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This be [livejournal.com profile] likeguidelines bringin' ye the news of Fandom High for this lovely Friday evenin'.

Readin', Writin', 'Rithamatic
Students be discussin' time paradoxes in Quantum Physics, takin' notes in East Asian History, talkin' about what civil war does to a civilization in History of the Ancient World, drinkin' coffee in Journalism, and be pickin' partners in Martial Arts class.

Thar be quizzes in Language Class and Anthropology, movies in Speech Comm, and discussions of Hinduism in Comparative Religions.

In the ancient Egyptian world, their hovercrafts were full of eels, accordin' to students in World History class today. Students be discussin' the best party they've ever attended in Perfect Party Plannin', and the role of government in Governments.

Sign-ups be available fer Celtic Language, Celtic Literature 'n Civilization, 'n Arthurian Traditions classes. And the Stargate crowd be not that all excited to see him.

In Study Hall, Marty 'n Angela be flirtin', and Sheldon be talkin' to Rogue, then be headin' to the principal's office.

He'll be joinin' Jayne, Angelus, Edward, Roy, Six, and a load of folks from Journalism class fer detention this weekend. I be gettin' there early for a good seat--hope to see ye there, too.

We be havin' a a school song. It not be a sea shanty, o' course, but I find quite catchy all the same.

Professor Methos be hirin' his library assistants, and Janet be abusin' her privileges already. I like that in a lass.

Shots be fired by Bagoas, leadin' him to an encounter wit' Professor Jerusalem 'n the Rover.

Dr. House be in the clinic tonight.

And happy birthday to Professor Sidle.

Let's see if I can figger out Operation Manchurian Candidate. First Parker 'n Rogue be talkin' to Professor Drusilla, then Elizabeth Weir be druggin' up Crichton and Cam. She then got Sam to help her move Crichton to Parker's room, where he be a mite decorated. And then a whole mess o' girls be takin' Cam to see Drusilla. Then they be stoppin' fer a celebratory drink. Parker had naught to do with any of it, o' course. And Crichton be wakin' up a trifle confused. And naked. And possibly thinkin' he be called Cam.

I be havin' a headache tryin' to keep up wit' it all.

A Sudden Epiphany Projectile be set off in the dorms today. And be reachin' all the way to Fandom Town.

Professor Sidle be entertainin' some guests in her room. And we know how hospitable Angelus can be when he's in the right frame of mind.

Here be the latest, most comprehensive listin' of who 'n what's in town. And a new tattoo parlor, which I be excited about.

The first meetin' of the Wrestlin' Club has left Draco a bit, um, sore. And the Homecomin' Homecomin' be tryin' to come up with a theme fer the dance on October 7. Anyone want to be squired there by a slightly rugged pirate? I be takin' applications.

Professor Cregg be puttin' the moves on the Doctor. (Not that the Doctor be noticin' right away, mind).

Detectives Logan and Briscoe be interviewin' Angelus, Belthazor, Logan, Draco and Faith about Wash's disappearance, then be workin' undercover. Hard to tell they were law enforcement, wasn't it?

Angelus be gettin' datin' advice from Professor Grissom. Excuse me, I'll be in this here corner laughin' meself sick.

Angelus 'n Belthazor's be plottin' schemin' out fer a perfectly innocent walk followin' their police interrogations

"Red Eye" be the movie showin' this week.

Maia be apologizin' to Rory fer yesterday.

Angela 'n Marty be havin' a good night at Championship Vinyl tonight.

Jake 'n Dom be chattin' at the Perkolator, while Han be wooin' Bagaos, and Duce 'n Chihaya be bumpin' into each other in town.

Professors Craig, Kiddo and Vandecamp be havin' drinks together, and Logan Huntzberger be havin' folks over fer poker and truth or dare.

And thar be a mostly naked man singin' in the courtyard. I believe this be havin' somethin' to do with the gigglin' comin' from rooms 239/240, but as I be not part of the Colorado Springs Survivors Club, I be not completely sure.

That be all from the crow's nest. Keep an eye out fer the Rover and have a good night!

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