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Hey, Fandom. Jessica Drew here. Why? I'm not sure. All I know is that when a squirrel wakes you up by jumping on your head and handing you a Perk gift card to keep you up, it's in your best interest to just get some coffee and go to the radio station.

So let's just hit this hard and fast and then we can all get on with our day.

Hey, something happened in the school on a Sunday. Face was doing some class research during his library shift, only to be interrupted by a raven dropping a note explaining Cassandra's upcoming absence. Well, that's polite. Good message bird.

And in town, Isabelle was apparently too cool to be excited about her first day at work at Wonka's - that's pretty on the nose, guys - but she did seem happy about getting an honest day's wage at a regular job.

That's all. Now if you'll excuse me, I have coffee to finish drinking.
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Good morning, Fandom. You're listening to WTFH and I'm Jessica Drew, reporting for the final time before going back home. If anyone wants to catch me on my way out, I'll be the girl with the bags at J,GoB waiting for a portal.

But you're not listening for my to-do list. You're listening for the news, so here it is.

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You know the drill by this point in the summer. Me Jessica, this radio, you listening.

Cut for town stuff )
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Quiet day in town yesterday. And I think I'm going to keep things quiet myself for once.

Vic left messages for people back home and watched a bad Syfy movie, and Nikolai was both late and banged up for his shift at the Arms.

That's it. And now you can get on with the rest of your day. Enjoy it!
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Hey there, dames and gents. It's that time yet again, where I get to peek into everything you've been doing and either telling you all about it or keeping some things quiet for later financial negotiation. As always, you know me as The Voice In the Darkness., coming into the light for you this fine Sunday.

Let's get started, shall we? It was a busy - if cloudy and rainy - day, after all, and your secrets just can't wait to be exposed.

But who is behind the Voice in the Darkness? Will anyone figure it out? )</>
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Good morning, Fandom. I'm not gonna lie to you, things got pretty weird pretty fast yesterday, so let's just dive straight into things.

Post-Pinkie Day Radio! )
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Hello, Fandom and Ingvar! This is Jessica News, which would be my pen name if I were going to be a secretive blogger.

Anyway, stuff happened yesterday.

That stuff! )
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Good morning, Fandom. Jessica Drew here with Drew's News. That's not the actual name of it. I just wanted to rhyme.

I don't think I've ever called it Drew's News before. I don't know how that's possible. )
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So. FYI, I've got one note here. It just says that Tamsin was cranky and made Ralph cry at the Trooper's Station. And normally I'd make a few jokes and just end things early, but there's a situation here at the station.

There's a teal deer here in the studio and - bear with me, his demands have had to be translated into squirrel and then English so there's a chance that I'm losing some of the nuance of his letter - but this deer is demanding that I talk for a solid five minutes or else he will paint himself - guys, that's not how you spell "fuchsia" - he will paint himself fuchsia.

His note says that he is the first of many teal deer who will paint themselves a different color. Some may be maroon, some may even be red and green polka dots - that is weirdly specific - but according to this note, they will not stand for exceptionally short radio broadcasts any longer.

I haven't been able to confirm whether this deer speaks for the greater teal deer community of Fandom, but right now I'm choosing to take his threats seriously. I just want it to be known that we here at WTFH, Fandom's Pirate Radio, support whatever color our special deer embrace for themselves, but we do not advocate using such personal beliefs as threats against such a rich tradition of natural coloration. And as such... *FSSST* *FSSST* *THWAPTHWAP* GO GO GO!

Fandom, we have the paint can and the teal deer has been secured. I'll see to it that he gets the help he deserves.

Good day, Fandom. And good luck with your wildlife experiences today.
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Hey everyone, Jessica Drew here to invade your privacy in the friendliest way possible involving squirrels yet again. Yesterday was quiet but that doesn't man I won't have a few things to talk about.

If you're looking for any action in the school or dorms, you're out of luck.

But over in town, Hannibal took over residence at Doomhaus and started making some changes immediately, even as Kaylin judged the building while on a stroll.

Nikolai trolled the kitchen staff at the Arms, and Dani watched the pony race at the Gig.

And that's it. Told you it was a quiet day. But since I got a message telling me that I had a big repair job waiting for me at Stark's, I'm guessing today won't be the same thing, at least as far as I'm concerned. You guys are out of luck unlss you end up at Stark's and want to watch me repair something.
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Hey, everyone. It was a pretty quiet day overall, so I'll make this quick and dirty. That's probably poor phrasing. I have no notes about people doing anything dirty, and even if I did, I'd clean things up.

So, the quick and clean news!

