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Ms K. ————, Lady G. Atreides and Ms C. ———— had a secret pre-Dawn meeting at the Boards. Later, Mr R. the Frog sang in the back room of Things Reborn. Meanwhile, Ms K. Unpronounceable met Ms T. Maclay at the Magic Box discussed the purchase of special jewellery in preparation for their weekend plans.

Over at the Brothers Wiggins Mr P. Wiggins was shredding paper, likely to donate to a nearby pet shelter, when Mr Sparkle ———— came by with supplies and Ms A. McShane brought a cupcake delivery. We would like to remind our readers that excessive cupcake consumption may be hazardous to your health.

Mr W. Murdoch spent an afternoon outdoors indulging in some light reading, when Mr B. Wayne invited him to come by the library with him this Saturday.

As per usualy, the back room at Caritas was doing a bustling trade. Mr L. Castellan talked with Ms K. Pryde about how she managed to keep her anger in check and his plans for the weekend, while Ms Pryde enjoyed a coke and her day off. Mr Y. Warner was talking to all the doors, Mr R. Ryan enjoyed not being threatened by Umbridge's thugs, Ms M. Funke enjoyed her first visit to the establishment and learnt how she could spend her weekend productively. Ms P. West talked business and weekend plans with the friendly barkeep, who is looking for a good seafood wholesaler.

Mr S. LaCroix was lurking in the graveyard, when Ms A. Edison asked him to disperse. Luckily, despite vigorous debate that was all she did.

Mr Leon was brooding on a rooftop, when Mr Warner tagged him it to no avail, he was likewise unimpressed with Sailor Venus's speech about love and beauty, and the supplies a masked figure gave him. Ms Funke provided his dog with scratches and Mr Leon was pessimistic about the weekend. K. ————, who we note for your safety has been imperioed, dropped by to tell him how her chat with Ms R. Heartilly in detention went.

Hope you've all got plans for the weekend. If you don't find your friends and make some.

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