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Goooooooooooooooooood Morning my fellow Nemesisians! It's always a good morning when the Joker is there to wake you up! The best part of waking up is the Joker in your...radio.

*sarcastic chittering*



That's what I thought. Now nooooooooooormally I don't like recapping the day for you bastards because, honestly, you guys are about as exciting as a high school spring production of Our Town. But since there is an oh-so-exciting tournament going on I'll deviate from the norm and actually read these notes. We are in the middle of a takeover, after all, it's only right everyone in town is keeeeeeeeeept up to date.

Let's get this over with. I've got a blonde wannabe-lawyer to torture.

Look, at least it's not Batman reading in that ridiculous voice of his )

[Like Jack and Lestat's broadcasts, this one is strictly for funsies. Only those on Nemesis Island can hear it. *clings to the Joker even though he hates it* Can I keep him?]
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The Vampire Lestat here. Remember me? Perhaps some of you don't, if you're one of our new friends from across the way. What can I tell you about myself that you might not know already? Blond, tall for my time, grey eyes which change color depending on my mood, and of course I'm an utter monster who can't resist devouring the intoxicating thrill of life when I have my fangs punged into a mortal's flesh. Though I could resist. I probably should resist. But where's the fun in that?

*sound of chipmunk squeaking*

Your encouragement means nothing. I've been denied perfectly reasonable pleasures for two nights now. It's enough to make a dishonorable murderer become quite bitter down in his unbeating heart.

*rattle of pages, nervous squeaking*

Ah yes. News. I suppose I should do the right thing and fill everyone in on the events of the day. And what a day it was. Allow him to talk about it. For HOURS )

[ooc: Same as Jack's broadcast. For funsies. Only those on Nemesis Island can hear it. MWAHAHAHAHA.]
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Good morning, fellow Nemesisians! Are we using that, or did we decide on Nemesisers at the last town hall meeting? I slept through it.

Had a weird dream involving Delores and cupcakes, too, but that's nothing you'd be interested in.

Anyway, I'm Captain Jack, the chipmunks are assuring me that yes, it is morning, and I'm here to tell you what we got up to yesterday as we got to explore a simply charming new island. Oh, and the chipmunks here also want me to pass along that they are much more efficient than the inferior squirrels of Fandom.

*more chittering*

Who they kidnapped. Excellent work, chipmunks. More on that later.

Early this morning, our charming Mayor and equally charming...Delores...met with their completely less charming counterparts Cable and Zoe. Was it actually a piece of cable? Because that would be strange even for here. Blah, blah, we like their island, blah, blah they aren't happy, blah tournament.

I love tournaments! Drinks all 'round!

*pause* What do you mean, I'm supposed to cackle evilly now?

Two of their students wandered over to our fascinating little spot of the world and ran into a bit of trouble over near the dark forest with one of our more mysterious citizens. Oh, I love a good mystery. Also wandering around in the forest today was the Cylon--oh, he made a friend!--Korr played a bit with his food, which then ran off--sorry about that, mate--and Kroenen was out for a bit of a wander. Still working through that break-up, eh? I'm wonder if those silly little children went crying back to their mayor. Honestly. What were they expecting, coming here? It's called the dark forest Did they think they'd get tea and cookies?

Well, if you talk with Delores, then yes. And speaking of which, she was chatting with the mayor in the park today. See what I did there? It's called a transition! She must have been out of tea, though, since the Mayor was also over at Mrs. Lovett's Meatpie Emporium.

Bryce and John Constantine were over at the Bada Boom--if Giselle's in a strop, tell her I'll call.

*chipmunk-y laughter*

I might. Darth Vader was wandering around dark corners in the Wax Museum, strange man that he is, and met with yet another stupid youth from the other island. Really, I believe we're doing them a favor, taking them over. Clearly they're too dumb to live. A lovely wench was also in the museum.

Over at the asylum, the Joker and the lovely Delores had an equally lovely conversation before he caught up with Tyler. The tournament was the topic of conversation between those two, and don't worry, boys, no one here is betting against you.

I couldn't get anyone to take those odds.

And finally, I got to catch up with my dear friend Hector, who stole my ship and marooned me twice. We'll be racing bathtubs in a few hours if you want to cheer me on.

That's all for the morning!

[OOC: Just for fun, folks. You can only hear the radio if you're on Nemesis Island, but I couldn't resist!]

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