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Both: Good evening Fandom. No, this isn't an echo! We are the Hitachiin brothers, here tonight to bring you the latest happenings in and around Fandom. So sit back, enjoy the show and don't forget your once-a-day, sometimes more, required dose of caffeine.

Hikaru: Speaking of caffeine, stock up because it's the first day of classes. Who ever heard of classes on labor day?

Kaoru: I don't know what you're whining about. You weren't the one working today. I had the class.

Hikaru: *dramatic sigh* And I felt so loney without you Kaoru...

Kaoru: Don't say that Hikaru!... You know I was thinking about you every moment I was gone... *a bit of shuffling is heard*

Onto the news... )

Hikaru: Whew! I think that's been enough talking for one night.

Kaoru: There will be much less talking going on when we're together later, Hikaru...

Hikaru: In that case, it's time to say "Adios Fandom".

Both: Goodnight and thank you for listening to the first-maybe only-Hitachiin Brother's show! Oyasumi!


((ooc: OMG I HAVE SO MUCH DEAD RIGHT NOW. Thank you for reading!))

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