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Good morning everyone, it's Steve Rogers again, and I'm in a weirdly Leroy-free booth today.


He's gone to the Iowa State Fair. That's...strangely specific. Well, classes are out this week, so everything was quiet up at the school. In the dorms, everyone's too busy packing to talk to each other, I'm guessing, and so that just leaves us with town, where Atton returned home to MHA to get greeted by his roommate Sparkle.


--not dirty? I hadn't been thinking it was dirty. Alluka and her stuffed elephant weren't pleased with the dress choices at Demon Marcus. I've said stranger things, but not all that recently, gotta say. Finally, the cooks at Luke's are getting ready for another run at Jono and Hannibal's wedding.


Apparently the latest squirrel projections give it a...30 percent chance of happening, but they're squirrels and drunk at 8 o'clock in the morning, so I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be taken all that seriously. Enjoy your wedding, gentlemen.
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Good morning, everyone, it's Steve Rogers again with more news of this last week of summer classes.


Apparently Leroy has some strong feelings about you departing seniors...

In classes, Practical Philosophy talked about shared common experiences through coming to Fandom and Andrew made sure Peridot had his contact information before he left to go...wherever he goes when he's not teaching Practical Philosophy, I suppose. 2 Flight 2 Flying--really?--


Apparently something else I need to look up. They had a hot air balloon race, which sounds pretty amazing. Relationships talked about how you can't expect your partner to change for you, and then discussed things you might compromise on to stay with someone.

Over at the dorms, Dante was in his room eating cake--

*annoyed chittering*

Which he didn't share with the reporting squirrels--and Dante, when he finds out that next week is Ezra's last year makes a date to go have cake with him.


Pretty sure you can't just crash it, Leroy. That would be rude. Dante shared the cake with Anders, who admitted that now he was having a good day for no apparent reason. Maybe I should bring Tony cake. He had a tough weekend...


Leroy, enough about the cake.

Finally, in town, Dr. Lecter's eating class went to eat in Paris, which I highly recommend. All of my restaurants about about 60 years out of date, though. And that's everything? That's everything. I'm off to the bakery. Leroy, come on if you want to--
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Good morning, everyone. It's Steve Rogers again, here to tell you all about yesterday before I get to go back to watching the Olympics. I didn't even know you could be an Olympic kayaker. This is incredible.

In classes, Flight and Flying learned to pilot drones, Relationships decided you can't use national Olympic loyalties in order to win an argument. What, like, "Michael Phelps has more golds than the actual nation of Germany, so I win?" I can see that working on a couple people, but only if they were going to let you win anyway. Finally, Practical Philosophy discussed judging other people.

In the dorms, Cassandra and Dante had a Conversation in the dorm stairwell. Was the capitalization really necessary?


Apparently it was. And Ringo stopped by Dante's room to catch up. About other, non-stairwell-related things, I'm guessing.

In town, Tony and Hardison got together for...something. The notes are vague. Probably not pizza, though, because Hardison is very, very wrong about what he considers good pizza. Speaking of pizza, or at least Italian, Dr. Lecter's community center class headed to Milan to enjoy some. Jaina ended her island run covered in sand due to the sweat she worked up. Did you also get a mouthful of gnats? Because that's the worst.

*appalled chittering*

Well, I'm sorry I ruined the illusion for you, Leroy. The horses over at the Gig still wouldn't go outside because of the screaming sun from a few weeks back, so Dani watched the Olympics and waited for the sun to go down before giving them their exercise. And finally, Mary had to encounter Gunther doing his impression of the Tongan flag bearer--

*audible squirrel shuddering*

--which is a mental image, for sure. Yikes. Sorry, Mary. And on that rather disturbing note, I'm out of news. Have a safe week, everyone.
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Good morning everyone...at least the sun isn't screaming any more? That was da--rned disturbing.


Leroy wants you to know he's offering a breakfast special of eggs fried on the sidewalk if any of you are really, really hungry. I grew up in the Great Depression and I'm still not sure I'm that hungry. Okay, moving on. In classes, Flying class got on the trapeze, Deadpool and Vanessa gave their Relationship class a movie day, and Practical Philosophy talked about how our upbringing affects our personality. Sounds fascinating. I've got a few thoughts on it, actually.

It was all quiet in the dorms, and in town, the staff at Luke's wanted to fry eggs on the sidewalk until Eliot talked them out of it.


Sorry, Leroy, it's not exactly a unique idea. And Hannibal's eating class went to Lima, Peru, and he and Kanan talked about all of the suns out here today. Which is weird. I'm gonna be upfront about that.

And that's it! Well, that was easy. Have a good, safe, sunblock-filled week, okay?
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Good morning again, everyone. It's Steve Rogers again with the news from yesterday, starting with classes!


No, I don't thinking reporting about my morning run is really all that noteworthy.


Leroy, your ogling is making me uncomfortable. Flight class went out to see an air show in South Dakota, Relationships for Dummies discussed patience, and Practical Philosophy talked about friendship. You could use some patience in friendship, too. I can hear you laughing from here, Buck.

Lucille turned into a moth in the dorms--a moth sized moth or a people-sized moth? Because it matters--and in town, International Cuisine went for Swedish at a place I'm not gonna even try to pronounce. Hannibal and Kanan talked about food as art, and Mary checked to be sure not eating red meat wasn't insulting to anyone. Dani had trouble working because of the overwhelming smell of cheese--it is pretty pungent--and Eliot came back from the dentist to a diner full of people who wanted him to talk, which was kind of cruel.

And that's all of the news I've got! Enjoy your week, everyone.
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Good morning, everyone! It's Steve Rogers and I'm very glad my roommate's no longer a pony. Pretty sure the rest of you feel the same.


Leroy's not as excited, but no one really asked him The island has moved again and some of you have already gone exploring. In classes, Deadpool and Vanessa talked about shared interests in Relationship class before taking off after a fake monster...thing.

Wow, I sound incredibly old.


I've gotta catch 'em all, huh? Maybe. Flying class went parasailing, and Practical Philosophy talked about the last week's ridiculousness. Tony had pony-shaped Iron Man armor, and in my opinion that's kind of tough to be for strange. And in town, Dr. Lecter took his people to try food in Marrakesh. Lucille enjoyed the marketplace and Kanan told Hannibal about his week as a cat, which I would have more sympathy for if half the island hadn't been ponies, griffiths and dragons.

In the dorms, Dante and Anders were excited that...certain parts...had returned from their pony states...you know, I hadn't noticed that at all because I wasn't looking. At all.

