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*scuffle* *scuffle* *clunk*

*whispered* Okay... *sounds of something rattling* Where do I sta--

HODEJAFERA--Damn, you little suckers come out of no where, don't you? It's okay, squirrels. It's just me, Britta, sneaking into your radio station for no apparent reason and definitely not to spray paint 'Big Brother is Watching' or 'Down with your constant surveillance infringing on our freedoms' all over the studio or anything, really...

*slower rattling* Geez, do you always just stare at people like that? Creep--

*chittering, soft ruffling* What are those? The notes for this morning? I should burn those.

*chittering, more forceful* Whoa, take a chill pill, little guy, I was just joking. Trust me, this'll just be a few sprays, and then I'm out of here. Just gonna leave a little ma--

*chitter, chitter, chitter, something sliding across the counter* ...is that rum?

*chitter chitter* It's, like, buttcrack o'clock in the morning. What kind of drunk do you take me for?

*very suave and persuasive chittering* ...okay, maybe one glass.

*more chittering* What do you mean, only if I read the notes? I'm not contributing to your facist regime against the boundaries of personal space and privacy.

*chitter* No, not even for....wow, that smells really good. Is that, like, some popular vintage? Um, well, I guess, just this one time...But I hope your realize that if I'm reading these notes, I'm reading them Britta-style. I will reject your notes and supply them with my own. Ha! Let's see what you can do to stop me. Now how do I turn this thing on? Like this? Oh, there it goes.

I know the stakes aren't that high, but that just makes it seem darker. )



Wait, those are all the notes? No comments on how so-and-so ate a sandwich, or this person walked down the hall, or this person didn't wash their hands after using the bathroom? I guess you guys were just kind of lazy yesterday, huh? Anyway, I'm taking this rum with me. And I'm still going to spray paint the heck out of this place. Go ahead and tell the troopers. I don't care. I'm not a part of your system, and someone has to stand up for the injustices and the seeds of militant states being planted right here in this very radio station. Someone has to be the chopstick that stabs into the watchful eyes of Big Brother; Justice is blind, and so when there are eyes that see everything, it is clear evidence that Injustice is reigning supreme. How much longer will it be before we're all subjugated to watching our every actions to try to escape the tyrannical all-seeing eyes of the squirrels? Stand up against Big Brother. Viva la revolut--



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