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*microphone feedback*

*microphone feedback*

*more microphone feedback*

-ing squirrels. This is Jaina, who the squirrels apparently decided it would be fun to force into the radio station this morning, like I don't have better things to do. Apparently the regular girl decided she's just not leaving her room, which is probably smart. I'll be fast.

welcome to i-accidentally-brought-her-in-for-a-BDE-so-I-might-as-well-do-this-with-her radio! )
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Kitty: Morning, everybody. Hope you all had fun at homecomi-

*door slams*

Jaina: ...And I guess I'm doing radio.

Kitty: Did the squirrels kidnap you on the way to the gym?

Jaina: Is it that obvious, what with my gym clothes?

Kitty: It does paint a certain picture. I wish they did this earlier, then maybe I could have slept in. I mean, sorry about the squirrels, but... Anyway, so this is Kitty Pryde here with the woman with the giant blinding engagement ring, jeez-

Jaina: It's more popular than I am.

Kitty: -With Sunday's news. Whether we want to give it to you or not.

been a while since i did a teamup )
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Jaye: Good morning, Fandom, or as good a morning as you can have on a weekend this early. How do you people on weekends do this? Anyway, until radio voting is closed, you get me-

*door opens*

Jaina: It's been a while since I've been herded by squirrels.

Jaye: Oh, come on, guys. Having an off day doesn't mean you can just bring in every random person off the street to do radio with me.

because i have no boys, yes. yes it does mean that )
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We really do this in the morning now? I'm convinced you did this just to throw me off. This is Jaina, in for your usual apparently really excitable radio host. I don't know, I woke up to a note under my door in squirrel-scratch telling me to come down here, so I guess this is what I'm doing today. It's something, I guess.

One of my notes is about the big, impossible-to-miss black clouds over the town. Has anyone missed this? Well, if you have, now you know.

different than your usual broadcaster because she's stranded in missouri radio! )
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Good... freakishly warm morning, everyone. That feels weird to say for a couple reasons. Congratulations to the people who are going to be on radio this semester, none of which are me and I'm very glad for that. But you get me today anyway, for some reason. So let's just get to it before I get into an argument with the squirrels or something and then have to face my class.

whee radio! )
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Hi, Fandom. I've been back in town for all of oh, five minutes. Guess who had squirrels waiting at the junkyard to escort her to the radio station? So I'm tired and want to shower, and now I have squirrels irritated at me for being late. Hopefully you're all doing better.


I don't know what that means, but I'm here, stop bitching.

hey, there's enough for a cut! )
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So I guess I'm doing this while that girl's gone? Okay, fine. Sure. Hey, everyone, there's not a lot of news to report, but I'm going to do it anyway. Since I'm already here and all.

No classes, no one hanging out in their offices, though there was some activity in the dorms. Kurt said his goodbyes to Fandom, while Squall's only leaving temporarily. Rinoa still came to see him and ask if he was excited to go. Hinata also left for break, though she sent a letter before going. Look, I didn't say there was a lot of activity here, just some.

Fraser tried to walk no less than four dogs while everyone involved was smelling cinnamon. That smell's still there, by the way. After a while I swear things start to taste weird. Except maybe at The Arms where they made it a theme. And Cally had a cinnamon roll at Strokes of Genius, so... Fine, pretend I didn't say anything about things tasting weird. People just eat better than me. Sparky Repairs was closed, but Momoko bounced in to make sure they were still going and to get a present from Rikku, and you know everyone's gone this week because the kissing contest at Dite's was relatively light. Karla and Raven were around for Donations and purchases and Rinoa checked if Karla was going somewhere, too.

And that is everything. I may be the only one still here by the end of the week. But to everyone who is here, or listening via podcast, happy holidays, even if you're celebrating somewhere that smells normal.
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Evening, Fandom. Tonight you get Jaina and not Jane, probably because she's maybe off-island or... elsewhere, or sticking to her room like I'd recommend everyone else does. Not that I expect most of you to actually do that, but I'd be a bad authority figure if I didn't say it.


Look, it's been a really bad, smelly week, if you could wait till later to start calling me a bad role model, that'd be great.

not that it's long. nor is it sassy and gay, woe )
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Jaina: Good evening, everyone. This is Jaina, here tonight because your regular broadcaster is... indisposed. And I am here tonight with a certain bunny. So if you hear me talking directly to someone... you all get to hear my crazy. I guess you're just going to have to deal with it.

Not!John!Bunny: *silence*

dun judge, it makes me happy )
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John: Seriously? This is how they kidnap you?

Jaina: No mocking. Besides, it's not really kidnapping, it's more like coercion.

John: Yeah, I'm still gonna mock.