In town, Eliot was not at all interested in trying the new app craze despite his staff's urging at the diner. Hardison, of course, was playing but promised not to do anything stupid like walk into traffic or off the cliffs while playing. Parker wanted to know how Hardison was doing in the game, and Parker and Eliot talked about last week's insanity. Over at Caritas, Kenzi was celebrating no longer being a pony. Sparkle learned about what had happened last week and in return caught Kenzi up on Atton's shenanigans.


Adventures is more accurate? Fine, Atton's adventures. And that's all the news for yesterday. Stay safe, everyone.
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Good morning, everyone. It's Steve Rogers again with your news of yesterday. Which we all remember. Hopefully.

The weekend was awful. Fortunately we've moved near a planet with half the gravity, so you can go over and bounce around and feel a little bit better about life.

In classes, Andrew Skywalker poked at our collective memory of losing our memories in his Practical Philosophy course and made his students talk about what they'd learned about themselves through the weekend. I learned I need to put my identification somewhere prominent or Tony and I leap to extremely wrong conclusions about why I have a costume in my closet. Relationships for Dummies did class introductions because they'd canceled class for the 4th of July--


Thanks, squirrels. When did Leroy learn how to ride a bald eagle while holding a fake bazooka?


College. Huh. I have a lot of follow-up questions now. Flight class practiced trying to catch a flight in a commercial airport--good luck--and Dr. Lecter took his community center class to Japan for sushi. Sushi's on my list to try!

Town was quiet, but a couple of students were out.


Sorry, no, Dante was not out. Dante was hiding in his bubblehut trying to avoid processing the weekend. Roscoe was trying to move back into the dorms but kept getting distracted by a phone app instead.

...and that's everything! Have a good, safe week. Go bounce your frustrations out on the new planet. It really works.
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*sounds of fireworks exploding*

Yes, I know that last night was a little rainy, but you don't have to shoot off the fireworks now. Also, who sold squirrels fireworks? That's unsafe. Hello everyone, it's Steve Rogers with the news again. In classes yesterday, Flight & Flying had a movie day that Jaina disappeared halfway through--don't worry, though, she was back by midnight--Building Healthy Relationships was canceled for the holiday, and Andrew Skywalker held his class and asked his students how they felt about the island these days.

In the dorms and bubblehuts, Lucille's trying to read while heading to the bathroom and walked into a wet Dante. They sniped at each other until she suddenly turned sweet and understanding, which is...unusual. Dante tried to flee to his dorm room and ran into Ringo, who told him he shouldn't be there right now because of the rules. She then wished he'd just admit he cared about people...and it worked. Sounds like I missed a weird day by having dinner with the President. Anders and Dante figure out the wish thing pretty fast and Anders wished to be honest so that he'd be even , which was pretty great of him, I have to say. Ringo goes back to her bubblehut very confused about her chat with Dante and met up with sugary sweet Lucille, which just added to the confusion. Meanwhile, in Murdersquee, Frank discovered he had a glass that refilled itself, making yesterday Frank's very best day.

In town, Hannibal held his food appreciation class and everyone went to the Sequoia, which I'm going to assume is a fancy restaurant and not a giant tree. Lucille told him how nice it was, which was either sincere or part of the wish thing from earlier. Roscoe was grumpy on the beach after a chat with his mother, and Ringo stopped by to talk about bubblehut life. Atton and Sparkle returned from their adventures in a different part of space--still strange to say--and readjusted through alcohol and pizza. They could be Avengers. Dani decorated the horses with ribbons for the Fourth of July--sorry, horses, I bet you didn't really appreciate that--and Mary dealt with a plumbing problem on the seventh floor that leaked all the way down to five. Maybe she should've wished for a competent plumber?

That's everything that happened yesterday! Have a safe week, everyone.

*sounds of squirrels singing Happy Birthday badly*

Oh, a cake? Really,you didn't have to. My birthday was yesterday, anyway--no, don't set off that--

*sounds of fireworks exploding again*
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Good morning, everyone. Is it comfortable sleeping in those bubble things? They look kind of fun...


Right. Onto the news.

Classes are over for the week, so the only thing happening up at the school were young adult novels giggling at Lucille in the library. Y'know, that's never going to be normal to repeat. Hyacinthe was packing in his room and turned into an actual flower--

--not getting less strange, here, Fandom.

In town, Dani raced through her chores so that she would have time to race her horse on a planetoid. Gunther cheered Mary up after she learned a New York hotel shut down, and Eliot was dealing with Parker and Hardison having turned into a ferret and a teddy bear over at the diner. Is this sort of thing contagious? Am I going to wake up and have turned into a --


--why a golden retriever?


--or fuzzy duckling?


You know, I'm sorry I asked. Tony and Eliot bonded over how much they both disliked the day we all had to tell the entire truth, and how it's possible to hug Tamsin and survive it. Bet she doesn't want the rest of us to know that.

And that's all I've got today, everyone. Stay safe on the planetoid, okay?
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Good morning, everyone. It's beautiful outside today--perfect running weather.

*grumbly chittering*

Look, I don't make you run. If you'd stop being so invasive, you could just let me run alone.

*extensive chittering*

...I don't think I needed to know Leroy felt that way about my shirts. So I'm gonna move on. In classes, Music Appreciation didn't have a class, but they did have free CDs they could take. Flight and Flying explored the tacky fun of a ship named the Errant Venture, and Jaina made Anakin have fun despite himself. Extreme PE got to drive very fast cars--sounds fun--and Building Healthy Relationships talked about boundaries.

The dorms were quiet, and in town Bucky was up to his eyeballs in green jellybeans at the candy shop, which was only a little hilarious. Tony got an earful about the difficulty of fixing a shipment, Ezra got himself a job, and I got threatened with having to buy half of the jellybeans. Speaking of supply problems, Mary has a massive shipment of chocolate hazelnut spread at the hotel...but that would taste awful with lime jellybeans, so never mind that initial idea. Eliot was beyond annoyed by his musical-singing diner staff, and Vic's attempt with an apology sandwich only kind of worked because Eliot wasn't impressed with the sandwich. Isn't it the thought that counts, though? Finally, Dani spent her day ogling the firefighters from the stables--

*squirrelly attempts at wolf-whistling*

--which apparently was a great idea according to the squirrels. On that slightly disturbing note, I'm all out of notes, so I'm gonna take advantage of the weather and go rock climbing! Stay safe, Fandom.
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Good morning, everyone, Steve Rogers here to report on what happened yesterday. I feel like I should be saying "Dateline" every time I start this or something...

