cam talked him into, um, shimmering him to see Veronica. Okay, no offense, but Bel, for such a badass power, 'shimmer' is kind of a word lacking in badassery. You should call it...TRANSMOGRIFY. I would totally let you transmogrify me all over the place! Unless that actually means something dirty, in which case never mind. Pip slept all day - go Pip, wow - and Cally thought it was a dull day because she didn't see her girlfriend. Aww. But, you know, time apart for couples is good! Isabel, for instance, is not sitting in my lap while I tell you all this very exciting news today. Though, honey, that'd be a sweet broadcast, huh? Oh, and Buffy wanted classes to start. Like, now.


Dr. Wilson and Mr. Phale were in the Perk, and Jane wasn't the biggest fan ever of the Squishy machine.

River visited Giles in his store, and Dawn and Molly got ice cream. I want ice cream now.

Mr. The played his guitar in the park, and Clark, Pippi and Chad all stopped by to hear. And meanwhile, in the clinic, Walter continued to feel icky.

Also, also, also, Mr. The made a thingy in front of his house, and Chad talked to him about it. Mr. Giles was all thinky, and Mr. Sam and Dean's Daddy was brood-tastic. Oh, and Parker and Jarod were filled with tension. I think they should be filled with pudding instead.

Oh, and finally, congrats to Jack! Apparently, Teal Dear's van is named Dave, thanks to him, and he gets to go to Baltimore! Yay Jack, and night to the rest of you!"
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"Hi hi hi Fandom! Hi! This is Greg and I'm bringing you the latest and greatest of Fandom happenings, and also, by the way, pie is best with ice cream. But more on that later.


In War Theory, they talked about the end of World War II and the Cold War, and wow, that must be a kinda long class. In Biology and Science! we explored Jack's body but not in a dirty way even though, yeah, it's Jack and I know that sounds like it should be dirty but it's not.

In Philosophy of Values, they talked about Hope and Despair. They're capitalized in my notes. I hope I was able to convey that. Anyways, Blair got Willow to sign his petition, and Willow talked to Wilson about Halloween parties. In Dance they learned the Samba, and in Ethics they did the one-on-one thing with Vader, but not in a dirty way because they're not V.

And so Myth into History talked about Caligula, and Marie was all 'Oh hey, I had this...thing with lightning, can I be excused?' I might be paraphrasing. And they had chariot races and I am so jealous!

Okay, so Wilson, Aziraphale, and Lorne had office hours and the office was open. And the newspaper types met and annoyed Rory which I can so get behind and Mr. Cale was there yay!

Speaking of Little Miss Stuck-Up, she opened the library and talked to Ms. Readman about reading, of all things. And then Rory helped Luke find a book about war and promised to teach him to swim, and weird Rory and...okay, sorry, but weird Blair talked about how sad they are that there's no school next week. And apparently Rory was cute with Bridge, who should just get out while he can because she's really annoying, dude.


This morning, Anders made pancakes and scored himself a date with Bel. Meanwhile, Marty was disappointed about the lack of power in being a Homecoming king, and decided to cut back on TV. And Anders told Mac about his pancake fort, and he heard about Rory who's annoying from Bridge who I guess she must be nice to, or something.

John had a bad dream, and Chad cuddled with Ranma, and Jim with Lana. Bel did his interdimensional taxi thing for Cally. And happy birthday, Jude!

River left a present for Blair and Sakurazaki made a cake and left it out in the common room. Stop leaving things out, people, or I will sing that song about the cake in the rain. Anyways, Dean and Alec beat each other up but called in sparring.

Molly escorted Zuko home from the clinic, and Summer talked to Shawn about the field trip INSIDE JACK earlier. Speaking of Jack, he stopped by my lovely girlfriend's room earlier, as did Alanna and Dawn. I hear they were talking about boys. Yes, I am a fascinating topic of conversation. More people should discuss me.

Anyways, poor Teddy was hiding out, Broots, Jack and Anders visited Parker, and Peter my roomie is sick, woe.

And Conner yelled at the TV and Carmela stopped by to chat.


Jack met River at the Perk and they talked about the weekend, and Jamie played cards with himself. It's really important that you heard the word 'cards' in that sentence. Aziraphale hung out with Rosette in the park, and Matilda visited the twins at work.

And Dawn talked to Giles about her sister's missing boobs, and look, I noticed, and they were there. But only because she was talking about them, okay?

OKAY. Pirate radio. Pie with coffee, or pie with ice cream, people? I SAY PIE WITH ICE CREAM. SO THERE. IT IS SUPERIOR.

Anyways, All and Sundries was messy and Dr. Wilson and Aziraphale played pool, and Bel visited Caritas to see his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, in the clinic, Zuko was visited by a bunch of people before he checked out, and Walter was visited, and still there in the evening.

And that's it for me! Night guys! Ice cream/pie OTP!"
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Hi Fandom, hi, I have had lots of coffee and it is VERY exciting and you guys should have coffee too because I know you're jealous and you wish you had coffee but you probably don't so okay yay radio time!


Okay so Criminal Justice played dress-up, Acting warmed up and then talked and in Humor, we told jokes and Spying people took a test and played a game, and in Bio, we hunted poker chips, and in Music they sang duets and and and Literature painted....

*deep breath*

Aaaaaaaaand Vader and Daisy and Mary had office hours and the office was open and so was the library, which was opened by the prettiest girl in the world and Archaeology Club met and talked and explored and there were teachers and Fencing Club met and they warmed up and Zuko demonstrated and then they practiced....


...and River and Broots and Dean all visited Blair and English Peter took care of a very sick Willow and Lana was visited by Lavender and Cally and Jim and Parker had a mental breakdown or something and Matilda visited the twins and Al found out his friend is coming and he told his brother and Billy the dragon blinked....


...aaaaaaand Billy sat in the sink in the common room and Nadia watched stuff about animal sex and Tyler thought that lizards were hot and Tyler dude you need help....


...and Rosette traumatized Teddy at Sparky Repairs and Pippi showed up too and Jamie was all loungey and the Doctor and Natalie visited the bookstore and Faithful did his radio thing and the coffee club met and people talked and Mac made the twins join and Pippi danced at Caritas and the clinic was quiet and I am all done now I need sleep night Fandom night!
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"Hey, Fandom! This is Greg Sanders, and tonight, I am going to multitask on the air.


Okay, for my first act...I will talk and chew gum. Shut up, I'm starting small.

In Prophecy, they interpreted each others' dreams, and Dean asked if Sam was okay. No notes on whether he was or not. In Cross Species Communication, Schrodinger slept. WAKE UP, DUDE. Dawn welcomed Molly back, and the students talked to a starling. Why a starling? I am curious, people.

In Pop Culture, Marty explained sitcoms to Zuko for some reason, Pete talked to Joxer about 'liberating' student property, and I guess the TV hates him. Poor Pete. One time I thought my GameBoy hated me but it just needed new batteries.

