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Tony: I thought you were supposed to leave me alone now. Bother some other person with your notes.


Tony: I'll take that as a no then.

*door opening and closing*

Other Tony: ...well, this is a new one.

Tony: Knew I should have brought my Skrull detector.

Other Tony: Your what detector?

Tony: Let's just say you better be from an alternate universe.

Other Tony: Yeah, duly noted.

*door opening and closing*

Yet Another Tony: Oh god, it's two old me's.

Tony: Excuse you!

Other Tony: And a little mini-me. Us. Whatever.

Yet Another Tony: This is a new sort of torture, isn't it?

*door opening and closing*

Steve: ...oh, I’ve had nightmares like this before. Tony. Tony. ...Tony. Good morning.

Trio of Tonys: Steve! ...stop that. God, this is creepy.

Steve: You’re not wrong.

Tony: Let's just get started. Give me those notes. At the school, Cara had her class, Don't Be Stupid meet on the lawn to talk about common sense and when they felt like the only sane one.

Other Tony: Every day of my life.

Yet Another Tony: Sorta doubting that.

Tony: I'm not. We're amazing. Philosophy of Loss had Didi asking kids about their favorite mortality themed story. Teamwork and Tactics met in the danger shop for running, paintball, and the usual introductions.

In the dorms, Cassandra unpacked and discussed the rights of mages with Gwen vs their powers. And oh, that sounds eerily familiar. Anyone seen Maria Hill lately?

Steve: Is she like that in your universe, too? Huh. In town, Maria was listening to oldies at Groovy Tunes, while Pinkie Pie sold friendship necklaces at Wonka's. Four started work at Stark Industries, where there was a kumquat problem. Naturally. Raven and Jalian--I may be mispronouncing that--went on a date at Ching Tai, while there was a problem with syrup at The Devil's Nest, where Kitty and Allie speculated about this weekend before doing some wedding planning. Oh, are they getting married? Congratulations!

Tony: No, no. She's marrying Barton. Yeah, Clint 'Watch me do a backflip off the Hulk' Barton is getting married.

Yet Another Tony: He made out with Black Widow after they paralyzed me once. It sorta made teamwork hard after that one.

Steve: Some things really don’t change across universes, it turns out. In less happy news, Frank discovered that's the bar that doesn't serve alcohol to minors. Earlier in the day (I’m assuming), Hannibal had Sparkle and Atton over for breakfast. Atton was late, but Hannibal gave him coffee anyway, and then Atton Atton yelled at Sparkle. Either I'm missing some backstory or Atton is very rude. Oh, and Hannibal also gave Sparkle coffee and talked to him about his plans. And Clarke visited Bellamy at his apartment.

Tony: And that's everything. Look at that teamwork, folks.

Other Tony: Oh god, please don't get sentimental on us.

Steve: You’re all just so...Tony. I think I should get out of here before any more show up.

Yet Another Tony: There are more? Oh god.

Steve: I don’t remember more, but I’m not ruling it out.

Tony: That's all for today, folks. This has been Tony Stark times three and Steve Rogers bringing you the news.
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Shouldn't you all be at the picnic? Wait, no, don't answer that. Still haven't perfected the translator. I've been distracted, okay?

For now, we'll have to just stick with the notes. All... three of them. Wow. Okay, let's get started with the dorms where Raven was packing up to move rooms. Once Kathy showed up, it turned into a dance party and talking about boys.

And over in town, fall is upon up with pumpkin flavored alcohol at the Devil's Nest.

I'm not sure I want to try that, I won't lie. But that's all. This has been Tony Stark, bringing you what little news we had. Get to the picnic,folks!
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It's Saturday already? How the time flies. Yes, yes, just give me the notes and we can get this over with.

Nothing going on at the school. Shocking.

Or the dorms. Huh.

But in town we had Kitty looking at wedding dresses--still have to tell Barton back home about that. At the Perk, Johnny was waiting on his portal home. Alana wondered how things all fit in his bag--I'm gonna guess Pym particles--and how they needed to keep in touch. Gwen also called to find out the news of his departure.

At the Devil's Nest, Allie was catching up on what she missed as a bat.

And last, Bellamy was at the Kwik Stop making poor life choices. Jessica checked on him in her police capacity and Washington checked to make sure he was okay. But that's all we have folks.

Keep relaxing on your off week. This has been Tony Stark bringing you the news.
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The last of classes for the summer happened yesterday. Try not to cry, kids. There will be more in the fall. Just enjoy the break while I read the notes.

Over at the school, we had the usual classes of How Not To Kill Yourself With Incantations learning what we all hope were spells that won't bring about Ragnorak or something equally bad. Bob explained how to pronounce things, but the kids had the opportunity to research before practicing. The teacher was there, of course. As was Anders who was making tiny moons. Okay, that is hopefully harmless. Just stay away from the shore or werewolves, I guess. If All Else Fails, Hit Something had their final class at the onsen for relaxation. Lots of relaxation. There was one last chance to catch Cara if the students had questions.

The dorms had Flick beating up a punching bag like it owed him money. I assume everyone is too tired from finals for more than that.

In town, there was Electroclash enjoying a peaceful day of nothing but her and a frozen pizza. Pinkie was playing noir because there was dark chocolate at Wonka's. You know, I don't understand how that works, but I've learned to just go with it. Safer that way. At Caritas, Didi watched Tino and his two buckets. Okay then. Atton stopped by to discuss if he'd rather her act like a friend or a therapist. Friend. No one wants to deal with that when drinking. Trust me.

But that's all we have. I hope you're all enjoying what's left of the summer, kids. This has been Tony Stark bringing you the news.
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Well, we're having a nice, quiet weekend. And I'd very much appreciate it if things would stay that way. Good? Good. Let's getting started.

At the school, we had How Not To Kill Yourself With Incantations talked about how to pronounce things after letting the kids know they didn't miss anything last week. Due to aliens. After the lecture, they read floating words--seriously--and discussed them. After all of that, you could talk to Bob or Anders. If All Else Fails, Hit Something featured a trip to the bar. Well. That's not a bad idea. The class yesterday was about relaxing. Until one of the aliens was programmed in for a bar fight. Cara was there if anyone needed more than that.

In town, they were selling entire buckets of coffee at the Perk where Kitty didn't bring me any. Shame on you. Caritas was out of alcohol on Didi's watch. Another shame on you.

But that's all there is. This has been Tony Stark, bringing you the news.
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You guys could at least start making coffee if you're so intelligent. No, I don't want rum. That's the opposite of what I want right now.

And we're on air. Good morning, Fandom! Let's bring you the news of yesterday.

