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At the Wellspring Arms, Mr. P. Coulson was viciously taken down by a certain archer, and any undistributed supplies have most likely fallen into Loyalist hands. Mr. V. Mancha caught Mr. B. Kaplan by the warehouses and accused him stealing and being part of the resistance. Mr. Kaplan proudly admitted his true ties, and was captured.

Mr. B. Priestly was witnessed around town not looking well. He spoke with the Madri about the girl who died in detention, as well as Ms. K. -------- joining the Loyalist side, and ran into Ms. K. -------- as well, who tormented him as the recently Imperioed are wont to do. By the time Ms. M. Akatsutsumi came along, Mr. Priestly looked very nervous, and upon disregarding the rule against public displays of affection by kissing Ms. Akatsutsumi, Mr. Priestly was murdered by a certain archer as well.

Ms. K. -------- was blowing up flamingoes, and bullied Ms. T. Maclay, who dared to ask what the flamingoes had done to deserve such treatment. Mr. P. Wiggin crossed Ms. K. --------'s path as well, and she threatened to bring him in to the authorities.

Ms. P. West went to Dite's Decadent Delights to warn Ms. Kenzi that Ms. K. -------- has been brainwashed, and they removed all the necessary supplies for today's activities.

At the Brothers Wiggins, Mr. E. Wiggin was mixing chemicals to prepare for today's raid. Mr. S. -------- and Mr. A. Rand shared some alcohol and made plans to cause some chaos during the raid, and Mr. T. Lannister and Mr. E. Wiggin discussed the usefulness of people who could fly during the raid. Mr. A. Lightwood announced that he would be gathering weapons; Mr. E. Wiggin asked him to bring back as many weapons as possible, Mr. S. -------- asked for something pointy, and Ms. K. Gregson requested a knife, once Mr. Lightwood was convinced she was not her doppelganger.

Ms. S. Brown had her wounds tended by Mr. Wiggin, and informed him that someone has access to Stark Tech explosives. Mr. Wiggin and Ms. Gregson discussed explosives and potential places to find safety, of which there are not many. Ms. Kenzi reported to Mr. Wiggin that she has found a way to nullify Ms. B. Dennis' powers, Mr. B. Wayne proposed a plan to capture the library during the raid, and Mr. Wiggin received a text message from Ms. K. --------, asking to meet to discuss the defenses of detention.

At Caritas, Ms. K. Pryde was working in the back room, attempting to avoid Loyalists in the front room. Ms. R. Gilmore was making coded lists of supplies for the raid, and spoke with Mr. Wayne about his plan to take back the library. Ms. Gilmore spoke with Ms. I. Evans about how it was right that Ms. Gilmore was doing the job she was doing, and they reminisced about Mr. A. Skywalker. Ms. P. Halliwell admitted to Ms. Pryde that she is anxious about today's raid, Mr. Wayne warned Ms. Pryde that he would be dumping his cover in order to succeed in his attack on the library, and Ms. Evans ordered a Diet Coke, telling Ms. Pryde that she didn't think the night before an attack would be a good night to drink. Indeed, there will be plenty of opportunities for drinking if we succeed today.

And finally, Mr. Leon destroyed some cards by the waterway. Try not to lose hope, and make your last preparations for the day's activities. Today we shall be victorious.
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Ms K. ————, Lady G. Atreides and Ms C. ———— had a secret pre-Dawn meeting at the Boards. Later, Mr R. the Frog sang in the back room of Things Reborn. Meanwhile, Ms K. Unpronounceable met Ms T. Maclay at the Magic Box discussed the purchase of special jewellery in preparation for their weekend plans.

Over at the Brothers Wiggins Mr P. Wiggins was shredding paper, likely to donate to a nearby pet shelter, when Mr Sparkle ———— came by with supplies and Ms A. McShane brought a cupcake delivery. We would like to remind our readers that excessive cupcake consumption may be hazardous to your health.

Mr W. Murdoch spent an afternoon outdoors indulging in some light reading, when Mr B. Wayne invited him to come by the library with him this Saturday.

As per usualy, the back room at Caritas was doing a bustling trade. Mr L. Castellan talked with Ms K. Pryde about how she managed to keep her anger in check and his plans for the weekend, while Ms Pryde enjoyed a coke and her day off. Mr Y. Warner was talking to all the doors, Mr R. Ryan enjoyed not being threatened by Umbridge's thugs, Ms M. Funke enjoyed her first visit to the establishment and learnt how she could spend her weekend productively. Ms P. West talked business and weekend plans with the friendly barkeep, who is looking for a good seafood wholesaler.

