WTFH Radio, Friday

Friday, June 19th, 2015 04:31 pm
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Cassandra: Congratulations. You have made it to the last day of your summer classes, and now we will be forced to report on it.

Anders: Don't sound so happy about it. You're practically dripping with glee.

Cassandra: You also appear ecstatic.

Always thrilled to get dragged out of bed by rodents radio. )

WTFH Radio, Friday

Friday, June 5th, 2015 10:57 am
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*loud chittering*

He did not.


Mage. I know you are avoiding your responsibilities. I will not forget this.

*disgusted noise*

But since I am alone, I shall read these notes. During school hours, Brian taught his students how to drive their machines backwards and stop them without causing injury. I suspect this is a necessary lesson for many of you. Day After Doomsday saw Hardison wrestling with the Danger Shop and losing. Instead, it apparently chose to act of its own accord, confronting the students with-- Ugh. 'Giant gummi bears'? At least offer them genuine bears. That would be sporting. Soon after, the Danger Shop chose to assault the students with something I am informed is similar to the Blight. They were given only-- plants?

You are not serious.


You are serious. There is not enough ugh in this world. In the end, the students fought their way through a postapocalyptic Washington DC, which I assume came to be after the Blight took your entire East Coast. You should train your warriors better, America. Though I suppose you are lacking in Grey Wardens.

Professor Cara had us fight off huggy bears, and I will speak no more of it. Finally, the library was staffed by Cosette, who appears as distracted as Face ever is.

The dorms were quiet, seeing only Ronan entertaining his bird. Town saw a small range of strange occurances, such as the echoing humming at Edward's post office shift, and the vibrating black metal during Lottie's time at Groovy Tunes. I would kindly suggest you invest your coin in other metals. This does not sound particularly useful in battle. Finally, Caritas saw professor Cara experimenting with drinks, a habit in which Tino was not allowed to share.

I have met Tino. This seems wise. Now I will take my leave--


--no, I do not appear nervous. I am merely doing radio.

*enthusiastic chittering*


WTFH Radio, Friday

Friday, May 29th, 2015 05:01 pm
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Cassandra: You did not get me this time, squirrels. I wake up early now.

Anders: I've given up trying to avoid their furry entrapment.

Cassandra: That sounds unlike you.

Anders: I know. Maybe Templars would have better luck with me if they tried throwing acorns.

Cassandra: And spilling rum on your clothes.

That's such a waste of good rum. )

Anders: I hope he enjoyed the visit. And that's it. Quiet week. No one did anything else?

Cassandra: I am sure they did, but if so, they did so while avoiding the prying eyes of the squirrels.

Anders: For which they get my admiration, at least. So long, island.

WTFH Radio, Friday

Friday, May 15th, 2015 04:05 pm
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Cassandra: … Apparently the squirrels bothering us is becoming a regular occurrence.

Anders: I sent them to kidnap you so I could see your charming face again. Was that bad?

Cassandra: Do not joke about such things unless you would like to see your own charming face rearranged, mage. Ugh.

In which Anders likes his charming face where it is. )


Anders: And that's it for today, thank the Maker.

Cassandra: Indeed. May Andraste's blessings be with you all, locals. We are leaving.

WTFH, Friday, 05/08

Friday, May 8th, 2015 09:52 am
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Cassandra: Ugh. Why did you bring us here again, squirrels?

Anders: Look at them. They're laughing. They think it's funny. Evil creatures.

Cassandra: I usually believe the Maker had a plan in making all of us, but these squirrels lead me to doubt.

Anders: The Maker wants us to overcome adversity. Which seems to include squirrels.

Cassandra: Ugh.

The BFFs read the notes. )

Anders: That looks like everything. Is it everything?

Cassandra: I believe so. If not, I am perfectly happy to set fire to whatever remains.

Anders: Don't suppose you'd let me take care of the fire?

Cassandra: I hardly believe this is an appropriate time to start waving your staff around, mage.

Anders: Now that sounds guttery. G'bye, Fandom. Have a good day.

Cassandra: Ugh.

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Cassandra: *sound of a scuffle* What is the meaning of this?! Why are you assaulting me--

*pained chirping*

Cassandra: Release me! (pause) --Mage.

Anders: Seeker! My favorite person! So kind of the squirrels to bring us together like this.

Cassandra: Ugh. What is this? Explain it.

Anders: I don't think there is an explanation. As far as I can tell the squirrels drag people off sometimes, and make them read about what happened the day before so everyone can hear it over the radio-thing, and then they let you go. It's some kind of ritual of theirs.

*chittering and rustling*

Anders: See? They're shoving paper at us now.

Cassandra: If we read these, they will go?

Anders: I can only hope.

Cassandra: (disgusted noise)

The merriest radio couple ever! )

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