*beep-be-beep noises*

Thanks, Leroy, that really helps set the mood.

In classes yesterday, Music Appreciation talked about cathartic music--I really am sorry about the wedding, guys, by the way--and Flight class went down to the planet of the week to fly speeder bikes. Extreme PE learned about rappelling down mountains head first, which sounds amazing, maybe I'll do that after radio. I need to get in my daily run anyway....and Healthy Relationships learned about how to make problems not all about you.

Wade, sounds like you might be in trouble, buddy.

The dorms were quiet, and in town, Tony picked up a new employee named Peridot at the shop. PeriDOT? PeriDOH? Hope I got it right, either way. Alluka was working on her rollerskate things at Demon Marcus when Dante came by to talk about the wedding and then more broadly about how people treat Alluka. At the stables, Dani was excited to explore the new planet, and at the Devil's Nest, Jack was having trouble with suppliers who weren't all that thrilled with all of our interdimensional travel. Eric offered to threaten 'em for him, and I'm...just gonna assume he meant that in the hypothetical.

*squirrelly snickers*

What do you mean by "newb," Leroy? I don't think that's even a word. Finally, Mary was eating jar after jar of peanut butter at the hotel while glaring at Gunther, and I'm going to assume there's some kind of backstory there that I know nothing about. That's it for the radio! Have a safe rest of the week, everyone, especially if you are off exploring a new planet...which no, hasn't gotten less fun to say.
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Good morning everyone, and I hope your Decoration Day--sorry, Memorial Day--was meaningful. I spent mine in DC giving speeches, which was...not my favorite thing. Seems like most of you tried to chew through the last weekend's experiences, which might have been the same amount of painful, really.

In classes, Music Appreciation watched a movie about a cabaret, and Alluka shared her stuffed elephant with Dante, who complimented her drawings. Flight and Flying flew clawcraft, which I'm assuming aren't giant blue crabs but that's kinda what I'm picturing anyway. Maybe lobsters? Extreme PE also watched a movie and Building Healthy Relationships was just canceled.

In the dorms, Dante sent out a text asking for company and Ada and Isabela stop by and decide to forget about the weekend through drinking, which is a terrible coping strategy. Trying running instead. Or boxing. Or Crossfit! Ringo distracted herself by working on her AirTreks, which are--


Okay, the closest I can figure are "rollerskates but better," but my rodent-language skills are still basically non-existent. It was interesting enough to get Rufus' attention, in any case.

In town, Hannibal and Jono tried to sort out how many children they'd had over the weekend and why Hannibal had been a vampire.

*long pause*

You know, I'm just not going to comment. Maybe the kids who were drinking had a point. Alluka and her elephant were hanging out in Demon Marcus until Sparkle came by and helped her build an outfit around a pair of bat shoes. I hope it means "with bats on them" rather than "made out of" but fashion trends are weird. Eliot was in a mood at the diner after fielding calls from old military buddies all day. I absolutely understand how you feel, Eliot. Finally, Mary was mad that the hotel staff wasn't more upset that she'd ceased to exist over the weekend. Can't really blame you for that, either, Mary.

Have a good, uneventful day, and kids? Water and aspirin for your headaches.
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Good morning, everyone. It's Steve Rogers back again with the news of yesterday, so let's get to it, all right?

In classes, Music Appreciation talked about war songs. I'm really, really hoping most of you can't relate. They discussed songs being related to particular wars, and then Gratuity asked Jono what Disney was--apparently in her universe it's known as Happy Mouse. Flight and Flying tried to keep a freighter in the air, Extreme PE went cave diving, and Healthy Relationships had Deadpool as a substitute teacher. Why do I feel like that last one was the most dangerous? They watched a movie and then Ada explained a bit about the world to Hyacinthe, who didn't know what a movie, a phone, or body glitter was.

I would have probably skipped the body glitter part.

The dorms were quiet, but in town, Dani went on a horse-related online shopping spree, Jones read about Alexander Hamilton, who I did not know, so I'm nipping that age-related joke in the bud, Mary did a pillowcase inventory and came up 29 extra--

*guilty-sounding chittering*

I'm not even going to ask, guys. Eliot was putting the final touches on the tasting menu for Jono and Hannibal's reception, Hanna fought against the depressing Music Appreciation music today with some peppy tunes at the music store, and Kenzi was making flaming drinks while fighting with people on the internet. JARVIS tries to make me stop fighting with people on the internet, but it's tough because they're so so wrong. Jessica was a little wary about the fiery drinks but tried one anyway and caught Kenzi up with her rather adventurous life recently.

And that's all I've got today. Be safe, everyone.


Hey, I'm allowed to base jump without a parachute. I can survive it--
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Good morning, everyone, Steve Rogers here with the latest in class and town news.


Leroy, I'm not going to take my shirt off. That's demeaning and more than a little creepy of you to ask, frankly. In classes yesterday, Musical Appreciation talked about songs that reminded them of home. Alluka apologized for not getting to work on account of the clothing being ridiculous this weekend, and I have to say just about anywhere else and that excuse would get you nowhere. Dante razzed Jono about his taste in music and walked out with CDs of stuff to try. Sounds a bit like being friends with Tony...Flight and Flying flew ties?


T-I-Es? Spaceships. Something like that, anyway, which are apparently not the safest crafts ever, even if everyone flew in atmosphere. Or perhaps especially if? Ahsoka found time to yell at Anakin for neglecting to mention he had grandchildren, and Tali wanted to have a few nasty words with whoever designed the spaceship. Frank wanted Jaina to admit they were called TIEs because they look like bow ties. Extreme PE went skydiving--sounds fun! Can we just drop in some time and participate? Building Healthy Relationships talked about the importance of communication and then split up to talk about who would pay for groceries and how. Good idea. Buck, don't think I never noticed how you paid for way more than your share.

In the dorms, Dipper was catching up on TV and comics in a common room, and make sure you check your email because the invitation to Hannibal and Jono's wedding was sent out yesterday.

And in town, Alluka spent the day reorganizing the shelves at Demon Marcus, Mary was putting up some misplaced clothing out for possible donation at the hotel,and at Luke's Eliot tried to get the cook and dishwasher to put on clothing other than just an apron. There's a mental image that's gonna stick. Vic stopped in because of the fake health code complaints and Tamsin tried to explain Eurovision--


Which Leroy says will take more than a Bloody Mary.

