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Hey there, Fandom sports fans, armchair jocks, wannabe coaches, and amateur referees! This is Conner with an E-R McKnight in the announcer's booth tonight, here to give you the play-by-plays, highlights, scores and standings from today's wild and crazy Fandom sports extravaganza.

Except the full-contact sports. I can't give you highlight reels from that. Just box scores.

. . . not dirty.

Training Camp: Learning the Fundamentals

So Basic Acting class, the one with the freaky morbid teacher, started with the basics on what acting is and why we act. You know what I hate? Soccer players who think they're Academy Award winners and go flopping all over the field like fish, trying to get a free kick or something. If any of the people in that class play soccer? Oh, we are gonna have words, dude. John Crichton volunteered to TA the class. He even offered to wear spandex. Dude, what about acting class needs you to have that little wind resistance? You guys haven't even gotten to monologues yet!

Music is Love, according to Lorne, and it was free play today with everybody getting to sing and mess around with the instruments of their choice. Okay, so it's not floor hockey or letting people roll you around in a big foam donut, but hey, free play! And then Jaye told Lorne he wasn't allowed to leave again. Seriously, Lorne, man, get a no-trade clause into that contract, stat! He wanted to give Marie a pep talk too . . . how're you doing, Marie? I'm worried about you. Kawalsky was too, looks like, since he asked Bel for a scouting report on her in Criminal Justice, where they went down the team roster and talked about what a crime is. You know what a crime is? That so many games in the World Cup this year came down to penalty kicks. That's a crime. Maybe the biker gang that Bel and Seely were talking about can avenge that. I'd almost pay you guys to do that. Layla was taking some serious scouting notes, and Dean -- that's the Dean with Winchester on his jersey -- thought she was being too thorough. You can't be too thorough about that kind of thing. Seriously. You never know when you might need to know that one of the midfielders on the opposite team obsessively reties his shoes every ten minutes, or something. Then Layla talked to Alec about Dean.

Seely must be the rookie on that team roster, since he met Crichton and found out about, um, Toasty, and according to Kawalsky he got his clothes back. Man, rookie hazing rituals suck. Alec was cranky at Dean, and Seely and Peter my fellow soccer fan got in each other's faces -- hey, things aren't always great in the locker room. Luke and Teddy went a little intramural and talked about the Ethics teacher, and River stuck around for a post-game interview with V.

Literature in Action also did the team-roster thing, and we had to discuss our favorite piece of fiction. My least favorite piece of fiction? That the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is the greatest rivalry in all of sports history. Please. Then we got a quiz, because it's never too early to test your skills on the field, and Hikaru and Kaoru did the post-game interview with Thursday.

In Humor, because humor is totally necessary to keep morale up, we split up into groups to discuss what we think is funny. Cally was totally passing notes to one of the other teams, though. Okay, it was chocolate, but still! And Lana told Doctor Wilson she missed him. Hey Doc Wilson? You know that advice to Lorne about the no-trade clause? I'm recommending that to you too.

In super-secret advance scouting, I mean, Spies and Spying, the team roster and introduction thing happened again. Well, duh. It's the first week! You kind of have to know who your teammates are or it's chaos on the field. The twins threw notes at Sakurazaki -- aren't there supposed to be slicker ways of passing along coded messages than that? -- and Molly and Teddy met, then Eric volunteered to be assistant coach . . . TA, whatever . . . while Bridge gave Aly the lowdown on his special skills and -- hey! He's an assistant coach-TA-thing too!

Biology did the -- you guessed it -- roster thing too, and Isabel talked with Teddy and Parker.

I hear the library is a happening place. Sort of like the concessions stand at halftime. Winchester-Sam came in to talk to Rory, Alanna told Rory about . . . whoa, back up, her daughter who goes to school here? That's . . . huh. Yeah, hi, welcome to Fandom, everybody! Professor Roslin, Doc Wilson, and Thursday Next were in the library too, doing whatever it is teachers do in the library. Rory and Angela talked classes and cute teachers, and Rory gave Naomi reading recommendations.

Team Nutrition and the Disabled List Update

Down in the cafeteria, where everybody was hanging out at Nadia's table except Shawn, Briar and Nadia talked about food preferences. Carbs are important, people, okay? No matter what the fad diets are telling you. Naomi caught up with Nadia and planned a shopping excursion for Friday. At least you guys waited until after the Labor Day shopping rush that we . . . um, totally don't have here, but talk about full-contact sports. Weekend relaxation is in the plans for Nadia and Pippi this weekend, because every team needs an off day, and Anders and Nadia talked about taste tests and getaway days. Pippi and Anders talked about bottling laughter, which is the kind of performance-enhancing supplement that should totally be legal.