In Media Studies, they partnered up, and in Interstellar Relations they talked about parties and war. See, I was all set to go, 'Whee!' for parties, but war is bad. Woe. And in History, they talked about Protestants versus Catholics.

Guys, I just blew a bubble. Thought you all should know.

Yondaime, The, Dr. Wilson, Ms. Frizzle, Aziraphale, Professor Poppins, Professor Next, Vice Principal Pierce, and Principal Washburn all had office hours, and the office was open.

Ms. Readman opened the library and Ed was in there looking for books. He was also in the cafeteria, as were Naomi and Shawn, though none of them ate together. And Flight Club met, and played in the sim.

Okay. Time to add something new to the act.


*sounds of rustling, then Greg sounds a bit far away from the mic*

Hi guys! I'm hula-hooping now!

Okay. So Molly's back, yay! And Alec lectured her about...I totally can't read that from here. Um, I'm going to say he lectured her about platypi. That's probably more interesting anyway.

In...a common room this morning, Nadia covered the floor with paper and her feet with pain. What? Oh! Paint! That's still weird and awesome. Anders liked it better than mice scraping? Marty wondered if it was related to...um...cream interpolation? Cally asked if Nadia had lost her mime, and Berthold wanted...foot. People, I'm standin far enough away to hula. I may not be reading these correctly. It's more fun this way!

Anyways, so Marie was with the Homecoming votes, and Jamie had a lot of cooties but only two votes. Zuko learned about fiends and Homecoming Court, Willow and Marie talked about going stopping for addresses - okay, wait, I think that' might be dress shopping - and Ranma was...*sounds of moving closer and then a clunk*

...indecisive. You all heard nothing. *sounds of hula-ing starting again*

Jim was acting wired at Blair, or possibly weird, and Sakurazaki found out about Jude's emu weekend. Wait....okay, no, I could correct that, but the implication is too funny. Willow talked to Peter about Yo Kippers - Yom Kippur, I'm guessing - and Matilda and Pip visited the twins. Bel sent email, and Dawn and Dean talked about having to bare their something-or-others in class. Can't read that word, so I assume dirty, to which I give a hearty, 'Yay!'

In...a common room, there was a...I can't even make out that word, but there's something about boars. Um, and Zero guilted Marty about not going to the show on Saturday, and Angela conglomerated Zero on said show. Marty demonstrated the boars for Peter who's my roomie, and I think I have a word wrong in there for sure. Peter and Zero were sad over people's inability to singe...or sing, maybe? and Nadia fought with Marty over the boars, and she discussed the fling with the fluff with Peter, I think? Door and Zero met, and Door wondered why Peter didn't believe in the boars. Then she asked the boars a question.

...can't read that name, going with Harmonica tried to study, and Peter bugged her. Pete, who I guess isn't Peter, was lost and then Zero threatened him for looking at her boots. I hope that says boots. Peter admired his hat, though, and Marty met...someone whose name looks weird at this angle, so I'm going with Jim Bob as his new name. And Angela and Marty played with the boars.

In ...another common room, Billy and John were watching men handling snakes, which sounds so dirty. And John - looks like Conner, by the way - checked out Naomi, who's tired.

Bel was cranky until Phoebe...smuggled with him? And Parker talked to Jack while she smoked. BAD PARKER. Haven't you ever seen those ick-tastic lung diagrams?

That was so bad that I almost stopped hula-ing. But never fear, guys, I'm still going strong. And I'm getting better at guessing at reading stuff from a distance! Like, Jim and Lana who did some smuggling like Bel and Phoebe, and some hissing. Were you guys on planes? That'd be funny. And Nadia visited Walter, while Agnes refracted about the weekend. I totally win at reading from a distance.

Guys? Introducing another element to this.


I am now balancing a spoon on my nose. This will make reading even harder, but that's totally the challenge.

John Connor...gleaned at work? And Brava played turtles at work. Lana was happy to be at work, and Rosette brought a gun cake into conversational? That can't possibly be right but if I shift from this position, I'll lose the spoon, guys. I can't lose the spoon! This is too cool! I will be putting this on my resumé and college apps!

River and Billy sparked in the park and then they met? Does that mean someone set the other on fire? I hope River set Billy on fire, because...see, since she's a river, she could just put it out. Get it? I am so funny, oh em gee. Ranma found out Chad worked at Empire Records, and Dr. Wilson was hanging by the pong. Like ping pong? Lyra stopped in at Cafe Fina for lunch, and Parker went to Jarod's house while he wasn't there. That sounds kinda sneaky. Maybe I'm not reading it right, though. And Clark was sad in the park.

Arizona...oh! Aziraphale and Dr. Wilson had dinner, and in Caritas, Cam and Sam talked about pot kerchief. Um.

No one stopped by the clinic during Dr. Reid's shift, and Liz went by in the evening.

And that's it, guys! And I haven't dropped the spoo -


...okay, I haven't dropped the hoo -


...I'm still chewing the gum! Broadcast is a success! Score for Team Sanders! Night, Fandom!"
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"Hey, hey, hey Fandom, this is Greg Sanders and I'm here broadcasting live. Unless you're listening to the podcast, which Jaye already bitched about last night so I'll skip that and ahead to the relatively good stuff.


Okay, so War Theory went over Moral Law, which sounds a lot like Santa Claus's area. Like, Moral Law means that someone out there knows when you're being good or bad and if you're the latter, then you're getting the social equivalent of coal in your stocking. And in Philosophy of Values talked about choice versus chance, and I wanna know if all the lessons have those cute little almost-rhymey themes.

So, in Dance, they waltzed, and I don't know how to waltz but that would be really cool to learn. In Science! we did stuff with motion, which is when you run around or fall down or move at all and it is very, very important, dudes. Myth into History talked about Goliath who was big. Did you guys talk about David? Let's hear it for scrawny guys who can kick some ass! I am so investing in a slingshot. And in Ethics, there were cookies and apparently Darth Jamie. Hey, Jamie, dude? Did you do the breathey thing? Because that is scary and it really makes the whole thing.

So, the library was open but it was boring and no one came in. Probably because Rory bites. Not dirty, just mean. And Principal Washburn, Mr. Sam and Dean's Daddy, Mr. Aziraphale, Dr. Wilson, and Dr. Reid all had office hours, and also the office was open.

And in clubbiness, Self Defense met, made with the introducey and mingled, and the paper people met and talked to Rory. Ick.

Okay, and in the cafeteria, Walter ate pizza with a heavy Swedish accent. You know, my people are Norwegian. I could try to say that in a Norwegian accent. Peeza. Peeeeeeeeezzzaaaaaa. Peezza.

I think I'm done now.


Okay so this morning in the fifth floor common room, Lyra made French toast but the only one to show was John Connor. WTF, people? It's French toast. You show up for French toast.