Finally, Rey flew her new hovercraft through town and gave Mayday a ride, and I'm jealous because that sounds like a lot of fun. That's all from here, have a safe, clothed week everyone.


If I start losing shirts, I'm coming for you first, Leroy.
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Good morning, everyone! I'm Steve Rogers with the news from yesterday.

Classes started back up again, and we started with Music Appreciation, where students had to come up with songs with interesting musical introductions, and then talked about the music that Dr. Lecter and Mr. Starsmore had played for them. Flight and Flying also did introductions--names and their favorite thing to fly--before learning about something called an X-Wing and taking it through an asteroid field or some kind of trench run. Extreme PE had to choose between skiing and snowboarding after introducing themselves with the most foolhardy thing they'd ever done. Bucky, I'm not looking for suggestions about me from you or from you either, Stark. Jalian needed some help to figure out the difference between skiing and snowboarding--I think it's the number of pieces of wood attached to your feet, right? And Vanessa--I met you! Hello!--told her Relationships class that she had no idea what to teach them. That's one approach, for sure. The students helped her out a bit by telling her what they wanted to learn about.

In the dorms, Lucille has recovered from being a moth--new people, that will soon sound less weird, I promise. Ringo visited and told her that she'd missed an entire week, including the picnic, and classes had started up again. I know that feeling of disorientation.

In town, Vanessa and Deadpool discovered that they've stolen a cop's apartment.

*heavy sigh*

Moving on. Tony put some projects on the back-burner because Jessica hasn't returned yet--sounds like something to worry about, maybe--Alluka tried to come up with an outfit that would be iconic forever at Demon Marcus, and Eliot had to suffer through his co-workers awwing about their mothers via Facebook posts at the diner until Kanan came in, lured by the promise of free food for newcomers. Kenzi was also offering the newcomers drink specials at Caritas, with a bigger discount for the teachers, which is very nice of her.

And finally, Clint and Kitty visited the nearby planet...that's never going to be weird to say...and stopped at the Blue Recluse Inn and discussed whether they had a non-dirty way of touch-- I didn't need to read that. Ever. Why did you give me that note?


I am not adorable when I blush, Leroy. That's all I have for this morning, everyone. Enjoy your classes today.
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Morning everyone, Steve Rogers here with your news of yesterday. It's pretty quiet right now with graduates getting ready to leave, and I wish you all the very best of luck in your future endeavors. Hopefully they're safe and alien-invasion free.

Classes are over until next week, but over in the dorms, Dante was stocking his new fridge, which had been Kathy's old fridge, and Alana stopped by to grab a drink and poke a little bit at how not-emotional Dante was being about that. It's totally okay to be contained about your emotions, Dante. Nothing wrong with it.

...and I'm being stared at by squirrels. I am not going to be judged by rodents.

Finally, in town, Alluka brought all of her stuffed animals with her to Demon Marcus, which worried Dante slightly when he came in to buy more shirts. He also had the unhappy task of explaining to Alluka that Kathy had passed away and would not be coming back. Mabel also stopped by and got to deal with the after-effects of Alluka learning about Kathy. They eventually agree that Kathy could stay with them if it turns out that she's not dead, which is...well...one way of coping, sure. At the diner, Eliot was dealing with the busboy wanting to be promoted to busman...sure...and Jaina--I don't know that name--was beating up a dummy at the gym because she's stuck here for the summer. Sounds like someone I should introduce myself to.


I do not have a type. She met up with Tahiri, who's on her way back to her home galaxy and they commiserated about getting stuck places and how folks back home don't understand why they visit here. And finally, I got a new uniform yesterday, which is not as exciting as the notes seem to think it is. Then I went to New York with Tony and got a pastrami sandwich or five.


Stop judging. And that's all I've got today. Stay safe, everyone.
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Good morning, everyone. Hope your days are a little quieter today without the sounds of small people flinging themselves off of high surfaces.


Apparently that was mostly confined to my house. Oh well. In classes, Computer Science got to program the Danger Shop for their final, and Kitty brought her daughter Chrissie with her to class. Practical Phys Ed had Fred telling the students he used to be part of a group called the Thunderbolts--is that a superhero group or rock band? I need to look it up--and then run through something that, according to the notes, "totally wasn't a bank robbery, really."

*long pause*

You can't tell, but I'm looking pretty dubious right now. And Lying wrapped up the year by assuring the students and all of their progeny that lying is really, really bad. Good. And Lito's son Diego left him a drawing he did. That's really sweet. I have one Yeehaw Cowboy left me--


Now listen here, Leroy, that kid can have whatever name he wants to have--

*five minutes of hold music as Steve rants at a squirrel, sorry kids*

ANYWAY. In the dorms, Dante was getting taking to the cleaners by his daughter Janie in poker, and then Janie got to go for a walk while Anders ranted a bit about stuff in Kathy's universe just in time to get a message that her world is now no longer reachable.

...that's a thing that can happen? Ada brought Janie back and then Ada and Dante talked about their relationship in the future a bit.

In town, Hannibal made breakfast for anyone who would be stopping by the house, and Jono teased him for thinking quiche was kid food. In my day, there wasn't kid food. There was just food, and you ate it.


No, I don't want to chase people off my lawn. Why would you think that? I was down at the rocky section of the beach teaching the boys that came to visit Tony about climbing and falling correctly, and then it was time to say goodbye to the kids. Anders promised Carys he'd hug Kathy the next time he saw her, Lexi promised Kitty and Clint she'd be back next year and Clint said they'd get to work making her...Barton. Did not need to hear that. Chrissie thanked them for the weekend and Clint passed his regards on to her father...that sounds like a...difficult family dynamic...but then they hug, so I guess it turned out all right. Lila and Cooper were sent back to Clint and their non-Kitty mother with a reminder that this wasn't Clint's fault. Zaq told Anakin and Obi-Wan that he wanted to stay and they reminded him that he was almost old enough to come to school here, and Jarik was more than happy to leave her teenaged annoying parents behind here.

And finally it was Eliot's birthday at Caritas, complete with their broods of kids because if you're going to have a birthday party, you should include everyone. Spike and Jono were singing together in English and Spanish, and Kenzi was serving alcohol and milkshakes behind the bar. Kenzi met Tamsin's daughter Dagney, which was a good thing because in Dagney's world Kenzi's been raising her since Tamsin's dead.