And now for your injury report, Nadia visited Jamie in the clinic during Doctor Troy's shift this morning, and it was a quiet evening for Doctor Lambert. Aw, c'mon, Madrox can't be that much of a model patient.

Trade Rumors, or What's the Front Office Up To?

Professor Roslin got a visit from soccer-fan Peter during her office hours; Bel, Alanna, and Sam-whose-jersey-says-Winchester dropped in on John Winchester; Briar, Angela, Ray, Doc Wilson, Mac, Pete, Sir Didymus, and Door all pestered Abby; Abby dropped in on Professor Cale; and Darth Vader got bothered by Doc Wilson, Krycek, and Schrodinger, but Yondaime and creepy morbid acting teacher got to come up with new strategies in peace.

Party in the Team Hotel: Where the Real Full-Contact Sports Happen

Yeah, talking about full-contact sports? Ask Bel and Phoebe, or John and Aeryn. Eat your heart out, Paul Tagliabue! Jack and Sam whose jersey would say "Carter" were doing the cute datey thing, but I don't know if that was more basketball or hockey, you know what I mean?

Matilda was making pancakes in the third floor common room this morning. Faithful and Alanna were there, and this just in: Alanna is still short. Hey, don't look at me like that, it's what the notes said. Chad? Only 72% caveman. What's the other 28%? Naomi had pancakes -- gotta get your daily fiber intake, y'know -- and talked to Matilda about food replicators and the future. Hey, food replicators? They still replicate all the vitamins and stuff, right? Naomi and Chad talked classes, like Matilda the Astronomy TA did with Walter and Pup, and Walter and Chad, who Pup seems to like a whole lot. Matilda and Chad met, and while Chad might have a career in the NFL or NBA ahead of him at that size, Matilda might be . . . um, better suited as a horse jockey? Well, not today, anyway, since she offered the twins pancakes, and something significant and mysterious went along with the offer. Maybe a future offer for a player to be named later and cash? Oh, and Chad got punched by a girl, but he won't tell who. Dude! Around here? That could be anybody.

After classes up in the fourth floor common room, Blair had Bitterwoman reruns and popcorn. Bitterwoman and popcorn: they go together like baseball, hot dogs, and Cracker Jacks. Only without the catchy marketing slogans. He's thinking about getting an alternate personality. Dude? Done that. It's weird. Billy and Molly did the meeting thing, Joxer totally failed to catch the giant in the basement (because there was a giant in the basement like there's an endzone in soccer) and gave Billy advice on picking up women -- um -- and Blair and Billy talked about classes and meditation.

Sakurazaki was practicing her forms in the salle today, something I should do sometime soon. You know what I'm not doing again any time soon? Watching some acid-trip 70s movie where Perth Tristow's dad is a happy religious clown, which is what Nadia and a bunch of us were doing in the fifth floor common room. Nadia and Weiss talked about SpyPappy, Pippi totally failed to sneak up on Nadia, Lavender who I'm really kicking myself for not saying hi to 'cause she's cute met Pippi and Nadia, and Walter talked about classes with Pippi, Nadia, and Billy. Billy liked the movie, actually, but I thought it was weird. So did Anders, who talked to Nadia about, um, vicious pink ponies, and Billy about not wearing a dress. Pete, who talked to Nadia, Weiss, and Billy, thought it was weird too, and so did Cally, who talked to Nadia, Anders, and Billy. Mac was too happy about having coffee, and too busy talking to Pippi, Nadia, Billy, Weiss, and Lavender, to boggle at the TV, but Shawn wandered all the way up from the second floor to gape at the TV and get bugged by me, Nadia, Pippi, Billy, and Mac.

Looks like the gremlins did a little halftime show in the third floor common room! Ray told Luke about Halloween, and Dawn and Hamlet broke Luke a little -- dude, guys, don't be haters! At least Gwynn got brainbreaky with Luke. It's always better with company. Rory busted out the popcorn with Luke, Isabel, and Angela, and Isabel talked with Alanna and Hamlet. Blair? Yeah, he loooooooooooooooves the gremlins. So does Alanna. Or she loved their show, at least.