At the school, How Not to Kill Yourself With Magic talked about safety. Which I hope means not doing magic. They had some ground rules before practicing on a manuscript. Both Bob and Anders were there in case it went wildly wrong. Which is more than possible. If All Else Fails, Hit Something learned about teamwork--hey, something I know about! After the instructions, the students paired up to fight a mystery opponent while blindfolded and relying on the instructions of their partner. Yikes. They could fight a big muscle man or a tentacle monster. And Cara was there, of course.

Nothing much happened in the dorms, so we'll just move onto town. New kid, Bellamy was loitering at Jeff, God of Biscuits when Isabelle stopped by to Instagam her drink, argue with him, and then flirt. At the Devil's Nest, Tiny was making a giant red solo cup castle. Kitty stopped by to worry the competition with Tino was going to escalate and tell Allie she was engaged. To Clint? Clint Barton. Are we talking about the same guy? My mind is officially blown at that. I'll have to let him know he's the marrying kind and watch him be so confused back home. This has been Tony Stark bringing you the news! Have a good morning, folks.
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I could be in the comfortable central air of my shop, but luckily or you fine folks listening, I'm here to bring you the news of the day. Aren't you all so pleased?

If not, maybe you shouldn't be listening. Just a thought.

Let's start on the school with the class I just can't seem to avoid, How Not to Kill Yourself With Incantations--still going to stand by on 'just don't do it'--talked about written magic. They learned about the inks needed for these things. Which are inks I'll just be avoiding. The teacher, Bob and TA, Anders were around. If All Else Fails, Hit Something worked on their footing in the mood because fights aren't going to happen in a nice padded environment. The kids could get nice and muddy working with practice dummies or each other. The teacher, Cara, apparently didn't enjoy herself at all. Uh huh.

Over in the dorms, Raven was watching a show about crying food. And. Yeah, that's... a thing. Why is that a thing? Jasper also questioned this, but learned it was the only thing on. Which is terrifying. Kathy insisted that cartoons used to be better, but Jasper was dubious as he never watched any. She also questioned Raven on why this show.

In town, we had Pinkie's usual antics with eating red hots and breathing fire. Yeah, totally normal there. Sure. At the Devil's Nest, Allie was on her phone when Kitty stopped by to talk about home being terrible despite her doing better. And at Caritas, Didi watching Tino build a shot glass tower and I'm almost certain that would end with glass shards everywhere.

But that's all there is. This has been Tony Stark, bringing you the news.
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Okay, okay. I'm here. After a struggle with getting the door open, no thanks to out furry compatriots here.


Moving along.

*chittering intensifies*

Can I just have the notes? Thank you. We'll start with the usual classes over at the school. How Not To Kill Yourself With Incantations is still a mouthful of nonsense, but they looked into magic that's written down before it messes things up. There was a lecture before the kids got some hands on experience with scrolls and the like. After that, both teacher and teaching assistant were there for talking to. If All Else Fails, Hit Something learned how to throw a punch without breaking their hands. After that explanation, they practiced both the punching and the being punched. And there was also the teacher there in case anyone messed those things up.

We'll move onto the dorms next with Kathy practicing in the salle when Flick stopped by to comment on her form.

And finally, over in town, Allie was busy avoiding Tiny and the DJ at the Devil's Nest because they both were covered in aloe for their sunburns. Was it the aloe she was avoiding or the burns? The notes just aren't clear on that matter. At Wonka's, Pinkie was busy wrangling gummy bears in the backroom. I... really don't want to ask about this one. And finally, Caritas was beach themed for Didi.

That's all they wrote, folks. Try not to end up sunburned this weekend. This has been Tony Stark, bringing you the news.
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Happy 4th if July, everyone! Hopefully you have a party to go to or something. I'm late to go celebrate in New York, so let's get this show on the road.

School had How Not to Kill Yourself With Incantations... why do I always get the magic class? They had their lecture before the introductions. Both the teacher and the TA were there. There was also If All Else Fails, Hit Something told people to leave if they weren't there for hitting things. A pretty straight forward class. Nice. After the lecture they got around to some violent introductions. If the kids weren't okay with that, they could just talk to the teacher.

The, well, the yurts had Hanna roasting marshmallows and listening to music. Kathy stopped by to tell her all about her ipod and ABBA. Which, no accounting for taste, I guess. Ringo was also there to talk about the heat, dancing, and post-graduate plans. Kathy teased Ringo before a singing, dancing competition began.

And town had Kitty dealing with some bad hair dye. Well, if it was red, white, or blue you could turn it into a theme for today.

But that's all I have. Have a good holiday
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Wow, it looks like the squirrels threw one hell of a party in here. I haven't seen this many many rainbows in one place since... well, maybe since we got to see the Bifrost Bridge. But that's different.

Okay, moving on from celebrations... both the school and dorms were pretty much dead. But town saw some people. Cassandra was apparently able to go home, which is cause for more celebration, we think. Hannibal wrote a letter home after getting some flowers. Jono walked in on that and found out a friend's wife had died. That brought this down a little.


Luke's was also covered in rainbows and there was free cake. How did everyone just have this on hand is what I want to know. Hardington and Eliot made out for a bit--really? This is the news you're giving me? And Parker showed up to question the decor. Wonka's had rainbow candy which just sounds delicious. Caritas offered free jell-o shots which confused Bucky. That'll always be adorable to me. Old guys and modern things. Kitty also stopped by to talk about how this called for edible glitter. Last we had Devil's Nest had Allie calling Justice Scalia names. Which surprises no one. He's always been that old man who yells because people are having fun.

But that's all I've got! This has been Tony Stark. Enjoy Pride weekend, folks.
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*angry chittering*

I told you, I have things to do this morning--

*more angry chittering*

I'm not going to argue with a squirrel, okay? It's a new level of strange I don't need in my life. Taking notes from, sure. But I'm not going to pretend I understand what you're saying.

*yet more angry chittering*

I'm here. Late, but I'm here. Just give me the notes. Thank you. The sooner I get started, the sooner I can get back to work. Ahem. It was the last week of school for this session. Try not to cry, kids. Fun With Magic had a snowball fight on the lawn. In the summer. After explained, he had Anders and Elsa make the snow. With magic. The teacher was there to get a snowball thrown through him by Lottie, and then was asked for an exemption from the activity by Ada. Anders was there and got thanked for all his hard work. Practical Philosophy discussed the changes since they arrived in fandom and what they think they'll do in the future. And Ender was there, of course.

Over in the dorms, we had Jasper hanging out on the porch when Thorin showed up to ask if he was okay. Then explained about dwarves. Cool people. Met them when we dealt with one of Thor's family dramas. Elsa was packing up to go home when she got a visit from Kaylin who learns that she was going to go help her sister. Barry also stopped by to hope she won't be gone too long.