Unless, of course, you were on the roof, for which I can forgive people as apparently a whole hell of a lot happened up there. Such as Bel giving Matilda a run-through on not emoing at the plants, and Cally testing her hooch. Correction - her viper hooch. Now, I don't know what hooch is, but it sounds really dirty. So Cally, either you are really brazen, or there was some kind of weird orgy thing going on on top of the roof...or else I'm confused about the meaning of this word. It certainly doesn't fit in with the further roof stuff involving Bel apparently getting his ass kicked by Nadia, though Billy stretching might have been related to the hooch and viper stuff.

Anyways, so the twins and Matilda are still throwing paper at each other, and Bridge made with the meditating while Anders and Door distracted him. Lana and Jim were totally hot and heavy once they get Chad to leave. Poor Chad, having to leave. I mean, not that you probably wanted to stay, but dude, where did you go?

Blair and River were kinda adorable earlier today, and Ranma talked to Teddy about being a girl. Whatever floats your boat, man.

In the fourth floor common room, the twins partook of Sakurazaki's brownies probably not dirty. And in the fifth floor common room, Nadia channel-surfed and talked to Anders about bad luck, and then Lavender offered to make Bel puke slugs. That would be whoa useful. Can we make anyone do that? Just for fun?

Luke and Rory headed into space, and that whole sentence just made me really nervous. Here's hoping she didn't make them explode by crashing them into a satellite or anything. Because that would actually screw up someone's cell phone reception, which is really sad. Bel got a call from his lady, and Jack watched the storm from his window. Eric talked to Parker about Jaye, and dude, way to score on a Homecoming date. I mean, she's naturally not as good a date as the one I have, but then who is?

Jude and Sakurazaki had a date, and Walter was asked to tell Nadia she's an idiot. Ouch. Tough situation, man. That's when I'd be fleeing to do something else. Like feeding my cat! Even if I don't have a cat. It's a great excuse, shut up. Tyler and Alec were all sneakalicious, and the twins chatted.

On the third floor, Will was watching froggies on the TV. Alphonse came along and discussed kitties and froggies, and kitties were a motif with English Peter as well, and he also talked about classes with Alphonse. See how everyone came full circle there? I like that. Do that more often, people.

Anyway, Chad and Will talked about the band going to Caritas, and he talked about being a bodyguard with English Peter, and being busy with Alphonse. Um, he talked about being busy to Alphonse. Not like, dirty. Peter who's my roomie asked Chad about sleep, which is random, and Will shared cookies. The Peters discussed copy-editing eagles, which I fully embrace, and my roommate who is Peter met Alphonse finally. Then Agnes showed, and she talked to Chad about size - which doesn't matter, Alphonse about magic, and she said hi to the Peters.

And in other news, Billy watched a movie in the fourth floor common room.


Aw, Marie too lunch to Jamie at Empire Records, and Sakurazaki surprised Jude at Luke's. Isabel, I expect a surprise visit at Caritas this weekend! Except now it's not really a surprise. Don't worry, I'll make a surprised face anyway. And Sister Rosette went to confession, which is kinda cool. I always wanted to hang out in one of those little booth thingies. No reason. Just to hang out.

Barbossa did his radio thingy, and the band was on. Then Willow stopped by to feed the squirrels. Did you feed them nuts, Willow? Because that is a stereotype. Some squirrels like gummi bears. Take that into account, people.

Jane was a productive employee and was chilling in the storage room at All and Sundries today, and Dawn helped Giles out in his store, while Billy wanted a book for Lit.

Cafe Fina was open, as was the clinic. Tonight at Caritas, Jaye played bartender. This resulted in Coach GOB Boss Guy, Angela, Marty and Mr. Sam and Dean's Daddy talking with her and antagonizing her. As you do. And Eric walked in, and then out. Also as you do.

And that's it, guys. Feed the squirrels well, don't emo at the plants, and remember that if things get bad you can always feed your cat."
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"Howdy, peoples, this is Greg of the blue skin yesterday and the awesome hair always, and thank you all for not being the most talky people in the history of the world today.


So, first of all, congratulations to Marie, JD, Jamie, Tyler, Pippi, Layla, Peter who's my roommate, Peter who's English, my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend Isabel, Charlene, Alanna and Elizabeth. These people are your leaders this semester. I home you're all suitably terrified.

Anyways, Myth into thingy talked about stuff I can't pronounce and worked in groups. In Philosophy of stuff talked about nature and nurture, and Phoebe lingered after class to gossip about Bel with Dr. Wilson.

War Thingy talked about a war that has a long name, and Dance did line dancing, which is some of my favorite dancing ever. I should do the electric slide right here.

Ethics talked about rumors and played telephone. And from what I've heard, Seely has a thing for Peter who's English, I play in surf with Anders, and Parker licks goats. Interesting. Anders, we totally need to go freeze our asses off at the beach or something, now. But really, these others are more interesting. Can you imagine - Seely Pevensie. It just flows right off the tongue. Almost rhymes. And Parker, I...you know, whatever you do with your time is your thing, really.

And in Science!, we did frictiony things and then we went all tiny and stuff and played baseball and it was made of awesome.

Okay, in office hours, we had a whole bunch of teachers had them, but only Professor Sam and Dean's Daddy and Ms. Calendar had visitors. Also, the office itself was open.

And in the library, Angela and Rory talked about her teeny little doggie.

Finally, Naomi ate a bit of it all in the cafeteria.


So, this morning, Billy woke up in a sleeping bag on the roof. That sounds distinctly uncomfortable, dude. Why'd you sleep up there? Were you all dewy when you woke up?

Marty and Angela, meanwhile, got their snuggle on, while Bel and Phoebe had themselves a fight. But back on the snuggly side of things, John and Aeryn were dirty which is more than I needed to know, really. And in news that is neither snuggly nor fighty, Alec interrupted Dean's homework time.

Anyway, in the fifth floor common room, Nadia made empanadas, and she talked to Anders about teachers, and Pip wanted her to tame his cat. That sounds kind of dirty. Also, Pip was so very against any taste-testing of Nadia's cooking. Walter and Nadia are still good in spite of The, and they discussed Bel's bad day. Pip and Pippi shared an empanada, and Pippi and Walter were proud of Nadia, who talked to Pippi about, again, the hopefully non-dirty taming of Pip's kittycat.

Willow was cute with her boyfriend who Seely like, loves or something. Watch out, Willow. Seriously. And I met Luke, and then Bel stopped by. Z of course was there the whole time, as that's where she lives, but she slept through a lot of it. And Mac and Lavender hung out in the hallway on the fourth floor.

Nadia really did try to train Pip's kitty, and Alphonse visited the twins. Pip and Pippi had a date, and Dawn sent email and then Sam and she were all flirtastic.

Meanwhile, in the third floor, Chad and Weiss were monosyllabic at each other and Billy was absent-minded. Then Billy and Agnes were disappointed by the lack of weirdness so far, and Weiss and Agnes met speedily.

Agnes told Chad how she's not so happy with Dr. Wilson's classes, and Peter who's my roomie told Weiss that he owes the win to me, which he totally does, yes. Peter met Chad and confused Billy, and Agnes suggested that Peter juggle wolverines or something, which I think is a great idea, dude. And Conner and Teddy stopped by.