Well, that's awful. Ada--a new one, not the normal Ada--tried to flirt sangria out of Kenzi, and the lounge was all decorated for the birthday party. Eliot's Riley didn't get him a present because she didn't know it was his birthday but Spike offered to sing happy birthday...which explained the singing earlier. Spike's also happy to see Ada, who he knows from his version of the future.

Does everyone else get raging headaches this weekend trying to figure all of this out? Parker and Emmy have presents for Eliot, Riley's disturbed that Eliot's so old, Ada-not-the-student brought cake and got confused by Pinkie Pie--it happens to all of us--and Pinkie didn't bring her party cannon but did bring a pastry set and a giant life-sized Eliot made from balloons.

Stark, if you're listening, I don't want one for my birthday. At all. Ever.

Riley's also confused by the balloon, Eliot chose to focus on the pastry set, and Emmy's just excited about the pony. Hardison gave Eliot a key in a ring box--that seems kind of mean--and Parker was excited that Hardison got the present delivered while Eliot was distracted. Kitty made a brief stop in but she had four kids at the house, and trust me, I know how crazy that was.

And that's everything. Go to bed early tonight. You deserve it.
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Good morning, everyone. It's an excellent day to go for a run.

*annoyed chittering*

You didn't have to try to keep up with me, Leroy. It's not my fault you didn't stretch out properly first. It was a pretty quiet day yesterday, so let's get through the notes and I can try to get in a quick workout at the gym before head--


Yeah, even after my run. It's important to be healthy.

*squirrel grumbles*

Since you're a squirrel, I'm gonna take "nuts" as a compliment. In classes, Computer Science stopped hackers from attacking bank accounts--good work--while Lying learned to lie with statistics.


Apparently there's a hilarious joke about politicians and lying with statistics that I'm missing right now. And Phys Ed watched a movie about baseball. Did it include the designated hitter rule? Because I hate that thing.

Gwen was selling tickets for prom in the lobby--don't forget to pick 'em up--and Eliot was in a very good mood at the diner, which has the squirrels completely confused. Alluka was at Demon Marcus also in a very good mood. Maybe there was an attack of sugar high on th town yesterday, so be suspicious of people in unusually good moods, I guess.

That's all I've got for today, so everyone stay safe until next week, all right?
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Good morning everyone, Steve Rogers here again to tell you about what everyone was up to yesterday in what is hopefully a professional and non-invasive way.

Leroy, stop looking shifty.

In classes, Computer Science presented their super suits--hope you got photos to show to a Tony or two, Kitty--Lying finally got around to discussing the ethics of lying and when people felt it was okay to lie, and Practical Phys Ed played paintball, which I'm not familiar with. It sounds fun, though.

In the dorms, Gwen ordered a bunch of pizza, which is why Chinese food got delivered instead. The delivery guys are just messing with us now. Last night I ended up with Wakandan instead of Thai, which was...not my favorite.


Well, I'm glad you like Wakandan, Leroy. In town, Alluka was taking care of Mabel, who's now a bird and apparently that part isn't all that newsworthy or something? at the clothing shop. Ohhhh, it's news because Mabel turned human and was left momentarily without clothing. It was good luck she was in the clothing store, then, huh? And at the diner, the kitchen staff was fighting over a new tool that spiralizes vegetables.

...what a time to be alive. And that's all the news I have today. Everyone stay safe and...unanimalized...and I'll talk to you next week.
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Good morning, everyone. It's Steve Rogers again, with your news from yesterday.

*annoying beep-bi-dip dateline radio sound effect*

Leroy, stop that.

In classes, Computer Science was run by simulation because Mrs. Barton is on her honeymoon--congratulations again to you both--and Phys Ed played an advanced form of tag. I didn't even know there was an advanced form of tag. Isabela used the time to flirt with Kathy, which I'm pretty sure doesn't surprise any of you.

The hoppin' town made up for the quiet dorms, so let's get started there. Alluka was at Demon Marcus post-kidnapping and got a lot of visitors checking up on her. Anders stopped in first with cookies, and then Sparkle who brought by a stuffed duck to make up for how Alluka missed Easter. Ada was in the junkyard--I'd judge your hang out but I played in alleys as a kid, so I can't--and Dante wandered by to see what she was up to. Making something out of a pile of tires, for those of you wondering. The diner smelled like Tiger Balm because Eliot twisted his knee--been there--and Kathy was shocked to learn that Eliot's almost 40. Hardison and Eliot got into an argument about whether Eliot getting hurt was a sign he should look into a new line of work, and there's an argument that I am absolutely not get involved in.

But, pre-emptively, Bucky, shut up. Hannibal came in to talk about wedding food and stayed to offer painkillers, which Eliot turned down. Yeah, I wouldn't take painkillers that someone just carried with them myself. Seems a little hinky. Parker's concern somehow turned into a discussion about a lack of spleen transplants.


I'm not sure "because Parker" really explains anything. Lucille was at the park watching the birds when Cassandra spotted her and stayed to talk about the book Lucille had loaned her, which was apparently a hit. Hanna was listening to new music as she sorted mail at the post office, and Kenzi had chocolate-themed drinks on special last night, and I bet you're all sorry you missed 'em.

That's it for yesterday! Have a safe today, everyone.
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Sorry I'm running a little behind--do you know about Reddit? There were people there being wrong. On the internet. I was up all night explaining World War II history to them and--


Of course we're already recording. Hello, Steve Rogers here to tell you yesterday's news. In classes, Computer Science began a two-week project of building super suits, Lying learned how to make their lies better by learning from ones that didn't work, and Phys Ed watched a movie about dodgeball, and then had to dodge balls while running. Sounds fun!


I'm not weird. In the dorms, Kathy, Dante, and Anders discover a karaoke--I'm sure I said that wrong--machine in the Rec Room and decided to sing loudly and drunkenly all evening. Sorry to the rest of the dorm, I guess. Kathy and Dante sang Total Eclipse of the Heart to include gymnastics and over-the-top drama. The squirrels are grading you with B pluses, if that means anything. Dante and Anders had a long debate on how hungry the wolves were in Hungry Like a Wolf, using way more 'bros' than was legally allowed. They've passed laws on how many times you can say bro?


No, but they should, apparently. And how I am learning to understand rodents? Kathy assured Anders that it was all right if he didn't know any of the songs, and Lucille wasn't very pleased to find her evening plan of piano practice ruined by karaoke...ing. Is that a word? Kathy and Dante sang at her as she left--kind of mean, guys--and Anders invited her to stay, assuring her they were nice people. Ringo had the exact opposite reaction to the music--she came in at a run and she and Kathy had a sing-off rematch. Dante just wanted someone to sing Cyndi Lauper with him, and her name's going on my list of stuff to look up so I can understand why.

