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George: ...what did happen t'yer eye, Dean?

Barney: That depends, do you listen to radio often?

George: Aye, but I was figurin' ye might enjoy explainin' it yerself.

Barney: Hmm. My story's better. It involves a Cinderella of a girl - she starts off not so hot and reforms herself into a BEAUTIFUL temptress, only to beat upon the man who pushed her just hard enough to send her on a bender to Vicky's Secret for just the right water bra!

George: There's a lass who's goin' t'be hittin' ye again, 'm thinkin'. I've got experience wit' her.

Barney: Oh? Experience like... something terribly inappropriate )
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Evenin' Fandom! 'Tis George Cooper on th'radio here t'night. Guess somethin' happened t'th'lass who normally talks t'night. Th' squirrels kept mimin' somethin' when they came t'get me, but 'm not knowing what a flailin' and fallin' down squirrel means.

*thwacks of nuts hitting forehead*

Ow! Stop that! I came, didn' I? Ugh, bloody rodents. Were ye rats, I'd skin ye'all an'...

Uh, mayhap we'll jus' go on t'the news fer t'day.

A good idea, yes... )
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Barney: Is it better than I said, or what? Nothing beats tiny squirrels in sharp suits doing shots on a lame ass Saturday night! ...Okay, maybe a couple things, but nothing between bros!

George: 'Twould be better did we not have a lame ass Saturday night, aye? How d'ye make that happen?

Barney: We can start by starting a wave right here, right now! )

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