*rustles papers* Okay, newbies? I am not on drugs, I swear. I'm serious when I tell you that a talking toaster talked to Luke, Rory, Angela, and Gwynn, and went airborne thanks to Isabel and Alanna. And then there was the hot pink bunny.

Evie talked with Alanna and Isabel, and Hermione yelled at everybody to be quiet. Dude, don't be a hater either! Carmela is kinda in love with Fandom still, and that's all good. Peter Parker got Luke woe instead of a camera, and Z was a lowercase o, a period, and a capital O.

Um. Hey, that's what the notes said. Is that some kind of weird scoring notation I haven't heard of? For some alien sport?

. . . Anders, have you been writing on these notes?

Billy and Teddy were up on the roof, but no reports of EXTREME ROOF SPORTS tonight. Blair and Lyra had one-on-one meditation training, Cedric who is now roommate-less got a visit from Isabel, Tyler was in an emailing frenzy, Door got a voicemail, and the twins were hanging in their room. Parker and Alanna were hanging out and talking about the new students.

Oh, cool. Bridge dropped by to see Marie and . . . awww, glovebuddies! That's not dirty, I swear. Willow was also there talking to her roomie, and Willow, am I off the hook with you yet?

Oh, and Peter the soccer fan is no longer a horse. Sorry if anybody was getting Kentucky Derby ideas.

Post-Victory Party on the Town

Hey, at least nobody's rioting and setting stuff on fire, unlike some major-market sports cities I can think of. Caritas was pretty quiet, but Dana was at the bar. All and Sundries and Empire Records were pretty quiet, too. Must've been an away game.

Sister Rosette was trying to get the Communion supplies upgraded. To what? Gatorade and energy bars? That would rock. Cedric was at the spa for a haircut today, courtesy of Isabel, and I totally approve of that, 'cause you gotta look good in those AP action shots, you know? Walter went to Cafe Fina and gave Alfred an update on his training regimen, and Ranma and Chad went for a late walk. Woo! Cardiovascular workout!

Aziraphale and Wilson were watching TV tonight. Any good games on? I got distracted by the scary religious clown movie. Professor Roslin wrote a letter home.

And . . . because full-contact sports sell, I've got a report of what went down at the Fourth Sin tonight, where Jarod had the Wheel of Sexual Fortune goin' on. Miho was kinda surprised that it was real, Tyler wondered how much stuff on the wheel was legal. Jaye was going for extreme sports of the taunt-the-hookers kind, and wow, I hope you have a good insurance policy, Jaye. Coach GOB tried to get a free spin on the wheel, Becky found something on the wheel even she hadn't done, Dana was there, and Seely was there sightseeing . . . yeah, talk about a place to get an eyeful, dude.

It's been a hot and sweaty night in Fandom, that's for sure. In lots of ways.

Well, there's the whistle and that's a full ninety, so this is Conner McKnight heading off the field and hanging up the cleats for the night. Hit the showers, everybody!
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Hey, everybody, this is Conner McKnight bringing you all the scores and highlights on tonight's post-game show since the usual guy is on the DL or something. So how about those Red Sox, huh? Yeah. Let's not go there.

Learning the Fundamentals

Writing learned about writing romance today. Around this place that shouldn't be hard, dudes. 's all I'm sayin'.

Scoobying had to figure out who they'd want on their teams in an emergency situation. That's not as easy as it looks, guys. Team chemistry is a tricky thing. Possibly even trickier than organic chem, just without all the numbers. Well, okay, there are numbers, just on jerseys, but never mind. And then they had to actually form teams and rescue -- whoa, back up, Willow got kidnapped?

Oh right. Class exercise. Okay. Didn't stop Peter Pevensie from checking up on her after class, though. Way to take initiative with the morale booster there, dude! I bet the First Aid workshop got to boost a few virtual people's morale when they treated amusement park patrons and probably got to play around while they were at it. Who says you can't have fun on the job? That's why I'm an athlete, people.

Archery got to take their pick of bows and cupcakes. How to Win Friends, as opposed to championships, had fun with pizza and bribery. Pizza is an awesome bribery tool. Seriously.

And because that book learning stuff is important too, Rory opened the library today. It was pretty empty, and so was the cafeteria, but I bet the library didn't have the same whole funky-smell thing working against it. I hope.

