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Sam: Good evening, Fandom. Dude, should we tell the brooms that no amount of cleaning will fix this place up completely?

Dean: Nah. Watching the squirrels try to chase them off is fun.

Sam: Hey, the squirrels are dirtier than the floor! Clean them off!

*angry chittering*

Okay, that's fun too.

Dean: Nice one, bro.

Sam: You'll help me if the squirrels try to bite, won't you?

Dean: Hey, what are big brothers for? I won't let the big bad rodents get you.

Sam: Big bad dirty rodents who need lots of brushing away from where we are.

*more angry chittering moving away*

Dean: *chuckles* This really is way too much fun.

Sam: Finally, a Fandom weirdness we can actually enjoy. I never thought I'd see that happen.

Dean: You just have to approach it with the right attitude.

Sam: What, like with your eternal optimism? I prefer my usual attitude, thanks.

Dean: What, Pouty Mc Pouterson?

Sam: It's called being sensible, Dean. Right now my sense is saying we should get started while the squirrels are occupied.

Dean: Sounds like a plan.

Cleanest Winchester broadcast ever! ) Hey Sammy, what exactly is non-plussed?

Sam: Means confused or bewildered, which makes sense today.

Dean: So knowing what's going on means you're... plussed?

Sam: ...yes Dean, that's exactly right.

Dean: Dude, that's a really stupid word.

Sam: Maybe if you use it more in conversations, it'll seem less stupid.

Dean: No, I'm pretty sure it would still be stupid.

Sam: *laughs* Is that all the notes? I still don't want to get bitten by angry, clean squirrels.

Dean: All I have. You?

Sam: Yeah. It's amazing how much faster this goes when we're sober.

Dean: Not as much fun though.
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Willow: Hi Fandom! Willow Rosenberg here for Fandom Raa-ah - ah - ACHOO!

Xander: Geblessyouheit. And this is Xander Harris.

Willow: I wish I could stop doing that. Every time I do that they explode and die. It's dusty pathos everywhere!

Xander: Maybe it's like the cookies. You how it's okay to eat chocolate chip cookies because you're helping them fulfill their cookie destiny? Even if they have smiley faces on 'em? Maybe this is like... dust bunny nirvana or something.

Willow: So they want us to sneeze on them?

Xander: Or chase 'em with a broom.

Willow: Oh! Like playing tag! Only with dust bunnies and equipment.

Xander: And more exploding. Like playing tag with vampires!

Willow: Yes! And with less likelihood that they'll try to drain our blood and leave us for dead. Or at least I hope so. Otherwise today is much more complicated.

Xander:I think we've got enough news to read already without adding vampire bunnies to the pile. )
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Reno: What's the buzz, tell us what's-a-happenin'-- I officially have the most dangerous job on the island today, Fandom. Because unlike the rest of you, I gotta actually open my mouth and talk to communicate here. You need blackmail material, now would be the time to start tapin' this broadcast. At your own risk, zoto.

Jenny: If any of you attempt to blackmail me with whatever comes out of my mouth, I know where you live.

I knooooow where you liiiiiive--good God no. *glug glug*

Reno: I'm not gonna sing. I'm not. Except every now and then--

Every now and then I get a little bit musical and then you'll hear the sound of my voiiiice--Hate. HATE. *glug glug glug*

Jenny: This is officially the worst day ever. I would just like to point that out.

Reno: It's up there. Maybe if we juuuuuust get this partay started~ .... We can get it over with faster, yo.

Jenny: Yes, let's just get it over with. Before I sing again.

The Musical News )

Reno: ... And I'm a freakin' Turk. Can we just say good night to Fandom before we start singin' about weeds with our brave soldiers, yo?

*the music changes*

Jenny: I hate you. I just want you to know that before I start inviting you to fall on me, tell me everything you want me to be.

*violent smashing sounds*

*Dead air*
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Okay, okay, stop pushing! Jeez, I come to say hello and you put me to work! Heeeeey. This place looks exactly as I left it. Nice. This should be easy. Just like riding a bike. Notes are in hand, squirrels are drinking, red light is on...time to start the show! Hello, Fandom! This is former student and current alumni Dick Casablancas with WTFH radio! Man, that's fun to say again. It's been a while since I've been in a room with a whole bunch of drunk squirrels. It feels like home.

News! A whole frakking lot of it! )

Dear god, did radio always take this long? I can't believe I did that every freaking week! No wonder I drank so much in high school. Anyways, that's it for me. It was fun reminiscing with these furry woodland creatures. If you're ever in Neptune, I'll give you a place to stay. Night, Fandom!
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Hahahaha! Today is the best day EVER because you all are insane and I'm not! Yes, for once when Dick Casablancas enters a room he automatically isn't the most clueless person in there! I knew it would happen one day! I need to call my brother and rub it in his face! HA! I rule!

I know my name! Wooooo! )

Well, that'll do it for me tonight Fandom! Yes, that's what town you're in. I'm sure I'm going to get my comeuppance eventually but right now I'm just going to enjoy the show. You guys are hilarious!
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Sam: Hey, stop pushing at my ankles! I'm following you, I swear.

*determined chittering*

Does protecting me from getting kidnapped by squirrels fall under that "I've got to keep you safe" policy of yours?"

Dean: We're hallucinating. Gotta be. I mean... squirrels?

Sam: Maybe they're rabid? I'm trying to keep them from biting me.

Dean: Actually I think they're drunk. They smell like cheap rum.

Sam: Oh, come on. Drunk? Have you ever heard of alcoholic squirrels? Ooh, maybe someone spilled the rum on them, poor things.

*chittering interrupted by a loud squirrel burp*

Dean: I rest my case.

Sam: That was disgusting. And I'm only mildly surprised that you can recognize drunkenness in squirrels. Why do you think that is?

Dean: A keen eye for noticing details, Sammy, my boy. You should try it.

Sam: It's Sam. And my eye for details is fine. I think.

Dean: Fine, then. With your eye for detail can you figure out why we've been kidnapped by drunken squirrels to a radio station?

Sam: Well, there's a stack of papers there. Maybe they want us to read them?

Dean: *sound of papers rustling* Dude, you've got to be joking. You brought us here to read the news?


Sam: I think that was squirrel for yes. Here, since you're supposedly older, you can start.

Oh, the talky joys of plot weekends. )

And holy crap, I think that's the end of the pile.

Dean: Thank god. So can we go now?


Sam: I don't care what that was squirrel for, I'm saying the answer was yes. Want to see if Caritas is still open?

Dean: Absolutely.

Sam: Awesome. Let's get out of here before the squirrels attack. Good night, Fandom!

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