Jaina: *papers rustling* No, you're going to do something else )

[Much thanks to [ profile] missed_the_gate for the assist!]
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Hello. This is Jaina, and apparently your regular broadcasters couldn't be here tonight. And I guess that Jane girl was supposed to do it, but she said she couldn't. Which I think is teen code for 'didn't want to.' So you get me. Of my own free will. Not kidnapped by squirrels.


Don't believe a word they say, audience.

once more with cut tag! )

Fandom Radio, April 1

Thursday, April 1st, 2010 09:45 pm
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Jaina: *microphone feedback* I NEED TO STOP GETTING KIDNAPPED BY SQUIRRELS TO THE RADIO STATION. Hi, Fandom. Apparently your regular broadcasters shouldn't be here, so you're stuck with me. And I seem to be missing a whole chunk of notes, so at least this'll be quick.

...Why'm I getting a call? *click* Hello?

that's why )
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Jaina: -stop throwing things at me! You know, I just said yesterday I wasn't doing radio anymore-

*door opening*

Mirax: -I don't really need to be kidnapped, I came willingly the last time...

Jaina: Wow. This just got very weird for me. Why do I suddenly want Tahiri here?

Mirax: I have no idea who you are.

Jaina: You won't for years, don't worry.

*door opening*

Angela: I know you're squirrels, but I'm pretty sure this is still illegal!

Jaina: Oh, hey, you're unexpected.

Angela: I'm here against my will.

Jaina: Yeah, that happens. Anyway, hello, Fandom, it looks like you're stuck with us. If you're new, I'm Jaina, that's Mirax, that's.... not Tahiri but she's blonde so we can... okay no, we can't pretend.

Angela: Angela. And I think I deserve a better introduction than that.

Jaina: Nah. Do school.

haven't done this in a while whee! )
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Jaina: *rushed* Okay, hi.

Brooke: About time you picked up. Where were you?

Jaina: working.

Brooke: You sound way too happy about that.

Jaina: Don't you have your own business? Then you should know.

Brooke: ...When you put it that way... Still, you could have been on time for our very last broadcast together.

Jaina: Are you serious? Already?

Brooke: I know you're gonna miss me-

Jaina: I love today.

Brooke: Let's just move on.

last time with the bitchy doubles! )
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Brooke: Good evening, Fandom! Welcome to your weekly date with Brooke and Jaina, I'm sure you're all very happy about that-

Jaina: Stop introing and let's just get this over with.

Brooke: Are you being crabby again?

Jaina: You always call me that. This week's just been... back to normal.

Brooke: PMS?

Jaina: Stop blaming everything on PMS and read school notes.

it is wednesday, right? )
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Brooke: Hi, everyone! Welcome back to the end of another Wednesday night, where I hope there is no trauma except the fun kind, and everyone is unemoed.

Jaina: I can actually get behind that statement.

Brooke: ...And I take back what I just said because I'm pretty sure hell just froze over. Sorry, all. It's Jaina's fault.

Jaina: Just get to the notes. You read school.

Brooke: No! I hate reading school! It reminds me of going to school and there's a reason I don't do that anymore!

Jaina: If reading notes really reminds you of going to school, I think you're doing one or both really wrong.

up before thursday! )
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Jaina: Okay, I'm still catching up on radio broadcasts, but it seems like I took a week off and the island had to have a crisis. Stop that.

Brooke: ....Or you could just say hello.

Jaina: I like my way better.

Brooke: I swear by the time we finish our time on radio, I will have taught you how to make a proper introduction.

Jaina: I know how, I just don't want to.

Brooke: You do it because you hate me.

Jaina: You figured me out.

hello for getting home way too late on radio night! )

Brooke: Seriously. Gossip. I'm feeling out of the loop here, you know.

Jaina: And of course it's all about you.

Brooke: And it only took you this long to figure it out. Okay, hanging up now. Night, Fandom!

Fandom Radio, July 22

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009 11:22 pm
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*phone ringing*

Jaina: Okay, fine. So I'm trying to get Brooke on the line, but it's gone to voicemail like three times now, so either I'm doing this myself or I may have to cohost with a ringtone because I will keep trying-

Brooke: Hello?

Jaina: We're on the air already, you know.

Brooke: Oh! Sorry! I was in the shower. I've got a date, so I might not be around long.

Jaina: ....You can't just skip out on radio halfway through.

Brooke: Sure I can. All the more reason to get through this faster, right? You start, I'm doing my hair.

la la la )

Jaina: That's it?

Brooke: Looks like, and I have to finish getting ready, so you'd be on your own anyway.

*dial tone*

Jaina: I remember the days she used to get on my case for leaving before the end. Night, Fandom.