And up on the fifth floor, Peter who's English failed at cookies, and Bridge talked to him about how awesome the library aides are. Except Rory, who's uptight and probably tries to like, bite people who touch her books. And speaking of, she talked to Peter about cooking and then she and Bridge decided to go to Homecoming together. Good luck, Bridge. I hope she doesn't, like, trick you into thinking you're drunk or something.


Sparky Repairs, Empire Records, All and Sundries, and Cafe Fina were all open but quiet.

Sakurazaki stopped by Luke's and then visited Barbossa's radio show before meeting a duck, the twins and Jude.

In Caritas, Billy had a Pepsi, Lana heard about Phoebe's fight with Bel, Anders brought cream puffs, and Sister Rosette and Wilson drank in the lounge.

And that's it from me, boys and girls. Keep an eye out for guys with weird names stealing your boyfriends, and keep your goats far away from Parker!"
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"Hiiiiii, Fandom! This is Greg, bringing you the best and the worst of Fandom news today, and I'd just like to let everyone know that my hair is awesome. In case you were curious.


Okay, so in Applied Science, they went over Newton's Laws, which re totally my favorite laws. Much better than Murphy, you know. Such a pessimist. Anyway, after class, Z asked Professor Cranston for his autograph. Why doesn't anyone ask me for my autograph. My signature is all loopy and pretty. And in Science!, we went on a field trip, and we were weetiny, and it was AWESOME.

And Philosophy of Values discussed objective versus subjective, which sounds complicated so I'm skipping, and in Dance they tangoed. Yay, dirty? And in Ethics, they talked about lying, and after class, Jamie offered Vader an inhaler and Rory was all uptight and bossy as usual. In Myth into History, they talked about Ares and Aphrodite, and War Theory discussed power and stuff.

Zee oh em gee, everyone had office hours today, including Lorne, Dean and Sam's Daddy, Professor Poppins, Dr. Reid, The, Dr. Covington, all of whom were unvisited.

Meanwhile, Dean Tick was visited by Jamie, Dr. Wilson and V were both visited by Pippi, and okay, dude, this V guy? Needs titles. Or like, a full name. You get two titles! You're Professor Mr. V. Anyways, Professor Adair was also visited by Professor Cranston, Professor Rory's Mommy was visited by Zuko, and Professor Sciuto was visited by Pete.

In the library, Ms. Readman and uptight Rory talked about books, and Rory trained Bridge. Wow, maybe she's not so uptight after all. *whipping sound* Anyways, Lavender wanted a cookbook, and Door talked to Rory about the boogaloo. Seriously, double-ewe tee eff, library? It's all...kinky in there today. I'm a little scared. And then Rory talked to Angela and then Angela trained...Isabel?

...is there footage? Please say there is.

And finally, several people had lunch in the cafeteria today, and here's hoping they survive till tomorrow.


Okay, in the gym, Joxer beat up Billy, or they sparred or something.

Jack asked my beautiful and wonderful girlfriend who may or may not have been dirty with Angela in the library yay to change the color of Cedric's bean bag chair, and Will left a note for Teddy before heading out.

Cally thought Demyx was warm, and Anders got tackled. Sakurazaki and Jude were all cute an' stuff, and Jack taught Cedric about gravity. Molly was glad Krycek's back, and Rory and Luke were all chatty about classes and emotions. Then Sam and Dawn talked about guns and boy parts, and wow is that not a pleasant combination. Willow helped the prettiest girl named Isabel ever with her campaign posters, and Liz and Janet were kind of...um. Dirty and stuff. And Jamie showed off his normal clothes to Z.

In the third floor common room, there was lots of British food. Mac was all confused 'cause Lavender's not gonna go to college, and Parker didn't recognize Mac. English Peter showed up because it's his native foodness, and Billy waved to Lavender. Luke introduced himself to Lavender, and talked to English Peter about jailbreaks.

Lyra talked to Lavender about witches and daemons, and met Parker. Peter who's my roomie met Lavender, and talked to Bridge about a juggling support group. Bridge then talked to Lavender about how he's a growing boy or something, and....

Okay. I swear I am reading this straight from the notes. 'English Peter and Bridge talked about dick and euphemisms.'

*snickering for several seconds*

Um. Anyway. Stark learned about British food, Eric met a bunch of people, Parker was confused by pumpkin juice - ew -and Billy was upset on the fourth floor.


Okay, so Chad, who is very big and speaks Spanish, was at the Perk this morning. Maia chatted with Jude at Luke's, and Billy Actually met Jane at All and Sundries. Barbossa had his radio show, and I love his advice. He told me to skywrite for my girlfriend and I did and she was happy! The pirate is totally a genius and everyone should listen to everything he says!

'Kay, so the church was closed for a kittycat's funeral, and Alec and Dean who looks like him went to shoot some pool. Also, Cafe Fina had some issues with kitchen staff, and Blair and Rosette hung out in the sewers looking for the hooker underground.

...people are weird. 'Kay, so in Caritas, Phoebe and Bel talked about killing demons, and Rosette got a free drink before agreeing to meet Blair underground. Blair then talked to Phoebe about killing, and Joxer talked to Phoebe about sparring with Billy. Lana got dating advice from Phoebe, and The was hanging out.

And in the clinic, Blair visited River.

And that's it, guys! More from me and my amazing locks next week!"
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"Gooooooood evening, fair gentlemen and gentleladies, and people who don't fit either but still want 'gentle' in their name, and people who don't want to be gentle so I'll just call you anti-gentlepeople! This is Greg Sanders, bringing you all the news that's fit to shout over the airwaves, and also some boring stuff like office hours and a lot of stuff on Blair for some reason.

And radio's really freaking long tonight, zomg )

And that's it from me, people! Get back to me on that pizza and sex thing, don't be mean to ponies, and watch out for demons in your cereal!"
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JOHN : Hello everyone, this is President Johnandrosik of Lacucarachaland and with me today is a very, very special guest!

GREG: Hi! This is President Gregogiani of Everthesame. We are broadcasting from a very special location tonight. Kind of.

JOHN : Yes, we're totally in a special location. Well, we're in my room but we're in the Hut of Love also known as the most awesome fort in the history of forts! Radio live from the fort!

GREG: It's platonic love! No boykissy in the hut tonight!

JOHN : We both have girlfriends who can do damage with their hands. And not of the kinky kind though...maybe they can do that too? Aeryn...can. Isabel?

GREG: ...she can burn things and freeze things. I hadn't thought about it. *pause* I'm thinking about it now, though, and I'm pretty sure that's not kinky.

JOHN: Aeryn can't do that. She can just break things. Like bones!

GREG: I think Isabel can do that too. I'm not sure I want to test it. *pause* I don't think that's kinky either.

JOHN: No, I think that would hurt. Our girlfriends are badass. I feel so unmanly.

GREG: Let's put green stuff on our faces and paint our nails!

JOHN : ...okay!