In town, Alluka was letting her stuffed elephant try on new hats at Demon Marcus, and Dante was a little thrown by her cheerfulness. She was upset when he told her that real royalty are generally...not nice people. Ringo came by with cupcakes.


The squirrels say they like cupcakes.

*more chittering*

But not to give them to Leroy because he doesn't share. And on that stunning insight of the wildlife in Fandom, I'm out of notes! See you all around campus.
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Stop stabbing that Caesar dressing, Leroy. It's disturbing.

It's Steve Rogers again reporting the news from yesterday, where it was apparently Pi Day. March is full of weird holidays I've never heard of--is St. Patrick's Day still something people celebrate?

*drunken squirrel cheers*

I meant other than you guys. I'll ask a non-rodent.

In classes, Computer Science built their own web pages--any about cat videos? I've watched that one who plays the piano about a hundred times, myself--Lying had a movie, and Phys Ed had an obstacle course. Should've showed up--I love obstacle courses.

*squirrel muttering*

Why did that sound a lot like "of course you do"? In the dorms, Alana was cleaning her room until Dante interrupted her with the advice to not do that. Then he made her explain the plot line to one of her romance novels. You brought that pain upon yourself, son. Gwen was absolutely not watching a reality matchmaking show in the fourth floor common room, no really.


I think these notes might be sarcastic.

*sarcastic chittering*

Language. In town, it was Atton's birthday, but he didn't want anyone to know that. In that case, sorry about this broadcast. Sparkle brought him a gift and then they talked about the best clothes to wear when committing arson.

*long pause*

Anyway. Hannibal decorated his and Jono's place to celebrate their anniversary, which involved dinner on the mainland. Not that there's anything wrong with Mooby's. Alluka was holding a fashion show for her stuffed dinosaur at Demon Marcus untilKathy showed up, the chef and the dishwasher had a fight at Luke's about whether shepherd's pie and quiche count as pies for Pi Day. One even has pie in the name, so I'm going to say yes, with a side of should've gotten a couple of pieces. Kenzi was experimenting with drinks at Caritas, which sounds dangerous. Tino wasn't allowed to comment, which confirms it.

And that's all I've got today!
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Good morning, everyone, Steve Rogers here, and it's a beautiful day for run a quick half-marathon before classes--

*emphatically negative chittering*

--if you like to do that sort of thing. Apparently I'm the only one here?

*sounds of rum bottles clinking*

Right. Well, make your own choices. Speaking of choices, in classes, Computer Science hacked into a government computer system, which is definitely a choice. Lying talked about including other people in your lies, and Phys Ed was cancelled, but Fred was hoping everyone made a basket before they left. That's...pretty optimistic of Fred.

In the dorms, Cassandra was relaxing in her from all of the recent trip-related excitement, and Lucille stopped by to have a conversation about what they were each reading. It led to poetry recitation, none of which rhymed with Nantucket.


Of course I know those poems. I'm in my 20s. And in town, Dante headed back onto the island with a sword--probably not a good sign--and stopped to climb a tree and talk with Ada about the stories Isabela writes, and if they should read 'em on the radio. Finally, Stark was multitasking at his shop, doing paperwork, texting and drinking coffe...which sounds like a typical Monday for him, let's be honest.

That's all I've got, so everyone be safe and I'll talk at you next week.
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Good morning, Fandom, it's Steve Rogers. Again.

*sarcastic squirrel cheers*

No one asked you. We're back from vacation, but off to a slow start. In classes, Computer Science was cancelled, and Phys Ed got to watch a movie about a chimp playing hockey. I'm guessing that's almost like having class cancelled. In the dorms, Dante was enjoying another lovely day of doing mostly nothing when Ringo stopped by with an apology bottle of whiskey. People apologize with bottles of whiskey now? Good to know. I have no idea what she's apologizing for, but even if I did, I wouldn't share because it's none of our business.


No, I'm not missing the whole point of this.

In town, I learned--Buck, don't listen--that the Dodgers moved to Los Angeles almost sixty years ago and that's terrible. Tony also mentioned he'd experimented on himself and one of the side effects is sometimes turning crazy and homicidal, so everyone be on the lookout for that, okay? Speaking of that, Jessica stopped in to confirm Tony wasn't cackling by himself in a corner somewhere.

...and that's everything. Talk to you next week, everyone.
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...and hello from this brave new world of Cyseal, which I hope I'm pronouncing correctly, to whoever can hear this, which I'm not all that clear about. I'm guessing the squirrels are waking the rest of you up to hear this like they did me.


They don't seem to be confirming that, so this might just be a huge waste of morning, but let's be optimistic, all right? Yesterday morning, here in Cyseal, Dante woke up with a cat on his chest. The market in town was hopping, although Lucille and Kathy got into an argument about Kathy's jokes with the cheesemonger. Bucky'll tell you I've gotten into fights over less important things, but you shouldn't listen to him.


No, it's not because it isn't true. It's just not particularly flattering for me. Hannibal introduced himself to Lucille and wanted to know if the shopkeepers were rude to foreigners. Anders stopped into the healers' to ask questions and pet the sheep. I'll pretend I understand how those two are linked. Atton and Ada went to the theater, Kathy met Victoria the orc at the library, and a few of us observed the soldiers at the barracks. Jalian noted their newness to Cassandra, and then she and I talked about their weapons. Mara and April went to the legionnaire camp, Edward and I were down at the docks, and then everyone else seemed to have found the beach. Kathy and Anders have an awkward "we're still friends after last week, right?" chat, and Alana took time to let her wings get some air on the beach as well. Didi wandered around town, but some people took the guided trip instead, even if they wandered off the path a bit along the way. Kathy tried to get Dante out of his bad mood by offering to share her food, but then they were attacked by skeletons...wait, what?


No, I don't see how that's a cultural difference of the people who live here. They aren't just...skin-having challenged or something. Lucille managed to run away from skeletons and pick a fight with Dante,which is a pretty neat trick, and Surreal and Cara liked fighting skeletons. Apparently that's what they look for on a vacation?

In the evening, I went down to the bar. I didn't look wistful! I was just...thinking. At the bar, Lucille got some food to settle her nerves from the skeletons, Mara ate and people watched, and Frank drank. Musicians were out at the theater, much to the enjoyment of Hannibal, Tali and Kathy, and Dante made friends with the legionnaires. Four and April explored north of town, and Skaar went to fight skeletons.