Partying in the Team Hotel

So in the gym today, Veronica and Cameron had their last training session. Cameron got his butt kicked, the notes say. Ahahaha, dude, you got owned. Marty was there too, got promised a post-game interview by Veronica, and found out about Cam making it past the prelims in Air Force Academy applications. Tyler was in the gym super late tonight.

At the gun range, Parker and Jack were talking. Um. Isn't the gun range for, you know, target practice? Well, at least Peter whose jersey would say Pevensie on the back -- I am so getting you one, dude, what number do you want? -- made Parker go for a run super early today. Over in the salle, Rory was watching Anakin practice with his lightsaber, and you know, that could totally sound dirty except that just about anything involving athletic activity can sound dirty, people. It's too easy.

Nadia and her laptop were in the fifth floor common room this morning, where Walter let her borrow his cell phone and talked game plans for dealing with Sloane. Pippi was all "game on" and being helpful, and discussed the situation with Walter. Jamie talked about his hangups -- oh, phone hangups, I guess, but that's not as funny -- and was all about going to campus security and hyping up Furrball to Pippi. No idea if any of this had anything to do with Nadia trying to get him to move out, though.

Tim the roomie-dude was outside and not feeling so hot. Bummer, man. Out in the courtyard Peter Parker was reading comics, and Kawalsky the pizza-sharing dude called him out on some pranks.

Back on the fifth floor but later in the day, Pip was napping and Nadia's plan of checking him for life signs put him on the offensive. Not so sure it went over too well with Pippi, either. Dean was watching TV the next floor down, and Joxer, Z, and Broots all showed up.

Cedric and Jack were hanging on the beach, John and Aeryn were snuggly, and Greg and Isabel did the making-up thing. Phoebe had, um, a vision and told Piper about it, and Nadia told Cally and Alphonse about her father.

Post-Victory Party on the Town

Cafe Fina was open, and so was Sparky Repairs. Over at Caritas, Jane found out that Tim got some bad news, and Clark was hanging in the lounge. Clark was also writing home, which I should probably do at some point.

Jane and River talked about friendships, Willow and Peter were at Pizza Planet being cute, which is their team strategy and a good one, Jaye and Alec were at Fast Eddie's, and Baldrick got a present from Jamie at All and Sundries.

Uh . . . Aeryn and Anakin were at the Fourth Sin tonight, and so were Johnina and Ronald, who we must've just gotten in a trade, because I've never heard of them before.

And, um . . . looks like we've got heightened security on the island today. So no brawling in the stands, guys, okay? Because a lifetime stadium ban is never fun. Not that I've ever gotten slapped with one of those. That was my brother. I swear.

Anyway, that's the whistle and a full ninety, people, so until next time or something, this is Conner McKnight heading off the field. Hit the showers, everyone!

. . . if that's that kind of a group activity I don't want to know about it.
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Hey there, Fandom! This is Conner McKnight, going one-on-one with you tonight on Fandom Sports Radio to bring you all the news, highlights, and spectacular replays of the day.

Learning the Fundamentals

Wilderness Survival got to learn about pit traps and snares today. Oooh, kinky. Or possibly brutal. They had to make their own and then demonstrate them. Peter Pevensie and Rory talked to Callisto after class. You know, setting traps is a key defensive strategy in some sports. And I don't care what anyone says, defending is just as important as offending. Uh, being offensive. I mean . . . oh, you know what I mean.

In Screen Acting, students got to typecast each other. I like to think of myself as a striker, personally. We got to pretend to be evil overlords today in Monologuing, and reveal our evil plans. Blair dropped by to talk to Ivanova. Evil overlords are a dime a dozen, man, I'm telling you.

And in Sex Ed, where they learned about aphrodisiacs, there was eating and smelling things. Why am I not in that class? Who knows? But, um, Blair was a mime, which Nadia wasn't too happy about. He mimed at Becky, and Bel tried to embarrass him and ended up with a lapful of Blair. Talk about your hands-on learning experience. See, this is what happens when you mess around with love potions, people. Team discipline takes a major nosedive. Pip and Blair talked -- hey, wait a second, I thought mimes don't talk! -- about karma cleansing, too.

Down in the cafeteria, because a balanced diet is an important part of any training regimen, River and Pippi ate and talked about their plans for the upcoming school year. Good idea, guys. It's always important to set your sights on the playoffs! Over in the library, Jamie and Angela talked about what kinds of pets pirates have. Angela and Cam talked about an invasion of sentient plants. Sentient plants? That can totally happen, dude. I've seen it! And Angela helped Briar, speaking of sentient plants, find a book on astronomy.