*sounds of a tent opening, shuffling and a tent closing again*

JOHN: Here we go! Aeryn has nail polish!

GREG: ...she does? And did you get green stuff, too?

JOHN: Yeah, it's here. Here, hold your hand and I'll start!

GREG: Okay! We should probably read stuff too, right?

JOHN: Okay!

Hello Sunshine My Old Friend... )

GREG: Do you have eyeshadow to go with the mascara?

JOHN: Sure, I do! And mousse! Would you spike my hair like yours?

GREG: OOH. Of course I would! Everyone should have spiky hair. It's a weapon as well as a fashion statement.

JOHN: Yay! Thanks for listening everyone! I'm gonna go put on eyeshadow and get my hair spiked! This is President Johnandrosik of Lacucarachaland signing out!

GREG: Same here, people! This is President Gregogiani of Everthesame, and by this time next week, we'll have declared a national anthem, bird, flower and we'll have a flag for our fort! Bye!

[Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] like_a_sponge for co writing!]
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GREG: Helloooooooooooo, Fandom! This is Greg Sanders, and I am not drunk! Any reports to the contrary should be ignored like things that you ignore a lot! Like those tags on mattresses that say not to remove, but you do it anyway. Or at least I did. Oh my God, I just told everyone that! Don't send me to jail!

RORY: Shhhhhhhh. You're not going to go to jail, I promise.

GREG: But the Mountie can hear and I think he has to send me to jail!

RORY: I'll break you out! Or something!

GREG: Also, I'm not very, very drunk but I discovered Shirley Temples tonight, an' Rory here says they're reallyreally potent, so I'm kinda...fuzzy.

RORY: That's a funny word. And I'm...actually pretty sober.

GREG: You said you were drunk when we left!

RORY: It wore off.

GREG: Shhhhh, we've gotta read the newses.

Snipped 'cause long and 'drunken' )

RORY: And that's it. Hey, Greggie, want to know a secret?

GREG: Wha? I think I need a shower. Or coffee. Somethin' to sober up.

RORY: Shirley Temples are grenadine and ginger ale.

GREG: ...bzuh?

RORY: You're completely sober, you nit.

GREG: ...*clears throat* I knew that. I was just, you know, playing along. Humoring you.

RORY: No, you didn't. Say night-night, now.

GREG: I hate you.

RORY: Byeeee, everyone!

[Much love to [livejournal.com profile] x5_alec for inspiring this little bout of insanity]
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"Hi hi hi, Fandom, this is Greg Sanders, fresh from a land of rushing rivers, prudish old ladies, and mystical ball pits. Which, seriously, I think we need. Who's with me? Ball-diving for all! Not dirty.

Workshops Add Life!

Okay, so in Lying, which is taught by my fellow ball-lover not dirty, Jarod, they made lists of who they'd contact when looking for a missing person, and who they'd make friends with. I make friends with everyone, really. I don't need lists. Lists are for the narrow-minded! And I am...un-narrow with my mind! Or something.

In Earth Music they talked about their favorite kinds of music, and in Retail, they tried to get Mr. Blackadder to start carrying stuff in All and Sundries.

In Arts and Crafts, they made photo flower arrangements and added photos to their scrapbooks.

And finally, in Baking, we made chocolate snickerdoodles. Also? My recipe totally called for three cups of people. And I don't even understand that joke, but my notes seem to imply that it needed to be made.

Oh, and in the cafeteria, the food replicator was dragged out. I bet you could get some people there, too.

Dorms are It

So, this morning in the gym, Cameron was incredibly uncool. Apparent there was rapping. At Aeryn. It's okay, Cam, you can come live in the ball pit. We'll keep you safe there even if you're the unhippest of the unhip. Jamie, who can also frequent the ball pit, somehow got really good at fighting. Aeryn apologized to his sock. Awww! Did you give it a hug, Aeryn?

This morning, while I was unconscious like an unconscious thing, Peter who is my roommate woke up and facepalmed about the weekend. Sorry, buddy. There's a place for you among the colorful balls of the future though, not dirty. Bel and Phoebe woke up and realized that they only thought they were each other this weekend, which is weird. Were you all on drugs? Angela, Zack, Joxer, the Winchesters, and Hamlet joined the ranks of those waking and headdesking, hiding, or stabbing things. Or wanting to, anyway.

In the fifth floor common room, Nadia fell off a couch and made empanadas. She also made up with River, talked to Pippi about the wackiness that happened here this weekend while I was off falling into a river, consoled the pink-haired Seras, and got a recipe from Xander who is Australian.

Marty and Angela picnicked, Willow was talked out of hiding by English Peter, and Molly brought cookies to Cam and Charlene Kawalsky - and all of you guys can live in the ball pit if you want.

Phoebe talked to Piper about how she doesn't need to be protected from secrets, and see, I disagree. One time, I really felt that I didn't need to know why my sister got a bikini wax, but she decided to tell me. That was an instance where being protected from a secret would have been, in a nutshell, teh win.

Anyways, Jack and Sam the girl had a rather loud discussion, and if either of you ends up unhappy, ball pit is totally yours. Dawn was happy that her boyfriend was in his own body, which I can understand, and Z got a phone call.

Elsewhere, Bridge led a bunch of people on an adventure! And in this case, "a bunch" constituted Xander, Marie, Nadia, Bel and a kittycat, Al, Kaylee, Seras, Chloe, and Stark. So anyway, they found a room full of bouncy music and tunnels and stuff. Weird. Did you guys find more weird water? Someone get me a slideful!

...I bet a ball pit would be cooler. We'd just need to have music there, too.

In the third floor common room, my roomie built a card house, kinda. Hermione joined him and Tyler chatted about the weekend. Then Uptight Girl talked about art and painting her dog's toenails. Whatever. And Zero - who I still haven't met, what the hell? - talked to Peter about how she thought she was him this weekend.

And meanwhile, on the roof, Sakurazaki was emo and Jude tried to cheer her up. Dude, I'm telling you. Colorful balls make everything better not dirty.

Speaking of emo, Tim got a letter returned to him. Sucks to be you, dude. Pippi gave Walter a necklace, and Demyx joined the ranks of the embarrassed. Come to the ball pit, Demyx!

I'd Like to Buy the World a Town

Lana opened the bookstore, and town hall was open too. Sister Rosette came out of the closet, and I don't mean in a, 'Hey, Mom and Dad, you know my quote-and-quote roommate I've lived with for years and with whom I often disappear into dark corners....?' way, and she was at church.

And Sakurazaki, whose name I just learned to pronounce, stopped by some other unpronouncable place that started with an H. Anyway, Tim came back, and River and Sakurazaki said hi. Dude, that's so where the ball pit is going. The middle of the park.

In Caritas, Jarod met Sister Rosette, Sam the girl fought with Jarod about Jack, Phoebe spilled her woes, and Rosette met Clark.

And in the clinic this morning, Dr. Cox enjoyed fishies, and in evening, Janet dealt with the aftermath of the weekend.

