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Hello Fandom High/Town/PEOPLE! I am Ted 'Theodore' Logan and you're listening to.. FANDOM RADIO! [cue guitar squealing]

[Another Brick In The Wall by Pink Floyd plays]

Okay! So, like, I don't know why you dudes would want to hear about this stuff after it happens, but hey. I'm a lean, mean, reporting dude machine!

In Criminal Justice, Big Blue Dude talked about density. Wait. Maybe that's destiny. No, I think it's density. Heavy. Speech 201 talked about begging. Speech 301 are totally screwed with their final project. Philosophy, Biology and Starting a Small Business were cancelled. Shop student-dudes were told to build a bridge and get over it. Languages and Abnormal Psych work on final projects.

Journalism wrote papers on anarchy (but not Anarchy in the UK, which is a most excellent song by the Sex Pistols) and got extra credit for working out what happened to 3D Glasses Dean Dude after his fourth drink last night. No little dudes and babes, that's not a challenge to recreate what happened. Criminology talked about myths and stuff about crime.

Arthurian talked about how that King Arthur dude died. I totally didn't do it. He was alive when I left him, even if I did steal borrow his coffee table. History did historical stuff. Oh, and history dudes? Keep an eye out for a guest tomorrow. Greco-Roman Archaeology talked about the Trojan War. Um.. the real trojans dudes, not the kind you can get in the clinic. Art students decorated cookies! Stop stealing my junk food idea, Big Chin Teacher Dude! My most excellent music students talked in song lyrics. It was triumphantly educational dudes.

Oh! And Band Practice.. practiced. Don't forget dudes, 6pm next Thursday in the music room is the student-dudes' final project - a big gig. Come along, bring your friends, admission is free. Listen to some rockin' bands. There will be punch and pie.

Miss Perky-With-Long-Legs had office hours. Little Boy Blue Eyes Dude, Green Giraffe-Lovin' Dude (not like that), Please Don't Shoot Me Dude and Shiny Hair Dude talk geek in study hall. Serene Brunette Dudette and Dude-That's-Now-A-Dudette talked about, um, stuff in study hall too. That skinny kid, Freaky Eyes Dude, did stuff in the clinic.

[School Day by Chuck Berry plays]

Little Boy Blue Eyes Dude, Dude Who Looks Like Little Boy Blue Eyes Dude and Burninate Dudette worked out. Llama Llama Lee Adama Dude (hey, that rhymes!) started to feel better. Get well soon, dude! Please Don't Shoot Me Dude and Cute Redhead Dudette were cute over computers. Principal Scary Boss Dude had his last thee-ah-tah hours, while other people led by Scary Blonde Streak Dudette and her most excellent friends lined up for pageant tickets and the pageanteers totally freaked out about performing while other dudes and dudettes studied for math.

[Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy plays]

Blonde Groupie Babe, Feline Dude With Bad Dress Sense and.. hey! Me.. all got Secret Santa deliveries. I'm sure there were other people who got stuff too, just not through the delivery dudette. Don't forget to give something if you signed up dudes!

Spike's was open, but there was no pizza or porn, so it was a quiet night. Aziraphale's book-type place was open and Perky Russian Dudette, Witchy Kiki Dudette (no relation to Riki Kiki Taco) and Doctor Coffee STAT! Dude stopped by.

The dudes from Big Up and Big Down made weekend plans.

Mysterious Perky Dude took Mr Geekathon Dude to his room at the.. brothel? Okay dude, that sounds really.. anyway!

Armored Chick Who Could Kick My Ass showed up all bloody and happy, or as happy as you can be wearing heavy armor. Bald Blue Babe (who I shall now call Triple B) went to see her.

Tobias-who-be-a-hawk dude started work at the Emporium today. Go you, Tobias-who-be-a-hawk dude! Professor Bug Dude and Totally Out Of My League Babe stopped by for shopping. I hope there were Twinkies involved.

My Only Friend Is A Cat Dude went to see Scary Lawyer Liek Whoa Babe.

Scary Blonde Streak Dudette went to Sanctity.

Not So Scary Blonde Streak Dudette and Bushy Moustache Dude stopped by Wonka's today. Candy. Dude.

And Caritas was slow because of the..

[A rock version of Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer plays]

Now, I wasn't *at* this pageant because of.. giraffes.. but I heard it was a most triumphant night for all. Here's what happened!

Most of the school showed up. Dudes, that's totally excellent that you wanted to support your friends. Some people brought cameras. Photos are memories!

Scary Blonde Streak Dudette did the pre-show presentation about what she's learned about Christmas. I hear it was most educational.

The song list included:

Jingle Bells, with banthabell by Tall, Dark and Brooding Dude. I want a tape. Jingle Bells, CLANG, Jingle Bells, CLANG. Tubular.

Here Comes Santa Claus. Don't worry dudes. I forget lyrics sometimes too.

The Jedi Driedel Song!

Little Boy Blue Eyes Dude sang a most excellent Dominic the Donkey/YMCA remix. It takes a dude who's secure in his sexuality to do that. I'm so proud of my TA. You rock!

Silent Night

The Chipmunk Christmas song in monotone. Deep interpretation.

Lil' Pouty Babe sang a new version of that old classic Auld Lang Syne. Way to go, Lil' Pouty Babe!

And Dude Who Was Some Other Dude, But Now Is Totally A Different Dude sang something kinda like White Christmas and kinda like Jingle Bell Rock.

There was also dancing, choreographed by the most excellent jazz hander in town, DEATH. Even the undead can have music talent, dudes.

Then came the serious part of the night - the naivety scene. Um, I mean, nativity. No.. pretty sure it's naivety. Big kudos to Joseph, Not Hyphen Such Hyphen A Hyphen Virgin Mary (who was totally into one of the Wise Men), gremlin baby Jesus, the Wise Men (including Triangular Jock Dude), the angel who turned out to be nekkid and the Magical Talking-Singing Christmas Tree! Because there were totally Christmas trees in Bethlehem.

And FINALLY, the big surprise ending with Santa Principal Scary Boss Dude showing up with Earl the miniature giraffe-turned-reindeer!

That's all for the crazy happenings of Fandom High and Fandom Town for today dudes. This is Ted 'Theodore' Logan, guest DJ, signing off. Be excellent to each other, and PARTY ON DUDES!

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