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Good evening, folks! This is [livejournal.com profile] brambless, bringing you the happenings of this cold and beautiful Sunday.

Most of the action is in the common rooms, today - not surprising, given how cold it is outside!

Sawyer and Paige deal with the stress of studying for finals by finding the silver lining in failing. Hope for the best, plan for the worst - it's a great philosophy to live by!

In another common room, everybody is joining in on the Christmas spirit by watching a marathon of themed movies. No, I'm not going to tell you the theme. It's a secret. Aeryn talks with Kiki talk about which classes they might take next semester, and with Veronica about love and lies and the meaning of Christmas. Veronica bonds with Piper over their mutual favourite movie, and discovers that vampires are allergic to party hats. Jack Harkness is there too, watching a lot of movies, Janet stops by, and Piper is not interested in Bel. Which I'm sure comes as a relief to Phoebe! Lana is very interested in Shep, though. Also, she's a troublemaker, and they're incredibly cute together.

Surprisingly enough, I don't have the daily cuteness report on our reigning cute couple, Callynanders, so I'm going to hazard a guess that they've taken their cuteness to a private location, away from the Pirate's spies.

In the gym, Cameron works out his frustrations by punching and talking with Aeryn. Except, um, he wasn't punching Aeryn, he was punching a bag. Just so that's clear. Ivanova deals with her angst by buying chocolates, which I personally think is a much more pleasant method. Inara's buying chocolate too, just because it's a good idea.

In news that makes me reach for the comfort of chocolate, Mr. Crowley's been called 'home' - and I suspect not for merry holiday cheer, given, um, what things are like where he comes from. Our love and thoughts go with you, Mr. Crowley, and we hope to see you back amongst us soon. Mr. Phale breaks the news to Kiki, and then to Mr. Wilson, and they're both as devastated as I am. Sonia Belmont is also leaving us, dropping by Geoff's today to say her goodbyes. Mr. Six may also be leaving us - he hasn't said goodbye to anyone, that I know of, but he seems to be trying to dig his way out. Or hunt for buried pirate treasure, which... Barbossa? You haven't got anything stashed around, have you? Because, um, the safety deposit boxes at the bank are probably a little more secure...

Chiana and Red discuss a plan to keep the town safe, but at the moment it seems like the biggest thread to Fandom are the ducks. Scary, scary ducks, as Mr. GOB found out. Earl the giraffe, however, is not at all scary. He's absolutely adorable, and enjoying the night air with Mr. Logan.

Nobody's in the clinic, and nobody's out drinking at Spike's, because they're all too busy with the


And you wonderful people are all being so generous I'm making an entire section just to talk about it!

So... Veronica exchanges gifts with Angela and Angel, who also gets presents from roommate John, not-his-girlfriend-at-all Callisto, and Rory, surprisingly enough.
Secret Santa gifts continue to pour in, with the reveal practically heartbeats away, in both dorms and town. In other gift-giving news, The Tick's secret identity has been revealed, and he is the fabled Santa Claus! And (*sings*) I saw Becky kissing Santa Claus... when he came by to drop off her gift, thus proving that she's been a very good girl this year. Jarod, Miho and Becky all exchange gifts.

Marty, Anakin, Parker and Janet give gifts to practically everyone in the school, between them. Seriously, wow. Rory gets more than just a present from Anakin, but I'm assured that they're just friends, and are not dating. Really. Lee's love affair with toast goes to the next level after his present from Anakin - he's actually making the bread now. Which I think is the baking equivalent of meeting the parents.

Looks like there might be another truckload of gifts tomorrow, if the action in Sam's room is any indication - Lee, Janet and John Connor were all needed, just to help her wrap! CJ's been shopping, too, and has enough packages that she needed help from Mr. Quayle to carry them home.

So for the most part, it sounds like it's been a beautiful day in Fandom, and tomorrow promises to be more of the same, as we head into the last few days of classes for the calendar year. Have a great night, everyone, and remember - 'tis the season to be good to one another!