Mr S. LaCroix was lurking in the graveyard, when Ms A. Edison asked him to disperse. Luckily, despite vigorous debate that was all she did.

Mr Leon was brooding on a rooftop, when Mr Warner tagged him it to no avail, he was likewise unimpressed with Sailor Venus's speech about love and beauty, and the supplies a masked figure gave him. Ms Funke provided his dog with scratches and Mr Leon was pessimistic about the weekend. K. ————, who we note for your safety has been imperioed, dropped by to tell him how her chat with Ms R. Heartilly in detention went.

Hope you've all got plans for the weekend. If you don't find your friends and make some.
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Welcome back to Umbridge Radio, here on Umbridge Island at the Dolores Umbridge High School. Far be it from me to ever question her benevolent rule, but I would like to say that her naming convention lacks flair. I have notes, and orange juice that I am sipping out of a champagne flute. Let's see what all of you got yourselves into yesterday.

Body Count Radio ) Oh, Emma, if you're listening, dear, dinner the other night was simply to die for. Coffee at my place, sometime soon?

That's all the notes that I have. Remember, behave, be good, and you'll make all our lives a little bit easier. Isn't that what we all want?
[identity profile] hehasheart.livejournal.com
Uh, good morning. This is Clint Barton, coming to you from the radio station... I'm assuming this thing is on?

*nervous chittering*

Yeah, apparently, Billy Kaplan didn't come in this morning to do his broadcast, so I woke up with a squirrel on my chest. These two things shouldn't be related, and yet here I am with a handful of notes.

*more nervous chittering*

Okay, okay I get it. We're getting a late enough start as it is, and there's no sign of Mr. Kaplan, so I guess I'll give this a shot.

Brainwashed archer radio! )
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Raven [giggling]: Gooooood morning, Fandom. I hope everyone got a good night's sleep last night and is well rested for today.

Bel: Ah, I see we're in giggling psychopath mode today.

Raven: What is that supposed to mean?

Bel: You have more channels than my TV. And I have a pretty good cable package.

Raven: I do not know what you are talking about.

Bel: Whatever you say, Sibyl.

Raven: My name is Raven. Please be quiet. We must complete our task of reading the news, and then I must get to detention.

Half-demons in serious need of caffeine radio! )
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First and foremost: Yes, yesterday was One Of Those Days. You weren't imagining it.

Mrs. A. Nast tended to her husband after a fight, and also they sang. This is a theme. Miss K. Gregson sang about missing someone, but was consoled by Mr. L. Castellan. Miss A. McShane discussed firework experimentation, and Mr. P. Wiggin is now sharing a hideout with Mr. E. Wiggin. Miss T. Maclay and Mr. Leon came for details on Saturday's activities, while Miss K. [ink smudge] came to share ideas. Miss K. [ink smudge] just came for sex. Double entendre was not planned, but left in anyway because I could.

Mr. A. Rand escaped from what we'll call a bad situation to be found by Miss M. Fel and Miss J. Harvelle, who got him to safety. Miss Fel also stumbled upon Mr. A. Lightwood, who'd been injured by a certain archer. Leon and Angelo were singing, which again, theme, as did a group in another warehouse. How were more people not drinking yesterday?

And by the way, Kenzi wants everyone to know that this weekend is a go. Confusion to the enemy! Be prepared to storm the Bastille! (Or the closest thing we've got to one.) Stock up on munitions!*

*That bit was not written by me.

Resistance Newspaper

Tuesday, July 24th, 2012 10:56 am
[identity profile] plzdontcatchme.livejournal.com

At the Arms, Mr. P. Coulson was polishing weapons (non-magical of course) in the basement. Friendly reminder that all magical weapons require either a note from Guess Who or some pretty successful bargaining with Coulson.

In the alleys, Mr. L. Castellan was enjoying a nourishing meal when provoked by Mr. P. Jackson. Also, the area in the alleys is supposedly slippery right now, so be careful where you walk.

A warehouse was home to some talks about the activities planned for Saturday, which everyone should be participating in.* And later, in a different warehouse, Mr. A. Wiggin and Mr. B. Skywalker had a debate over the ownership of a lightsaber.