Party in the Team Hotel

Me and Sakurazaki had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit, and brownies in the fourth floor common room at lunchtime today. Shut up, that's totally a balanced meal. Willow and Marie were talking about boys, and I bet my name came up in a bad way which, yeah, I totally deserved, only half of John and Aeryn were awake this morning, and Willow and Peter had a picnic. Outdoor activities! Woo! Sam, the one whose jersey would say "Winchester" on the back, dropped by to see Alec. Blair was staring at the wall, and dude, there better have been plays drawn out on that wall and you better have been studying them. Jaye was hanging in her room. And there's something here about Dawn and rocky bits. Um. Okay. Anders was . . . dress shopping? Okay, dude, you seriously need to . . . I give up on you, man. Oh, and hey, I got email from home!

Over in the second floor common room, Sam whose jersey would say "Carter" on the back was watching musicals to cheer herself up. She wasn't the only one who needed cheering up, since Cedric told her he's been moody too. Dudes, it's still soccer season. Watch a game or two! That'll cheer you up easy. Apparently Jaye only has one day to live, which is what she was telling Sam-in-the-Carter-jersey and Cedric. Sam, who is still the same Sam I was just talking about because the other Sam hasn't subbed in in the common room, talked with Cameron about how their nights were going. While it was still nighttime? Dudes, save that for the postgame show! But Cameron can dance on walls, which is an extreme sport I've never heard of and dude, nobody tell my brother about that. Sam doesn't want to be a girl. Why not? You're a really hot one! Parker was there, too, and talked to Elizabeth and Sam about workshops and their plans for the future and stuff.

And back to the rocky bits, looks like Dean is off the DL and back in action!

Post-Victory Party on the Town

Actually it was kinda quiet in town today. Did our team lose?

Doctor Troy was almost late getting to work at the clinic. Injuries can happen any time, so it's a good thing nobody got hurt before then. Barbossa did his radio show like usual, and in aquatic sports news River and Sister Rosette were hanging with the ducks in the park. Like, the Mighty Ducks? I still think that's a weird name for a hockey team. Jane was reading novels at All and Sundries and couldn't decide whether they were funny or sad, I guess. They could be both. I've played matches that made me want to laugh and cry at the same time, too. Over at the Fourth Sin, Becky and Coach Bluth were hanging out -- yeah, right -- and discussing Blair. Hey, did he ever do that in-a-box routine? I love that one.

Cafe Fina was open but quiet, unlike when I was there the other day. Sister Rosette and Chrono dropped in for margaritas and chocolate milk at Caritas, where Archie and Veronica talked about drinking games and post-summer plans. Piper had a few things to say about drinking games, too. Save the alcohol for after the postseason, guys, how many times do I have to tell you that? Do you know how much it sucks to play in a champagne-soaked uniform?

. . . yeah, me neither, actually. But hey, I have an imagination! Not that I need it to tell me that hey, I'm outta news here! There's the whistle, and the referee says no stoppage time, so that's a full ninety, everybody. Time for me to hit the showers. See you at the next home game, and good night!
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CONNER: Hey there, Fandom! Conner with an E-R McKnight here with you on a Sunday evening, and I'm hijacking the airwaves to bring you something new, different, and hopefully totally mindblowing. So first, I 'd like to introduce you to my gorgeous new co-host, Maureen Johnson.

MAUREEN: Hello, Fandom! I've been here for two weeks and had no idea there was a radio station. Luckily, I've made the acquaintance of Conner with an E-R and found my way here. We're going to have fun tonight!

CONNER: Are we really?

MAUREEN: You know it, cutie.

CONNER: Oooh. Just keep talking. Anyway, hopefully we can spice up your lives tonight with a little performance we like to call . . . what are we calling it?

MAUREEN: We're going to take them... over the moon.

CONNER: Maybe we should wait until the end of the broadcast for that?

MAUREEN: It's a state of mind, Conner. We couldn't physically take them over the moon.

CONNER: Ohhhhhhh. Gotcha. Anyway, here we go.

Only Thing To Do . . . )

MAUREEN: Oh wow! We really did go over the moon!

CONNER: Whoa. That was fast.