[ooc: Sorry this is so late - my ISP went down, and I've been trying to get back online for hours. Grr. Argh! For those of you playing at home, this is my last radio broadcast. It's been fun, and thanks for listening to me on Pirate Radio!]
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Hey, folks. This is [livejournal.com profile] brambless, coming to you with the news and happenings this Sunday night.

The Chrisnukwanzayulestice spirit has begun (and I do hope I didn't leave anyone out there!) with the first Secret Santa gifts being delivered. Lana Lang is the helpful elf of choice, with anonymous gifts for both Death, Lisa Cuddy and Allie. Gifts also for Janet and Charlie Kawalsky from the non-anonymous Jack O'Neill, and it's so good to hear you're all being so good to one another.

Kawalsky has also been talking to Cameron about Christmas plans. Cameron is still in human form (and is it horrible of me to say 'what a shame'? Because he sounded so cute...) The two intrepid hunters find and slay a Christmas tree, before Cameron plays with Aeryn and Vala in his room. But, um, not in that way, or anything. Later in the evening, Lee, John Crichton and Aeryn talk. Word has it that Christmas traditions are confusing for those people not from around this time/space, and I would love anyone who organised a multi-faith-world-whatever celebration with something from everyone's time. Just putting that out there...

In other gift-buying and shopping-news (not to be confused with the Shipping News column...), Sanctity gets a midnight customer, and Bel finds something at the Emporium for Phoebe, lucky girl.

Business is booming at Wonka's, with a veritable ton of people buying sweets. As well as, um, a rat. Sent by DEATH. Yeah, that's creepy. Wesley Pryce is the sweetest of them all, though, sharing his candy in the fourth floor common room, before joining Faith, Bel and John Sheppard in saying 'hey there, baby god' with glitter, trees and tiny weapons. Faith, honey? I love you.

It's a day for revelations in the common rooms - Sheppard reveals to Lana that he has a drinking problem, and Kawalsky implies that Parker and the Dean are having an affair - but has a surprisingly pleasant singing voice. Kawalsky, not the Dean.

Meanwhile, down on the first floor, Professor The Tick thumb-wrestles himself to a draw in the middle of a golf game. Yeah. Um. I don't know why that sentence surprises me. Thumb-wrestling golf... in Fandom. Of course.

CJ tries to recruit Krycek for her class next term, and tries to explain family to Kadaj. Lily and Draco discover that sometimes, in love, it does matter what you look like, but it's more important what's in your heart. Which is... so beautiful. You people make me cry, sometimes. Angel believes it's more important what's in your soul, and luckily for him, Veronica agrees.

Ben and Inara practice their tai-chi in the park, and discuss life in Fandom. Han talks with Ben about gender roles, and with Lana about discrimination, and I just have to say, Han? I know this has got to be hard on you, but many people would do just about anything to find out how the other half really lives. You've got to write this down... Later in the park, Mr. Phale and Ten have tea and discuss classic literature, and Mr. Phale does not feed scones to a hawk. Or presumably anything else? Except maybe the ducks?

Over at the Echolls place, Jenny Calendar performs a disinvitation spell to keep the friendly neighbourhood vampires friendly, Parker is floating on air, as is Logan, and Angela is glowing. Rory, Jake, Krycek and Liz also join in the fun, and between that and the home-made decorations, it sounds like a lovely time was had by all! When Angela gets back home, Marty tries very hard to make her glow again. So sweet.

A whole bunch of people go ice-skating. My notes say Janet, Daniel, Parker, Zero, Anakin, Sam and Jaye. Hee. Ice party. Some are, um, more graceful than others. Jaye freaks Anakin out by making him think there are gremlins. But there weren't. This time. However, Parker finds out that her privacy was invaded. For real, and not by gremlins.

Sheppard and Lana watch the waves together at the beach, before heading into the Perk to warm up. Allie and Lisa are there, too. And a little bird who overhead the conversation tells me Lana has said the most intelligent thing I've heard yet this weekend: "live and learn and try not to be too stupid along the way".

So goodnight, folks. Be well, take care of one another, and try not to be too stupid along the way.

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Monday, November 28th, 2005 01:34 pm
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Hey, folks. I'm back from the best vacation ever, and hope you all feel the same about yours, those of you who were lucky enough to go away.