And in the back room of Ms. K. Pryde's lovely establishment, there were a lot of visitors. Including Ms. R. Gilmore, who came for the drink and stayed for the pep talk, Ms. K. [Kenzi's last name], who came for… probably also the drink, because it's a bar, and stayed for a warning not to get thrown in detention, and some squirrels who took a bribe. Mr. T. Lannister was really popular too, talking to Mr. B. Priestly about the power of music, Mr. W. Kessler about... let's say dirty jokes, Ms. K. Pryde about his partying spirit, and the aforementioned Ms. R. Gilmore about how weird yesterday's radio was. Which it was. Weird. Mr. Kessler also invited Ms. Pryde for darts, which she had to decline.

At the same place, Mr. P. Coulson mentioned that he got a new shipment of… stuff in. You heard it here first, you guys. Ms. N. Romanoff arranged a drop-off for some stuff, before turning her attention to Ms. Pryde to place a drink order. She also talked to Ms. K. [Kenzi's last name], but it was in Russian, which I don't think the squirrels speak. Sorry, you guys.

There was another altercation on the streets between Ms. C. [Cara's last name] and Ms. S. SaDiablo, which the squirrels seemed to really enjoy. Also on the streets, Mr. L. [Squall's last name] was dining with the help of a masked figure and Ms. K. [Karla's last name]. That was nice of them.

And that's it, guys. Have as un-unpleasant a day as possible!

* The activities planned are storming detention. Being subtle about that seemed counterproductive.

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Umbridge Island. Squirrels. There's singing today. So I'm going to try to keep my sentences as terse as possible. Which might be hard. You were all pretty busy yesterday. You know. Doing the will of our glorious ruler the ravishing High Inquisitor Ms. Dolores Jane Umbridge, who oversees this island with a merciful eye and a fair hand.

Give me the notes, rodents. And they had better be good. I heard yesterday's broadcast.

Ah, yes. There we go. You may all run back to whatever holes you were hiding in, these should be adequate.

Adequate Radio. )
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Good morning, loyal and rule abiding residents of Umbridge Island, non-rule abiding resistance members will of course be hunted down and shown the error of their ways. In case you've forgotten since last week when I gave you the exact same speech, this is Cara, bringing you all the important and noteworthy news.

*paper shuffling*

Except that apparently one or more of the squirrels have apparently decided to go into fiction writing. Because that will get their rum ration restored. Except that it won't.


If you handed in different notes last night, why are they like this, this morning, then? No matter, I'll figure out who's responsible and deal with them personally after the show. In any case enjoy the 'news', people.

Confused Mord'Sith is confused radio )
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Carl was upset to wake to a blank forme. All the sorts he'd spent last night putting together for the Resistance paper were somehow back in the typecase!

Despite the fact that the sorts showed no other sign of having been disturbed, Carl was spooked and took extra precautions, checking his apartment for any signs of entry or, god forbid, spying, before he set about recreating the news for his compatriots.

He included the late updates he'd gotten last night and had planned to squeeze in before printing anyway:

Ms A. McShane has received a new shipment of baking supplies, so anyone feeling the need for some of her special cupcakes (with or without whipped topping), please feel free to stop by her kitchen.

Miss P. West is pleased to report 'Dite's Decadent Delights has received a fresh shipment of NEW Lady 'Stache Off with Triple Beauty ActionTM, one of the shop's best sellers. This popular multitasking product moisturizes, self-tans, rips every unsightly hair from its pore, and sanitizes your toilets, along with other creative uses. The shop also stocks Lady 'Stache Off Organic with bonus buffing pad! Look for the butterfly packaging.

At the Umbridge Arms, Ms M. Connell reports that she continues to have rooms available.

Issue finally recreated, he set the forme and ran off the usual number of pages. The old press jammed a few times and as he cleaned it, he made a note to check the edible paper stock; it seemed a bit thick this time around. While he was at it, he'd check the edible ink, too. Better safe than sorry.

And while he was thinking of safe and sorry, he added another mental note to have someone from the Resistance check the press for magic. Carl shivered slightly at the possibilities, then grabbed his hat and satchel and headed out to peddle his totally innocent page of Your Community ads around town.

And hopefully not get himself killed for it.

[ooc: And so it begins! Remember, the paper can be eaten if necessary! Carl does not guarantee it won't give you a tummy ache, but you won't die from it. For it, maybe, but not from it. The papers for the rest of the week should have better links, seeing as how not ALL of the squirrels can possibly loyalist... Can they? Edited to fix visual, cause ew. Also PINK!]

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