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JOHNINA: Hello world! This is Johnina, filling in for my good friend, John Crichton. And I am mah-velous? Do you see my lip gloss? No, of course you don't because I'm on the radio! R-A-D-I-O. I'm also a cheerleader. Thanks Buffster, darlin! And...I have a very special guest!

FRASER: I am not feeling well at all.

JOHNINA: Yes, so I see. Please, Constable, drooling on the pirate's equipment is rule #1 in things Johnina wishes you wouldn't do.

FRASER: I'm going to have to call Ray immediately and tell him his drink of choice is rather vomit inducing.

JOHNINA: Constable, please! This show is all about glamour. Glamour and glitz and looking so damn good it hurts!

FRASER: Are you even a student here?

A Mountie and a Boy Dressed as a Girl Walk Into A Radio Station... )

JOHNINA: And that's all we have for you today, my lovelies! Thank you to Constable Fraser for his...part in the broadcast.

FRASER: I feel so ill.

JOHNINA: Good night!
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Good evening students of Fandom High. This is Constable Benton Fraser and I hope this broadcast finds you all behaving, being happy, and, hopefully, enjoying the scrapbooking hobby I've heard has become quite popular at this school.

Workshops For Today

In today's workshop, Anakin Skywalker, which is a lovely name, taught Flight and Flying how to play with pod racers. Introductions are made, students use a simulator to practice on and then race each other. Girl Sam and Rory race first. Girl Sam? Is there a reason her gender is being used in conjunction with her name? Are adjectives required on the radio by now? Cam and Aeryn also race. Cedric and Draco take the track next. Cam also welcome back Anakin.

Applied Dadaism learns the exciting art of rock, paper, scissors without the actual use of a rock, a piece of paper, and a pair of scissors. Introductions are made. Kawalsky and Tyler, Marie and Jamie, Kaylee and Stark, Walter and Phoebe all do battle but, not literally a battle. Kawalsky talks to Artie about clogs, Walter asks about ice cream and Stark asks about sides in Artie's class.

Jarod teaches Things to Do At The Beach. Introductions are given and they practice tying knots. Very well taught, Jarod. Very useful skills. I might have to sit in on a class or two. Pippi and Parker go out in a kayak. Jack races in his kayak and plays with Pippi, Parker, and Isabel.

And those are your classes for today. These sound very different from the academic choices offered during the school year.


This morning in the dormitories...or cabins, the Stickbug cabin wakes up outside with very colorful hair. Gentlemen, please tell me that this incident was not a result of the use of any mind altering drugs? Of course, as a result of the Stickbug's possible drug use, waking up is rather unpleasant. Zack, Isabel, Parker, Chloe, Piper, Phoebe, Bel, Elizabeth, Xander, Dawn, Dean, Sam Carter, Nadia, Alanna, Veronica, and Molly show up to heckle, Aeryn shows up to see how John Crichton is taking it and Artie shows up to pose in the face of the the Stickbug incident. Afterwards, the men of Stickbug return to their cabin. They're able to ascertain that their hair is not dyed and it might be permanent this leads them to plan revenge. Revenge is vowed. And Tim seems to have randomly wandered into the Stickbug cabin.

In the cafeteria, John Crichton trades insults with Nadia, Walter and Pippi. There is also discussion of noble squirrels. This does not help alleviate my fears of drug use. Nadia and Tim discuss Artie and Briar is also there to eat.

Jude says farewell to Sakurazaki. I do hope your travels are good, Sakurazaki. There is something else happening in the Stickbug cabin. That really is quite the central point of activity. Please, I do hope you all are not involved in drugs. You're far too young for that!

Xander writes a letter, Temperance and Sawyer talk, Rory sends email and then leaves the Meerkat cabin, Elizabeth and Janet are having a nice talk, and Cameron and Marie run into each other in the woods.

