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Jaye: Hey there, Fandom, this is Jaye, who is actually Jaye, thank you, here with... Um. Okay, why don't you two tell the nice people who you are?

Cedric: Cedric Diggory. Quidditch player extraordinaire, outstanding student and all around excellent fellow.

C.J.: *blows whistle* I'm C.J. Parker, a lifeguard for the Los Angeles County beaches.

Jaye: Yeah, sure. Also, you blow that whistle in here again and I'll shove it up your nose.

C.J.: That would be a violation of the law.

Jaye: ...And?

C.J.: You could be arrested.

Jaye: ...And?

Cedric: Why don't I just do this broadcast since my melodious tones will soothe listeners and make them feel safe at the same time?

Jaye: Wow. That's... special.

Cedric: Thank you, I know.

cut for 20 billion links )

Jaye: Okay, so I think that's it, and if not, I really kind of don't care.

C.J.: *blows whistle* It's not cool to neglect people 'cause you're tired!

Jaye: What did I tell you about that whistle?

C.J.: I am a certified lifeguard. It's my job to blow this whistle.

Jaye: You're not the lifeguard OF THE RADIO STATION.


Jaye: Okay, you know what? *sounds like a person possibly getting up in an attempt to forcibly remove a whistle*

C.J.: *blowing of whistle until abruptly cut off* HEY.

Jaye: You'll get it back when I'm less annoyed. Say good night.

C.J.: *poutily* Goodnight.

Jaye: Night, Fandom. Get back to normal soon, dammit.

[Preplayed with the wonderful and lovely [livejournal.com profile] keds_champion and [livejournal.com profile] chasingsnitches. And I think on behalf of all of us I can safely say DFSUAGHJAUJ;SDRHGJAEHGRA TALK LESS!!!]
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Right, yes, well. The fellow who usually does radio has given it to me tonight. It was for 'protecting me from the women of PMS'ing Meerkat' or so he said. I'm not quite sure what he means. Anyway, this is Cedric Diggory and yes, I am English.

Educational Studies

Professor Ted Logan ran detention today. It was attended by Miss Parker, Tim Desmond, Draco Malfoy, Pip Bernadette and Hermione Granger. Hermione Granger? That can't possibly be right. What did you do, Hermione? Refuse to leave the library after closing time?


Pippi was feeling rather emotional very early this morning. Buffy received a call from her mother. Jude visits Blair and tells Blair he miss Sakurazaki.

There is far too much sadness here. Something needs to be done to cheer people up. Jaye? Could you take off your shirt, please? Shirtlessness encouraged, after all!

Broots has returned. Blair wants to take care of Nadia. Jaye? Stop by Nadia's room as well. She needs cheering up too. Willow, who wears great lip gloss, helps Marie figure out what to wear on a date. Jaye? Don't go by that room. Isabel, hello Isabel, talked to her mother on the phone as well. Jamie is, apparently, twitching. And this can't be good. Conner and Anders are apparently very tired from all the activities performed last night. You gentlemen know the entire dorm heard you, right?


No, just kidding. We didn't. Zero returns and Conner and Anders help her move back in. Wait, weren't you two just too tired to do anything? Angela also returns and is happy to see Zero. That's more like it. Reunions are a good thing! Zero is saddened to see that Isabel changed Peter's hair. Won't it grow back? Peter is happy to see his girlfriend. Nadia talks to Angela about her relationship with Walter. Has Jaye come by yet, Nadia? Shirtlessness encouraged! Seahorses forever! Angela talks to Cameron about her trip to Hyperion and Miss Parker and Angela catch up.

Sawyer surprises Tempe. Now, it doesn't say what the surprise so I'm assuming it's something good like a pony or new wool socks. John and Aeryn petsit for Rory. Vladdie is entertained by Bertram, who is a robot dog and Toasty, who is a...toaster. Right. John Crichton is apparently insane but I'm sure we all know that. D'Anna sends email. Conner picks up Marie for their date. And Conner has confused me because I thought he was tired but he seems to have remarkable stamina. Good for you, Conner. Nadia sleeps in Alphonse's room. Jaye, change of plans! Go to Alphonse's room! River writes home. Miss Parker stops by Isabel's room and they talk for awhile. Miss Parker also visits Sam. Seahorses forever! Nadia welcomes Marty back to Fandom.

