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Readin', Writin', Rithamatic
Speech class be playin' three truths 'n a lie, Journalism be discussin' slant 'n bias in reportin', and Quantum Physics be learnin' about tesseracts 'n the fourth dimension, which be soundin' like the name of a band t'me.

Tryin' to make Geology less borin' Professor Sidle be lettin' the students design thar own experiment. I dunno. That sounds like a lot of work. Mayhaps it be less borin', but I don't know if it be more fun.

Lifestyles be discussin' recent campus unpleasantness, Death 'n Dyin' be discussin' the probability o' dying in certain ways, and Anthropology be explorin' forensic anthropology.

Professor Dream's Language classes be beginnin' on Greek and Japanese, Professor Grissom's Criminology students be turnin' in their midterms, and Coach Ash be perfomin' Shakespeare fer his Art Appreciation students. Thar be varyin' levels of appreciation fer it.

Professors Maclay, Cregg, Amidala, and Jackson be havin' office hours, as be Dean Bristow.

Celtic Literature 'n Civilization be learnin' about the four heroes o' Ulster, Egyptian Archaeology be talkin' about ancient Egyptian entertainment, and Cyborg Relations be talkin' about if ye could love a robot. I bet that be somethin' the ancient Eygptians be not worried about.

Professor Methos be in a good mood in the library today. The Doctor be speculatin' with Parker, Zero 'n Janet as to why that might be. Wesley be in lookin' fer the Necronomicon and a library card. He be havin' little luck with either.

The Monday Ethics class be talkin' about power and responsibility. And Maia be earnin' herself a detention. And whinin' about it to anyone who'll listen.

In Study Hall, Jonathan 'n Lily be talkin' about the letter she sent to the newspaper, and Jonathan 'n Draco be snarky 'n havin' some roommate bondin'. The Chef be winnin' a game of hide-n-seek, though it be unclear who be playin' with him. Han be playin' with one of the cats that be in study hall today, and Shep be wonderin' if he be as allergic t'dream cats as he be t'actual cats. Bridge 'n Anders be talkin' about their new business venture--Krycek be their first customer--and Callynanders be cute. In other news, water be wet.

Phoebe, Angelus, 'n Beka be vistin' Bel in the clinic before he be headin' home, and we be hearin' that Alanna be a mite desperate t' avoid the public displays o' affection between Doctors House 'n Wilson.

The latest Fandom Hightimes be out on yer newstands, and an edition of the Tentacle be comin' into our hot little hands. We be predictin' that tomorrow will be a very long day fer Paige, Jonathan, 'n Sawyer.

Marty be lookin' fer volunteers t' escort students back 'n forth between campus 'n town.

Rory 'n Veronica be seen chattin' together in one of the common rooms, Cally be gettin' one o' the best presents ever, and Sawyer stoppin' by t'chat with Sydney who be pickin' out baby names. Might I suggest not Hector?

Callynanders be gettin' up to not-so-safe-fer work cuteness in a different location, Lockheed be gettin' Quinn t' eat a Peep, Angela 'n Jaye be watchin' TV 'n chattin'. Rory 'n Logan-who-used-t'be-a-bunny be snuggly, and Parker be throwin' quite the impressive temper tantrum in her room.

Duce be talkin' to Krycek about her nightmares, Professor Carter be emo--is emo somethin' that can be catchin'? Be thar an inoculation fer it at the clinic?

Fencin' Club 'n Student Council be meetin' tonight.

At the Emporium, Shane be meetin' Chihaya, Professor Macgyver be wantin' t'buy pumpkins fer class, and Chihaya be havin' no interest in hearin' about his bosses' sex life.

Amanda be gettin' Paige t'advertise about the museum on campus, Darla be showin' up fer her first day at Wolfram & Hart, and Phoebe be down on the beach makin' the flame uneternal.

Han 'n Bagoas be eatin' at Deb's, and Angela 'n Professor Maclay be thar as well, talkin' about Maia's detention. Duce be chattin' with Aayla over at the Perk, and Professor Cregg be sayin' hello t' Azirphale.

Over at Spike's, Tex be talkin' to Yazoo, and Rodney be not makin' the best of impressions, Loz be chattin' with Professor Chaucer about how slow business be, and Professor Cregg be helpin' Kadaj wit' the inventory in the storeroom. No, honestly.

Angelus 'n Crowley be facin' off in the park. Anyone else be needin' popcorn? Jonathan be stoppin' by after, too.

And finally we be havin' a bit of a special treat fer ye. Jake? *sounds of shuffling* Into the microphone. Aye. Jake be havin' an apology t'make t' Logan-who-used-t'be-a-bunny.

It be a song! )

That be right, folks. We be takin' calls. Give Jake some feedback on his song.


That be all from the Crow's Nest. Keep an eye out fer the Rover, and have a good night!

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