The big news of the night, however, involves the people who didn't go away, namely Callyndanders, Callisto, Bridge and John Crichton and a rather unusual game of cards. Their, um... antics drew the attention of Dean Bristow - who sought fit to call office hours. On Sunday. Now, I missed the whole event, but the Dean is a very reasonable man, and it seems that the Triad crew's nervousness proved totally unfounded. In fact, he was so supportive of their efforts to share their cultural traditions, he's going to be directing them in a nativity play. The Triad are, of course, thrilled!

Less thrilled is Beka Valentine, who is a hamster. Still. ...I go away for one week, and Beka turns into a hamster? What is it with you people and animals!? Cats, rabbits, hamsters, parrots... giraffes?

Everyone's catching up on the holidays - Methos and MacLeod discuss theirs, while Marty, Logan, Rory, Alanna and Faithful, Zero and Parker all catch up on theirs in the second floor common room. There is also some distressing and unfounded gossip bandied about which I will not repeat here. Suffice it to say that I thought better of both Marty and Logan, and I am deeply disappointed in them both. Mystique and Boone have a somewhat quieter time in another common room, away from malicious rumours, Veronica and Chloe catch up in their own room and Xander Harris catches up with his, um... frog. John Sheppard, Lana and Han catch up on their respective holidays, as do John Connor and Rogue... but this John doesn't seem quite himself. From his conversation with Edward Elric it seems that he, um... really needs someone to share their Egyptian Archaeology notes with him. If you're in that class, take pity on him? Share your notes?

I'd suggest John stop by the clinic to get sorted out, but you all might want to steer clear for a few days, unless it's an absolute emergency. Our beloved Dr. House has to go off his painkillers, and he might be just a little tetchy.

Speaking of doctors, Dr. Wilson visited today with Mr. Crowley and Mr. Phale - who is evidently giving up on the idea of a bookshop, as he and Tonks start up a lending library. Personally, I think it's a great idea!

CJ and Ten are home from San Francisco, and CJ pops by the farmhouse to catch up with Loz, Kadaj and Yazoo - and brings them beautiful, beautiful knives. CJ? You're the best, you really are.

Boone's being tormented by a demon, but not Mr. Crowley, who had a lovely evening with Darla, and a friend over for dinner. Oh, I'm so glad Mr. Crowley's making some new friends!

Also on the 'new friends' stakes (hee! pardon the pun), Veronica and Angel are bonding tonight over... porn? That can't be right. Maybe that's an abbreviation? For, um... popcorn? Yeah. They're bonding over popcorn. I, um... I think.

Meanwhile, Six and Wednesday have been dealing with a very rude intruder, who has wrought mime-level horror on Efferton Manor. We extend our sympathies to Ms. Addams for any woe this has caused her. Tex is also upset about the cheerfulness she was forced into over the holiday - and I would remind any of you who scoff at this that regardless of the emotion, if it's created by force it is a violation.

In other housing news,
Sam Carter is moving into a single room with some string-pulling by Charlie Eppes, and some more physical assistance from Janet and Charlie Kawalsky, while Kiki and Angela both find their rooms barren now that their respective roommates have left.

To leave you on a bright note, I do believe my personal favourite couple has finally out-cuted Callynanders. Rory and Logan made waffles this morning on... um... Rory's laptop? Okay, I'm not quite sure what that's about, but the important part is that they'll be spending Christmas together! Excuse me while I quietly glee.... *soft squeals of excitement*

*Shane's voice interrupts, with a low chuckle* Baby, I thought we were your favorite personal couple? You and me?

*Tara's voice again, with a soft giggle* I stand completely corrected. Good night, folks - I'm off to love on my girl. Be good to one another!

*Just before the microphone switches off, Tara can be heard if you listen very, very carefully.* Baby? On air? Prepare to be pounced...

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Monday, November 21st, 2005 05:12 pm
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Hey folks. This is [livejournal.com profile] brambless, in my first ever radio appearance, giving you one night's rest from the usual radio snark - though I know you love your snark, and I promise you'll have it back tomorrow night!