At the Meerkat campire, Isabel fixes Jamie and Cam's hair. Molly, apparently, had hoped for Cam's hair to be pink. Maybe next time? Tyler gets his hair fixed and discusses eyes with Alanna. Peter Parker returns Faithful and has his hair fixed as well. Parker takes pictures. Greg bribes Isabel with coffee so his hair will be restored to it's natural luster. Peter Pevensie and Kawalsky also have their hair returned to normal.

At the Squirrel campire, Tim watches as Pippi trains her rock which...someone will have to explain to me. Demyx admires Pippi's knot tying skills and Seras arrives to talk about workshops with Pippi and Tim.

Buffy takes initiative and puts cheerleading posters up. I've heard Callisto will be the coach? Sounds like a truly special team.

At the Flamingo campire, Bridge likes Xander's flamingos but not his turnips. Right. Again, childrent? Drugs are not allowed on school grounds. Bridge explains his sexuality to Buffy, Xander wants to be allowed to look at girls, and Greg thinks talking cats are weird.

Xander advises Greg to fear the Meerkat women, Buffy explains that cheerleading is serious business, Greg and Anakin bond over hair, and Buffy meets Anakin. Bridge asks Anakin about his class, Alec arrives with his motorcycle and please, Alec, wear a helmet. Buffy meets Sam Winchester and thinks him very attractive. Anakin meets Sam Winchester and proceeds to glare, Sam Winchester also meets Xander and Veronica helps Xander name the flamingos. Molly stops by as well. While these topics of conversation sounds very interesting, I do hope safe campsite fire lighting and tending were practiced. And I do hope no one's scrapbooking supplies were left near any fires.

Tonight, Dean and Dawn went to the shooting range. At least they're not doing anything to make me believe they're currently under the influence of a hallucinogenic drug.

At the Koala campire, Tim and Lana talk about workshops and plants, Lana and Bel discuss self defense, and Tim learns to not aggravate Alanna. Phoebe enjoys s'mores with Lana and Belthazor and Phoebe cuddle.

Pip, Walter, and Gwynn congregate in the Squirrel common room.

The Town

It is, apparently, Cheesecake Day at Jeff, God of Biscuits. That does sound rather tempting. Would anyone be obliged to bring one to the studio? I'm actually kidding, really. And the first visitor to Jeff, God of Biscuits is Hermione Granger. Jamie and Clark Kent both stop in to partake in the bakery's goodness. and Paige chat. Peter Pevensie and Willow also stop in and enjoy the pastry perfections!

At Giles' shop, Peter Pevensie and Willow set up their aforementioned date. Clark Kent stops in and discusses books with Lana. I wasn't even aware we had a bookstore in town. One of my first trips into town was on a recent...outing. Good evening, Zoe.

Agatha is apparently not so busy at her store and Elle asks Lucas for a date.

Cafe Fina is quiet tonight. Caritas, however, is not. The men of the Stickbug cabin are at the bar. I hope that's Tang you all are drinking! Tyler talks with GOB. Hello GOB, I hope your moose is well. Greg talks to GOB about basketball, Greg and Tyler talk about Becky Vartan who is not a crazy hooker. She gave me lovely dating advice. Greg and Peter Pevensie talk about foot fungus and false teeth, both Peter's talk about hair, Peter Parker and Tyler also talk about hair and Peter Parker and Greg talk about poetry. After these notes, I'm guessing that you all did not drink Tang. Peter Pevensie and Tyler also discuss hair, Jamie attemps to get a drink from Aeryn, Kawalsky and Tyler talk about the truth, Kawalsky and Peter Pevensie talk about hair, and Kawalsky and Pete Parker talk about cabin defense. Why the sudden fascination with hair, gentlemen?

Still at Caritas, Aeryn takes over the bar. Mr. Bluth, we'll be discussing this incident. Her customer service skills are a little awry. Jack and Isabel order drinks and then head to the lounge where something apparently happens to Isabel which causes her to get friendly with Belthazor.

It's a quiet night at the clinic with Dr. Lambert.

This is Constable Benton Fraser signing off for tonight's broadcast. I'm fairly certain there are certain individuals in drug induced stupors as of now and won't hear this. I hope you all learn a lesson. Good night.

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