In the third floor common area, Belthazor was watching something entitled Sunless Town. I've come to prefer Dr. What, myself. I've also not watched a great deal of television so my options are limited. And yes, still English. Cally asks Belthazor's advise on hooking up. I'm sorry to hear that you're having a problem hooking up, Cally. Perhaps a classified ad? I've been learning about those. Dawn talks to Belthazor about automobiles, Alanna about being a statue, and Miss Parker about raccoons. These were not done at the same time unless Dawn has three mouths. If she does...well, I'm sure there are many uses for that. Draco Malfoy, a Slytherin, if you all didn't know, ate too many Twinkies and decides to tell Belthazor about it. That might make riding a broom rather hard, won't it Malfoy? All that extra weight? Blair is bouncy and he talks to both Dawn and Belthazor. Bridge and Xander test Bridge's contraception. CONCENTRATION. I meant concentration. Bridge and Alanna talk. Alanna also talks to Belthazor and Miss Parker.

In the gym, Jamie demonstrates his new gymnastics skills to Tyler. Greg is impressed by Tyler's flexibility. I need to go to the gym, I think.

In the fourth floor common room, Alec meets Seras.

And in the first floor lobby, Willow delivers a verbal smack to Conner after his poor behavior on his date. Willow is not the person to make angry, Conner. I'll hope that you came out of this one with all your limbs.

Happenings In Town

This morning, in the clinic, Dr. Troy was witness to Alanna returning to her normal state after being a statue and someone named...GLOB stopped by as well. GLOB. Very interesting name. In the evening, Tommy Gavin opened the clinic.

There is a volleyball game down at the beach. Pippi and Conner defeat Anders and Joxer ten to six. Congratulations, Pippi and Conner.

A fellow called the Doctor arrives in town. I'm sure the clinic could always use more staff! The Doctor has tea with Pippi and meets Alfred. The Doctor also meets Daisy Adair, who arrived earlier today. Zero also visits the Doctor and there is a fish? My notes are unclear on this, unfortunately. Did Zero throw a fish at the doctor? That wouldn't be pleasant. Blair and Nadia and Seras also stop to meet the Doctor. Sam mixes up the Doctors. Can't we just distinguish them by surnames? Is that not allowed here? And Clark's duck is also there.

Peter Griffin acquires a job at the theatre. Does that mean he's going to be dancing in public now? I thought you were great at the talent show! Quark's radio show aired today. Lucas is hard at work on lesson plans at Empire Records.

Seras opens All and Sundries. Pup stops in. And Jaye? You don't need to go into town shirtless. It might be too cold. Clark plays with Pup. Pip and his cat, Merebaise, also drop into All and Sundries.

Pippi and River build a raft. Daisy stops in to eat lunch at Cafe Fina.

Conner and Marie have their date at Luke's Diner. And Conner ends up with a head full of banana split. Bloody awful. Sounds like it was deserved though. Make sure to shampoo thoroughly!

At Caritas, Tim and Cally hit the stage. And I don't think they literally hit it as that would probably be unpleasant. The Doctor, who does not have a surname, comes in and talks to Weevil and Pippi. Pippi also talks to Weevil and meets Daisy. Daisy meets Weevil as well. Clark meets Daisy and it doesn't seem like Clark's duck met Daisy yet. Poor duck. So alone, so left out. Marie sings Did I Shave My Legs For This? This might be due to her rather unfortunate date with Conner tonight. I'm sure she might've been hoping to shave some things on him as well. Nadia talks to Cally about Walter. Tim and Willow are both at Caritas.

Jaye? I think a stop at Caritas might be doable, don't you? Just wear a coat.

Susan Ivanova returns and is greeted by Alphonse. My sexual education teacher whose real name is not Crazy Hooker tells GLOB she kissed Callisto. Wow, sorry GLOB. Hope this doesn't affect the marriage? You are married, right?

And I think I've finished. John, the debt is paid. I can protect myself from the PMS'ing Meerkats, I think. Jaye, I hope your adventures in cheering people up via shirtlessness were fruitful. Good night and good day everyone.

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