Aaaaand finally, Coach Creepy Guy made a phone call, and he doesn't get to play in the ball pit. He'd probably be creepy. 'Cause he's Creepy Guy.

And that's it from me, people! Have a nice evening, plan for the ball pit, and if you have any candy, remember to keep it away from Parker and Jack! Niiiiiiight!"
[identity profile] like-a-sponge.livejournal.com
GREG: Hello, Fandom! Say hello, girlies.


RORY: Why am I here?

GREG: Fine, okay, that was Crazy Hooker and Uptight Girl.


GREG: ...or Becky and Rory, whatever.

RORY: Can we please just do this so I can go back to my cabin?

BECKY: Got a slumber party to get to?

RORY: No, but do you want to be here?

GREG: Anyways it's time to talk about workshops yay!

Cut to spare the flists )

BECKY: Are we done?

RORY: *sounds of pages turning* ...YES. THANK GOD.

GREG: Can I po -


GREG: Hmph.

BECKY: Say night-night, kids.

RORY: You're like a year older. Stop condescending.


BECKY: Just say goodnight, you prissy twit.

RORY: ...night, everyone.

BECKY: Byeeeeeeeee.
[identity profile] bridge-carson.livejournal.com
Bridge: Okay, is everyone here? Good. Let's get this thing started then. Don't ask questions. Just read the notes, okay? Uh! Hello, Fandom. It's Thursday night and I'm bringing the happenings of Fandom with some help from some special guest stars!

Workshops Where People Do Stuff

Greg: Hi, peoples! Okay, so in Screen Acty thing, people filmed each other doing intros and then they worked in groups to make a scene.

In Sex Ed, they did a survey and played in groups with phallic balloons that squirted. Heee! Pip, Blair, and Willow all talked to Crazy Hooker, though why I don't really know.

And in Wilderness Survival, they stripped, listened and tracked, and D'anna talked to Callisto whosleepswithducks.

In that talking class, they did intros and Ivanova talked to Blair, Tim, Pip and Phoebe after class.

In the library, Jamie told Angela 'bout his "special talent," Cally and Angela had girltalk, and that girl with the name was looking for books.

And over lunch, Tyler and Pippi had a nice, long talk.

And seriously, all of this sounds like bad porn or something.Oops. I said that on the radio. Um. Well. At least my girlfriend is out of town so maybe she didn't hear, unless she downloaded the podcast in which case hi, honey, you're pretty!

So...back to Bridge. OH. And everyone should have hair like Inkykin Skywriter's! The end!

Camp Where People Live

Bridge: This morning in the gym, Cam and Veronica declared a banana war- is that a war on bananas, or using bananas, or what? And Cam also taught Veronica how to kick stuff. Kawalsky and Cam were then "manly" together. This probably did not involve bananas. And Cam and Sakurazaki met and discussed Fandom weirdness.

At the Meerkat Campfire this morning, Buffy was reading a magazine by herself. The Aye-Aye Campfire was a little more populated, since Archie made breakfast. Nadia stopped by for some- and hopefully did not recite poetry- as did Sawyer. And Pippi and Archie were "hale and hearty" in spite of blue drinks.

In the Stickbug cabin, Jamie woke himself up by being all cheerful and obnoxious. Isabel was getting ready to leave for a bit- we'll miss you! Oh, wait, you're probably gone and can't hear this... oh well, you'll download the podcast or something when you get back, and then you'll know that we will miss you. Did miss you. Something. Whatever. Anyway, Hat-Girl, Cedric, Jack, Alanna, the dude, Peter and Greg all stopped by to say goodbye. Willow and Peter had lunch. Anakin taught Willow about etiquette and was confused by Greg. There's also something about ducks and skywriting. Greg? Sometimes, you worry me, dude. Just sayin'.

Greg: I don't know why people keep saying that. Also, tomorrow my hair will be extra-cool, so all should come and see!

Bridge: I'll... mark it on my calendar. Anyway, moving on. Alec informed Dean that, surprise! He is now enrolled in Flight and Flying! Dean seemed less than pleased. Pippi and River spoke Squirrel in a clearing. To each other, or to squirrels? I don't know. Hat-Girl seemed unsure of whether or not Cam was allowed to be in the Meerkat cabin. And Ranma has the sneaking suspicion he- she? These notes say both. Weird. Anyway, that he or she missed something this week.

And.... now I turn you over to Alanna.

Alanna: What? Well, I was going to sleep. Faithful, wait outside. No. Wait outside. Because you tried to eat the microphone last time. I don't care. Sit. Stay. I'll give you a can of tuna. Good boy. OW!

Okay, evil cat issues over so: dorm life. Where I learned many new things today that I am actually happy I learned. ... Get your minds out of the gutter.

Seras broods with a soccer ball. I hope the ball is feeling better. Oh, and she talks with Pippi and Nadia about her fight with Walter. Seras's fight. Not the ball's. Just in case it wasn't clear.

The place to be tonight is apparently the Pangolin - who named our cabins anyways? - campfire. Parker and Bridge talk about classes. For the record, I think mine are out to get me. Then, Parker talks with Bel about Sex Ed. That's just helping my point, you know. Bel and Bridge also talk about Sex Ed and Blair. Do I want to know? Faithful was being a brat and giggled at Bel, me, and almost everyone else who was there. Parker made a brave attempt at explaining the love lives of some classmates to me. Faithful was giggling. Bridge talked to me about losing his shirt. Because I must: Did you find it?

Bridge: Actually? Cal gave it back after class.

Alanna: Xander isn't sure what to think about Bridge losing his shirt. It could have been worse. It could have been pants. Anders brings cupcakes. How come I didn't get one? Angela and Marty stopped and caught up with more people. Jaye and Z also make an appearance.

And then people went to bed.

Town Where People Work

Kawalsky: So I wanna see what all the radio fuss is about. DJ K is on the air with all the town news.

Coach Bluth was chilling out on his yacht. There was probably booze involved. I'm just saying.

In Empire Records, Little Buddy Jamie and my favorite detention pal Marie caught up about workshops.

Over at All and Sundries, Ivanova's back in town and brought Blackadder coffee. Hey, she never brought *me* coffee. What? Is Blackadder more worthy of caffeine-laced goodness?

In Luke's, Jude played with donuts. I.. really hope that's not a euphemism or I'm never eating there again.

Parker and Cally had fun at the beach and man, considering some of the stuff I've heard on here lately, I really hope that's not a euphemism either.

Awww, and Isabel left town and her freakishly small boyfriend saw her off. Keep up the good work, Spiky Short Guy.

Then there's the most happening place in town, Caritas, where Coach Bluth was in a good mood. See, told ya, there had to be booze involved. He gave V a paid night off. Then he talked to the Mountie Man about women. Wait, my notes say there was no fist fight. Weird. Then Cally and Piper talked. Just talked.

And if you missed it, the Pirate had his Wine, Wenches 'n Song show this afternoon.

