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Billy: Um, good morning to all the fine people of Fandom. This is Billy Kaplan speaking. I know you're used to hearing Mr. Barton this time of the week but--

Clint: *sharp squawk*

Billy: --yeah, um, he's still indisposed, and I guess I was in the right place at the right time. Or the wrong time, if this is going to end with me getting pecked at and glared at by squirrels. I'm sorry, his bird call is really scary and I felt bad for him. I promise I won't take your rum.

Embarrassed Avengers Radioooo! )
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Uh, hi everyone. This is Billy Kaplan, and I know I'm not the usual radio person, but Miss Sullivan isn't here and the squirrels are poking me with their little notes, so I'm going to read the news before they paper cut me to death or something.


Those edges are sharp! I know what I'm talking about.

Trip news time! )

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