And then we have town with Ronan sleeping in his car in the parking lot. He must have injured himself while he slept because Ezra showed up to try and make him go to the clinic.

Might want to go just to be safe, kid.

Wonka's once again had Pinkie Pie there, only this time she was trying to decide on her candy choice. At the Devil's Nest had Allie watching a gremlin poker night. Hopefully from a safe distance. Mike stopped by to catch up with her far from the gremlins.

But that's all. Now these guys can stop trying to ruin my work. Have a good weekend, folks.
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The very least you could do for dragging me out here is provide coffee. As nice as the rum is, I don't think it's going to help me stay awake.

And I've hit a point in my life where I'm criticizing squirrels. Great.

Ahem. We'll start again at the school with Fun With Magic doing some magical finger painting. Which is different from normal finger painting. Both Bob and his TA were there. Practical Philosophy discussed guys turning into girls. Which wasn't that bad. The lack of facial hair was strange, though. There were refreshments for the discussion. Unless you wanted to talk to Ender, that is.

Nothing much happened in the dorms, but over in town, we had Derek and Stiles flirting over beds. Which would be the optimal place to flirt, I guess. At the Perk, Ronan was snappy at the baristas. Wonka's had Pinkie making a Pez dispenser soap opera. And last there was a release party at Caritas for the zombie band. Wow. So sad I missed that.

But that's all the notes I have. Try to be more interesting next time, folks.
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So, I'm a woman today. That's a new one. I hope it's not just me, though. I'd say misery loves company, but it's actually not to bad. As long as it doesn't last, of course.

I'd have to completely reconfigure the suit and--nevermind. Let's get started.

We have the school as per usual. Fun With Magic played musical chairs. With magic. Because of course. The chairs moved and disappeared during the game because why not? The teacher, teaching assistant, and Eliot were all there. Practical Philosophy discussed judging people. Also there, the teacher in case anyone needed to judge him. Last, Sexual Safety talked about BDSM and then looked at the different gear available.

That seems appropriate for teenagers, sure.

The dorm had Cassandra preparing for a date. In the fifth floor common room, Dipper was trying to figure out where the food came from. I think the answer is the grocery store. Or a restaurant. Lottie wanted to know if this was like the moose video--wow, I don't think I want to know. But then they discussed if the squirrels were supplying the food. The answer is no. Ringo also stopped in to discuss how much footage he was going to get of strange things. Understatement. Ringo. Which really makes it seem less crazy.

Let's move onto what happened in town, shall we? Nathan went to the beach for some swimming. At the Perk, Claire was listing to some gossip before getting more gossip from Eliot about Thor being a teacher. Yeah, the big guy is around here somewhere. And at Il Pollo, Face and Cassandra had a date. Which involved flowers and discussion about their classes. Ah, young love.

But that's all. This has been Tony Stark, bringing your news.
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It's me again, which must mean it's Saturday. The weeks just fly by, don't they? Don't answer that, squirrels. I won't be able to understand you in the first place.


Translator is a low priority, okay?

Moving on. We'll start where we always start with the school. Quote, unquote Fun With Magic played tag with crystals. Which apparently have a magical GPS on them. Or we could just use real GPS. Oh, and the target will randomly change. How does that help? This is why science is superior. This right here. Both the teacher and assistant were there if anyone needed something. Sexual Safety got into stretches and exercises for keeping from pulling a muscle during sex. Which involved a lecture and then some stretches. That just sounds like a recipe for disaster for a bunch of teens. Irene was there as well. The note seems pretty clear on her being in a yoga outfit. I think she might have a squirrel admirer. Practical Philosophy talked about being alone in Fandom without being able to talk with people from home. Which meant there were a lot of questions before getting to the discussion. Alluka was given a toy panda by her teacher in case she needed a friend.

And onto the dorms, we had Ronan and his pet bird watching TV before Anders and his cat wandered in to discuss messenger birds. Thorin and Ronan's conversation turned to whether or not they could eat talking animals and something about the squirrel hiding from Ronan. Interesting. Anders and Thorin talked about the cat and something called a nug. Hopefully it's not gross.

Town was a bit slow with Pinkie at Wonka's making tiny candy donuts to post online. Make a killing on those. Allie dealt with travel agents over at The Devil's Nest while Parker stopped by to talk about her trip. Which involves a space marine.

But that's all I've got. And now I can get back to my coffee in peace. Have a good day, Fandom!
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Alright, I'm and I'm not old or from a completely wrong timeline. Hi. Hello. Welcome back to the radio.

Thanks for listening.


I think one of the squirrels is making eyes at me. That was not an intended side effect of being nice. Let's get this done before I'm attacked. Ahem, the school had maze in Fun with Magic. I'm not sure how that's fun, but then again I hate magic. The lecture didn't address how the safety vests changed color and let them fly. Which would probably be useful in a maze, yeah. Afterwards there were drinks. Alluka stopped to talk to the teacher and to Anders. Sexual Safety talked about consent after the teacher apologized for last week. After that, they came up with non-sex things to do. Well, if anyone doesn't respect your boundaries, they're just not right for you. And you could probably do better, kids. The lovely Ms. Adler was there to talk to after class. Practical Philosophy discussed the weekend and if it had merit. After the lecture, the could discuss or talk to the teacher.

Over at the dorms, it was a slow day with just Jasper on the roof. And something about owing Skywalker money? Okay then.

Town held Pinkie at Wonka's taste-testing the gummy bears. Caritas had Didi working on lemon based drinks before Kitty showed up to talk about the whole death thing. Which I'm not fully understanding, but I'll assume had to do with the weekend. Starsmore showed up to talk about how he can't drink and flirt. Wow, those are some dedicated glitter signs from the squirrels. Just. I'm impressed. Seriously. And last for the notes, we have Allie straightening up over at the Devil's Nest.

That's it, everyone. Hope your weekend is less crazy than last.
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*noise of a struggle*

--I have to get back to the children.


Again. I still don't speak... squirrel. I'm in the past, aren't I? Which means this is either this island or Kang. I don't know which would be worse. *sigh* Fine, I'll read the notes. I'll just tell the kids this is a training exercise when I get back. And I will get back.

*nervous chittering*

Right. Wow, this is old school news. Fun With Magic had practice fighting with magic baseball bats. Again, magic solves nothing. There was a lecture before the fight club--OW. Why are you hitting me? Lottie and Dipper tried it out with mixed results of color changing and balance failure. Elsa and Anders talked about fighting rather than actually fight. Or people could hit trees if they wanted. The teacher and teaching assistant were there to talk to.

Sexual Safety was cancelled for allergies--oh, I remember that teacher! Practical Philosophy sat on the lawn to talk about cultural values. You could also talk to the teacher there as well.