That's all from town. Wait no, there's a few late notes here about some weird goings-on around the place. Empire Records, Artie's, All and Sundries, the Tarr-diss whatever that is, Mauvaise Chance, Quark's Bar, Caritas, Luke's, Hitsuze-what the hell is that?, the clinic, the old lawyer place, the cinema, the florist, the Perk, JGOB and the hotel.

Sounds fishy to me. That's all from town. I guess we'll find out what the deal is tomorrow.

This is DJ K signing off from the radio gig. Hey, are those Twizzlers?

Bridge: Yes, yes they are. Thanks for the help, guys! This is Bridge Carson- and guest stars- signing off!

much love for [livejournal.com profile] threeweapons, [livejournal.com profile] kawalsky and [livejournal.com profile] like_a_sponge for cowriting yay!
[identity profile] auroryborealis.livejournal.com
RORY: Hi, guys, this is Rory and Hair Gu -

GREG: It's Greg.

RORY: ...as I was saying, this is Rory and Greg, and we're here on the first night of new workshops and cabin-ness to bring you all the news that's fit to hear, and then some. Because this is Fandom.

GREG: Dirty?

RORY: Undoubtedly, there'll be dirtiness somewhere in here.

Cut as it is long not dirty yay! )

RORY: Please just stop talking.

GREG: Say my hair is awesome.

RORY: ...no!

GREG: You know it is. Just say it. Once. Please?

RORY: No! It looks like a raccoon died on your head.

GREG: You are no fun.

RORY: I'm turning off the mic now. Bye, people!

GREG: Fine. Bye everyo-

[identity profile] like-a-sponge.livejournal.com
GREG: Hi, Fandom! This is Greg, bringing you yet another Gregtastic radio broadcast this fabulous spring night. And tonight I have a special guest! Everyone say hi to Crazy Hooker!

BECKY: It's Becky.

GREG: Right, Crazy Hooker.

Cut 'cause long )

GREG: Anyway. We're done. Go ruin your lungs, Craz...Becky.

BECKY: Have fun playing solitaire on your computer tonight, sweetheart.

GREG: Bye Fandom! *pause*...aren't you going to say bye or anything?


GREG: ...okay. *click*
[identity profile] like-a-sponge.livejournal.com
"Hi, hi, hi, guys, this is Greg on behalf of ALL the Stickbugs - who, as we all know, are the best cabin. But tonight, I'm in a really good mood, so everyone gets to be shown in a good light. Even Meerkats, who are forces of evil who, I've heard, really like cheesecake. You know. In that way. Except Isabel, eeeeee.


We started off the day with Clockwork, where students designed what their clocks will look like.

Meanwhile, in Baking, poor Willow found out she's not getting graded. Uh...that's sad, yeah.

In Arts and Crafts, people got lei'd, which, again, sounds really dirty. What is it about this workshop with random dirtiness? At least students did manage to be kinda not lewd-sounding inasmuch as they also did some scrapbooking.

And Image spent the day at the spa, which either sounds really relaxing or really useless, or both, but don't think I'm unmanly for it. Nothing too feminine about having really good hair, people. Just reminding you.

In the Dining Hall, Nadia and Walter made plans to go to the beach - hmm - and Tampa also had lunch.

Over in the library, Tyler met Hermione, Meerkat girls did EVIL, EVIL RESEARCH, and Elizabeth met Tyler.


Dean called his dad, and Jaye called her friend.

Also, it's John's birthday. Happy birthday, fellow Stickbug dude! May all your birthdays be stickbuggy and may your girlfriend not kill me!

So, Buffy was taking pictures, and Dawn talked about boys. And then Jaye explained random email to Buffy. Elsewhere, Parker and Jack talked, and Parker talked to Elizabeth.

James got trapped in one of those dirty German sex toys that I read about last week. Poor James. Here's hoping no one, uh, uses him.

And in other news, it seems Jack's headed off-island for a few. He got Cedric to watch his plant, and said bye to Isabel. Hi, Isabel! Hi!

At the Koala campfire, there was a discussion of cheer and clothes.



Um. Sorry. Minor moment of panic there. Buffy and Veronica talked about boys and tolerance, and then Veronica and Bel talked about how they like their coffee. Personally, I like my coffee like I like my women: with a spoon in them really strong, and really good at keeping me pleasantly alert.

Lana and Bel discussed workshops, Buffy and Lana talked cheerleading - YAY CHEERLEADERS YAY - and Veronica and Lana talked about the pranking. Oh, is there a prankwar afoot? I wouldn't know, being the upstanding citizen I am, and all.

Rory got a phone call from Angela, Parker had a date with Jarod at the docks - hmm - and Sa...that one girl and Jude talked while she was hanging out in a tree. Hmm. Then she chatted with Ranma in a language that isn't English or Spanish or Norwegian, so I don't have any idea what they said.

Jack headed out, and Molly demanded entertainment of Cam. And Willow wrote something on her computer, though I have no idea what. I totally just decided she's writing a story about twig-like insects that totally own a bunch of prairie dog-like creatures. It would be the best story ever.

So, apparently, there's a lot of kissing in with the Seawhores, and no one told me. Braidyman and Jaye did shots, and then with Dean, there was a discussion of his "weapon." Oh, and according to this, he has two, or possibly just one and it's blue.

I really hope I'm misreading these.

Sam the girl wandered in, and impressed Dean with her mad cooking skillz. And there was excitement over her baked goods. Dirty?

Dean learned about same-sex kissing, and talked to Alec about it. Alec then went over his options with Jaye, who talked to Cedric.

Rory talked about kissing with Jaye, and then proceeded to try to steal booze from he whose "weapon" I know more about than I ever wanted to.

Apparently, this was Buffy's first kissing event - THESE ARE EVENTS? - just in time to see Rory get her mack on with Jaye, and Alec kissing both Cedric and Dean.

Man, you people are kind of slutty. No offense, because I'm at least in favor of the girls.

Meanwhile, in the gym, Bel sparred with English Peter, Bel and Tyler talked about pranking - how immature of both of you. So disappointed, guys - Peter offered to teach Tyler to use a sword, and Alanna and Walter beat up on the punching bag.

Over at the Snake campfire, Tim met Joxer and Parker and Kaylee. And freaking everyone was flirty and dirty.

And over at the Squirrel campfire, Nadia, Pippi and Walter hung out.


First of all, in the clinic we had Granny cooking and Trevor reading.

Anyways, Wonka's is going to keep new hours, Tim opened Luke's, and Lana opened the bookstore. Town Hall was open, and the troopers got a delivery from Wonka's. Jamie spent a day at the theater, Macbeth was...swept away...and that one place was open. I can't pronounce it. Make up your own names.

Also, Willow stopped in at Weasley's, and nothing seemed to happen in Caritas. How sad. Maybe everyone was off in an orgy or something.

And on that note, I'm all out of news, guys. Happy kissing or whatever, and remember that Stickbugs rule, as does girlkissing. Night!"
[identity profile] like-a-sponge.livejournal.com
"Helloooooooooooooooo, Fandom. This is Gregorino Sanderski, or possibly just Greg Sanders, broadcasting to you live from this radio broadcasty place.