Fandom Radio, July 15

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009 10:29 pm
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Jaina: Good evening, Fandom. Much earlier than last week, you're welcome. And this week we actually have Brooke on the line so I don't have to wake her up at two in the morning.

Brooke: You're so going to hell for that.

Jaina: I don't believe in your hell.

Brooke: Doesn't mean I won't damn you there anyway.

and lo there was radio )

Fandom Radio, July 8

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 11:44 pm
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Jaina Brooke would be so proud, I'm doing an intro and everything. Hello, Fandom, my name's Jaina, I have radio these nights. And for you live listeners, sorry, we're not usually on this late, but I've got time lag like you wouldn't believe and also, I'm working on something.

*sound of a phone ringing*

Jaina: While we're waiting, I just want to thank all the new kids for not being related to me.

Brooke: Wha... Hello?

Jaina: Brooke! How soon you forget your old friends!

Brooke: ....It's two am.

Jaina: Yes it is. And if you look to your window, you'll find a squirrel waiting with your share of tonight's notes.

Brooke: Wait. You woke me up to do radio with you over the phone?

Jaina: The radio audience voted for Brooke and Jaina, the radio audience gets Brooke and Jaina. And you picked the wrong time to mess with me.

Brooke: Why, are you PMS'ing or something?

Jaina: ...I'm going to blame that on you just waking up. Speaking of which, I gave you school notes. So I guess this means you're up.

Brooke: I hate you so much more than I did last week.

like i was letting this go )

Jaina: There, we're done. So Brooke, next week you be around when I call, and I don't drag you out of bed at two am. Got that?


Brooke: Zzzzzz.

Jaina Brooke says good night, Fandom.

Fandom Radio, July 1

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009 10:13 pm
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Jaina: All right, let's get this over with.

Brooke: Have I not taught you to do an intro?

Jaina: No.

Brooke: The 'hi, this is Brooke, welcome to radio, please don't mind us talking at you for the next few minutes as long as we're funny?'

Jaina: You missed that lesson in the kidnapping me to radio.

Brooke: It wasn't that bad. No one made you show all these weeks.

Jaina: They're called squirrels.

Brooke: ...Good point.

small day woo! )

Brooke: Well, that's it for me, guys! It's been a blast, you're all- well, most of you- are awesome, and I want to keep in touch with everyone even if I'm going to see you at homecoming. It's a long way off. Bye, everyone! Remember, if I don't call anyone, Jaina killed me.

Jaina: Oh, for the love of-

Fandom Radio, June 24

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 09:27 pm
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Brooke: Happy Wednesday, everyone. This is Brooke, and- Um. That's not Peter, is it?

Jaina: It's John.

Brooke: This is the second time this week there's been a bunny in here? I think that makes it a trend. Can I pet him?

Jaina: Uh, sure, I guess, if he lets you.

Brooke: That's so weird. I was sure his fur would feel like gel.

bunnies make everything better )

Brooke: Quiet day today.

Jaina: I'll take it. It means we can get out of here.

Brooke: It's weird hearing you refer to a rabbit in a 'we' sense.

Jaina: Are you sure you've been here a year and a half?

Brooke: Can the bunny you speak for say good nig- OOH HE YAWNED. It counts! Night, Fandom!

Fandom Radio, June 17

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 11:23 pm
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Brooke: Hello there! This is Brooke...


Brooke: I said, this is Brooke, and...

Jaina: We are not that cutesy.

Brooke: I will keep it up till you do it. Cooperate. This is Brooke...

Jaina: *sigh* And this is Jaina. Let's start off-

Brooke: Have you never heard of a good intro?

Jaina: You don't get an intro when I know you're going to keep me here way past the time I want to be here just talking.

Brooke: Good point.

yay for jet lag radio! )

Jaina: Does that mean we're done?

Brooke: Was that fast enough for you?

Jaina: No. Bye.

Brooke: At least this week we got some kind of exit line from her... Night, Fandom!

Fandom Radio, June 10

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 09:47 pm
[personal profile] gobrookeyourself
Brooke: Hi, kids! This is Brooke and Jaina here, now with ninety percent less hormones than last week.

Jaina: Only ninety percent?

Brooke: Well, I'm still here.

Jaina: Good point. Should we get to it?

Brooke: That's what she said.

Jaina: ......

Brooke: Told you.

Read more... )

Jaina: That all?

Brooke: Looks like.

Jaina: Quiet day.

Brooke: I told you, this is why you need the drama. Night, Fandom!

*door closes*

Brooke: One day she'll say good night. How rude.

Fandom Radio, June 3

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009 11:24 pm
[personal profile] gobrookeyourself
Brooke: Hello, Fandomites. This is your host Brooke and.... okay I have no idea where my Mini-Me is. But anyway! You are listening to WTFH Radio, and god help you if you miss a day.

tune in now for overshare theater )
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Brooke: Goo evening, denizens of Fandom! I am your lovely radio host Brooke, and over there is the much less lovely and more inferior Brookealike.

