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*sound of chimes and a quartet of unnamed women*

W. A. R. T! Wart Radio! Fandom!

Greetings, my little vikings, vikingettes, and not-so-little-not-vikings! It is I! Artie! The strongest man . . . in the world, making my Fandom Radio debut to bring you all the news. Whether you like it, or not!

I have many pages of many notes about the goings on in Fandom and no idea where they have come from! We should be in for a fun broadcast.

cut for a seriously large amount of italics )

*sound of papers shuffling*

That's it? No more pipe news to report to the vikings? Well, thank you very much, Fandomites! Remember! When a foul wind blows emo over your town, you need only call on Artie to bring you out of sadness and into funkiness! I bid you goodni--

*sound of a superhero falling into super sleep, static, dead air*

[ooc: please note, should Artie get voted into radio, he won't be using italics regularly. This was a one time experiment to see if I could do it. Considering the dedness of me? Yeeeeeeah.]

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