MAUREEN: I told you, Conner with an E-R, it's all about opening your mind to new experiences. And this was definitely a fun and new experience for me.

CONNER: *long pause* Right. Um. Right back at you, Maureen. So, uh, that's all from us tonight, Fandom. Have fun going over the moon, no matter whose body you're in right now!

[OOC: Much love to [livejournal.com profile] dramaqmaureen for anchoring tonight! I'm just the co-host.]
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CONNER: Hey there, -- *cough* -- Fandom! This is Conner McKnight, that's Conner with --

ANDERS: WE KNOW. And this is Anders, here with you on Fandom Sports Radio, except not really. We just like to pretend it is. Don't mind McKnight's voice, you guys. Just pretend he got hacked in the throat during practice or something.

CONNER: I coulda been a contender!

ANDERS: I still don't see why that's so funny, dude.

CONNER: One of these days, you'll be up to date on Earth film classics, I swear. But anyway. On to the broadcast.

Learning the Fundamentals

CONNER: So, Sex Ed. Very useful class, or so I hear, anyway. They got to share what they did with the toys they got for homework, which may or may not have been what they were actually meant for, right, Mister Wastes Half a Bottle of Lube on a Pyramid Ball?

ANDERS: Hey, she said to experiment! We got to make one-night-stand kits in class and talk about them. There were pink bags and everything. Pretty cool selection of things to choose from. It was almost like being in a candy store. A dirty candy store. And oh dude, Sam Winchester totally won a voucher for a free night with a girl at the Fourth Sin. He was properly grateful to Becky for it. And Blair wanted to have a car wash to raise money to buy clothes for the girls Becky saves. Sandburg, you kill me, man.

CONNER: And Screen Acting got video cameras, because you sort of have to do that whole on-screen thing sometime, I guess. My roomie Tim, who probably wonders if I'm still alive sometimes, told Daisy he was going to be out of town next week. I promise not to mess with your stuff, dude. Wilderness Survival lost their shoes and clothes this time, and then had to make their own clothes, which explains that kinda smelly pile of stuff in the corner of your room, huh, dude? And -- whoa, Bridge actually blackmailed Callisto into giving his clothes back.

ANDERS: I don't know whether I'm impressed or terrified. Jewelry class was cancelled, which was probably a bummer to those of you who are all into shiny things, and then the insults were flying in Monologuing, Dialoguing, et cetera. People who are crazy gluttons for punishment --


ANDERS: -- lined up to get insulted by Ivanova, and paired up to insult each other. Blair stopped by after class, too, to talk to Ivanova, hopefully without any insulting going on. Apparently he had a bad weekend. Sucks, man. And Tim told Ivanova he wouldn't be in class next week, either. He dropped by Principal Washburn's office to tell her too. Way to cover the bases, man. Chase, Angela Chase that is, opened the library and offered Isabel some help.

Partying in the Team Hotel

CONNER: River had popcorn for breakfast in the fifth floor common room this morning. Not exactly the breakfast of champions, but hey, if it works for you, right? Pip had some and River told him that mercenaries still have work in her future. That's . . . good to know? I guess? If you're Pip, who also found out from Pippi that Nadia's been different since she got back. Pippi and River did a whole gift exchange thing. Hey, my club team back in Reefside did that one year. It was fun. And then later in the fifth floor common room, Nadia was watching AKA and writing. Pippi asked her about her story, Seras brought sundae fixings -- oooh, sundaes -- and Pippi and Seras talked about their days while Nadia and Walter discussed AKA, which Pip just wanted to make fun of.

ANDERS: Seras was all about the ice cream. Walter and Ivanova, who hadn't met Seras before, both got offered some. I don't know if Pip got ice cream, but he and Seras talked about workshops. And now I want ice cream. And Ivanova told Nadia she . . . what? Didn't have time to miss her? That sounds kinda frakked up. Could just be these notes, but . . . huh.

CONNER: That's kinda brutal. Me and Bel had pizza in the third floor common room, and talked about certain things in pink bags that . . . yeah. And outside the dorms, Willow and Angela met, and Willow was cute with Peter, which is not unexpected but still awesome, Isabel thanked Anakin with brownies, and, uh, Anakin was worrying at Willow about his unemployed turtle. Dawn, you know how we were talking about people believing what they want to believe to keep from going crazy? I'm going to do that now.