In the dorms there was a Revengers marathon going on with Kathy and Raven while catching up. Jalian stopped in to ask what they were watching which meant Kathy had to explain the series to her. While Raven offered popcorn.

In town, Pinkie was painting new signs for Wonka's. Wait, wasn't that place run by--never mind. Something to keep an eye on. At the beach, Edward and Cosette met up to practice surfing. Roland did one last show before leaving town. Smart move. Eponine wasn't happy, but he explained that was a more a traveller than a stay in one Ahem. At Caritas, Didi was dealing with prune juice--hilarious--when Bob showed up and was weirded out by her before they discussed bartending.

There was some kind of a party on the beach where people got together. Peter complained about the setting before Natalie reminded him that he used to live here. Cade called him 'Uncle Peter' before telling him to lighten up. Atton got offered a cookie by Didi before they talked about being away for some time. Dinah was happy to find Didi again and there was even some hugging going on. And it looked like Jaime stared at Didi. Okay. Dinah and Priestly talked about what classes they were taking in the fall. Cade and Jessica--huh--caught up. Over by the refreshments, Sam and Natalie caught up. Didi and Kathy talked about food and superheroes. Hm. Natalie caught up with Cade about his space ship, but Kenzi wanted Cade to share his alcohol. And nothing happening by the tables and chairs. A standing party.

That's all. I'm going to have a real coffee and figure out how quickly this anomaly will be over with. Stark out.
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And we're back to work. Good morning again, folks. This is Tony Stark here to bring you your only a little bit creepy news obtained by squirrels. You... you get used to it. Don't worry, newbies.

Let's start with the school now that it's back in session. Fun With Magic--not possible--met on the front lawn of the school. There was a lecture extolling the nonexistent virtues of magic and then introductions. After all that the teacher and TA were available. The lovely Irene had her class on Sexual Safety where the lecture apparently made the class blush. There was a collection of safe sex gear and only after that was looked at did the kids finally introduce themselves. And of course, Irene was there to talk to. Last is Practical Philosophy was also out on the lawn to talk about being here. They did introductions and talked to each other or the teacher.

In the dorms we had Rapunzel painting a mural in her room. They can do that? Huh.

In town Bucky--and boy will that never be normal--was outside Chilly Boulder staring at his smoothie. I tried to explain green smoothies but he wasn't having it. Irene met him as well, making nice with intriductions. Wonka's was opened by Pinkie yesterday. Wow, that seems like an accident waiting to happen. Also in the new to work was Didi over at Caritas. And finally, Atticus was drinking tea at the clinic when Claire arrived to get a job.

That looks like all there is. Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts.
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I'm here, I'm here. Stop your pushing.


Fine, I'll read all your notes. All... two of them. Seriously? You pushed me here for this? I think people could go without this news.

*angry chittering*

Fine. I'm reading. Ahem. Hello, folks. Tony Stark here with the news. We had absolutely nothing at the school because it's not in session yet.

Dorms had Mara packing for a summer road trip. And in town, Allie was at the Devil's nest, ignoring draft picks when Eliot stopped by to talk about his dog and swords. That's... interesting for conversation starters. Don't think I would have gone with it, but more power to you.

And that is seriously all. Enjoy your picnic, folks!
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Alright, alright. I'm here. I'd think you guys would be busy getting ready for graduation.

I'll get this done so you can get back to the excitement of today. I'm a giver like that. At the school we had our last classes of the semester. Business Sense got some parting words from their teacher and then played video games. If I was a student, that's the class I would have taken. This Living City traveled to the future--would not recommend--to check out Gotham of his time. How Not to Die went to a bar. And there's another class I would have taken. Powers & Identity had an actual final in the form of a short essay on if the class was helpful or not.

Obi-wan put his office together--wait, we have offices? That explains so much. Anakin stopped by and--you now, I could definitely see him using the term 'homie', squirrel. Whichever one of you wrote that. Maybe you should leave him a little bandanna to complete the look.

In town, we had Atton over at Galactica Point trying to play cards. In the wind. Atton was being dramatic, it sounds like. Kitty broke up a fight at Caritas. Wait, what did Tino do to get into a fight? Look into that, guys. At the Arms Hotel, Mary had to put up with gremlin bitten staff. Who were dancing like the Rockettes. I hope she took video. And finally, The Devil's Nest had Allie and Tiny avoiding gremlins in the lounge. Good plan there.

But that's all I have. Seriously, slow day. Maybe everyone was busy getting ready for things. Go have coffee and try not to do something like streak across the stage during the ceremony.
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Hey, this seems like a small pile this time. I'm almost sad that I bought the large coffee to drink while I read. Almost.

And no, I don't think coffee would be very good for squirrels. But I also wouldn't think alcohol would be either. Live and learn.

Let's get started. At the school, we had Powers & Identity watching a cartoon about people with super powers. Was it called the Ultimates? Living City discussed what they thought a city of the future looked like to prepare for visiting Bruce's Gotham. How Not To Die met at the onsen to relax so no one got over-stressed. And it looked like Student Council had their last meeting of the year.

Nothing looks to have gone on in the dorms.

Town had... well, looks like the dead coming back. Huh. Atton had a visit from his dead friend Meetra. At Luke's, Parker's dead little brother showed up to surprise her, Hardison, and Eliot. Surprise. That's a word for it. Jessica met up with Sia at the Perk to talk about what they've been doing and graduation plans. Oh, and look, and explanation for the dead people with a misty clearing. That's not ominous. Celia found her mom there, as did Cosette.

Yeah. Try to have a normal weekend, folks.
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Did anyone else notice the amount of kids outside? Just me?


...and there's also a baby squirrel in here. I don't know how I feel about this. How about we just start on the notes, yeah?


Working on that translator. Honest. Ahem. At the school we had our usual classes with The Living City checking out Mod London in the 60's. Business Sense discussed how to close down a business--hopefully without turning into a super-villain. How Not to Die worked on formal wear that you can fight in. That's actually a really good lesson. None for the guys, though, as Four learned. The trick to that is to know a good tailor. Powers & Identity talked about pets. Hopefully pets that aren't squirrels.

In the dorms, Isabelle gave out food and campaigned for prom queen. Food always helps. Ronan thought it was dumb, but he probably took some food, so it wasn't that bad.

And town that's not at the prom, Jono was dressed by Hannibal before festivities even started. Mary at the Arms was preparing cribs for after... prom. You know, people really should have been warned about whatever is happening. At the Devil's Nest, Allie was playing games on her phone.

