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--this thing here on? Ooh, there's a light. Thank you, squirrels! Good mooorning, people! I'm Grace Winchester and I'm here with aaaall the news!


Uh huh, I can read. I bet I can read better than you! This one says Mr. Bond had his cake class even though people are gone, and Ms. Eclectrocash was confused about where everyone was and they worried at each other. This one says lots of people are missing like my mom and my brother and teachers and students, but not some of the bakery people because they still had muffins this morning. This one says Miss Alice and Miss Kenzi were walking in town looking for people and being worried too, and this one says Miss Mary was sad at the hotel about her kids going back after the weekend.

See, I told you I could do it. Now show me the button to make the microphone stuff go off. *chittering* Okay, show me the button please.

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