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Parker: ...zzzzzzzz.

Eliot: *angry growling noise*

Hardison: Man, you need to stop makin' that noise, a'ight? You're creepin' me out. S'bad enough I already got woke up from a sound sleep an' dragged out in the cold an' some squirrels all saw my--my bits, which, thanks, I ain't never gonna feel safe again, y'all--

Eliot: Right, and I'm creepin' you out -- Is that -- they really do have tiny bottles of rum.

*angry chittering*

Eliot: Yeah, well, you're sharing.

Let's Go Steal A Radio Broadcast )

Eliot: Are we done? We're done. I'm going home. To my house. Which you both have keys to.

*curious chittering*

Eliot: And squirrels are never to enter and kidnap us from again.

Parker: Night, Fandom! … oh, right. Morning! ...zzzzzzz.

Hardison: I'm goin'! Man, stop pushin' me, I'm leavin' already, I got class-- *door slam*

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