Today has been a day of rest for many, even Father Jack Hackett, who didn't show up for Sunday services. This is the part where your usual radio personality would speculate that he was too drunk to wake up. Likewise, The Emporium is closed today to attend the Harvest Festival, and you'll need to stock up this week because they're taking Thanksgiving weekend off. Sounds like Ben needs it, he's not feeling very well. Word has it that Duce isn't feeling well either, so I advise you all to drink your echinacea tea against whatever it is going around. I think I've even convinced the Perk to stock it.

The Tick will also be away for Thanksgiving, and with his sidekick The Caffeinator in the clinic, Callisto will be looking over the school in his absence. Um, from the roof, apparantly, so I guess that's a literal 'looking over'. For those of you who don't have anywhere to go this weekend, you might want to consider contacting Han Solo - who is going to space. Yes, I know that's not a big deal for many of you, but - space! Outer space! In a spaceship! *cough* Okay, I'm... yeah. You can't tell me that's not cool.

Callynanders were cute before going to the Festival, where they... continued to be cute. No real news there, and no competition to their title as 'Fandom High's Most Saccharine Couple', though Draco and Lily gave it a good shot today. The reigning titleholders made the sweetness literal by buying candy from Mr. Wonka, as did D'anna and Alanna.

Speaking of the Festival, a very privileged few might have seen rather more of Jack Harkness than we're used to seeing, including his poor adoptive mother, the gracious but de-crowned Queen. She's been regaled today by Mr. Quayle with stories of his past, while across town, our emerald-coloured master of music regales the ducks with a very appropriate song, and Charlie Kawalsky visits Tex.

As the Festival winds down, word has it that the Queen-that-was has been talking with a shipwrecked sailor and the world's best therapist, and Callynanders have returned home to, um, be cute. But in the way you wouldn't tell your mother about.

Word about the dramatic events of Friday night continues to spread, as Angela catches Alanna up on the news of Angelus-who-is-now-Angel and the vampiric status of Drusilla, (and why didn't people already know that? Seriously, contact any one of the Sunnydale folks if you want a rundown on vampire lore and protection. Or maybe we should just hold a public seminar. And for goodness' sake, bring in your welcome mats, people!). *sigh* Also, Alanna? No killing, sweetie. That goes for the rest of you, too. There are non-violent solutions to our problems, so let's just all put our swords and whatever away and stop threatening each other, hm? Angel has found sanctuary with John Crichton, and Aeryn, Lee Adama and Marty have all dropped by John's room. Guys, if he's a pile of dust, we're going to have words.

Sorry. I got a little ranty there. Kudos to DEATH for stepping outside the box - DEATH was at the Fourth Sin tonight, getting some advice from Inara. Loving is better than fighting, folks, a lesson John Sheppard needs to learn. He's in the mainland hospital after a sword-fight gone wrong today, and I will refrain from hammering the point about non-violence any further home. You'll need a pass from the Dean if you'd like to visit, as Wesley, Lana, Paige and Rodney have already done. And on the subject of Paige, I have a note here that says she is, um, 'moving furniture' with Murphy. I'm... okay, I'm pretty sure that's a euphamism for something. Let's... let's just move right along, shall we?

In the category of 'Only In Fandom', rumour has it that a poorly disguised giraffe was seen on the streets of Fandom Town tonight, with a group of shifty-looking characters. I'd throw away the tip as a hoax, but... well, this is Fandom. So folks, if you are trying to smuggle a giraffe around, may I just remind you that a trenchcoat screams 'I'm hiding, notice me'? As does whistling innocently. Oh, gods, I hope the giraffe doesn't whistle.

Moving right along there, the fandom clinic is still stuffed to bursting, between Rory and Logan - and their hundred visitors. Between Callynanders and Vladdie, the cute in there ought to be enough to outweigh any emo, and my personal favourite lovers (well, other than myself and Shane, obviously) seem to be on the road to recovery. Guys, we love you both. Expect a lot more visitors in the next few days!

And for those of you worrying about Mr. Phale, I can assure you that he's okay now. I'm not giving you details - some things are private - but he should be up and on his feet again if you want to drop by tomorrow. *sings* And that's the power of love...

That's all for tonight, folks. Be good to one another!

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