If you want to make it dirty, just pretend that everyone's naked. )
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Hey, Fandom. It's me, Jessica, and I'd like to apologize to anyone I've annoyed over the past few days. I'd also like to say that I'd prefer to never have a crystal in my stomach again, because that was creepy. Anyway, we've got plenty to get through today, so let's hit it hard.

Normal Mood Radio )
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Hey everyone. Jessica Drew here. *Achoo* And her cold. Let's just get through things asap so I can nap and you can not listen to me bieng stuffed up. Fortunately, it was a quiet day around town, so the stars are lining up.

Method Radio! )
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Hey, everyone. This is WTFH and I'm Jessica Drew, riding solo today. No creepy, creepy cohosts! Lucky break, I know.

I only have a few notes here, so let's get to it and not waste any time on silliness.

Starting things off, we have a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread, and nuts, nuts, so many nuts.

I'm sorry, I got one of the squirrels' shopping lists instead of my radio notes Let's just switch that out.... And seriously, no silliness from here on out.

None at all! )
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Jessica: Welcome to WTFH, Fandom's Pirate Radio Station. This is Jessica Drew, bringing you the news on everything that happened yesterday.

James: No.

Jessica: No what?

James: This is my final broadcast. You don't get to be part of it.

Jessica: Sorry, partner. I bribed the squirrels with rum, so I stay.

James: I could run you out of this radio station before you have time to blink.

Jessica: Try it.

James: Okay*PEW**POW*OW! Geez! Fine! Fine! Ugh, I hate you.

Jessica: That's hurtful. I'm hurt, deep down inside. But on the surface outside, I know it's tim to read the news!

Sorry, newbies. You're on your own trying to understand what's going on. )
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Hey, guess what. People graduated. I've got a hangover. This has been your radio broadcast for today.


Hahahaha, nope, I hid your taser. What are you gonna do about it? Not tase me, that's what.

Wait, what are you doing? Okay, where did you hide a Galaxy? That thing's the size of my face. You aren't. Where did you... Who are you calling?

No, seriously, who are you--

*door opens*

Jessica: You calle-OH MY GOD?

James: OH MY GOD! This is a private place!

Jessica: Do you broadcast naked every week?

James: It makes me feel more comfortable!

Jessica: Go. Dress.

James: But--

Jessica: Go! Dress!

James: *PEW*

Jessica: And squirrels, do me a favor and get me some rum? I need to pour it in my eyes. Gah. Ugh. Gah. *glug* Okay, so, I'm Jessica Drew and this is WTFH Pirate Radio. I've been called in to help out because your regular Sunday host was hungover and naked and seriously, what the crapping crap.

Prepare for trouble! Make it double! Jessica! James! Pirate Radio, blast off at the speed of light! Surrender now, or prepare to fight! )
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We've got all kinds of scheduling going on this week, Fandom. And that means that you're getting me, Jessica Drew, a day later than usual. I'd like to say that I'm trying for an eventual radio broadcast Bingo, so I will, even if it's not at all true.

Cut for the start of a brand new year. )
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Merry Christmas, Fandom. Or as I like to think of it, Merry End of Daily Weird Stuff Happening I Hope. This is Jessica Drew, bringing you whatever news there is besides 'People celebrated, either at home away from Fandom or maybe in Fandom but it was private and the squirrels didn't get in or maybe they don't celebrate at all and just went about their daily routine.' I didn't get a note that said all of that, but I think it's assumed unless noted otherwise.

So a repair shop looked at my car today and they printed out a list of things wrong with it and it turns out I need to replace a 'cracked ho.' The printer cut off the word 'hose' in a way that is both absolutely hysterical and somewhat seasonally appropriate. But mostly hysterical. Merry Christmas! Hose, Hose, Hose! )
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Hey, everyone! Welcome to the final day of the semester. I'm Jessica Drew, your day-displaced tour guide to yesterday's news. Let's get right to it, shall we? I think we shall.

Finals and Dorms and Polar Bears, Oh My! )
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Good morning and happy holidays to both the people of Fandom and our lovely and not at all sketchy guests. I know it's taken us a little bit to get comfortable with Hyperion and their actions here, but I think we've finally started to come to terms with them and started treating them like the honored guests they are.

Sarcastic Radio (or The Dorm Gun Vending Machine Got Moved to the Weapons Locker and Is Kinda Jammed Up Radio) )
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Hey guys. Jessica Drew here for WTFH and top story, I've got a headache. I'm being a real trooper and hanging in there, but I can't say that I'm doing it in a dignified fashion. I am, after all, bribing squirrels to bring me aspirin.

So let's just get going with this stuff, shall we? Method Radio )
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A glorious Thanksgiving Eve morning to you all. I'm Jessica Drew, this is WTFH radio, and I'm thankful for al of you.