And finally, we have prom over at the community center. It seems to have been caveman themed. When people arrived, they could try out some props. Is that what happens at a prom? Huh. Kinda sad I didn't have one. Edward and Cosette weren't impressed by the decorations, but were happy to move to the dancefloor. Isabelle picked heels that let her loom over her date, Flick. Poor kid. Raven and Kathy liked each other's outfits. Which seems pretty common since Jalian joined in on that. Anders was not liking his suit, but Kathy helped him with the tie. You get used to them. Or try to set trends where ties aren't used. Nathan complimented the tie before discussion of glitter being used as a weapon came up. Barry was a dog--a literal dog--and his date was a bear. A literal one. Not that there's anything wrong with the other kind of bear. Ezra, unlike most of the other guys, was happy in his suit. And then went on to flirt with Kathy. And there was also Ichabod and Celia judging the props. Which seemed to be the thing to do.

There was a photo booth for the kids, and some food and punch. Travis stuck by the food where Kathy found him to discuss Gaunt. Which I'm sure was fun. Emma was also by the food, talking to Four about which is the best to try.

And there was also the dance floor. Edward was pleased to recognize some of the music when he danced with Cosette. O-kay. I'll assume time travel or homeschooling.

There was a shadowy corner for people like Ronan to stick to. I think that defeats the point of going to prom. Chaperons were there too. Hardison really liked Eliot's outfit, both him and Parker liked how Eliot looked in fact. She checked if Eliot had a date for this thing. Jono and Hannibal showed up in tuxes which apparently left Eliot feeling they were a little too fancy for the event. Well, it's probably a good thing I didn't go then.

Prom court was then announced with Edward and Elsa as junior king and queen, and Isabelle and Sparkle as senior king and queen. Congrats, kids. They were varying levels of surprise and excitement. And it looks like the dance ended with the court dancing, though Elsa suddenly turned into a bear before she could dance with Edward. Luckily Sparklevolunteered to switch partners with Edward. Not sure what that says about Isabelle.

Oh, and last note of the night seems to be saying a threesome is going to happen with Eliot, Hardison, and Parker. Is anyone surprised?

But that's all I've got. Now I have to hide from any kids running around here. Have a good weekend, folks!
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I'm here, I'm here. You can stop being so pushy. I was just a little late. Geeze.


Oh, just give me the notes. Thank you. In the school, we had Living City talk about London in the 60's. Business Sense had field trips to check out all the businesses in town. How Not To Die had a scavenger hunt. Which hopefully didn't end in anyone dying. Powers and Identity allowed the kids a chance to try to work off some of the stress from last week. Anders took him up on the offer to see what he could do. And the teacher got a phone call after the weirdness of last week.

Then over at the dorms, Kathy tried to relax after a phone call. Ezra checked in about the strange messages we all go. That ended up with them flirting. Anders also stopped by to check in about that and how everything seemed to be about sex. Well. It is spring.

Town had Stiles and Derek talk about birthday plans and flirting. Devil's Nest had Allie playing Candy Crush--that game is the worst.

Oh, and it looks like we have notes from the trip. You squirrels are really dedicated to spying, aren't you? Everyone got ready for their camping trip. Camping. Why not go somewhere with indoor plumbing and air conditioning for vacation? Kitty explained what dehydrated ice cream was to Irene. Isn't that astronaut ice cream? Mara and Sia went looking for stuff to make s'mores. Which is the only acceptable reason for camping. Eliot and Parker went for the same s'mores supplies before talking about proposed threesomes from Wednesday. Well. That would be awkward.

At the dunes, people were setting up tents--so many nopes here--which Irene agreed with being a little put out by the lack of walls. Jessica offered to set up the tent if Irene braided her hair. Which. Okay. Hardison agreed with the lack of walls being a downer and questioned the lack of WIFI. See, now I'm glad I'm safely in Fandom and that is not a sentence I planned to say ever. Clint questioned Kitty's tent building skills and probably ended up sleeping alone for that one. Jones offered to help Eponine out with the tent. No hair braiding, I'd assume. Hardison figured out the power supply wasn't working quite like they wanted for all the things they planned. While camping. Just find a hotel next time, kids. Jalian skipped the tent, leaving Hardison to worry about bears. In Indiana. Unless he means the kind that wear leather, I guess. Raven was more concered about bugs, but Jalian wasn't worried.

They got a campfire going for sitting around. Four offered Sia a hotdog before they decided the canned goods would be fine if they were starving. Cosette was looking forward to s'mores while Sia went looking for napkins. Because s'mores. That's why they're better at a place with working sinks. Edward traded Cosette a hotdog for a marshmallow. Which seems uneven. Mara observed how Cosette cooked her marshmallow for instructions. You could just set it on fire. People do that too. Edward and Sia decided this whole trip wasn't bad. Sure. Clint and Hardison traded dog stories--not the edible kind--while feeding the dogs scraps. I thought it wasn't good to give dogs scraps. Or is that cats? I don't know pets. Parker and Hardison snuggled before asking Eliot over. And last, we had Jalian getting offered food by Kitty. Aww, team mom.

But that looks to be all there is for now. Have fun with the camping, folks. I'm going to take a shower without any bugs around go enjoy my indoor plumbing.
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Well, this has been a busy week, hasn't it? Don't answer that.
Busy busy busy )
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Yeah, hi. Hi. I'm not running late right?


Still no idea why I ask you questions when I don't speak squirrel. But I'll assume that was a no.


Yes, you are adorable and... fluffy. Anyway. At the school we had a student council meeting and a staff meeting which I totally missed. Oops. Apparently it was about the upcoming summer session. Summer school? Those poor kids. Cara and Eliot discussed how they needed to knock kids' heads together. Which is a natural urge with teens. Karla wanted to know if anyone knew who stole her jewel. Right in front of her daughter, it seems. Maybe a better security system next time? Parker went with 'not it' and Eliot mentioned someone stole Hardison's hard drive as well. Rash of thefts on the island sorta making me wonder about how safe living here might be.

The Living City was cancelled with Bruce having business out of town. Irene covered Business Sense for Hatter, talking about creating a brand. And Celia covered Powers and Identity to talk about dealing with the island. How Not To Die had a similar lesson with Cassandra not being pleased to be there.

Over at the dorms, Anders was in his room, playing with his amulet. Which. Might be a euphemism. Or just weird. Nathan agreed it was weird before joking about someone named Pascal having beady eyes. And Kathy was staring into her mirror. That's it? Oookay.

In town, Hannibal attempted to get Jono out into the sauna but Jono had a headache. Rinoa was in the back of the Magic Box when Squall brought her food. Needful Things was pretty quiet yesterday, no one visiting for a change. And lastly, at the Devil's Nest Allie was taste-testing drinks. Atton and Jessica met up at the bar to talk about what they've been doing with her joining the police on island and him teaching.