Workshoppy Goodness!

So, today was an exciting day of Arts and Crafts. Students were asked to make Justice Sticks which sounds really dirty and to start scrapbooking, which doesn't.

Image kids made collages, and In Chargey Girl got a compliment. Then everyone played dress-up.

In Clockwork, people took stuff apart.

*sounds of someone knocking persistently on the door and Rory Gilmore's voice being asked to be let in*

ANYWAY, Baking made brownies. Sam and Willow gossiped about cabinmates, and then they met Ainsley. Jude got dating advice from Pip, and Sam and Pip speculate on whether the brownies have demon in them. Um. 'Kay. Anders found out about his writings being read on the radio last night - dude, that was yours? The things people spend their time doing. Honestly.

*insistent quacking* Shhh, eat some chips. Good, there you go. Yum, processed foods

And finally, Principal Washburn called Tyler into her office. Whoa, harsh. Especially considering that he hit up Dr. Pevensie in the clinic, too.

Cabbiney Goodness!

First of all, Miho dropped off notes. Whoa, sneaky. Like a ninja or something.

Dr. Arroway was at the campfire, where she met Maia and Marie.

So, John and Aeryn who's scary but pretty headed into the woods for a...nature hike. Yeah. Um, Molly and Cam walked to the dorms and town and talked along the way, as you do. Phoebe and Bel woke up together, and dude, are our beds big enough for...that? Don't your cabinmates mind? Did like, a squirrel crawl in bed with you? I don't mean Squirrel, proper noun. But like the woodland creature. That would be kind of funny.

Xander and Callisto talked about being upright citizens, and Veronica and Xander talked about a need for space.

So, apparently this morning Pangolin common room was the place to be. Dude, what's a pangolin? It sounds like an instrument. Anyway, Isabel stopped by even though she doesn't live there - hi Isabel! - and Tempo chatted with everyone there. She's new, so that makes sense. Hi Tampa! And Bridge moved in, and Parker needed coffee.

Tyler and Veronica sent email, and some guy named Anakin came back from...wherever...with a glove. Uh. Okay. I guess...you know, whatever thrills you.

In way more interesting news, Isabel and I went for a fun and informative run. Hi, Isabel!

*more insistent pounding on the door, and the sound of Rory calling fretfully*


*cough* Um. Anyway.

Elsewhere, some dude named Sawyer did tai bo or tae kwon do or Thai food or something behind Pangolin, and Tim tried to be sneaky but failed. And according to my notes, Pippi swore. That is very uncouth behavior, yo. And yeah, I totally know what that word means, shut up. And that Sawyer guy was in a good mood by the fire.

*sounds of quacking* Shh, dudes.

...um. Z stopped by to see Bridge, as did Willow and Xander. And a bunch of Snakes hung out in their cabin.

Over in Squirrel, Seras and Walter drank tea. Sometimes I like iced tea, but mostly I'm a coffee man. You would not like me uncaffeinated. I'm cranky like a thing that is cranky and unhappy with the world and I have only had like, two cups today. And I'm having some gummi worms right now. Sugar's fun!

In Meerkat, *snicker* Dawn and In Chargey Girl talked about Alec being a manslut, and Molly talked about sports with In Chargey Girl.

Rory, whose radio gig I am in no way stealing and please to be ignoring any noise you hear in the background, moved in. And Aeryn lives there, as does Isabel. That's interesting. Hi again, Isabel!

*sounds of quacking until slightly muffled by Greg throwing his jacket, not that the listening audience can see*

Anyways, Seras and Pippi discussed parents, which is what I thought we were all leaving behind for our summer of wild and crazy camping. Nadia called Pip an idiot, and while that doesn't seem too nice, I'm pretty sure she probably had a good reason to. And Nadia and Walter were cute. Cute like wee little duckies? Ducks are adorable, aren't they? Snuggly and fun. Good bunkmates.

Not in a dirty way.

There was a discussion of Pokemon, which...notes are smudged, so I'm going to decide that it's German for marital aids. That's kind of a weird thing to chat about, but whatever floats your boat.

And apparently there are sex-changing pills - did you use those, Charlene?

Over at the Puffin campfire, Tim and Jude talked bugs. And Isabel kept, um, shirtless Jack company outside of Seahorse.

...anyway, in other news, in the best cabin ever, Nadia and Jamie talked about stickbugs versus squirrels, and dude, seriously? Stickbugs own all.

*quacking* Shhhhhhhh.

John and Nadia talked about that crazy old teacher lady, John and Jamie came up with a way to not be bored, as did John and Tyler. Whoa, guys, we should get together and have a constructive night of Boggle or Pictionary! Keep those tendencies in check!

*from outside the room, Rory's voice shouting and more knocking*

AHEM, ANYWAY, Pip was in the gym today, and he talked to Gwynn, Peter who's not my roommate except he's my cabinmate now, and Pippi about their days of workshopping, and Nadia left when she saw Pip. Because he's an idiot, remember?

And tonight in Stickbug, we boys just sat around twiddling our thumbs and talking about how much we love camping. Communing with nature.

In the Seahorse common room, which has a really unique spelling in these notes, Jaye explained scrapbooking to Dean. What's to explain? I don't get it. It's a simple, albeit kind of sticky sometimes, activity. So, Sam the girl was all dirty, and Dean and Alec talked dating. Jaye decided not to be boring, and Sam the dude sat in Dean's lap.

And if any of you were curious, the spelling on that is S-E-A-W-H-O-R-S-E.

At the main campfire, Jude shared his brownies, Tim wanted everyone to hang out there, and Walter met Jude.

At the Puffin campfire, Alphonse and Ed toasted marshmallows and were confused by Tim. They were then joined by Stark and Sakura.

Nadia drew pictures, Veronica talked to Piper about workshops, Jaye flirted with Jack, and Willow sent email.

And finally, at the Koala campfire, Koalas hung out, and at the Squirrel campfire, Squirrels did.

Towny Goodness!

Tsk, Lana was late to work. Shame.

At the Perk, Clark made Jenny's acquaintance, and then Giles hooked up with Jenny. Well. He didn't...hook up with her, nudge nudge wink wink. Probably. I mean, maybe they did. These notes are not clear enough.

At Jeff, God of Biscuits, Willow met the Peter from England, and Susan chatted with them.

In All and Sundries, Jude and Edmund talk about some made up Happy Canada Day thing for whatever, and Molly and Cam went shopping.

And in Datey news, Elle had a date with Jay at Galactica Point, and Jude bought Sakurazaki a slurpee.

*quacking and pounding at the same time* Shhhhhhhhhh. And come back later, vampire dog girl! I'm kind of busy!

Um, finally, in the clinic, Granny opened and Tyler got his bandages removed.

And that's it! I'm out! Sweet dreams of pie and cute girls, Fandom!"

*sounds of a door opening, muffled arguing, and a great deal of quacking before the mic cuts off*

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