FYI before we kick things off too hard, just a reminder. If you're looking for a big Thanksgiving meal here on Thursday, Student Council has you covered. We'll have plenty for everyone, including a turkey provided by our fearless leader, Principal Winchester.

Okay, enough about the future. Let's talk about the pretty recent past.

Nick's-Writing-Radio-On-His-Birthday Radio! )
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Hey, everyone. Just as a warning, I did not get enough sleep last night, so if I yawn at all, it's because of that and not because I don't find you all extremely interesting. But I do have coffee, so let's go ahead and fight off my tiredness... together.

Meanwhile, I fell asleep super early then started radio at midnight. Wheee! )
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It's Wednesday, so that means you have to put up with Jessica Drew on the radio again. You'll deal with it somehow, I'm sure. Because I believe in you.

Yep, that's how we're starting this week. )
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Hi, Fandom. It's Jess. Let's chat, shall we? Okay, it's going to get very one sided very quickly, but I promise that I won't be saying much about me. Because this is all about you guys.

Radio for You )
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Jessica Drew here, ready for my first Wednesday radio in this hemisphere. And if you don't mind - or even if you do - I'm just going to dive straight into the news.

Nick is so tired Radio )
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Hey, everyone. Jessica Drew here, live from Italy. I've got a spa appointment in a few, but for the moment I'm here to read you the news on my brand new day.

I have no idea why the squirrel found that phrasing funny.

Because it was an era of Spider-Man comics. )
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Jessica: Hey, everyone. This is Jessica Drew, representing the Fandom High Student Council, reporting all of the news from yesterday to the people of Fandom and their families. I hope you'll be able to join us at brunch in the park this morning, shortly after this broadcast.

Miles: Do I have to tag along with you there, too?

Jessica: Yep! Introduce yourself so we can get started.

Miles: I'm Miles Morales. Jessica's captive this weekend.

Jessica: You weren't before, but I am Student Council President. I can issue an executive order to put you into Student Council Jail.

Miles: You don't really have that, do you?

Jessica: Nah, the best we've got is the shame corner of the studio where the squirrels will just tsk at you for a couple minutes. And now the news!

Ultimate Spider-Radio )
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Hey everyone. This is Jessica Drew with the news of the day. That would be yesterday, I'm not psychic.

Mostly Caritas Radio )
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Hey, everyone. It's Jessica Drew and I have like one page of news. Apparently everyone was very busy playing hide and seek with the squirrels yesterday. Congrats. You all won!

Cut for filler! )
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Despite the more masculine voice, this is Jessica Drew. Congratulations, ladies of Fandom, a bunch of you are guys right now, just like me. Just guessing here, but I think this is going to dominate his broadcast.

Boyparts Radio! )
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Hi there. This is Jessica Drew once again with the news that hopefully everyone is used to by now.

Radio with a side of StuCo campaigning. VOTE DREW! )
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Well, well, well, fall semester is just about to start. It seems like only a week ago that summer ended.

My name is Jessica Drew and this is WTFH, Fandom's favorite and only pirate radio station with the first broadcast after yesterday's welcome picnic. In case your big sibs or teaching buddies didn't warn you, every day we have somebody hop on the airwaves and report all of the events of the previous day, give or take a little accuracy based on time, completeness of our notes, and the legibility of the notes. Also, sometimes we get bored and not a lot happened. I promise that this is not a big brother situation where we are watching you constantly.

The squirrels are doing that. You can either believe me now or wait until you see a little guy with a notepad. But in time, you will believe. Thanks to the squirrels for giving me some great reverb on that.

Anyway, I know what you did yesterday, and now so will you.

You can't misspell RADIO without CUT )
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*chittering* *chittering* *chitte--*

Sorry, sorry, sorry, caught the red-eye portal... or whatever you'd call that. There was a weird detour, in Antarctica, I met an angry penguin, it was weird.

Anyway, news and it's all town-based action.

Cut For Sowness )
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I can hear myself talk again, and this is the news! Let's just dive straight in because yesterday was somewhat eventful.

Wakka Wakka Wakka )
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Good morning, Fandom. This is Jessica Drew with a slow news day. How slow is it, exactly?

I was working hard at Stark's. Dani fixed some shark damage at The Gig. And Nikolai was goofing off at The Arms Hotel because it was slow there, too.

Today should pick up since the big campground move is happening, and we get to find out what exactly is waiting for us there.

Well, that's -- *sound of door slamming* *chittering*

I'm not exactly sure what's going on here, but it seems like there are a lot of squirrels marching into the broadcast booth. Wow, that is a lot of squirrels. *chittering* What's this? Ladies and gentlemen, I've just been handed a note. It says, "Hello, Fandom, and welcome to SquirrelStock 2013: A Telethon. We are thirsty, and the rum we have is not enough. We will be here on the radio and at the station all day performing. Please bring donations in cash and/or rum to the radio station so that we may drink a lot."

