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Hello everyone! This is John Crichton coming at you large and in charge! Well, not large in the literal sense. Stop smirking, Cameron! Stop it! Anyway, I'm large and in charge in a metaphorical way. Completely metaphorical. Well, wait, some other parts of my body might be large...not like that you gutter dwellers!

School on Saturday? Surely, You Jest!

Crazy Hooker and Scary Mute Ninja held detention today. Alec, Joxer, Walter Dornez, Tyler Durden, Gwynn Hood, Pippi Longstocking, Jamie Madrox, Conner McKnight, Cameron Mitchell, M. Parker, Peter Parker, Peter Pevensie, Nadia Santos, Dawn Summers, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester. Good grief, that's a lot of you. You'd almost think you wanted detention. Hey Cam? Tell me, are they aliens?

Dorm Room With A View

In the dorms, Charlie sends some email. I didn't receive anything so it was obviously not for me. Charlie, have you forsaken me? I'm returning your stamps immediately! Pip is human again! Congratulations, Pip! Pippi, Nadia and River check on Pip after his transformation back into human. Checking to see if all pertinent parts are there, aren't you, ladies?

Aeryn Sun, all around ass kicker, loves kittens! Percival is her little bundle of awesome joy! River paints something, Veronica does some research, and Marie writes a letter. Hi Marie! Sorry this broadcast isn't too insane. I must be tired tonight. Next week, I'll do my best Barbossa impression! Tempe talks to her wee kitties too. Spread the kitty love!

In room 213, Aeryn continues to play with her new BFF, Percival. And she came up with that name all on her own! Tyler's acting a bit odd, Isabel talks to people and reassures Gregory of the Stickbugs, and then Rory, Dawn and me all dot watch. Dots are cool.

Nadia didn't have fun in detention. What? Need some cheering up, Nadia? I can go Swamp Thing for you! And Pippi listens to music. It wasn't Yanni, was it?

In the third floor common room, Bel is hanging out and watching Celebrity Poker. Kaylee and Bel decide that crazy is normal. Add me to the list of people who agrees with that! Marie bothers Bel and talks to Kaylee about Kaylee's abilities.

Everyone in this school as cool abilities but me, huh? All I am is metaphorically large. Still in the third floor common room, Walter talks to Marie about detention and workshops, Gwynn is still in shock after detention, and Jack meets Marie. Were you shirtless, Jack? I heard your cabin encouraged that?

Still in the busy third floor common room, Jack also meets Kaylee, Briar talks to Marie about magic, and promises to check out Jack's plant. If this wasn't Fandom, that statement would sound weird. Anyway, Walter is in shock after detention, Walter and Bel talk about poker, Joxer tells Kaylee about detention, and Joxer and Marie talk about each other's days.

In the third floor common room, Bel is annoyed at Joxer's shoeless feet. Why? Did they smell? Have corns? Seras tries to get Marie excited about the World Cup. Go...team who is good! And Bel and Seras talk competitive sports!

In the fourth floor common room, Tim puts a flyer on the door, Jude tells Lana about his experience as a canary, and Ranma and Sakurazaki stop by.

Tim Desmond puts up posters advertising a movie night! Marie also puts up posters advertising cheerleading practice. Unfortunately, I've heard from my good friend Johnina and she won't be able to make it. That's her time for her weekly pedicure.

Takin' You Downtown!

At Caritas, Veronica catches up with Weevil.

Alfred and Clark stop into All and Sundries while Seras watches soccer! Go...team! Jude and Clark go to Weasley's for the first time and River stops into Luke's and talks to Tim.

And then there are mummies! Kawalsky, Sam Carter, Cameron, Alanna, Luna, Molly, Parker, Isabel, Tyler, Xander and Bridge fight mummies!. And then they lay into the big bad guy!.

In more mummy fighting news, Aeryn, Callisto, Alec, Dean, Sam Winchester, Z, Buffy, Anakin, Peter Parker, and D'Anna fight mummies as well. But not mommies. Evil mommies would be fricking scary! And then they take on a giant scorpion!

The Fandom Troopers get there too late! Woe! Maybe you guys need more chocolate?

Clark comes into the clinic during Natalie's shift with his duck and Tommy plays with the television during his shift at the clinic.

And that's all the time we have for today! But, before I go, I'm sending this out to one special lady...and no, it's not Rita Skeeter!

Muuuuuuuuuuusic! )

I love you, my mummy fighting bad ass! This is John Crichton, the metaphorically large one, signing off!

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