But that's all the notes I have, folks. I have to run before Pepper murders me for not signing the things she sent over yesterday.
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*excited chittering*

Yes, yes. I'm here. You can stop freaking out at me for being late. I do have my own things to do some mornings. At least Pepper tells me that I do.

Let's get started while the squirrels calm down. Staring with... the school. As per usual. The Living City looked into the 1964 Summer Olympics that were held in fall. But hey, the kids were able to attend the events. Powers & Identity talked about people caring about them for who they are and not who they could be. Which. Ha. Can of worms there. And it seemed that there was a king cobra there that was Hannibal. Well, that's... interesting. Past radio informs me that other me's turned into miniature ponies. I think a cobra would be better. They also discussed what they wanted in friends. Business Sense talked about being the victim of a corporate crime. Legal action. I vote that because apparently vigilante justice is illegal. Who knew? And last, How Not To Die had the kids cooking for a hungover Cara. Good plan.

Dorms just had Anders staring into space while his palms bled. Well. That's... not good. Cassandra stopped by to let him know it was bad and that he should probably see a doctor.

Moving on. In town, Rinoa made breakfast for Squall who asked about Junctioned Quezacoatl. No clue here, folks. Allie at the Devil's Nest waited around for her shift to be over to go to a party. At the Park, Eliot was in the park with his puppy. And then threatened to hit something invisible for the puppy. Okay. Keeping an eye on that. Hardison stopped by to be weirded out by the puppy--thank god it's not just me--and upset about some treatment of Parker and a busboy. There's probably more to that.

And looks like everyone was at Needful Things. Travis brought in a bag of something, but the squirrels didn't notice what. Thanks. Anders found something he was looking for there. There was also something there that Ronan was interested in. Rinoa stopped by and it ends there because the squirrels are useless. Kathy was there for costume jewelry for her mom. Probably not the right place for real jewelry, yeah. Hanna said she didn't have any money, but that was okay because Leland preferred to barter. Weird.

In other news, there was a 'Stache Bash. How did I not know about that? People mingled upon arrival. Mike approved Tamsin's forehead mustache before asking if his made him look better. Pinkie brought her own mustache--hopefully fake--and agreed with Mike that Derek needed to have more parties. Sounds like he's a buzzkill to me. Atton got a minor lecture on ponies and the land of the ponies. I didn't think I could read that with a straight face. Go me. Kitty and Mike discussed her mustache and the drink of choice for the party. Eponine and Kitty took mustache selfies before discussing how this would go over at home. Irene and Kitty talked about how easy it was to mess with Derek after complimenting each other on their fake facial hair. Atton thought the theme was overdone before he and Kitty discussed overly dramatic weekends. I just hope I get to own the diamond mine radio keeps talking about. Hawkeye informed Kitty that he felt like he was in an old movie before talking about his own teenage forays into facial hair. God, tell me there are pictures. Irene felt Hatter was cheating with his real facial hair, but found out he wasn't in the mood because something was stolen from him recently. Huh.

Mike told Irene that her mustache was making him question his sexuality. Is that supposed to be like seeing an attractive woman in a suit? Because there's no questioning there. Not for me, at least. Tamsin and Irene talked about how it was fine to hate things, but taunting Derek was fun too. Mike let Stiles know that the party was all because Derek tried to prevent him from growing a mustache. That sounds normal, sure. Kitty and Stiles went on to think of more parties based on things that Derek hates. Which is pretty dedicated to keeping the theme. Hopefully he hates things like fun and skimpy clothing. The man in question flirted with Stiles while also accusing him of enabling the party. Derek tried to claim he was neither brooding, nor sulking when questioned on it by Mike before getting forced to say 'Pom Selleck'. Which was the drink of choice at the party. That sounds amazing and horrible. Tamsin seemed strangely pleased that Derek wasn't sulking in his room all night rather than attend the party. And Irene was told that Mike's beard was patchy. Someone sounds jealous. Kitty and Derek debated whether or not he was a facial hair expert or simply a prodigy. How does one become a prodigy of these things? She and Allie caught up while wondering how guys ate with facial hair. Carefully. Very carefully. Mike and Allie also had that discussion before planning to give Tamsin pickle flaoured vodka. I'm sure their funerals will be lovely.

Eponine and Allie complimented each other on their mustaches before getting into a sword fight with them. Which sounds... yeah. Food and drink there was also mustache themed. Shocking, I'm sure. Eponine and Tamsin discussed her new job as mayor of the city--wait, really? Huh. Before switching drinks. Eponine let Mike know that she really enjoyed the donut flavoured vodka he got for the party. Is that a cop joke? I'm not sure. And finally, over in the shadowy corner we had Hatter who was deeply confused by the Pom Selleck, much to Mike's disconcertion.
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Hello, hello again. Time once again for me to bring you the news of yesterday. I know you're all waiting patiently for it. We'll start out with school where Business Sense watched the movie Wall Street. Which, okay, has some things in it that are true. The Living City discussed post-war Tokyo and it's recnstruction. How Not To Die discussed how to use sex as manipulation and distraction. Maybe not something meant for teenagers? Powers and Identity talked about hiding parts of themselves to avoid attention. Oh, and it looks like Student Council had a meeting yesterday. Alana and Minako disagreed on haivng a talent show while Mara and Minako discussed hibernation and planet-wide cities. I'd love to see one of those. Without having to deal with the Kree.

In the dorms we only had Ezra got back from a trip to Ronan visiting and them having a fight. Ouch. Maybe some flowers would work to make up for it?

In town, Barry was hiding in his warehouse when Joker stopped by to get his side of a fight he had with Elsa. Everyone cranky with this unending winter or something? At the Devil's Nest, Tiny was sleeping off a few drinks that Allie gave him. Mike faired better with the drinks, settling for boozey coffee and and invite over to his house to watch Netflix. Parker was confused by the passed out Tiny, but quickly got on the subject of using spoons as weapons with Allie. A new shop Needful Things opened yesterday. Eliot brought in a flash drive when... the squirrel saw something shiny. Really? Okay, Jones stopped in as well, and wondered why the shop owner wasn't put off by her lack of eating or sleeping--called it--and then the squirrels got distracted again. I'm going to have to check that place out to see what's so distracting. Last of all, Eliot got home in a good mood after his trip to the shop and went looking for his phone.

That's all I have, folks. Have a good weekend.
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Greetings from the tackiest cruise I have ever been on. It's not even a complaint, I'm honestly impressed by this. Also by the dedication these squirrels have shown.

I won't even complain that they woke me up for this.

