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Jaina: -stop throwing things at me! You know, I just said yesterday I wasn't doing radio anymore-

*door opening*

Mirax: -I don't really need to be kidnapped, I came willingly the last time...

Jaina: Wow. This just got very weird for me. Why do I suddenly want Tahiri here?

Mirax: I have no idea who you are.

Jaina: You won't for years, don't worry.

*door opening*

Angela: I know you're squirrels, but I'm pretty sure this is still illegal!

Jaina: Oh, hey, you're unexpected.

Angela: I'm here against my will.

Jaina: Yeah, that happens. Anyway, hello, Fandom, it looks like you're stuck with us. If you're new, I'm Jaina, that's Mirax, that's.... not Tahiri but she's blonde so we can... okay no, we can't pretend.

Angela: Angela. And I think I deserve a better introduction than that.

Jaina: Nah. Do school.

haven't done this in a while whee! )

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