I should point out that 'a lot' is underlined like eight times.

And now the squirrels are lifting me up and carrying me out. They are taking over. Bring them their rum! Bring them-- *chittering*

*squirrels singing as music plays*

[OOC: A slow day turns into this somehow. When I wake up, I'll put up a townies post where people can come watch the festivities if they want, for some reason.]
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Good morning, Fandom. This is Jessica Drew, presiding over a fairly quiet news weekend, at least compared to last weekend, which we shall not discuss.

Week-Old Repression Radio )
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Jessica: Hi, everyone. Um, I have a special guest with me today. It's the alternate reality version of my cousin, Peter, who graduated from Fandom High back in 2008.

Peter: Hey. I actually did one or two of these back in the day with Jaye. And now that I'm back, I want to apologize for not hugging her more.

Jessica: Well, here's a hug from me to make up for that.

Ahem. Okay, we do have notes, and they are lengthy, so we should probably get started.

Spiders-Radio )
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If you're dog tired this morning, sit back and listen up because this is Jessica Drew with the most exciting morning news in town today.

Also the only morning news in town today.

Also, there was a pun in that first sentence, which you will understand later.

Hint: There's a puppy party at the end of radio. )
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Hey, everyone. This is Jessica Drew. And I don't know if it's just me, but I feel like I did nothing last week, but it just dragged on and on and on.... Although, if these notes can be believed, only half of it was true for the non-me parts of Fandom yesterday.

Which half? You decide!

Oh, blessed quiet day, post-deadline hell! )
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This is Jessica Drew reporting for WTFH Radio. For the group of you who are brand new to this, hi! The squirrels are watching you. And as proof, here's a detailed list of the people you talked to! Please note that WTFH Pirate Radio presents incomplete summaries as entertainment and there are almost certainly some differences between what is said and done, what the squirrels note in their surprisingly legible shorthand, and what we broadcasters can actually fit into the show, especially when we waste this much time early with nonsense and explanations. So without further ado, the news from yesterday.

Newbie Day Radio! )
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This is Jessica Drew from a remote location once again because boy are those squirrels good.

Live from a Canon Catchup )
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Hi, this is Jessica Drew with the news from this world, which I'm going to be speeding through because I'm busy watching the news from my world and oh my god you guys something amazing is finally happening there.

Anyway, stuff here.

Captain America Has Returned From Self-Imposed Exile And Is Punching America Back Together And I'm Here Reporting This Radio )
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Are you there, Fandom? It's me, Jessica. And I have all the news from yesterday that's fit to be spoken aloud over speakers all around town.

You might be asking yourself if there was anything going on inside the school building yesterday. The answer would be 'no.' So your next inclination would be to wonder what happened in the dorms and at the campsite. The answer would be 'nothing.'

So now you have to be wondering, 'Did anything happen yesterday, Jess? Did an entire day pass without anyone doing anything? Are we stuck in a cosmic bubble, where no actions are allowed? Would known physics even allow for such a thing?'

And the answer there is, 'Whoah, slow down, I'd need to do some very complicated math to even get started on that last question, but it's moot anyway because all kinds of things were happening in town!'

And you might need clarification. 'All kinds of things?'

And the answer would be, 'Okay, some kinds of things. And before you ask me another question, let me tell you what kinds of things specifically.'

Personal things, for the most part. )
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Jessica: Okay, I think we're good here for a little bit. That should be plenty of... of.... For the love of god, is this what I think this is?

Captain Britain: What do you... Wait. Is that a squirrel with a microphone and a stack of note cards?

Jessica: *sigh* Just give me a few minutes, okay? I think I have to do something.

Hi, everyone. Broadcasting from somewhere near the Canadian border - I can't and won't be any more specific than that - this is Jessica Drew with, for some reason, your news from yesterday.

Captain Britain: Did you just say--

Jessica: Hush. It's... it's a thing. A whole big thing. Five minutes, seriously.

On the run radio! )
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Hey guys. This is Jessica Drew with the news and the worst fucking headache. Seriously, we'll get to the little party thing I through yesterday, and it was great, but holy hell does my head hurt after that.

That's unrelated to anything I drank, I swear.

Hungover Radio! )
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Hey, everyone. This is Jessica Drew, and for some reason I have a radio show to do. I don't know what kind of god would allow this to happen. Actually, wait, I do. For everyone who's about to be very sick of the sound of my voice very quickly, I say blame Loki. Is he to blame? No. But he gave up his public platform to defend his name when he gave up his broadcast, so I'm directing all complaints to him anyway.

Oh, right. The news. Let's get to it. )

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