Okay, let's see what we have... yesterday morning it looks like my illusive roommate Atton checked out the entertainment--I'm going to venture it involved disco. Flick spent his time on the sun deck despite there being trips to El Arco and Lover's Beach, San Jose Del Cabo, or Medano beach. Ronan and Ezra talked about lesbian space vampires--have yet to meet one--and conga lines while flirting with each other. Who would have pegged 'lesbian space vampires' as the right line? Hatter went to Todos Santos while other people stuck with more nautical entertainment like snorkling, hanging out with dolphins--like Minako--or whale watching. But there were other outdoors things to do too.

Last night it was the much awaited Formal Night here on the boat. Ship? I'm not good at these terms. People --and I'm using this phrase very loosely--dressed up to go dance at the disco. Anders got a drink for Nathan so they could compare what they got. Oh, and I missed out on the Fiesta Paradisa show girls arrived to entertain people. Or you could ignore the showgirls for other things apparently. Flick avoided the polyester by reading in his room. Smart. Also not at the party, Hannibal took Karla out for a moonlight stroll to ask her to be his sounding board. Always good to have one of those. That's why I have Pepper. Barry was also out for a walk, but apparently his was less than pleasant.

But that looks to be all I have. Enjoy the last few hours aboard before he get back, folks.
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Ah, I can finally breathe again. As much fun as this past week was, I could do without a repeat for a long time. And I think everyone else could too.

Let's get started then. We've got the school with their usual classes. Powers and Identity talked about your head versus your gut being in charge when it counts. I'd suggest a mixture of the two. They managed a lecture and even a discussion">discussion somehow. The Living City had a movie day--good choice--Business Sense talked about firing people--not fun--and finally How Not To Die talked logistics. Also a good plan.

Moving on to the dorms, Flick was working out some of his aggression on a heavy bag while Isabelle made him jealous with talk of some guy named Jace. That's definitely a method of getting what you want. Sure. Kathy and Travis were in their respective rooms, though Kathy was doing yoga. Travis was not.

And now to town where things apparently got busy. At 75 Godiva Eliot was making himself a hungover omlette--all the potatos in it. Seriously. Hardison offended him with his great mood before Parker tasered a naked Naveen in their rafters. You know what? I'm not even going to question how insane that series of events got.

At the Magic Box, Celia adjusted the temperature settings. And at The Devil's Nest Allie didn't stick around long because it looks like everything happened over at Caritas where Mike did a striptease for the ladies and probably a few of the men of Fandom.

Parker let Hardison and Eliot know that she could do better if there was a pole which was promptly provided to her. Of course it was! So there was some pole dancing that followed that which was appreciated by both of the men with her.

At the bar Tamsin questioned Eponine about if she got lucky the night before--no--and then how she was going to hook up with Mike after the performance. Kitty texted Eponine like a sane person when dealing with a crowded bar. Kitty also let Tamsin know about some kind of dating event. Hmm. Might have to check that out. Mike asked if she got good video of his performance--yes--and was questioned on if that would be a repeated event. Allie was immediately questioned by Kitty about her night before being told about her and Hawkeye having a threesome with Irene. Aww, I guess I have to stop calling him so vanilla. Tamsin told Allie that she should have started her own stripping party at the Devil's Nest before discussing sexy vampire bites. That's a pretty nice mental image still. Mike and Allie checked in on each other after what we can assume was a hook up before deciding it needed a repeat. And Tamsin finally made good on her early statement and bought Mike a beer to hit on him. Irene complimented the performance and the name--Magic Mike--wow. And people think Iron Man is too ostentatious. Abbi asked Mike where he learned his skills--stripper academy apparently. Eponine also complimented him on his talents before he told her he wasn't in practice as much as he had been. Parker also complimented the skills before it looks like angling for a threesome with Hardison. Irene and Tamsin were pleased at each other for how good their hook up was. And it looked like Kitty and Irene caught up. After the threesome and all. Last, Abbi did shots by herself before Kitty stopped over to meet her since she’s new in town.

Well, that’ll be it. Quite a few hook ups and all on the radio to hear about. These squirrels are worse than tabloids.

Have a good day, folks!
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For so much snow, this place seems warm. Does it seem warm to anyone else? I should look into the temperature controls...

Radio! Yes, that's what I'm here for. Right. Let's get this over with so we can all carry on with our lives. The school is up first, The Living City went on a field trip to the Columbian Exposition of 1893 which, I'd assume was in Columbia. Beautiful country. Lovely women. Hmm. What was I talking about?


Yeah, still working on that squirrel translator. Powers & Identity had an open forum after the lecture where any questions could be asked. And Jono got a text. Which is newsworthy in this small town. Business Sense dealt with people in a restaurant while How Not to Die cleaned stables. Well. That's a way to keep kids in line.

At the dorms, we had Sparkle selling flowers. I knew a woman named Sparkle. Though that was a stage name... Ahem. Cecil stopped by to complain about missing his scientist and how the snow helped. Right. Sure it did. In the Salle, Cassandra was taking out frustrations with a sword--well, that's one way to do it. Anders showed up to get into a fight with her and it's a little creepy that rodents are cheering for them to make out. I hope you guys don't do that to me. Ronan did the smart thing and hid in his room with headphones one. Johnny was making shadow puppets in the third floor common room when Raven showed up to flirt with him with the tried and true 'you're hot'.

Never heard that one before.

And we're over in town, now. At MCA, Atton was meditating until he got a call from home. Which could be a good or bad thing based on my calls from home. At the Arms Hotel, Mary trew a coffee pot at Gunther for staring at her. Which sounds extreme, but probably called for. Aeryn was keeping things very tidy at Freedom Arms due to being restless. And finally, Devil's Nest had Allie was looking up drink recipes on her phone when Bob checked in on her about last week. Something about wishes in there. I really should pay more attention to what's going on in town.

But that's all, folks. Stay safe.
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Alright, this is Tony Stark and I'm deeply under-caffeinated for this. Let's get this show on the road, squirrels. No one back home can know I'm talking to squirrels. No one.

At the school, we had our usual classes with The Living City discussing the Chicago after the great fire there. Started by a cow, don't they say? Business Sense talked about hiring and interviewing. And that is why I have Pepper. She keeps me from hiring people I shouldn't. How Not To Die talked about peaceful resolutions to problems. Hope for peace, plan for war. Best advice I can give you. Powers & Identity discussed the dangers of isolating yourself. Which are very real when you get too wrapped up in your own head. Hank. Ahem, they listened to the lecture and talked about trust.

In the dorms... nothing. It was Friday, so I'll assume some kids went home or something.

Celia had her first day at the Magic Box where she was heating stones with magic. Or, you know, you could use this thing called the thermostat to turn up the heat in the building. Anders showed up to complain about the cold before they--well, of course they don't understand how mechanical heating works. This place. Ichabod showed up to distract Celia with kissing. Young love. Isn't it cute?