ANDERS: You do that. At least we actually have gym news to talk about! Just to keep our barely functional sports theme running! Mitchell and Mars were sparring in there today. Looks like this sent Mitchell to the clinic for the second time today. Dude, there have got to be other places to get some peace and quiet, seriously. At least Trevor's shift at the clinic was a lot quieter. And this bit of trivia from the cafeteria: Blair digs Bagel Bites.

CONNER: Oooooooooookay then. Marty and Angela were snuggly this morning. Snuggly is good. I approve. Zack, on the other hand, might not approve of what he did yesterday, now that he remembers it. Parker and Sakurazaki did the correspondence thing, and Peter Parker was taking down time in his room. Dawn showed Molly her one-night-stand kit and Pippi showed Molly her slinky and at this point I have no idea if the slinky was actually dirtier than the one night stand kit. What? It could be! And Sam Carter was Jack-sitting. I repeat my previous statement.

Post-Victory Party on the Town

ANDERS: Actually, that wasn't the big party, but anyway. We've got a new rookie in town, Calamity Jane, who met Baldrick by the duck pond and had a non-boozey lunch at Luke's. Down in the junkyard, Walter was destroying things, and then he, Pippi, and Old Man were talking about balls. The dance kind, not the kind we play with. Over at All and Sundries Jane stopped in and saw Baldrick again. Aww. Another town rookie, Rosette, thought he was a zombie though. I couldn't really blame you there. Rosette and Chrono, who I'm guessing is also a rookie, made it to the church too. And Cafe Fina was open, and now I'm going to hit the Gatorade before we get to the big huge part of the night.

Veronica's Birthday Victory Bash

CONNER: *shuffles notes* Actually, dude, why don't you go take a lap around the block first?

ANDERS: What? Why?

CONNER: Just go. You still have cupcakes to run off.

ANDERS: Gah, bring the cupcakes into it! Fine! Back in a few. *door opens and shuts*

CONNER: Okay. So. Bel welcomed Nadia back, and she tried to remember his name. Cally wanted to know if she could kiss Nadia again, Bel got a brownie from Piper and a smile from Phoebe, and Parker got an update on Angel from Bel. Apparently my roomie Tim has problems at home, which is what he was telling Piper about, and dude, is that why you're taking off? Ouch. And Piper thanked Draco for coming.

. . . I don't make these things up, guys, I just read them, okay? Callisto, Alanna, Tyler, Coach GOB, and Sam Winchester who actually is kinda cute all ordered drinks from the bar. Pippi ordered . . . something. I assume it's a drink. So did Parker, who talked to Xander, Seras, me, and Cally. Me and Anders were there too, obviously, Chloe and Piper talked about the party, and Pippi pointed Pip presentward.

ANDERS: I'm back! What did I miss?

CONNER: No way was that a whole lap.

ANDERS: I'm fast.

CONNER: Rub it in, why don't you? You get to do the next part. Here.

ANDERS: Okay! So Cally talked to Piper and me. Lana and Piper talked about Veronica and Phoebe. Like, is that an 'and' and, or an AND and? Does that even make sense? No. Okay. Piper and Rory talked about who was keeping Veronica occupied, and my ass is that not dirty, and I told Rory I got her a present. Tyler and Rory talked about the weird weekend that I totally missed. Walter was snarking with Seras, talking to Nadia about what he did while she was gone, discussing hobbies with Cally, and chatting with Pippi and Tyler. Seras and Anakin talked about the Jedi, and among the things Rory and Anakin discussed was getting drunk off water.

CONNER: Dude, I've so seen it happen. So yeah, Tim and Weevil were hanging out in the lounge where all the presents were, before Veronica came in with Cameron and everybody did the surprise thing. She told Piper she did a nice job with the surprise. Walter, Cally, Pip, Weevil, Bel, Lana, Anakin, Phoebe, my boyfriend here, Xander who was surprisingly Bridge-less, Callisto, Nadia, Tim, Parker, Alanna and Faithful, and Seras got in on it. Marty totally didn't believe that she was surprised, though.

ANDERS: Why not? I did. Piper gave Mitchell kudos on keeping Mars occupied and got thanked by the birthday girl. Pip caught up with her, and she totally got it on with Chloe, except no, it was just kissing.

CONNER: Speaking of kissing . . .

ANDERS: Shut up. Nadia apologized for missing Mars's actual birthday, and I talked to her for a little bit too. And -- oh, dammit, Kennedy's back.

