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Chuck: Hello, Fandom. This is Chuck Bass filling in for Katchoo and Lacey because...I don't know why. I don't even know Lacey and Katchoo is a bitch on wheels. I guess I'm just being a good person.


Chuck: Yeah, being stoned probably has something to do with it too. Makes me a more amicable person.


Chuck: Why thank you. If I hadn't paid a person to take the SATs for me I'm sure I would have gotten a high score on the vocab too.

*sound of a door opening*

Marshall: What's up, Barney Junior?

Chuck: Uh...

Marshall: Dude, I don't even know. I was watching reruns of Cash Cab and then I got attacked by squirrels.

Chuck: Okay, whatever.

Marshall: Are you high?

Chuck: Is your shirt covered in HoHo carcasses?

Marshall: Huh? Oh yeah. I like to eat snack cakes when watching game shows. Helps me think. The squirrels let me bring the box with me.

Chuck: Give me four of those HoHos and I'll let you stay.

Marshall: Deal!

I'm all hopped up on migraine meds so we'll see where this goes... )
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Chuck: You can sit on my lap...

Lois: Ugh, go away Chuck! Great, the light is on. Hello, Fandom, this is Lois Lane with WTFH radio. In case it wasn't already painfully obvious I am not alone this evening. I am joined by Chuck, Marshall and a cute guy. You guys want to tell me why you're here again?

Harvey: I ran into Mr. Eriksen and he said he was too scared to go to the station by himself.

Marshall: I don't like clowns, okay? To answer your question, Lois, I automatically assumed you'd be unconscious in the clinic and that I'd have to do radio.

Lois: HEY! I am perfectly fine. Why are you here, Chuck?

Chuck: I just wanted to have sex with you.

Mmm long and rambly radio is long and rambly )
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Lily, where's the vaseline? My nipples are--WHOA! Squirrels! What are you doing in my bathroom? Wait...this isn't my bathroom. Since when does the hotel hook up to the radio station?


The current state of my nipples are none of your business. They aren't anybody's business except my own. And Lily's. Certainly not yours. Or Robin's, no matter what she walked in on, and OH MY GOD AM I ON THE AIR?!

...I'm going to stop talking about my nipples now.

*more squeaking and the sound of paper rustling*

Yeah, yeah, okay, I'll read the news. And stop looking at my chest! Look, if I had known I was going to be reporting the news I would have put on a shirt! And pants. I would have put those on too.

For the record, gentle listeners, I am wearing underwear. No need to sanitize after I leave tonight.

Chafed nipples are nothing to laugh about )

So, I'm done. Now I have to go run to the hotel in my underwear. Thanks, Fandom. At least without a shirt on my nipples won't receive more damage. Dammit! I talked about my nipples again! I'm going to leave before I disclose any other information about my body. Night!
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Hey Fandom, this is not that loud girl who usually does radio. This is Marshall Eriksen, teacher and...uh...would-be marathon runner. I should have thought about what else I've accomplished before I came here. Would-be marathon runner doesn't sound impressive at all. Anyways, I'm reporting your news tonight because everybody else was in hell. Literally.

Have I mentioned I love this school? Because I really, really do. You just can't get this kind of action in New York.

Living easy, livin' free, season ticket, on a one-way ride... )

The day was saved, Fandom! Sleep tight and don't worry about anything that goes bump in the night. Until tomorrow, anyways. This is Marshall Eriksen, signing off. Night!

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