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What in the--squirrels? Why are there squirrels in my sitting room? Yes, I know you're Fandom squirrels, I'm just not sure why you're--you brought recording equipment. You want me to read the news. You couldn't find anyone on the island to read it? Lugging equipment all the way to bloody Glacia was really your best idea? Hold on, they're handing me a note. Apparently the normal guy is on a boat and the squirrels get seasick and their other options...were on break, really needed the sleep, and have mice? What in the Hell--wait a minute, these notes are from break. If you could take notes there, you could--

*Overlapping chittering*

Oh never mind. Give me the notes and let's get through this. I'm warning you, though. Wake up the children and I'm telling them you're toys.

Nothing at the School because of Spring Break, and nothing in Dorms because of the same. Well, that makes it easy. That leaves Town where Peter Octavian was at Covent Gardens making Easter bouquets. Aww, Covent Gardens is open again? That's nice. No idea who this Peter guy is, though, proving that it's been too long since my last visit. And at the Magic Box, Jenkins--another stranger--needed tea after a long phone call. We've all been there, darling. Is the tea shop still open? They were good for a calming brew.

Then, on break, where the squirrels absolutely could have found someone to read for them, morning was once again gorgeous and...filled with sushi. Or at least a pool was. Cara and Surreal, thank the Darkness, names I recognize, had a lazy morning in their room, talking about tormenting a student. Fine Fandom tradition, that. In a giant, 30-person jacuzzi--oooh, there's an idea to share with Warren--Hyacinthe was trying to make a llama share. Oh and the llama's name is Kuzco. Ooof, terrible time to be an animal, kid, sorry. Kitty was kitesurfing, which sounds fun and Ada was off shopping in town. Ahsoka was a clever girl and took advantage of the baths. Rufus and Peridot were rock-climbing without a harness, which sounds dangerous, and Dante was gliding around those same boulders like a paper airplane.

Pure poetry there, squirrels.

That evening also had plenty to do, like sitting and reading like Shiemi was doing and being sad about the roast iguana for dinner, like Kitty. And that's the note I'll be leaving you on, Fandom. Have fun, people I've mostly never met!
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*Excited squeaking*

*Three minutes of dead air.*

*Confused chittering*

*Five more minutes of dead air.*

*Uncertain squeaking?*

*Two more minutes of silence and then the creaking of a door.*

Karla: Jono? Are you in here? I was on the other side of--


Karla: Squirrels? I--oh. Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Err, I'll just, umm, take these notes then. At least there aren't that many?


You're welcome. *Awkward throat clearing* So, looks like most people spent the day after Christmas--I'm being told that day is called Boxing Day, because that's apparently important--most people spent Boxing Day relaxing, because the only--and now I'm being told that yesterday was the twenty-seventh, not the twenty-sixth. Okay, so most people were resting the day after Boxing Day--dammit, Jono, I do not care that it's the second day of Kwanzaa! And neither does anyone else!

*Thirty seconds of silence.*

Karla: *Much more aggravated-sounding now.* To anyone on the island who celebrates Kwanzaa, I apologize for my insensitive comment about your holiday and I hope you enjoy the rest of it in peace. But anyway, on to the actual news, Gert was in the Dorms, watching a scary Spanish movie in a common room and Cade dropped by to announce he was bored. Cade, may I suggest researching Kwanzaa festivities? I have a friend here who refuses to shut up about it.

*More silence.*

Thank you for your cooperation, Jono. Mother Night. Finally, in Town, Allie is thinky at The Devil's Nest and the DJ is playing all the hits from 2013. Aaaaaaand now I'm being subjected to a treatise about the state of pop music and why grunge will never die, so I'm going to sign off now. Have a good day, Fandom, and be glad microphones don't pick up snarky British telepathy.
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Karla: You're back. Why are you back? Go back to the island. I'm kind of busy here.


Because the scary lady who flangs now has guns and you do not want? Flangs? That's not a word, do you mean fangs?


Did you just compare me to Autocorrect? Well, your mother was a hamster, how you like that?

*Emphatic chittering*

Oh, yeah? How'd you like to become a pair of mangy gloves? I'm sure I can think of several people I don't like that could use a squirrel-skin muff.

*Angry chittering*

You take that back right now or I'll--

Lord Mallory: Lady, please could you stop arguing with your, err, guests? Winsol is only a few weeks away and we still have much to finalize for our celebrations.

*Smug chittering*

Karla: No, you're not guests, you're drunken annoyances. He's my Steward, he was just being polite. But fine. Hand over the notes and we'll get this done. I suppose it can't be any more annoying than going over aristo correspondence. Surprisingly somber radio )

Look, folks. Unless you know how to use a gun, you shouldn't have one, no matter how cheap and easy they are to buy. Otherwise, you're just going to end up hurting innocent people with them. Or yourself. Or both. If nothing else, maybe you should try to figure out who's handing guns out like candy before buying a bunch? Shocking, I know, but not everyone has the purest of motives, okay?

And if anyone wants to get off the island before things get weirder, take a portal to Glacia. If your instincts are telling you to bail, do it. Don't worry about the cost of a portal. We'll find some way to cover it.

Good luck, stay safe, and remember that Caritas has anti-violence wards.
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Morton: Uhh, Karla? Do these...critters...belong to you?

*indignant chittering*

Karla: Wait--are these Fandom squirrels?!

*More indignant chittering and the sound of expensive equipment being rattled around.*

Karla: I'd say that's fair point, but I'm too busy trying to figure out just how drunk are you? Jono's not even here! It's only...what, like Wednesday on the island?

*A long, almost sheepish pause*

Why did I even think one of you might know that? *Long-suffering sigh* Oh, Hell's fire, just give me the bloody notes. Don't think I didn't notice your friend back there with the equipment already on.

Hi, Fandom. I have no idea what time it is on the island, but it's after lunch here in Glacia and that's where these rum-soaked squirrels ended up after what I'm assuming is some kind of drunken adventure in the Portalocity office. I'm Karla, an alumni, which means that yes, you can still get accosted by craziness even after you leave the island behind. Consider this a warning. )

And with that, I'm out of notes and I should probably go off finding something Queenly to do. I'm sure my Court will appreciate it. Stay warm, Fandom, and happy holidays!

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