Fandom Radio and You!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009 05:06 pm
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Okay. Radio. Please to be explaining?

Now that the new characters (and players! Yay!) will be arriving on the island soon, I just wanted to remind you all about how conversations and actions end up on the radio.

IG, the pirate knows all through *handwavey* technology of handwaveyness. Oh, and the squirrels who seem to have a drinking problem and a fondness for being bribed.

God, I love this game.

Anyway, from a more practical angle, the radio has a group of researchers who go through and summarize every post and every thread that all of you make every single day. There are ten of them and like, a bazillion of you, so they do a hell of a job. Yeah. Give them some serious love. Those summaries are then taken by our broadcasters and spread as gossip through a daily broadcast that is available as public knowledge for any character who wants to own a radio. What is said on the radio is playable in-game. The links that are included are for OOC knowledge only.

If you don't want something to be broadcast, please mark the post--if it's in a private room--with a NFB (not for broadcast) either in the headline, or at the bottom of the entry, and our researchers'll skip right past it. We'll also skip any post marked "private" or "OOC." You can also let us know that the people going in and out are mentionable, but not the contents of their conversations: we use this with the clinic's examining rooms as a matter of course. .

Because detentions are supposed to be private to those involved and not for the general entertainment of the student population, if it's mentioned at all on the radio it's only in a "and there was detention" kind of way.

If your conversation is taking place in a public post (the park, the Perk, the gym, cafeteria, whatever) and you want the contents of it not to be for broadcast, mark the thread as such. Because it is in public, your characters will still be seen there but the *handwavey* technology of handwaveyness will have gone on the fritz, or the squirrel will have gotten bored listening or whatever.

With the new influx of awesome and active characters, we are anticipating sorting through a good hundred plus threads of information every day--and those are on days when we're not having invasions or forming up mobs--so help us help you keep plotty things and secret relationships secret by marking your posts as NFB.

The pirate and his crew o' buccaneers thank ye!

And speaking of his crew, I'm spamming the flist putting up a sign-up in a moment for any characters who would be interested in taking a turn at the microphone this semester or signing up to be a researcher. Mwahaha.

Questions, comments, rum?

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