...so, back on the island JARVIS woke Tony up with news of an emergency back home. Hope your Cap has your back this time, pal. Mary overshared with her employees about how much fun her pollen-ladened week had been...and now I've overshared with all of you, and Eliot...dewolverined at the diner, which is probably some kind of health code violation. He's more upset he missed the pollen stuff, and sometimes I worry about your priorities this century.

Anyway, that's all the notes, so have a safe vacation, everyone, even if that included fighting skeletons. And now there's a sentence I bet Edward R. Murrow never uttered.
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This is Steve Rogers and --OH MY GOD, STOP THAT RIGHT NOW--and I am going to have to read these notes while not making any kind of eye contact with the rodents in this room. In related news, squirrel orgies are a thing. If I had to see it, you have to imagine it. Sorry, but it's only fair. Let's get through this as quickly as possible so I can go...pray, or drink, or something to repress ever seeing that in my life. Jeez.


Darn right I'm judging you. This is an office space. Express your emotions somewhere I don't have to disinfect after. In classes, Computer Science worked on coding for the Blackbird, which I'm assuming isn't a bird, Lying learned about holding back, and Practical Phys Ed ran off their excess, ahem, energy through laps and hitting things.

At the dorm, Anders was wallowing over a breakup in his room--sorry to hear that, son--and Dante tried to get Anders to get a rebound. Sometimes you have to wait for the right partner, though, and Anders didn't seem that interested. Kathy stopped by as well and lent a comforting ear.


No, not literally, and I'm still not talking to you. Rey was in the fourth floor common room where the television was stuck on adult films. That's awful! Young ladies shouldn't subjected to that. Unless they want to be, of course, but it sounds like neither Rey nor Mara were looking for it. Mara explains that the...urges...are a yearly deal and may I say on behalf of all newbies, ugh.

In town, Sarah and Atton woke up together after some...tension relief. She then ran into Sparkle in the kitchen, which would have been much less awkward if she had been clothed.

*can blushing be audible? Because Steve is trying*

I am so sorry for having said that, ma'am. In a wildly divergent change of subject, Alluka was giving her plush animals a tour of her store, which probably got longer when Jono brought a dinosaur for her that was nice enough to mostly derail her from noticing that Jono was on fire.

*looooooooooooooooooong pause*

I'm just going to assume he's normally on fire, all right? After her shift was over, she went back to make cookies with Jono and Hannibal--


--which was not a euphemism, something I hadn't even thought about until now, so thanks for nothin', Leroy. In even more Alluka news, she and Mabel went to celebrate Pie Giving Day, which was apparently a holiday, by giving pie to a locker. I was going to ask a question about a locker eating pie, but apparently the locker not only ate the pie, but ate the two of them, too. What the hell is wrong with this place?


Excuse my language. I'll be looking into this more as soon as I'm done here. At Luke's, Parker isn't sympathetic to the employees' complaints about working with Eliot, who's now a wolverine. I suppose it'd be speciest or something, right? Jessica was working out extremely hard at Atlas Gym--I'm sorry our time must not have overlapped--and Gwen complained that weeks like this drove her to work out, which was apparently terrible. Jessica said a week like this showed her that she wasn't really into guys, so I guess there's the silver lining to all of this...stuff. Jack was hiding in the Devil's Nest office so he didn't have to watch Tiny and the DJ flirt, and over at Caritas, Kenzi was hosting a casual-dress Grammy party. Well, she was until Fred--after checking to make sure she was old enough--started making out with her, and then they headed back to his place.

And on that uncomfortable, at least for me, note, this has been your morning in oversharing. Enjoy making eye contact today, everyone.
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Good morning, everyone. It's Steve Rogers again, here to tell you all about yesterday...today. Anyway.

In classes, Computer Science worked on creating their own artificial intelligence. JARVIS is pretty helpful, so I give my cautious approval to this. Tali asked to opt out of the assignment for personal reasons, and I'm sure Kitty was very reasonable and accomodating about it. Lying practiced controlling their body language, and Mara greeted Lucille, having not realized she had a class with her until now. She could be lying, since that's the class name, but I'm going to guess she's just completely unobservant instead. Practical Phys Ed learned how to shoot weapons, which would disturb me more if this place wasn't so weird.

In the dorms, Frank was selling tickets to the Valentine's Day dance, which meant he got to explain Valentine's Day to Rey, who'd never heard of it. Prepare to get drenched in flowers and chocolates, Rey. In town, Alluka was at work but not particularly happy about it, while at Luke's Eliot got to break up a kitchen fight about the Super Bowl halftime show and convince the busboy not to decorate with fireworks for Lunar New Year. Wash came in to check about some potential miscommunication from the Speed Dating event on Saturday, and Eliot assured him that no one wanted to kill him for hitting on Hardison. That's good news!

It was a weird night. Let's just agree to that. Have a good week, everyone!
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Good morning, everyone. Steve Rogers here--


...and in breaking news, Leroy has seen his shadow so we're getting another six weeks of intrusive rodent-related news. Or something. Yesterday in classes, Computer Science talked about the ethics of artificial intelligence--sounds fascinating--and Practical Phys Ed got a movie day because their teacher had a hangover, which seems...not terribly professional.

The dorms were quiet again, and in town, Kenzi made a drink with wasabi, cucumber, and sake, all of which I will assume are edible at Caritas, but Fred decided against drinking one. He was also not thrilled with the message he got on Friday about Tony wanting his--


--his hot body. Thank you for insisting on me saying that. Let's just say no one wants to think about Friday's phone calls ever, ever again and leave it that, okay, pal?

And with that, I'm done here. Off to grab coffee and hit the gym. Have a productive day, everyone.
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Good morning, everyone, it's Steve Rogers again, and I'm pleased to report that the sidewalks are all clear and passable and the stairs aren't slippery, though I'm still not sure rickshawing around the place is a great idea if you don't have magical healing powers.

In classes, Computer Science watched a terrible superhero movie--about terrible superheroes, or the production value was terrible? Because I've seen both. Lying 101 worked on keeping eye contact when they're lying--I have the worst time with that, which is mostly like I don't bother--and Practical Phys Ed learned how to cheat at carnival games.

