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Dean: Good evening Fandom. Since my brother -- and my entire family for that matter are all off making merry at a wedding without me, I've got a different partner in crime tonight.

Meg: Hi, everybody! It's Meg, not Jo. Jo's at the wedding.

Dean: You're cuter than Jo anyway. Also cuter than Sammy.

Meg: I'm just going to say thank you and not try to question how I could possibly be cuter than Jo when we look exactly alike.

Dean: Same way I'm cuter than Alec. And have better hair. It's a thing.

Meg: Whatever you say, Dean.

Dean: You smell better than Sammy does too. Anyway, this shouldn't take too long, with half the island off at a wedding so-


Dean: What do you mean, remote reporting?

*more chittering*

Dean: You sent squirrels to the wedding?

*smug chittering*

Meg: I thought I noticed more paper than usual in here.

Dean: Did they at least send some of the good booze back with the papers?

*chittering* *hic* *chittering*

Dean: I'm taking that as a yes... *sighs* Guess we better get to it.

Fandom and wedding news! )

Meg: Yay! Yay for John and Aeryn, of course. Totally not because there was no more news to report.

Dean: I'll say yay to there being no more papers being squirreled at us. I need a drink now. *thoughtfully* So what do you do when you get drunk?

Meg: Me? I don't drink often. Alcohol makes me do things I wouldn't normally. Things that embarrass me when I'm sober.

Dean: Now this sounds interesting. Why don't we go back to my room and discuss it over a beer or two?

Meg: That sounds like a great idea. But you're not allowed to laugh tomorrow if I do something stupid.

Dean: I can think I can safely promise that the last thing I'll be doing tomorrow is laughing at you...

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