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Evening, Fandom! This is Rose Hathaway coming to you on WTFH this fine Tuesday evening. The last Tuesday of the summer. Weird, huh? The summer did not seem so very long now that it's over.

Philosophical musings...and the news! are under the cut )
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It's Tuesday night of the last week of the Summer Session, and this is Rose Hathaway coming to you for your nightly round up on WTFH. I've got stuff to go do so without further ado...

We'll jump right in... )
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Hey Fandom, it's Tuesday, and this is Rose Hathaway coming to you for your nightly gossip on WTFH. I don't actually have anything else to say here so I'll just babble on for a while )
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Hey Fandom! This is Rose Hathaway on WTFH brining you the news for the day. It's going to be short and sweet tonight because I've got somewhere else to be. Don't judge.

And the news of the day! )
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Yep, it's Tuesday again which means this is Rose Hathaway bringing you the daily news on WTFH.
Let's get right down to it )
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Don't give me that look, squirrels, I don't have a clue why I'm here either. I got a message telling me that I'd get a freaking prize for coming in to do radio tonight, and I was curious. God. Trust me, I don't want to help out that jackassy Dean Stinson anymore than -

oh hey, the little light's on.

Uh, hi Fandom! This is Rose Hathaway coming to you on a very special Monday night. Well, special because it's me and not your normal jackass. You all are totally grateful, I know.

...or something. )
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Good evening, Fandom! This is Rose Hathaway coming to you on her proper day on WTFH in the evening.

...yeah, that just sounds lame. I don't know how the guys on TV make it sound kinda cool. So apparently today's the 194th day of the year. Which means there's only like 201 days until Christmas! Or, um, 188 if you're not Orthodox. Whatever. Let's get to the news.
And so there was radio )
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Another week, another not-Tuesday. Hi, it’s Rose Hathway cause the squirrels are, like, totally confused what day is what, and they kidnapped Dr. Hawkeye last night, and yeah... that’s how it goes, I guess.

I keep having to remind myself that it’s Wednesday )
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I know it's crazy talk, but it's a Wednesday, and here I am on radio. I'm Rose Hathaway in case the voice didn't give it away. I dunno why I'm on Wednesday either, but that's how it goes. It was a crazy light news day today. Hopefully everyone's having fun off island or something cause you're obviously not having it here.

Short radio is short )
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It's Tuesday again which means I'm Rose Hathaway doing your night news roundup.

That's what she said )
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Yo Fandom. It's Tuesday and this is Rose Hathaway coming at you. Not literally. Just my voice through your radio. I've got a huge freaking stack of notes here so you might wanna get a drink and sit down. Don't worry, I'll wait.

*Here's to the Night plays*

Everyone ready? Okay, here we go...
Seriously, a lot of notes )
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Hi Fandom, it's Rose Hathaway again because this is Tuesday and you set your radio to WTFH cause you wanted all the nightly gossip. Hey, it's cool. You don't need to deny it.

But you can if you want cause we all know better )
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Hey Fandom, it's Rose Hathaway again bringing you all the gossip of the day. You all are insane enough to decide you want me to report stuff all summer so here goes...

And goes... )

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