...sometimes I really wonder about the education here. The dorms were quiet, so thank you for not having me report about your private lives, and in town, Kitty invited people to her wedding. My response is in the mail. Alluka spent her shift at the clothes store building snowmen, and Jack was at the Devil's Nest, disgruntled because the rest of the employees called out due to snow. Navaan--did I pronouce that right?--came in to flirt with Jack and conversation turned to...

*looooooooooooooooong pause*

Well, I'm never going to be able to look at trees again, so thanks for that.


No, I'm not going to explain. There are children listening to this. This is Steve Rogers, signing off. Don't do that with trees, Navaan. Please.
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I don't know what you're expecting out of me here, I'm not exactly Edward R. Murrow...and I'm arguing with wildlife.


Who seems to think I understand what they're saying. Does everyone else here speak woodland animal? I grew up in Brooklyn. Maybe I speak rat instead.

...let's not find any rats to find out, alright? This is Steve Rogers reporting for WTFH radio, and it's January 12th, where it's supposed to be a 50 later today, but for now, wear another sweater. It's nippy.

In classes, Computer Science had a discussion about ethics, which seems like a good idea, and Lying 101--that's seriously the name of a class here?--had to remind the teacher about the lies they told him last week about who they were. I know a couple of people who would do alright in that class, but I'm not one of 'em. Practical Phys Ed went running. Finally, something I can relate to. The course keeps changing on them, though, which is kind of tough, but then they get three regular laps at the end. That sounds fun!

*dubious chittering*

I refuse to be judged by furry animals in hats.

In the dorms--I have to report on the dorms? This seems like an invasion of privacy.

...I had no idea squirrels could shrug. Eggsy--really?--was outside on the deck braving the cold so he could show off his coat made out of wolves? What?!

*louder chittering*

Painted with wolves. That sounds...different. His girlfriend Mara was impressed and decided against burning it because of all the chemicals that'd be released. In the fifth floor common room, Kathy was mourning the passing of David Bowie by watching one of his movies.

*sounds of scratching* I'm writing him on my list of people to learn about, right below squirrel haberdashery. Laura stopped in and Kathy caught her up on the movie before talk turned to their lives outside the island. Hanna said hello to Laura after making sure she wasn't already somoene she was supposed to know. I know how that feels, and apologies to everyone here who seems to know me that I don't recognize. It's me, not you. Kathy was excited to see Hanna because Hanna had been a reindeer over the hol--

*looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong pause*

Moving on. In town, Jono played a memorial song for David Bowie as well, with Hannibal accompanying him on the harpsichord. Alluka was at Demon Marcus--that's the name of a store?--reading princess stories to Mr. Bubbles, who's sick. Get better soon, Mr. Bubbles. Sparkle is there to work the register and compliments Alluka on her tiara. I officially have no idea what's going on at that store, but I've got concerns. At Luke's, Eliot was getting hugged by the busboy because of the specials menu until Hardison stopped over to ask if he should be jealous. Parker's also eying the staff and Eliot told her not to stab them with forks, and now I have additional concerns. I think I won't be eating at the diner any time soon.

But that's all the news I have for today, even if I didn't understand half of it. Have a good day, everyone.
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Tony: I thought you were supposed to leave me alone now. Bother some other person with your notes.


Tony: I'll take that as a no then.

*door opening and closing*

Other Tony: ...well, this is a new one.

Tony: Knew I should have brought my Skrull detector.

Other Tony: Your what detector?

Tony: Let's just say you better be from an alternate universe.

Other Tony: Yeah, duly noted.

*door opening and closing*

Yet Another Tony: Oh god, it's two old me's.

Tony: Excuse you!

Other Tony: And a little mini-me. Us. Whatever.

Yet Another Tony: This is a new sort of torture, isn't it?

*door opening and closing*

Steve: ...oh, I’ve had nightmares like this before. Tony. Tony. ...Tony. Good morning.

Trio of Tonys: Steve! ...stop that. God, this is creepy.

Steve: You’re not wrong.

Tony: Let's just get started. Give me those notes. At the school, Cara had her class, Don't Be Stupid meet on the lawn to talk about common sense and when they felt like the only sane one.

Other Tony: Every day of my life.

Yet Another Tony: Sorta doubting that.

Tony: I'm not. We're amazing. Philosophy of Loss had Didi asking kids about their favorite mortality themed story. Teamwork and Tactics met in the danger shop for running, paintball, and the usual introductions.

In the dorms, Cassandra unpacked and discussed the rights of mages with Gwen vs their powers. And oh, that sounds eerily familiar. Anyone seen Maria Hill lately?

Steve: Is she like that in your universe, too? Huh. In town, Maria was listening to oldies at Groovy Tunes, while Pinkie Pie sold friendship necklaces at Wonka's. Four started work at Stark Industries, where there was a kumquat problem. Naturally. Raven and Jalian--I may be mispronouncing that--went on a date at Ching Tai, while there was a problem with syrup at The Devil's Nest, where Kitty and Allie speculated about this weekend before doing some wedding planning. Oh, are they getting married? Congratulations!

Tony: No, no. She's marrying Barton. Yeah, Clint 'Watch me do a backflip off the Hulk' Barton is getting married.

Yet Another Tony: He made out with Black Widow after they paralyzed me once. It sorta made teamwork hard after that one.

Steve: Some things really don’t change across universes, it turns out. In less happy news, Frank discovered that's the bar that doesn't serve alcohol to minors. Earlier in the day (I’m assuming), Hannibal had Sparkle and Atton over for breakfast. Atton was late, but Hannibal gave him coffee anyway, and then Atton Atton yelled at Sparkle. Either I'm missing some backstory or Atton is very rude. Oh, and Hannibal also gave Sparkle coffee and talked to him about his plans. And Clarke visited Bellamy at his apartment.

Tony: And that's everything. Look at that teamwork, folks.

Other Tony: Oh god, please don't get sentimental on us.

Steve: You’re all just so...Tony. I think I should get out of here before any more show up.

Yet Another Tony: There are more? Oh god.

Steve: I don’t remember more, but I’m not ruling it out.

Tony: That's all for today, folks. This has been Tony Stark times three and Steve Rogers bringing you the news.
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Tony: Okay, okay! Jeeze, I'm going. Can't a guy just go get coffee in the morning without being attacked by squirrels?

Steve: --happy to help, but maybe you could stop pushing my ankles? Oh, good morning, Tony.

Tony: You too, huh? At least it's not as bad as last time.

Steve: I’m going to do you the favor of taking that as a compliment, I think.

Tony: Totally is. Honest. You don't even have a mustache to make it weird.

Have you had your coffee yet? )

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