And that look to be it for me. Enjoy your weekend, folks. I know I will.
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This is Tony Stark and I'm not covered in glitter. It's a wonderful Saturday morning. Would be even better if I were surrounded by what I'm pretty sure are hungover squirrels. That... yeah, that puts a damper on things.

I'll just read these notes before I have to go get a rabies shot or something. Over at the school, The Living City went on a field trip to Gotham City, circa now to check out the hot spots. Business Sense discussed customer service before having Mara deal with a confused customer. See, this is why being a CEO is the bet. No customer service. I pay people to do it for me. Powers and Identities talked about appearance and perception with the teacher keeping all the attention on them for the lecture. The first activity had the students showing off things they normally keep under wraps. The second activity had them dicuss how those are percieved by other. Yeah, welcome to the world. The number of negative articles I've had written about me or my team would probably fill a room. I'd have to check with Pepper. She keep an eye on those for me. Anyway, the teachers did have a few students wait to talk to them. How Not To Die discussed the flying eels... wait, what did I miss?


...seriously, don't speak squirrel. I'll check the podcasts. The students talked about what they did during the attack and what they could do for the next one. Oh, and Obi-Wan had a nice office hour of silence and tea before Bob tried to surprise him with sticking his head through the door. It doesn't seem to have worked. Better luck next time.

In the dorms, Edward set up shop in a common room to watch... pirate mice. Anders stopped in to discuss pirate fashions and who would join pirate mice. Mara and Anders then stoke about who would become a pirate or at least dress like one. Hawkeye. That's my vote. It's all the purple. Cosette was asured by Edward that her baking wouldn't be a bother--probably for free baked good. Anders and Cosette talked about if their classes would help with her baking skills and as an antidote if she accidentally poisoned them all. Mara and Cosette went from cooking talents to space travel. Which I'm sure are connected somehow. Mara and Edward engaged in making fun of the pirate mice before the fact that this show was apparently religious came up. I just really hope Thor wasn't invovled in that. That's all I'm going to say.

Almost done here. In town, Dracula--we being serious here? Heh. I owe Clint five dollars. Anyway, Dracula was playing the guitar before Bob stopped in to listen. Bob does that a lot, doesn't he?

But that's all there is, folks. I'm in need of coffee number four of the day, so I'll see you all later.
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Yes, yes. Your rum is very nice. Now, do you have any coffee?


I have no clue what you just said, so I don't know why I asked a question. I can feel my sanity slowly slipping away each moment I spend here.


Yes, thank you for the notes you're shoving at me. How kind. At least it's a small pile. We'll start at the school then. How Not To Die discussed teamwork when fighting a dragon. Hit it with everything you have and then call Thor and Hulk if that doesn't work. Just that easy. For Living City, Bruce talked all about the history of someplace called Gotham City before asking the students to share the issues from their cities. Powers, Identity & The World went into what they wanted to be when they grew up--trust me, that's subjective. I rarely feel like an adult--and how that has changed. And finally, Business Sense talked about ideas and business names. Last names are always good for branding.

Oh, and it looked like Kitty was busy in her office, 'working' online.

Nothing for the dorms. Probably all upset about that truth business still. I just had Jarvis shut down my communications. Worked like a dream.

And town just had an anniversary celebration that included threats of beard growing. Well. Whatever keeps the magic alive. And a very quiet night at the Devil's Nest with Allie.

And that's it. Leave me enough time to hunt down a decent cup of coffee. See you later!
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You know, I listened to the podcasts and still wasn't expecting this. Squirrels. And rum. You could share that rum, you know. Grease the wheels to get things moving...

And now I'm talking to squirrels. I've hit a certain point in my life I never quite saw coming.

This is Tony Stark--the new and best one--here to bring you your news for the day. Try to contain your joy, folks. Over at the school there was a class on cakes where they all had to decorate a cake to represent themselves. You know, that sounds like something you'd do on a corporate retreat. I avoid those exercises whenever possible and so should you, kids. Mad Kings & Queens talked about crazies through history--wholesome. Very wholesome. Anyway, they introduced themselves and probably had fun with it all. And Thor--hey, Thor! If you're deigning to listen to the talking technology box, that is. I'm kidding, I'm kidding. He could fold me like a pretzel. And attractive pretzel, but still a pretzel. Anyway, he taught about modern myths. I certainly hope Cap made the list of them. 

In the dorms, Cassandra got to work on weight training. Flick--that's a real name? Alright then--told her she was uptight and negative. He's a ladykiller, our Flick. Kathy also showed up to catch up with Flick about how Isabelle's mom hates him. Ah, trouble in paradise. Been there. Cassandra was very interested in the yoga Kathy was doing before Kathy offered to teach her some.

Amy watched a documentary about writers when Travis arrived to ask about TV, finding religion, Austin strange, and her old high school. Trust me, no one needs to learn more about Texas. Not even Austin.

Over in town, the mayor was playing Sim City 2000. Well. I guess it has nostalgia value. At the Magic Box--oh yeah, magic--Elsa was reading up on ghosts. Which I don't want to deal with. So let's not. Anders stopped in to be upset about being a TA for someone without hands and to let Elsa know to keep an eye out for Cassandra. Who might be his ex. Who knows with kids these days? Over at Book Haven, Alana was reading romance novels when Hanna stopped in for Dusk and Barry Plodder. I can only hope Alana did her part to discourage the first series. Also, books on being an adult. Pretty sure step one is paying taxes. Or talking about taxes. I don't know. I have an accountant for that.

On the streets, Roland was playing Beach Boys and attracting cats. I can only think the innuendo that brings to mind because I'm a teacher now. But I'm thinking it really hard. At MHA, Atticus was taking down his Christmas decorations while Bob watched. And was deeply impressed by the amount and variety of cursing. I would be too if I hadn't lived with Thor for a while. But his are just adorable and quaint. Odin's Beard. Seriously. And finally, there is a date at the Sushi Station between Sia and Four. Go, Four. You dog, you. Though the discussion turned to roasted gremlin. Which. Moodkiller much? We need to work on your game, Four.

And that is all I have, folks. Try not to pine for me when I'm gone. Because, let's be honest, with this place's track record, another will show up the moment I leave.
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Tony: Okay, okay! Jeeze, I'm going. Can't a guy just go get coffee in the morning without being attacked by squirrels?

Steve: --happy to help, but maybe you could stop pushing my ankles? Oh, good morning, Tony.

Tony: You too, huh? At least it's not as bad as last time.

Steve: I’m going to do you the favor of taking that as a compliment, I think.

Tony: Totally is. Honest. You don't even have a mustache to make it weird.

Have you had your coffee yet? )

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