Jaina: I can't believe you got me in here again.

Brooke: I'm just that good. Oh, did I mention it's tryouts?

Jaina: ....What? Why would you do something like this to yourself?

Brooke: Because it's better to have some sort of banter, and there's rum around if you get too annoying for me to take anymore, and when we argue the guys can picture us making out after the broadcast and that should boost ratings.


Brooke: Shhhh! Don't tell them that. Keep some mystery!

because twice wasn't enough )

Jaina: Is that it? Can we go now?

Brooke: We can.

Jaina: Good. I'm following you to your cabin.

Brooke: What? Why?

Jaina: I'm staying there tonight.

Brooke: NO. Only one Brookealike in my cabin at one time! New rule! One I just made up right now!

Jaina: Sorry, I promised.

Brooke: We'd be in the same wing If you do anything dirty in there I swear I will hurt you!

Jaina: Say good night, Brooke.

Brooke: DIE IN A FIRE.
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Brooke: Hi, radioland! This is Brooke, filling in tonight. And this is...

Jaina: Why am I here.

Brooke: Oh, right, that. It's payback.

Jaina: ...Payback? I didn't do anything to you.

Brooke: See, people kept talking to me about the radio I don't remember, and so I listened to it.

Jaina: You can't pay me back for you getting drunk and calling me Brooke and trying to flash me.

Brooke: Oh, dear Brookealike. That's so not what I'm doing. Meet my friend Jack Daniels.

Jaina: I'm not drinking that.

Brooke: Oh, I'll make you, I promise.

will jaina remember radio tomorrow? tune in next time, same bat time, same bat- oh wait )

Brooke: Your grandfather's a cat.

Jaina: *giggling*

Brooke: Freakiest thing ever. Night, Fandom!
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Brooke: Hi, radio listeners! This is Brooke. And I am here with my friend Brooke.

Jaina: Not you, too. My name is not Brooke.

Brooke: But you look just like me.

Jaina: Not just like you-

Brooke: Yes you do! It's like looking in a short mirror. You could be my ser- sororital twin.

Jaina: There's no such thing. It's fraternal twin, and I've got one of those.

Brooke: But we're girls. Frats are for boys.

Jaina: Anyway, I'll apparently be reading notes while Brooke babbles drunkenly. I have places to be, let's get this over with.

lookalike radio is long )

Jaina: ...Why are you crying?


Jaina:: *sigh* Good night, boat.
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D'Argo: How does this... Oh. Does the red light mean it's on? *taps microphone*

Uhhhh, so. My name is D'Argo and I'll be... bringing you the news, I guess. You know, I thought maybe John would be here. Guess not. So, let me see these notes, thank you, skirl-

*sounds of chittering, followed by a door opening*

Cher: Hey, what are you doing here? OH MY GOD WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOUR FACE.

D'Argo:: Nothing. What's wrong with yours?

Cher: There is nothing wrong with my... Really? Is there something wrong with my face?

D'Argo: What are you doing here anyway?

Cher: I asked you first!

D'Argo: I asked you second and I have the tongue.

Cher: Look, I'm flattered and all, but what kind of girl do you think I am? Desperate?

D'Argo: You would not have to be desperate-

Cher: Oh, as if! The alternative would be to get me drunk and I could not let myself get that sloppy in public. Or ever.

D'Argo: I'm not hitting on you-

*sound of a door opening*

Hermione: What's going on here?

D'Argo: I've asked that a few times already.

Cher: I'm just trying to get some more radio time, since no one was scheduled! The secret to success is to put yourself out there.

Hermione: Shut up. I'm supposed to be here. I'm the one with actual radio experience.

Cher: What's she doing here?

Jaina: I saw this one walking here all purposeful. Thought I should tag along.

Hermione: Look, stay if you must, but I'm going to start reading.

Cher: The guy with the face already did.

Jaina: Guy with the face? Oh, look, it's the job-stealer.

D'Argo: I said I was sorry!

Hermione: *sigh* Just, someone start reading.

cut because who knew, it gets longer )
Hermione: I think that's it.

D'Argo: You missed one.

Hermione: I did not.

DArgo: What's this paper that says radio voting is up?

Cher: That's the most important one! Remember, people of Fandom, vote early, vote often, and vote Cher!

Jaina: I'm really glad I don't see politics in your future, because those words are terrifying.

D'Argo: Are we done? Can I go back home? Or maybe for a very large drink?

Hermione: I think we all can. Say goodnight, everyone.

D'Argo: No.

*dead air*

[My brain is wrong.]

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