CONNER: Ha! That's why they snuck out of the party, I bet.

ANDERS: Great. I'm gonna have nightmares now.

CONNER: Would you rather have ice cream? 'cause we can do that. Even if it means an extra five laps of running tomorrow.

ANDERS: Ice cream sounds good. I'll even do the running tomorrow if I get ice cream now.

CONNER: Ice cream it is. Later, Fandom!
[identity profile] marsheadtilt.livejournal.com
VERONICA: Good Evening, Fandom. This is Veronica Mars bringing you the news on this lovely Friday. I have two very special guests with me tonight. *sound of indignant squeaking* Okay, three very special guests. Guys?

ANDERS: This is blackmail, Mars.

CONNER: Anybody ever tell you you play dirty?

VERONICA: All the time, boys. Now play nice or those pictures are printed in the next issue of the Fandom High Times.

ANDERS: Oh, frak me.

VERONICA: Well, hey, if you guys want to give me a soundtrack, I can put together a pretty nice video.

CONNER: No! No video! No -- why do you have a doll with you, Veronica?

ANDERS: Why is that doll alive . . . dude, is that Kennedy?!? HA!

CONNER: He's so tiny!

VERONICA: *more indignant squeaks* If you two don't stop, those pictures being public will be the least of your concerns. Why don't you do what I brought you here to do?

ANDERS: Okay, okay, we'll do it, but Mars, your boyfriend's tiny. *snicker*

VERONICA: Yeah, well, what's your boyfriend think about you, Anders?


VERONICA: Yeah, sure, whatever. Start the news.

cut for length )

VERONICA: I guess you want everyone to see these pictures?


VERONICA: Then say goodnight, Gracie.

ANDERS: Who's Gracie? Oh, frak it, McKnight, let's go, we have a plane to catch. Mars here can go have fun with her tiny boyfriend or whatever.

CONNER: Before you two kill each other, yeah. Hasta la vista, Fandom, we're out of here.

VERONICA: *sounds of squeaking* Archie says good night and so do I. Have a good night's sleep, Fandom we're gonna need it.

[ooc: much love to [livejournal.com profile] futurebucs_star and [livejournal.com profile] connernotconnor for bringing the snark tonight. Archie totally modded with permission, omg!]
[identity profile] connernotconnor.livejournal.com
CONNER: Hey, everybody! Welcome to another edition of Sports Night on Fandom Radio! This is Conner with an E-R McKnight and Anders who still won't tell me his first name, and we're filling in for Bridge Carson tonight because, um, because.

ANDERS: We actually have no idea where he is. But anyway.

CONNER: Hey, you know, if Bridge was here we could be A --

ANDERS: Don't go there, man.

CONNER: Okay, okay, touchy, geez. Anyway, here's today's scores and game recap. )

CONNER: So yeah, I think that's all for tonight. Wow, there wasn't a whole lot of sports stuff going on, although tomorrow? I am so there for the Germany-Argentina game. It's going to be awesome.

ANDERS: You and your soccer. I swear.

CONNER: You're one to talk, Pyramid-boy. But we're out of stuff to talk about. Any last words, Anders?

ANDERS: Yeah. The moon is going to Mars in a go-kart on vacation.

CONNER: . . .

ANDERS: Never mind. Have a good night, Fandom, we're out of here. Stuff to do. You know how it is.

CONNER: Gremlins for the win!
[identity profile] connernotconnor.livejournal.com
CONNER: Hey everybody, and welcome to Sports Night here on Fandom Radio! Well, sort of. This is Conner McKnight -- that's Conner with an E-R -- and . . . what's your first name again, dude?

ANDERS: It's not important.

CONNER: That is so not your line. Anyway, this is the McKnight and Anders show, and we're filling in for Bridge Carson tonight because. Why are we filling in for him again?

ANDERS: Because he went out of town for a few days. Can we get on with it?

CONNER: . . .

ANDERS: With the radio show, you frakhead. *sighs* Yeah, okay.

So here we go. )

ANDERS: And that's pretty much it tonight, guys. I gotta go, 'cause there's still a little bit of my birthday left and I might have some celebrating to do.

CONNER: Anders, tell me something. Why is it that I'm still single and a dumb jock like you isn't?

ANDERS: . . . Yeah. Okay, bye.

CONNER: What? What?

*sounds of scuffling, possibly wrestling, and a microphone getting knocked over just before the signal goes dead*

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